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Topic: Delta T

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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

  Delta T Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Delta T Solutions boilers are the most fuel efficient atmospheric boilers available - up to 84% thermal efficiency.
The Delta T Boiler is designed specifically for today’s greenhouses heating system with versatility, reliability, efficiency, and ease of service in mind.
Every Delta T boiler comes with a twenty year warranty against thermal shock and five years on the heat exchanger.
www.deltatsolutions.com /atomos.htm   (264 words)

 Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology | Full text | Pregnancy and gamma/delta T cells: Taking on the hard questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In some reports the γδT cells are as abundant as 50% of the T cells in the murine skin epithelia or gut mucosa [7,20].
The αβ- and γδT cells, seem to be different in their immune biology and belong to separate branches of the immune system – the TCR γδ cells act like innate immune cells while the TCRαβ cells play a central role in the adaptive immune system [21].
T cells may recognize trophoblast-related antigens and be involved in controlling trophoblast invasion during placenta formation [41].
www.rbej.com /content/1/1/120   (6216 words)

 Gamma-delta T cells
What had been learned of gamma-delta T cells in the nearly two decades since their initial discovery was that they arise early in fetal development in the thymus.
Instead, they are the major T cell component of the skin, lung and intestine, where they take up residence and monitor the neighbouring epithelial cells for damage and disease.
Unlike other T cells in the body, which display a wide diversity of receptors that recognise a wide diversity of antigens - the molecular components of various pathogenic invaders - the gamma-delta T cells in the skin seem to have little, if any, diversity and display a uniform receptor and recognise only a single antigen.
www.vetscite.org /publish/items/000549   (626 words)

 Features and Accessories for the Delta T System
The Bioptechs Delta T Heated Lid is a device which will provide a condensate free optical surface on the top of a Delta T Dish through which specimens can be perfused and trans-illuminated on an inverted microscope.
The Bioptechs Delta T Heated Lid w/ Perfusion is a device which will provide a condensate free optical surface on the top of a Delta T Dish through which specimens can be perfused and trans-illuminated on an inverted microscope.
Culture Cylinders are used to barricade cells or suspended specimens in a Delta T dish; or to restrict and concentrate the growth and location of cells plated on a coverslip.
www.bioptechs.com /Products/Delta_T/Options/options.html   (1281 words)

 V delta repertoire of gamma delta-T cells in peripheral lymphocytes during HIV-infection: cellular and molecular ...
V delta repertoire of gamma delta-T cells in peripheral lymphocytes during HIV-infection: cellular and molecular characterization of delta TCS1+ T cells.
Studies to determine the nature of the antigen(s) responsible for the enhancement of the V delta 1 sub-population are in progress on isolated gamma delta T cells.
CONCLUSIONS: In the gamma delta T cell population of PBLs of HIV infected patients, we have shown a very strong correlation between the increase of CDR3 size of delta TCS1+ T cells and the progression of the disease.
www.aegis.com /aidsline/1993/nov/M93B5283.html   (603 words)

 Delta CFO prefers standalone plan - Boston.com
Delta Air Lines Inc. is actively telling its creditors that it believes its standalone plan is "far superior" to US Airways' $8.7 billion offer to buy the company and create the nation's largest carrier, Chief Financial Officer Ed Bastian said Friday.
He said that was always Delta's plan and it hasn't moved up the date in light of US Airways' bid.
The airline said in a presentation it made to analysts and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the industry is far more competitive than at the beginning of the decade and new low-cost carriers like JetBlue Airways Corp. and AirTran Holdings Inc. have joined Southwest Airlines Co. as competitors.
www.boston.com /business/articles/2006/11/17/us_air_delta_buy_wont_cut_competition   (693 words)

 Delta T - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the telescopic era, measurements were made by observing occultations of stars by the Moon.
ΔT continued to decrease until it reached a plateau of +11±6 s between 1680 and 1866.
The cited values of ΔT assume that the lunar acceleration due to this effect is Γ = −26"/cy².
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Delta-T   (658 words)

 Combi Ovens - Delta T   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
What is Delta T? The Delta T cooks by maintaining a constant temperature differential between the foods internal temperature and the temperature in the cooking cavity of the oven.
Delta T reduces shrinkage by cooking with lower and gentler heat.
Turn the temperature dial to show the desired Delta T differential temperature in the temperature window.
www.cadco-ltd.com /combi_ovens_-_delta_t.html   (283 words)

 Delta t Limited - FAQ
The testing is done in this 'real-life' condition rather than in a Delta t lab, for there are parameters in an actual unit that will not be duplicated in the lab.
If the unit does not meet all of the requirements, Delta t can, with the test results, 'calibrate' their computer models to produce a design that will work.
Many (most) of the processes at Delta t are made at our facilities by our personnel.
www.deltatlimited.com /faq.htm   (1422 words)

