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Topic: Delaware River

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Delaware River
The Delaware River is the last major free flowing river on the east coast.
Originating in the Catskill Mountains of New York, the East and West branches of the Delaware River meet in Hancock, New York and form the main stem of the river.
Fish considered unsafe on the NJ side of the river may be considered safe on the PA side of the river.
www.delawareriverkeeper.org /factsheets/delaware.html   (0 words)

  Delaware River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Delaware River is a river on the Atlantic coast of the United States.
The Morris Canal and the Delaware and Hudson Canal connect the Delaware and Hudson rivers.
Its main tributaries in New York are Mongaup and Neversink rivers and Callicoon Creek; from Pennsylvania, Lackawaxen, Lehigh, and Schuylkill rivers; and from New Jersey, Rancocas Creek and Musconetcong and Maurice rivers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Delaware_River   (911 words)

 Canoeing the Delaware River
While the human population in the river basin is larger than that of 40 states, the Delaware supports an astounding array of wildlife and supports the largest winter populations of bald and golden eagles in the East.
The spring high in the Upper Delaware is usually gone by June, but there's always plenty of water because the Delaware River Basin Commission mandates releases from five reservoirs to maintain a minimum flow of 1750 cubic feet at the Milford-Montague gauging station.
The Lenape Indians of the area called the Lehigh River the "Lechauwiechink", and early settlers called it the "West Branch of the Delaware", the main stem of the river was the "East Branch", and the confluence was the "Forks of the Delaware".
www.njskylands.com /odcanoedel.htm   (2007 words)

 Delaware River Port Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Delaware River Port Authority or DRPA is a bi-state government agency of the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
The Delaware River Port Authority is governed by 16 commissioners who serve without compensation, though worldwide travel expenses are paid for by the DRPA.
Delaware River and Bay Authority (a bi-state agency of New Jersey and Delaware)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Delaware_River_Port_Authority   (173 words)

At the second Treaty of Lancaster (1748) with the Iroquois, Shawnee, and Delaware, the governor of Pennsylvania urged the Iroquois to "remove the petticoat" from the Delaware and restore the Ohio tribes to the covenant chain as a barrier against the French.
The 1,000 Delaware in Indiana had no doubt what the outcome would be of a confrontation with the State of Indiana and, at the St. Marys Treaty in October, 1818, ceded their Indiana lands and agreed to move west of the Mississippi.
Delaware hunting parties were attacked: by Santee Sioux near Des Moines, Iowa in 1841; Sioux and Cheyenne on the Smokey Hill River in Kansas in 1845; and by Sioux on the upper Platte in 1852.
www.tolatsga.org /dela.html   (16675 words)

 Delaware River   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Its main tributaries in New York are Mongaup and rivers and Callicoon Creek; from Pennsylvania Lackawaxen and Schuylkill rivers ; and from New Jersey Rancocas Creek Musconetcong and Maurice rivers.
A canal Trenton to New Brunswick called the Delaware and Raritan Canal unites the waters of the Delaware Raritan rivers ; the Morris and the Delaware and canals connect the Delaware and Hudson rivers ; and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal joins the waters of the Delaware those of the Chesapeake Bay.
The River and Harbor Act of 1899 provided for a 30-foot channel 600 wide from Philadelphia to the deep water the bay.
www.freeglossary.com /Delaware_River   (631 words)

 Delaware River Recreation Page: fishing, camping, canoeing, boating, and more
Whilst rivers are very beautiful, they can also be dangerous and powerful.
Please treat the river with admiration, respect and care.
Boating A list of boat ramps along the Delaware River, and areas of interest located on the river.
www.delawareriver.net   (229 words)

 "Delaware River - Great Rivers - Angler's OnLine"
It is a river of swift half-mile riffles and mile-long pools, and only twenty-five years ago it held a population of smallmouths and walleyes pike.
Prior to the construction of the Pepacton Reservoir in 1954, the East Branch of the Delaware River was a warmwater fishery.
The Main Branch of the Delaware River is formed by the confluence of two tailwaters, the West and East Branches of Delaware.
www.flyanglersonline.com /features/greatrivers/delaware   (2647 words)

 Fly Fishing the Upper Delaware River in New York and Pennsylvania
The Delaware River, or Big "D," is located in the South Central part of New York State on the Pennsylvania border.
The Delaware River wasn't known for its trout fishing until the l960s.
Most of the river is public, but the land bordering the river is private, so, fishermen must gain permission from the land owners in order to gain access.
www.flyfishingconnection.com /mainstem.html   (1054 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Delaware River   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Below Trenton the river becomes a broad, sluggish inlet of the sea, with many marshes along its side, widening steadily into its great estuary, Delaware Bay.
Delaware River above the Delaware Water Gap near Worthington State Forest
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Lackawanna Cutoff (abandoned)
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Delaware_River   (597 words)

