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  Delos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The island of Delos, Carl Anton Joseph Rottmann, 1847
The island of Delos (Greek: Δήλος, Dhilos), isolated in the centre of the roughly circular ring of islands called the Cyclades, near Mykonos, had a position as a holy sanctuary for a millennium before Olympian Greek mythology made it the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.
In 166 BC Delos was given by the Romans to the Athenian city-state, but in modern times it has become uninhabited.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Delos   (837 words)

 Delos, Greece - April 2000
Delos, the center of the Cyclades, has been inhabited since at least the 3rd millenium B.C. It rose in importance as the Greeks did and around 480 BC it became the center of the Delian League.
Delos became immensely wealthy and was so impressive that the Romans kept it as a free port when they came into power.
Delos is surrounded by the larger islands of the Cyclades.
www.mrfs.net /trips/2000/Greece/Delos/Delos.html   (1822 words)

 Delos, Greece Travel Guide-Hotels-Rooms-Campings | Δήλος Ξενοδοχεία-Δωμάτια-Κάμπινγκ
Delos is an uninhabited island full of ancient ruins of temples, market, theater, houses, etc. It is considered as a sacred place and it is one of the sunniest areas in the world.
Delos has been active from the prehistoric years and according to mythology it is the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo.
Delos has served as the center and the Treasury of the Athenian Alliance during the 5th and the 4th century BC.
www.calypso.gr /places.php?place=7   (183 words)

 Mykonos Web - History of Delos Island
As recorded in the mythology of ancient Greece, Delos was believed to be the birthplace of Apollo the son of Zeus.
Near the end of the fourth century BC the Macedonians were in control and because of Delos' geographically central location, turned the island slowly into an important trade and commercial center.
Delos is a small island, which covers an area of approximately 5 square kilometers.
www.mykonos-web.com /mykonos/delos_history.htm   (497 words)

The closest architectural parallel on Delos is the so-called House of the Poseidoniasts, a massive cultic hall built by merchants from Lebanon.
Reconstruction of the courtyard of the House of the Poseidoniasts.
Because the stylobate of this structure is slightly narrower than the one in the courtyard of the Delos synagogue (69.5 cm versus 72.5 cm), the columns of the synagogue would have been slightly higher than the ones shown here (c.
www.pohick.org /sts/delos.html   (1367 words)

 Delos island monuments, Cyclades islands in Greece. Delos island beaches, hotels, useful info. The most complete tour ...
In the 7th century B.C. Delos was already a known Ionic centre because of its religious importance as the birth-place of Apollo.
Athenian influence was initiated on the sanctuary with the first purification of Delos by Peisistratos in 540 B.C. but it gradually developed into a proper domination lasting - with short intervals - until the end of the 4th century B.C., when Delos was finally declared free and independent (314 B.C.).
The declaration of Delos as an "international" harbour by the Romans led to an influx of foreigners who became a significant element of the island's population.
www.vacation-cyclades.com /delos/delos.htm   (1313 words)

 Greece - Delos
According to legend, Delos was the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.
Delos was independent from 322 to 166 bc; in 166 the Romans restored control of religious worship to the Athenians and permitted the island to become the seat of extensive commerce and a large slave market.
Delos was sacked in 88 bc during the First Mithridatic War and never recovered its prestige and prosperity.
worldheritage.heindorffhus.dk /frame-GreeceDelos.htm   (427 words)

 Delos | Athens Holiday   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Delos was the most important Panhellenic sanctuary, and, according to mythology, the birth-place of Apollo and Artemis.
According to Greek mythology, Apollo was born on this tiny island in the Cyclades archipelago.
Delos was a sacred place with splendid buildings and sanctuaries and as such, it was never forgotten; many references are preserved by travellers who visited the island in the last centuries.
www.athens-holiday.net /delos-island.html   (527 words)

 Delos | Cyclades with Mykonos & Santorini Sights & Activities | Fodor's Online Travel Guide
One answer is that Delos, shielded on three sides by other islands, provided the safest anchorage for vessels sailing between the mainland and the shores of Asia.
After the defeat of the Persians in 478 BC, the Athenians organized the Delian League, with its treasury and headquarters at Delos (in 454 BC the funds were transferred to the Acropolis in Athens).
Delos had its most prosperous period in late Hellenistic and Roman times, when it was declared a free port and quickly became the financial center of the Mediterranean, the focal point of trade, where 10,000 slaves were sold daily.
www.fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=cyclades@599&cur_section=sig&property_id=29113   (1227 words)

