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Topic: Deities

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  Hindu Deities
A Hindu deity (god or goddess; note small g) represents a particular aspect of the Supreme Being.
Just as sunlight cannot have a separate and independent existence from the sun itself, a Hindu deity does not have a separate and independent existence from the Supreme Being.
Thus, Hindu worship of deities is monotheistic polytheism and not simple polytheism.
www.koausa.org /Gods   (486 words)

  Minor Netherworld Deities of Ancient Egypt
Such deities were frequently associated with caves, gates, pits and tombs, as well as bodies of water, all of which were considered entrances into the underworld.
The "Spell of the Twelve Caves was a composition known from a papyrus of the time of Amenhotep II and from the walls of the southern chamber of the Osireion at Aybdos.
It has been suggested that the ithyphallic deity depicted in the burial chamber of the tomb of Ramesses VI called "he who conceals the hours" could symbolize the power desired by the king to negate the power of time that these goddesses might hold over the deceased pharaoh.
www.touregypt.net /featurestories/minorgods.htm   (1483 words)

 Roman Deities
Among the notable deities were the Phrygian Cybele, the Egyptian goddess Isis, the Celtic horse goddess Epona, and the Persian god Mithras.
Quirinus was the third Roman deity in importance or ranking, behind Jupiter and Mars.
She was one of the deities in a triad that was worshipped along Jupiter and Juno on the Capitol Hill.
www.timelessmyths.com /classical/roman.html   (5178 words)

For example, although a female deity such as Ushnishavijaya is known as a bestower of longevity, her purpose is not simply as a personal protector, but as a way to liberate numberless individuals via the extended life of just one.
The "personal" deity or yidam is usually assigned by the spiritual mentor, guru or lama in accordance with the student's personality and life circumstance or karma.
Buddhist teachers of all schools stress that all such deities are to be thought of as embodiments of wisdom and compassion, not separate from the practitioner or meditator, and ultimately empty of any inherent qualities.
www.khandro.net /deities.htm   (3640 words)

 The Taoist Deities
The religious current of Taoism evolved its own pantheon of deities that were worshipped in temples by the various sects.
These Taoist deities, like the Buddhist or Hindu pantheon, represented different qualities and attributes and various ceremonies, depending on circumstances were conducted to appeal to them.
Another legend has it that the wall of his hut burst open to reveal a casket in which were instructions on how to become an immortal.
www.chebucto.ns.ca /Philosophy/Taichi/gods.html   (1376 words)

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