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Topic: Delinquent Habits

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  Delinquent Habits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Prior to their first release Delinquent Habits had gone through record deals with two major record labels, one with Ruffhouse/Columbia the other with Geffen, with neither one releasing any albums or singles.
This also brought Delinquent Habits the opportunity to tour in the U.S.with major groups such as Korn and Ice-T. European tours followed with stops in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain which included festivals with Rahzel, Beck and Henry Rollins.
Today, Delinquent Habits is set to release it's third and most powerful record titled "Merry Go Round" on their own independent label, Station Thirteen Records.
www.southside.host.sk /delinquent/delinquent_habits.htm   (814 words)

 Freedom Band   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Delinquent Habits are back with their fourth project entitled Freedom Band.
Delinquent Habits portray another side of Cali that is not often exposed.
Delinquent Habits hold down the LP with out and lyrical support from anyone.
www.sixshot.com /print.asp?id=2059   (187 words)

 Delinquent Habits: Merry Go Round - PopMatters Music Review
Delinquent Habits were all over MTV in 1996 with "Tres Delinquentes", a snappy hip-hop track with a hook supplied by mariachi trumpets.
At the time perceived by some (or at least me), to be Cypress Hill tagalongs, perhaps due to Sen Dog's production on their debut, Delinquent Habits have since blown past any such thoughts, and made the thinkers ashamed that they ever had them, by creating their own unique, upbeat brand of hip-hop.
Delinquent Habits' Merry Go Round was originally released on their own indie label Station Thirteen (which bears a song in its name as well) and was recently picked up by Ark 21 Records.
www.popmatters.com /music/reviews/d/delinquenthabits-merry.shtml   (456 words)

 Ten-year career yields new habits for group - THE DAILY BRUIN ONLINE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
After touring the world, Delinquent Habits has cemented a place not only in the Latin hip-hop genre, but also in hip-hop as a whole, Ives said.
In the past, Delinquent Habits has collaborated with such names as Big Pun and Sen Dog from Cypress Hill.  Since its latest return to the studio, the group decided to take control of its art and not rely on guest appearances by big names.
When away from the studio and not creating independent albums, Delinquent Habits is known to play with the Long Beach Dub Allstars, Ozomatli and many reggae groups.
www.dailybruin.ucla.edu /news/articles.asp?id=3456   (773 words)

Delinquent Habits have also had success in movies and television, having had numerous songs used for major motion pictures, television shows and commercials.
Delinquent Habits has also done two commercials for Chevrolet Motors, for the U.S. and its territories, introducing the Silverado SS Truck and various other models in both English and Spanish markets.
Delinquent Habits have now come forth with their fifth and believed to be their best offering yet "New & Improved", consisting of a double dose of the same energy that has driven the DH vibe since day one.
profile.myspace.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=40961116   (1072 words)

 Delinquent Habits: Here Come The Horns: Pitchfork Record Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
DJ Muggs is the primary architect of the "Cypress Hill Sound," hip-hop characterized by Jeep- jolting bass, hard, mid- tempo drums and repetitive, minimalist squeals all rolled into an eminently smokable groove.
Cypress Hill have covered some of this ground before ("The Funky Bilingual" comes to mind) but Delinquent Habits are the first group to seemlessly integrate hip-hop and Latin elements and pull it off so successfully.
The key to the album's success lies in the subtlety-- there are some mariachi horns here and a funky salsa piano there, but the samples never overwhelm the music and the results never approach gimmickry.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /record-reviews/d/delinquent-habits/here-come-the-horns.shtml   (396 words)

 Delinquent Habits Biography
Being down with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill has allowed Delinquent Habits to learn a lot about the business and get exposure to the industry.
Growing up through influences from all types of music allowed Delinquent Habits to stay open minded and appreciative of the hip hop art form.
On this self-titled album the three delinquents give you a new twist to their brand of music with each ensuing track.
www.loud.com /cmp/habits-bio.html   (419 words)

 CD Baby: DELINQUENT HABITS: Merry Go Round - from iuma
In 1991 Alejandro R. Martinez, Ivan S. Martin and David L.K. Thomas, p/k/a Delinquent Habits were united and formed one of today's most respected and influential Latino Hip-Hop groups in the world.
Delinquent Habits released it's first single which went on to chart highly (including Top Ten) on many Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop charts.
This "new" and "catchy" sound, which effortlessly fused traditional Latin rhythms with hard-hitting Hip-Hop tracks, was also influencing many up-and-coming bands from around the world.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/delinquenthabits/from/iuma   (980 words)

 eBay - delinquent habits, CDs, Digital Music Downloads items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Delinquent Habits - Freedom Band - NEW CD
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=delinquent+habits&...   (324 words)

