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Topic: Delta blues

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  The Blues . Blues Road Trip . Mississippi Delta | PBS
The Mississippi Delta is generally considered to be the birthplace of the blues, with the new musical form emerging around the turn of the 19th century.
The songs and music of the early Delta blues were passed down orally, in written form, and later preserved in field recordings made by traveling ethno-musicologists such as the father and son team of John and Alan Lomax in the early 1940s.
The acoustic sound of the Delta blues was amplified and electrified in Memphis and Chicago to accommodate the tastes of the newly urban fl population, and, with the growth of its recording industry, Chicago eventually eclipsed the Delta as the center of the blues.
www.pbs.org /theblues/roadtrip/deltahist.html   (723 words)

  Mississippi Delta / Blues
blues: “The blues is at once a way of life, a variety of music, a poetic movement, a state of mind, a folkloric tradition, a moral attitude, and even a kind of spontaneous intuitive critical method.
Certainly blues singers, like anyone else, respond to the temporal and temporary demands; but their central focus, as poets, is always on an infinitely wider field of action from which nothing, in fact, is closed off.” Franklin Rosemont, November 1973.
There are high water blues, boll weavil blues, high sheriff blues, cottonfield blues, dirt road blues, penal farm blues, turtle dove blues, and today, despite pressure by tourists to the Yazoo Delta who want to hear the blues of a past era of cottonpickin’, there are drug blues, talking back blues, cyberspace blues.
www.design.upenn.edu /landscape/student/mississippi/blues/blues.html   (479 words)

 29th Delta Blues and Heritage Festival
The purpose of the Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival is to reach a worldwide audience with a celebration of the contributions the Mississippi Delta Blues culture has made to the American story - and to help preserve that culture.
Mississippi Delta Blues is globally recognized as one of the most America's important musical forms.
Delta Blues soon became the emotional and literary voice of fl singers across the south.
www.deltablues.org /MACE/index.html   (334 words)

 Delta acoustic blues
Delta blues refers to a region of Southwestern Mississippi where a specific form of acoustic blues spawned and evolved.
House's Walkin' Blues in particular became a blues classic, which was reworked by Robert Johnson, and which the Stones played as they rehearsed in 1968 at their Rock and Roll Circus event.
Not a "pure" blues artist in the manner of Son House or Charley Patton, he spent his career in Memphis as an acoustic gospel blues singer.
www.timeisonourside.com /STDelta.html   (1168 words)

The cotton that's spun to make Delta Blues Jeans is grown in the mythical, magical Mississippi Delta - the land where Blues was born.
Delta Blues Jeans are what we think the perfect pair of premium blue jeans should be.
Delta Blues Jeans are assured to make you look great and these blues won't bring you down.
www.deltabluesjeanco.com   (98 words)

 Blues - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The use of blue notes and the prominence of call-and-response patterns in the music and lyrics are indicative of the blues' West African pedigree.
Blues performances were organized by the Theater Owners Bookers Association in nightclubs such as the Cotton Club, and juke joints, such as the bars along Beale Street in Memphis.
Jefferson was one of the few country blues performers to record widely, and may have been the first to record the slide guitar style, in which a guitar is fretted with a knife blade or the sawed-off neck of a bottle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blues   (6614 words)

The “blues” is more than just music - it is a reflection of a culture, a time in history and the story of a migration to the North.
Many of the “blues men” who came from The Delta, are no longer here to tell their story, of their music, their birthplace and the road they traveled.
Her project was selected for sponsorship by the Blue Earth Alliance a non profit organization that sponsors photographic and multi media projects that deal with environmental, social and cultural issues.
www.deltabluesmusicians.com   (333 words)

 Delta blues – blues music history – delta culture
The Delta Cultural Center, located in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas, is a museum dedicated to the history of the Arkansas Delta.
It is the mission of the Delta Cultural Center to preserve, interpret and present the cultural heritage of this legendary 27-county region.
The Delta Cultural Center, located in historic downtown Helena, Arkansas, is a Delta blues museum dedicated to the blues music history and culture of the Arkansas Delta.
www.deltaculturalcenter.com   (454 words)

 [No title]
The Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola was formed in Novermber 2003 by Carol and Ron Marble, Lemorris Strong and Tom Bingham.
The mission of the Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola is to promote the blues in the Mississippi delta and area blues clubs.
Blues acts from all over the state came to perform for a distinguished panel of judges and a club full of fans.
www.indianolablues.org   (226 words)