 Sustainable Waters Program - Neversink River, New York
With over 30 rare species and natural communities, the 435-square-mile Neversink River watershed is one of the primary headwaters for the Delaware River and is considered the purest source of drinking water for New York City.
In 1828, the first dam was built to divert water from the river to the Delaware and Hudson Canal.
Size: The Neversink River watershed encompasses 435 square miles and is one of the primary headwaters for the much larger Delaware River drainage, which covers 13,000 square miles.
www.nature.org /initiatives/freshwater/work/neversinkriver.html   (940 words)

 Pictures of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Delaware River Bridge (I-95 Eastern Route and I-276)
This is the beginning of the main span of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Delaware River Bridge, I-95 (Eastern Route) south, in Burlington Township, New Jersey.
This is the middle of the main span of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Delaware River Bridge, I-95 (Eastern Route) south, a.k.a.
This is the middle of the main span of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Delaware River Bridge, I-95 (Eastern Route) north, a.k.a.
www.njfreeways.com /NJI-95EPATPDelawareRiverPictures.html   (309 words)

 Delaware River Basin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The East and West branches of the Delaware River arise on the western slopes of the Catskill Mountains of New york and flow seaward to meet a few miles downstream of Hancock, N.Y. forming the Delaware River.
From this junctions, the river forms the boundary between the states of New York and Pennsylvania as it flows through forested mountains to Port Jervis, N.Y. Larger tributaries joining the Delaware River in this section include the Mongaup River and Neversink River of New York, and the Lackawaxen River of Pennsylvania.
From the Port Jervis area, the Delaware River forms the boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey as it flows to Trenton, N.J., where Trenton falls limits the landward penetration of tidal waters.
www.cqs.washington.edu /~hinrich/shad/basins/delaware/delaware.html   (178 words)

River Sounding began as a collaboration between Norman Lowrey and Cynthia Poten, then Delaware River Keeper, based on conversations they had centering on the need to listen in quietude and in ceremony to what the river has to say when human dominance is set aside.
River Sounding affirms the necessity of aligning our communal consciousness with the consciousness of the life pool in which we are immersed, and which the constructs of our mind are impacting with such negative force.
River Sounding is a conceptual art project designed to bring communal, creative listening to the Delaware River to gather from the mind of the River guidance on how human communities can restore the River's integrity and live within its ecological limits.
www.users.drew.edu /nlowrey/river/river.html   (5022 words)

 VisitPA :: Delaware River
The Delaware forms the eastern border of Pennsylvania, separating the Commonwealth from New York and New Jersey.
As it heads south, the Delaware River cuts a wide path through the Appalachian Mountain's hardwood forests and rocky outcroppings, creating the Delaware Water Gap - a national recreation area perfect for boating, canoeing, and kayaking.
As it meanders and gives rise to tributaries, the Delaware River contributes to some of the most stunning waterfalls in Pennsylvania, from the "Niagara of Pennsylvania," Bushkill Falls, to picturesque Dingmans Falls.
www.visitpa.com /visitpa/delawareRiver.pa   (0 words)

 50 Years of Cooperative Interstate Water Management in the Delaware River Basin Managing Water for New York City, New ...
June 7, 2004, is the 50th anniversary of the Amended Decree of the United States Supreme Court that established the current allocation of water from the Delaware River Basin to New York City, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.
You know, based on long-term monitoring of the Delaware River at Montague, NJ, that you need to meet a "flow objective" of 1,750 cubic feet per second (one cubic foot of water flowing each second is equal to about 7.48 gallons) as measured by the USGS streamflow-gaging station at that location.
The Delaware River is the longest un-dammed river east of the Mississippi River.
www.usgs.gov /features/ciwm2004.html   (969 words)

 Delaware River Shad   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Susquehanna and Hudson Rivers both have excellent runs of shad which are harvested both commercially and recreationally, but I prefer to chase shad in the clear cold currents of the upper Delaware River.
Drifting on the upper Delaware river is always a mesmerizing experience, and as I stepped into the raft last month, I was reminded how truly wild the Delaware river is. The river flows virtually uninterrupted from the confluence of the East and West Branches near Hancock, New York to the Delaware Bay in New Jersey.
Like the trout of the upper Delaware, the shad are usually found in the faster riffle sections of the river where they pause during the course of their migration to gain the strength to run the rapids.
www.reel-time.com /feature/sparky/shad/shad-ft1.html   (578 words)