 Mykonos island - Mykonos and Delos maps and yacht charter guide
Delos, is likewise a rocky island and lies 5 nm south-west of Mykonos and it is one of the smallest of the Cyclades.
According to the ancient myth Delos (Dilos) was the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.
In 314 BCE Delos asserted its independence of Athens and thereafter developed a prosperous trade which made it the economic centre of the archipelago.
www.sailingissues.com /greekislands/mykonos.html   (699 words)

 Greek-islands.net - Greek Islands Net is an excellent entrance to all travel information on this Greek Island.
Delos is an island-museum, there are not any hotels or rooms there, you can not even camp.
At that time, Delos became the headquarters of the Delian Confederacy, a maritime league under the leadership of Athens, but in 454 BC the Athenians carried off the treasury of the league and deposited it on the Acropolis.
In 166 BC the Romans declared Delos a free port, which promoted its development as a trading center and led to the growth of a considerable commercial town.
www.greek-islands.net /delos.html   (453 words)

 Planet Waves Astrology | The Land That Time Remembered | by Eric Francis
The Delos synagogue is widely considered the oldest original Jewish house of worship of the Diaspora, or scattering of the Jews.
Delos was all but forgotten until French archeologists arrived in 1873 and, appreciating the importance of ancient Greek history, began a systematic excavation that is still underway.
I heard the story of Delos, in summarized form, from a souvenir shopkeeper on the 4th of May, the eve of Beltane with the Sun approaching the midpoint of Taurus.
planetwaves.net /contents/heraclestarot.html   (3989 words)

 Delos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The large complex north of the Terrace of the Lions (and west of the Sacred Lake) housed the Establishment of the Poseidoniasts from Beirut.
The houses of Delos, at least the main and most interesting ones such as this one, follow the type common in Hellenistic times of the house developed around a central court frequently surrounded by columned porticoes.
The walls of the typical Delos home, such as this one, are built of schist slabs and more rarely of sun-dried bricks and covered with lime plaster (stucco) which sometimes had architectural features and painted representations.
www.grisel.net /delos.htm   (3994 words)

 Perseus Site: Delos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Delos was made the center of the Athenian controlled Delian League (the alliance of Greek states against future Persian threat) and from 478-454 maintained the treasury of the league (until it was transferred to Athens and partially misappropriated for the rebuilding of the Acropolis).
Delos was made a free port (to undermine the commercial position of Rhodes) and in 146 B.C. the destruction of Corinth and the immigration of Corinthian merchants to Delos added to the island's growth.
Delos, Lake Palaestra: Stele in wall honoring Pausanias, a gymnasiarch in 158/7 B.C. Delos, Lake Palaestra: Remains of the granite colonnade
www.perseus.tufts.edu /cgi-bin/siteindex?entry=Delos   (1549 words)

 Delos SF: Robert Sheckley
Delos: Robert, you are quite note for your long appearence on one of the best SF magazine ever existed: Galaxy.
Delos: You are also popular through the many readers of "Playboy" (note for our readers: do not double-check the central pages of your 1.000 issues of Playboy: Robert just published written stories in it.
Delos Science Fiction may be archived, reproduced, and/or distributed provided that it is left intact and that no additions or changes are made to it.
www.delos.fantascienza.com /ie/sheckley.html   (1370 words)

 Delos Island, Hotels, Accommodation & Lodgings Travel Guide of Greece.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
According to Greek Mythology Leto refuged to Delos haunted by the wrath of the godess Hera and gave birth to Apollo and Artemis.
Later the inhabitants of Delos allied with the Spartans, managed to overthrow the Athenian domination, for about 10 years, until 394 BC when the Athenians conquered the island again.
In 315 BC the inhabitants of Delos, taking advantage of the disunity of the descendants of Alexander the Great, managed to win their freedom and make the island flourish and become a tourist center, gathering an immense amount of riches.
holidays-in-greece.com /cyclades/del   (1773 words)

 Delos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Delos, in the Cyclades archipelago, was an uninhabited island six miles from Mykonos.
The cult of Apollo appeared on the island in the Dark Ages and by the Archaic period (when the island was apparently under the control of Naxos), Delos served as the headquarters and religious center of an Ionian League.
Delos is located in the Central Aegean among the Cyclades.
idcs0100.lib.iup.edu /AncGreece/delos.htm   (1066 words)

o establish closer ties with the Ionians and the islands the Athenians established the League on the island of Delos, the ancient centre of Ioanian worship, in 478-77 B.C. and it was henceforth called the Confederacy of Delos.
Delos was chosen to be the centre of the League because of its religious associations and its practical advantages.
Delos was situated in the centre of the Aegean (1), it had a good harbour and like Delphi it had always been too wealthy to have independent political ambitions (2).
www.greece.org /poseidon/work/islands/cyclades/delos/delos.html   (3046 words)