 Frequently-Asked-Questions about the Delta T
What is Delta T? Delta T is an innovative method of moisture sensing and control.
T (delta t), is related to the product moisture content.
The Delta T is superior because it automatically makes the necessary adjustments to the drying conditions (i.e.
www.moisturecontrols.com /deltat_faq.htm   (587 words)

 Delta T Marine Ceramic Insulating Paint and Coating   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Delta T Marine is a water based one part coating comprised of air filled ceramic and silica beads held in suspension by an acrylic binder.
Currently, Delta T Marine is used on over 400 marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica.
By using Delta T Marine your vessel automatically becomes quieter by reducing structural noise from 50-80%.
www.deltacoat.com /Marine.htm   (707 words)

 Delta Corporate Services "Business Meets Technology"
Delta Corporate Services is an established consulting organization that helps its customers solve business problems through technology.
Delta's Senior Consultant, Jim Ross, CISSP made a presentation to the IASA (Insurance Accountig and Systems Association) on the topic of Information Classification for Security.
Delta is pleased to announce a great new sales opportunity in the New Jersey/New York and Tri-State area.
www.deltacorp.com   (227 words)

 Delta T || Legal Statements
Delta T hereby renounces legal claim to all warranties and conditions with regard to the content, including but not limited to all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement.
Although Delta T believes the content to be complete, current and right, Delta T makes no warranty as to the comprehensive, currency or correctness of the content.
Delta T may make changes in the services described herein at any time.
www.deltatservices.co.uk /legal.htm   (292 words)

 Delta T - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Delta T, ΔT, o DT es la diferencia de tiempo obtenida al restar el Tiempo Universal del Tiempo Terrestre.
Durante la historia, los valores de ΔT se comenzaron a calcular a partir del estudio de los eclipses solares, obteniéndose alrededor de +16800 segundos para el año −500, +10600 segundos para el 0, +5700 segundos para el 500, +1600 segundos para el 1000 y +180 segundos para el 1500.
Tomando el valor de ΔT para la Tierra en el año −500, +16800 segundos o 4 2/3 horas, corresponderá a 70°E. Lo que implica que aquélla, por su mayor velocidad de rotación, sufriría un eclipse solar total 70° al Este respecto de la localización calculada usando el TT uniforme.
es.wikipedia.org /wiki/Delta_T   (930 words)

 Delta T Updates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
As new ΔT values become available, the MICA 2.0 ΔT file will periodically be updated and made available here.
The Julian date of the first predicted ΔT value in the file distributed with the MICA 2.0 CDROM is 2453279.50 (or Oct. 1, 2004).
To determine if the ΔT file being used by your copy (PC version) of MICA 2.0 is the most current check 'About Delta T' under the 'Help' menu.
aa.usno.navy.mil /software/mica/delta_T_updates.html   (177 words)

 Delta Society
Delta Society's yearly national conferences offer unparalleled opportunities to learn new skills, improve education, and network with others in the field.
Delta Society has many books in the Online Store that provide education about AAA/T. You can also order books about AAA/T through the Delta Society Online Store Business Partners, in association with Amazon.com and Dogwise.
Delta Society makes no guarantees about the course content of these programs and encourages you to search carefully for the program that will best meet your needs.
www.deltasociety.org /AnimalsResourcesEducation.htm   (2059 words)

 Genome Biology | Full text | Intraepithelial gamma delta T cells exposed by functional genomics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
T cells of the γδ subtype express on their surface a heterodimer involved in ligand recognition, the T-cell receptor (TCR), which is composed of a γ chain and δ chain distinct from, but related to, the α chain and β chain that form the TCR of αβ T cells.
In peripheral blood and lymphoid organs such as spleen and lymph nodes, γδ T cells are a small proportion of T cells [1,2].
Earlier studies had shown that mice lacking αβ T cells were more sensitive than normal mice or mice lacking γδ T cells to the early dissemination of Yersinia, suggesting a role for γδ IELs in the control of Yersinia infection.
genomebiology.com /2001/2/11/reviews/1031   (2400 words)

 Protective Roles of gamma delta T Cells and Interleukin-15 in Escherichia coli Infection in Mice -- Takano et al. 66 ...
T Cells and Interleukin-15 in Escherichia coli Infection in Mice
T cells in the peritoneal cavity was increased after an intraperitoneal (i.p.) infection with Escherichia
Tagawa, T., Nishimura, H., Yajima, T., Hara, H., Kishihara, K., Matsuzaki, G., Yoshino, I., Maehara, Y., Yoshikai, Y. V{delta}1+ {gamma}{delta} T Cells Producing CC Chemokines May Bridge a Gap between Neutrophils and Macrophages in Innate Immunity during Escherichia coli Infection in Mice.
iai.asm.org /cgi/content/abstract/66/7/3270   (655 words)