 Delinquent Habits interview (audio, mp3) by Toazted.com
Delinquent Habits interview (audio, mp3) from Toazted.com: We did a great interview with the guys from Delinquent Habits about the album "Merry Go Round".
We spoke to the guys about their own record label, Station 13 and about their life on the road.
You tour to keep household finances up and at the same time to kick the record up and you're barely doing both but at the same time you're getting loyal fans and it picks up each time."
www.toazted.com /interview/419/Delinquent-Habits.html   (80 words)

 Amazon.com: Merry Go Round: Music: Delinquent Habits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
I first became acquainted with Delinquent Habits when I heard their song on the radio back in 1996, "Tres Delinquentes." It grabbed me immediately because I grew up with my dad listening to Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass, and here was a rap song using the Tijuana Brass's "The Lonely Bull" as its hook.
I liked it so well I was going to buy the whole album, but when I sampled the rest of the album, it suffered from two major drawbacks: 1) The rest of the tracks had no character, just generic rap, and 2) way too much profanity.
We liked the last from delinquent habits, but this one is just amazing.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00005AKHY?v=glance   (1134 words)

 Amazon.com: Delinquent Habits: Music: Delinquent Habits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
These are guys that know how to make samples from old school tracks fit in the right place unlike certain rappers and DJ's out there.
delinquent habits is a great C.d with the best latin beats and good music.
If you know other bands like brown prime or southside vatos you need to listen to delinquent habits.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000002WZA?v=glance   (963 words)

 BallerStatus.net | Delinquent Habits Member Leaves Group, Embarks On Solo Career   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
After moving more than 1 million records with Latin hip-hop pioneers the Delinquent Habits, Kemo The Blaxican is preparing to step out on his own and embark on a solo career.
Even though Latino hip-hop has yet to reach a massive mainstream appeal, Kemo walks away from after having played a major role in solidifying Delinquent Habits as one of the most influential Latin hip-hop groups of all time and establishing himself as one of today's top Latino MC's.
The rapper is currently working hard to finish his solo debut, Simple Plan, which will feature songs in both English and in Spanish as well.
www.ballerstatus.net /print/85960241.html   (267 words)

 RADIO.BLOG.CLUB - Delinquent_habits
Results 1 - 13 of about 13 tracks for delinquent habits
Delinquent Habits (C Ronaldo) - Return Of The Tres
This work is licensed under a contrat Creative Commons.
www.radioblogclub.com /search/0/delinquent_habits   (72 words)

 NowOnTour - Delinquent Habits Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
On Freedom Band, MCs Ives and Kemo and DJ/Producer O.G. Style continue to corner the Latino Hip Hop market, a genre that they essentially created in 1996 with their (Cypress Hill's) Sen Dog-executive produced, self-titled debut.
Some have come before them, namely Frost and Funkdoobiest, and others have followed, including Big Pun and Mellow Man Ace, but Delinquent Habits will always be recognized for moving over 350,000 copies of their debut in America, and over 1,000,000 worldwide (the album's single, "Tres Delinquents" sold over 450,000 pieces).
After label issues with PMP/RCA Records, the band have taken things into their own hands, writing, recording, and producing this record through their own record label, Station 13.
www.nowontour.com /reviews/record/00064.php   (392 words)

 Amazon.ca: habits: Search Results Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Below are results for the keywords include habits.
Delinquent Habits (May 29, 2001 - Audio CD)
Delinquent Habits (June 6, 2000 - Audio CD)
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/external-search?search-type=ss&keyword=Habitus&index=music-ca   (134 words)

 Delinquent Habits MP3 Downloads - Delinquent Habits Music Downloads - Delinquent Habits Music Videos
Delinquent Habits MP3 Downloads - Delinquent Habits Music Downloads - Delinquent Habits Music Videos
Delinquent Habits formed in Los Angeles in 1991.
Upstart record label PMP released the group's self-titled debut Delinquent Habits in 1996.
www.mp3.com /delinquent-habits/artists/172531/summary.html   (121 words)

 Here Come the Horns by Delinquent Habits
This Is L.A. It's the Delinquentes - Delinquent Habits, Sen Dog
Life Is a Struggle - Delinquent Habits, Sen Dog
Portions of content provided by All Music Guide © 2001 AEC One Stop Group, Inc. All Music Guide is a registered Trademark of AEC One Stop Group, Inc.
www.mmguide.musicmatch.com /album/album.cgi?ALBUMID=518060   (123 words)

 Tower Records - Merry Go Round [Explicit Lyrics] - Delinquent Habits
At its base is hip-hop and street funk swirled with mariachi samples and Spanglish lyrics.
In the larger picture, Delinquent Habits form a splinter group from other Latin crews and the hip-hop nation.
They’re the kids who were obsessing over records while Big Pun was laying pipe and Cypress Hill was getting high.
www.towerrecords.com /product.aspx?pfid=2195104   (269 words)