 Delaware River Rafting - Kayak and Canoe Rental, Tubing the Delaware River - Campgrounds and Cabin Rental in New York
Delaware River Rafting - Kayak and Canoe Rental, Tubing the Delaware River - Campgrounds and Cabin Rental in New York
The Delaware River is a National "Scenic and Recreational River", spectacular in it's pristine beauty and perfect for whitewater river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and tubing.
Unique to the Delaware River, we also offer a variety of overnight lodging...deluxe cabins, riverside log cabins, group bunkhouse and campgrounds.
www.indianheadcanoes.com   (0 words)

 Delaware River Tubing - Hunterdon County and Bucks County River Country Territory
Delaware River Tubing is a tubing and rafting business located, like the name implies, on the Delaware River.
The Famous River Hot Dog Man is known for his delightful, mouthwatering, and safe New Jersey inspected food and beverages since 1987!
Versus waiting for a shuttle bus to send your party up river, the water entrance is only 1 - 5 minutes from where you parked your car (depending on which trip you and your party select).
www.delawarerivertubing.com   (0 words)

 Delaware River Port Authority 1974 - Ben Franklin Bridge Vignette
The Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is a regional transportation and economic development agency serving the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.
The commission's vice chairman is Richard T. Collings, the former mayor of Collingswood, N.J. Collings became known as the "Father of the Delaware River Bridge." The other New Jersey commissioners are members of the state's Interstate Bridge and Tunnel Commission.
The new compact broadens the responsibilities of the Delaware River Port Authority and expands its area of responsibility to include the Pennsylvania counties of Bucks, Chester and Montgomery.
www.scripophily.net /delporaut.html   (2115 words)

 Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing
The river's substantial main stem is formed by the merger of the East and West Branch in the small town of Hancock.
Most of the river, especially the upper branches, is flanked by tall weeds which induce the trout to feed on terrestrials throughout the summer.
One benefit of the Delaware's role as a border river between New York and Pennsylvania is that the states have a reciprocal fishing license agreement for the main stem.
www.troutsource.com /RiversFolder/Delaware.htm   (834 words)

 Pennsylvania Turnpike-Delaware River Extension (I-276)
The groundwork for the Delaware River Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike was laid down in 1947, when the Federal Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) proposed a northern circumferential route through the Philadelphia suburbs along the current route of I-276.
The Mid-County interchange project was to connect the Delaware River and Northeast extensions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike with Ridge Pike and the new Mid-County Expressway / "Blue Route" (I-476).
When the Delaware Expressway (I-95) was extended north into Bucks County in 1969, no provisions were made for a direct connection to the Delaware River Extension.
www.phillyroads.com /roads/pa-turnpike_delaware-river   (2509 words)

The roads along the river are slow and sometimes congested as they wind up and down the hilly country of the Delaware valley.
The land along the river is nearly all private, trespassing is frowned upon, and it is generally agreed that canoe campers must stay at one of these private camps.
The Delaware watershed is one of the principal sources of drinking water for New York City.
members.aol.com /Mmcbs3/delaware.html   (910 words)

 Delaware River Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap is a deep, narrow gorge cut by the Delaware River in the Kittatinny Mountains, sixty-five miles west of New York City.
This gorge was worn through the solid rock of the mountains hundreds of years ago when the Delaware River was slowly forcing its way to the sea.
Those familiar with this area should take notice on how low the river level is at the time of this photo.
www.delawareriver.net /gap.php   (0 words)

 The Delaware
The Delaware is the longest un-dammed river east of the Mississippi.
The Delaware is a river of diverse demands and moods.
As a result of a remarkable comeback in water quality and a growing appreciation of her myriad attractions, much of the Delaware River and numerous feeder streams today are part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System — a designation most often reserved for bucolic trout streams out West.
www.greenworks.tv /watershed_weekly/more_information/featuredtopic_delaware2002.htm   (477 words)

 Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River (U.S. National Park Service)
The Delaware Aqueduct is the oldest existing wire cable suspension bridge in the nation.
Begun in 1847 as one of four suspension aqueducts on the Delaware and Hudson Canal, it was designed by and built under the supervision of John A. Roebling, future engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge.
If you are planning a river trip, please be sure to wear appropriate footwear, bring along a change of clothes, and remember that a life jacket will only save your life if you are wearing it.
www.nps.gov /upde   (0 words)

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