 Delta Canada Hotels Resorts Hotel Reservations Resort Accommodation
Delta Hotels is Canada's premier Canada vacation hotel chain offering special hotel room packages that may include health spa, golf courses, business meeting facilities, and fine restaurant meals and catering.
Delta Hotels.com is your one stop travel and Canada accommodation resource with access to the best bed and breakfast, hotel rooms, and resort lodgings.
Delta Hotels is a leading Canadian Hotel chain which began as a single 62-room motor inn motel to where it is now Canada's leading first-class hotel management company.
www.deltahotels.com   (919 words)

 Distribution and leukocyte contacts of {gamma}{delta} T cells in the lung -- Wands et al. 78 (5): 1086 -- Journal of ...
Distribution and leukocyte contacts of {gamma}{delta} T cells in the lung -- Wands et al.
T cells are distributed differently in the normal mouse lung.
T cells have a bias for nonalveolar locations, with the
www.jleukbio.org /cgi/content/abstract/78/5/1086   (273 words)

 Donor gamma delta T Lymphocytes Promote Allogeneic Engraftment Across the Major Histocompatibility Barrier in Mice -- ...
Donor gamma delta T lymphocytes promote allogeneic engraftment across the major histocompatibility barrier in mice
T cells that express the alpha beta T-cell receptor are thought to be the
the presence of mature donor T cells in the marrow graft.
www.bloodjournal.org /cgi/content/abstract/89/3/1100   (672 words)

 Delta Training Partners - What is Delta T?
Delta Training Partners - What is Delta T?  
We offer over 50 years of experience in technical research, curricula development, training implementation, and the production of all types of training materials, from manuals to videos to computer-based instruction.
  Delta T specializes in the design and execution of comprehensive training plans for individual plant areas or entire complexes.
www.deltatraining.com /content/whatis.php   (114 words)

 Industrial insulation coating applications form a energy saving radiant barrier for thermal moisture and rust protection
A white liquor tank at Northwood Pulp in Prince George is another example of the practical application of the Delta T Control coatings at work.
The Engineering data page will provide much more proof on the advantages of using the Delta T Control Inc. coating products.
You can contact Delta T Control for further information as we have many years of practical experience finding the industrial coating solution that works
www.deltatcontrol.com   (1346 words)

 Differential Temperature Transducer Delta-T Company
The Differential Temperature Transducer was designed to measure coolant fluid temperature change under difficult environmental conditions such as strong electromagnetic fields and current-carrying coolants.
The instrument is based on a 20-junction thermopile (Type T) in which each junction is enclosed within its own miniature thermowell.
The junctions are electrically isolated and shielded against electromagnetic radiation.
www.delta-tcompany.com /deltat/index.php   (250 words)

 Delta T Construction Company   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Delta T Construction Co., Inc. is a company specializing in the installation of low temperature facilities.
Located in America's heartland, Delta T Construction Company began serving the needs of our Midwestern food industry clients in 1981.
Delta T Construction Company offers our customers a wide variety of products and services, such as insulated panels, roofing systems, insulation and vapor barrier systems, walk on ceilings, specialty doors, custom sheet metal fabrication, pressurized ripening rooms and remodeling.
www.deltatconstruction.com   (113 words)

 Interferon gamma -producing gamma delta T cell-dependent antibody isotype switching in the absence of germinal center ...
Interferon gamma -producing gamma delta T cell-dependent antibody isotype switching in the absence of germinal center formation during virus infection -- Maloy et al.
T cell-dependent antibody isotype switching in the absence of germinal center formation during virus infection
Susceptibility to Myocarditis Is Dependent on the Response of {alpha}{beta} T Lymphocytes to Coxsackieviral Infection
www.pnas.org /cgi/content/abstract/95/3/1160   (1080 words)

 Delta T Open Dish Systems
Delta T dishes have 35mm O.D. and a 23mm central aperture.
The peripheral region of the dish is tapered to reduce the dead-volume and the height of the dish is 6mm to allow better access for micro-injection and micromanipulation.
Once you become familiar with its operation, you will find the Delta T an indispensable addition to your scope.
www.bioptechs.com /Products/Delta_T/delta_t.html   (597 words)

 Delta T Company Profile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Delta T Systems, Inc. was incorporated for the sole purpose of manufacturing TOP QUALITY, SAFE, DEPENDABLE, and ENERGY EFFICIENT water and oil circulating temperature control equipment.
Delta T Systems manufactures a "BLUE RIBBON" line of liquid circulating temperature control equipment.
www.deltatsys.com /pages/profile.html   (303 words)

 Delta-T - Electric Trace Heating Engineers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Delta 'T' is an independent British Company directed by engineers who since the 1950's have been major contributors to the trace heating industry.
Delta 'T' has developed a reputation not only for urgency on deliveries, but also for expeditious design and engineering response.
A full range of trace heating cables, mats, jackets and control equipment is available and our Sales Engineers will give your enquiry immediate response, whether it is for a 3 metre tracer or a £0.5-million turn key contract.
www.deltat.co.uk   (132 words)

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