 Trans-Europe St. Michael Line, from Lundy, Isle of Avalon by Mystic Realms
Delos was renowned in the ancient world both as a trading centre and as a temple of Apollo.
She took refuge on the tiny island of Delos, which became the birthplace of the deities Apollo and his sister Diane /Artemis.
A spring festival was held at Apollo's shrine on Delos.
www.lundyisleofavalon.co.uk /places/stmiklyn/stmiklyn1.htm   (765 words)

 DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, homepage
The DELOS network intends to conduct a joint program of activities aimed at integrating and coordinating the ongoing research activities of the major European teams working in Digital Library - related areas with the goal of developing the next generation Digital Library technologies.
DELOS is involved in two networking sessions at IST 2004.
All presentations from the DELOS Workshop on the Evaluation of Digital Libraries are freely available.
www.delos.info   (893 words)

 DELOS Preservation Cluster: News
This summer school is run by the DELOS Digital Preservation Cluster, which is one of seven European-wide digital library research collaborations integrated to create the DELOS Network of Excellence.
DELOS is a four-year project funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme to synergize and foster technology for the next-generation of Digital Libraries (www.delos.info).
The DELOS Network of Excellence is a four-year project funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme to synergize and foster technology for the next-generation of Digital Libraries (www.delos.info).
www.dpc.delos.info   (399 words)

 INTERVIEW: Playmates -- Dalene Kurtis, Stacy Fuson, and Becky Delos Santos
Dalene Kurtis, Stacy Fuson, and Becky Delos Santos
Delos Santos: No. When I was 17, I went to pursue modeling in Europe and I lived in Europe for seven years and traveled the world.
Delos Santos: First I had a person who was far away and it was really hard to complete the whole thing.
www-tech.mit.edu /V122/N40/Collegefest_Int.40a.html   (1351 words)

 Delos on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
DELOS [Delos], island, c.1 sq mi (2.6 sq km), SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea, smallest of the Cyclades.
In Greek mythology, Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis on Delos; and the island was particularly sacred to Apollo.
BC Delos had a flourishing slave market which continued to thrive even after a slave rebellion c.130 BC In 88 BC the island was sacked by Mithradates VI of Pontus; it never recovered and Delos was abandoned toward the end of the 1st cent.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/D/Delos.asp   (686 words)

 Perseus Lookup Tool   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Delos A 720, Base of Euthykartides: Early Archaic; Marble; Votive?; Triangular block with a goat's heads at the corners, which serves as a statue base for a kouros [Sculpture] (8.00)
Delos, Workshop of Theandridon: Rectangular building; on the southern flank of the Sanctuary of Apollo, south of the Oikos of the Naxians.
Delos, Delos, Lion Terrace, Photograph courtesy of Thomas Martin and Ivy S. Sun: Row of lion statues from S, Row of lion statues from the South [Image] (10.43)
www.perseus.tufts.edu /cgi-bin/vor?type=phrase&alts=0&group=typecat&lookup=Delos&collection=Perseus:collection:Greco-Roman   (183 words)

 Cluster Reports | Delos Newsletter 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
He thought that one thing that the DELOS cluster could do would be to revisit the useful taxonomy of knowledge organisation systems devised by Hodge [6].
DELOS Knowledge Extraction and Semantic Interoperability (WP5) was preparing a state-of-the art report on semantic interoperability in digital library systems, identifying why it was important and noting key gaps.
The DELOS Workshop on the Evaluation of Digital Libraries http://dlib.ionio.gr/wp7/events.html is going to be held at the Department of Information Engineering (http://www.dei.unipd.it/), University of Padua, Via Gradenigo 6/a, 35131 Padova, Italy over 4-5 October 2004.
www.delos.info /newsletter/issue2/cluster-reports   (5205 words)

 Carmen & Jim's Greece Trip - Delos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Delos was a large financial and religious center and the ruins that are there are very extensive.
We were told by a German couple while on Santorini that you could see Delos in an hour and a half but we took 4 hours so we could poke in every corner.
The last return boat leaves from Delos at 3 PM and it is closed on Mondays so be sure to plan accordingly.
www.personal.psu.edu /staff/j/x/jxf17/page8.html   (556 words)

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