 Delinquent Habits Tabs: 27 Tabs Total @ 911Tabs - Tabs Search Engine
Delinquent Habits Tabs: 27 Tabs Total @ 911Tabs - Tabs Search Engine
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+ Get more Delinquent Habits tabs from Tab Heaven
www.911tabs.com /tabs/d/delinquent_habits   (85 words)

 101cd.com - Buy cheap UK Delinquent Habits - Merry Go Round [PA] (CD Album) - Product Information for catalogue number ...
Midnite Spin - Delinquent Habits & Sick Jacken listen to clip
Que Vuelva - Delinquent Habits & Michelle listen to clip
Temptation - Delinquent Habits & Michelle listen to clip
www.101cd.com /detail.aspx?productid=34714   (193 words)

 Delinquent Habits - CONNECT, Powered By Sony
Delinquent Habits consists of rappers Kemo (David L.K. Thomas), Ives (Ivan S. Martin), and O.G. Style (Alejandro R. Martinez).
Latino Velvet, Kid Frost, Eminem, Cypress Hill, The Fugees, The Pharcyde, Dilated Peoples, Big Punisher, Funkdoobiest
A Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, The Freestyle Fellowship
musicstore.connect.com /artist/101/114/0/1011140.html   (81 words)

 The Psycho Realm Online - Forum
i'll be down wit the habits even after i die
I'll be posting the rest of the pictures in a while.
Our sound man, Niture was in the pit at the show and he lost his camera.
www.psychorealmonline.com /forum/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=hip_hop_board;action=display;num=1115398575;start=180   (610 words)

 Delinquent Habits Lyrics
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Rap Lyrics * " D " * Lyrics, Delinquent Habits
Delinquent Habits CD * Delinquent Habits Poster * Delinquent Habits Sheet Music
www.indalyrics.com /d/delinquenthabits-847.html   (98 words)

 Lyricsheaven - Delinquent Habits lyrics
Delinquent to what’s tight like M.C.’s to teflon
Delinquencies will be there like Jack 5 to keep the party live
He said mira easy I go like a 4-4 flow so bad habits die slow
home.tiscali.be /christiaens1/survey_d_k_bestanden/Delinquent_Habits.htm   (4691 words)

 Delinquent Habits Tabs: 1 Tabs Total @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Delinquent Habits Tabs: 1 Tabs Total @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Put a link to Delinquent Habits Tabs on your blog, MySpace page or other website.
About / Help / Site Map / Link To Us / Tell A Friend / TOS / Privacy Policy / Advertise / Contact /
www.ultimate-guitar.com /tabs/delinquent_habits_tabs.htm   (113 words)

 Rhapsody Music: Download, Listen, Play & Burn Delinquent Habits
Rhapsody Music: Download, Listen, Play and Burn Delinquent Habits
A Latino trio from LA, Delinquent Habits are known for their Spanglish rhymes and brassy production.
Click here to start listening to Delinquent Habits and thousands of other artists FREE for 14 days with Rhapsody Unlimited.
www.real.com /dmm/rhapsody/artist/?artistid=709   (83 words)

 Delinquent Habits at CelebSites.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Sign up for weekly updates on offical celebrity web sites.
Delinquent Habits photo gallery - Delinquent Habits pics & video - Delinquent Habits wallpaper.
Latest Delinquent Habits news & gossip - Delinquent Habits mailing address for autograph requests, personal letters.
www.celebsites.com /celebs/Delinquent_Habits.htm   (81 words)

 Delinquent Habits - 'Tres Delinquentes' - Underground Hip Hop dot com - Audio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Delinquent Habits - 'Tres Delinquentes' - Underground Hip Hop dot com - Audio
Home > Audio > Old School > Delinquent Habits - 'Tres Delinquentes'
UGHH.com User Opinion (Choose a rating to write a review)
www.undergroundhiphop.com /audio/detail.asp?ID=8176   (119 words)

 HHD Forums - KEMO (ex DELINQUENT HABITS) help needed
HHD Forums - KEMO (ex DELINQUENT HABITS) help needed
I am looking for shows in germany where KEMO (EX- DELINQUENT HABITS) can perform
Can you put me in contact with people that are doiing shows in germany, clubs etc...
www.hiphop-directory.com /forums/showthread.php?t=8354   (48 words)

 Rolling Stone : Delinquent Habits : Photos : Collection
Rolling Stone : Delinquent Habits : Photos : Collection
Home : artists : Delinquent Habits : Photos
Vote for your favorite Rolling Stone 'Hot' Cover!
www.rollingstone.com /artists/delinquenthabits/photos   (74 words)

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