 MySpace.com - Delta Blues - The Delta, Mississippi - Blues / Blues / Blues - www.myspace.com/deltabluesarchives
It originated in the Mississippi Delta, a region of the United States that stretches from Memphis, Tennessee in the north to Vicksburg, Mississippi in the south, the Mississippi River on the west to the Yazoo River on the east.
The defining characteristic of Delta blues would seem to be instrumentation and an emphasis on rhythm; the basic harmonic structure is not substantially different from that of blues performed elsewhere.
Because the Mississippi Delta was essentially feudal in the 1920s and earlier, and the plantation system was oppressive, there existed a subculture of blues artists who were refugees from that system.
www.myspace.com /deltabluesarchives   (918 words)

 Delta Blues Doc MacLean
As this Delta blues site was designed using only graphic and audio components, a text summary, link map and general description are included here in order that the site can have web searchable delta blues content.
As part of a living delta blues tradition, he is now a veteran performer, a respected songster- entertainer in his own right, and a contemporary Delta blues composer.
Delta blues labels such as Fat Possum are reaching huge new markets with artists such as Cedell Davis and T Model Ford.
www.docmaclean.com   (950 words)

 TBH, The Delta Log 1 of 2
The Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, was our ultimate destination, but as exceptional as this year's fest turned out to be, I will always cherish more the memories of the lesser places we went, the good folks we met, and the enchantment we shared during that week we did the Delta.
The Delta Blues Map Kit may no longer be available, since its author, Jim O'Neal, has moved out of the area.
But the Delta Blues Museum might have some for sale or be able to tell you how to get one.
www.thebluehighway.com /deltalog.html   (1462 words)

 Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival
Blues music developed in the United States among Southern fls after the Civil War.
The blues is believed to have originated in the Mississippi Delta, a wedge-shaped region in northern Mississippi between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers.
The blues did not vanish from the Mississippi countryside, however, and in 1978, the Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival was founded to celebrate and promote the blues and the culture of the Mississippi Delta people.
www.americaslibrary.gov /cgi-bin/page.cgi/es/ms/blues_1   (238 words)

 MWP Writer News (Dec. 9, 2003): CFP: Delta Blues Symposium X: The 1950s
The Department of English and Philosophy with the assistance of the Department of Music, Department of Theatre, and Office of the President at Arkansas State University B Jonesboro campus is sponsoring its tenth Delta Blues Symposium on 25-27 March 2004.
We welcome presentations on any aspect of Delta life (art, education, folklore, history, music, literature, politics, and sociology) and are particularly interested in proposals which focus on the seven-state Mississippi River Delta and its culture during the 1950s.
The Delta Blues Symposia have provided opportunities for scholars, artists, performers, and the general public with an interest in the blues and in the Mississippi River Delta to come together to share insights, discuss issues, and celebrate a regional culture.
www.olemiss.edu /mwp/news/2003/2003_1209_cfp_deltablues.html   (299 words)

 A quick blues history lesson - LittleJoeBlues.com -
The Piedmont blues is a type of blues music characterized by a unique fingerpicking method on the guitar in which a regular, alternating-thumb bass pattern supports a melody using treble strings.
Most Delta blues is acoustic and played like the first recordings to have come out of the area in the 1920’s and 1930’s¸ although you can also hear the beginnings of the small combo format (sometimes called string band combo) on some of the earlier recordings.
It is in the Mississippi Delta, at night, on a layover at the Tutwieler train station that he "DISCOVERS THE BLUES." A lean fl man plucked a guitar using a knife on the strings Hawaiian style.
www.littlejoeblues.com /bluesroots.htm   (1192 words)

 Delta Blues
Matt Weiser, the Sacramento Bee's excellent environmental reporter, writes about the effort by UC Davis scientists to breed endangered Delta smelt in case they go extinct in the near (or long-term) future due to the environmental mess in the Delta.
The study is designed to see whether a "peripheral canal," an engineered waterway that would go around the most environmentally sensitive area of the delta, is a viable solution to some of the delta's troubles.
Delta Blues is fiscally sponsored by the Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco.
cadelta.blogspot.com   (477 words)

 Blues News For You
When she was twenty-five, Coleman got married and put her musical career aside for a while so she could concentrate on raising her daughter, developing a career as an electrician along the way.
Blues guitarist and bandleader Theodis Ealey is a Mississippi native who first learned to play the instrument when he was four years old, thanks to instruction from big brother Y.Z. Ealey, who is about a decade older.
The blues label was located in the city of Marietta and put out four of his albums over a span of six years before folding.
deltablues55404.tripod.com /blues   (2452 words)

 The Blues . Blues Classroom . Lesson Plans . Blues Masters | PBS
To allow students to identify elements of both the Delta blues and Chicago blues in Waters' music, show the clip of him singing "Hoochie Coochie Man" in Godfathers and Sons.
Grew up in the Delta region of Mississippi, where he was surrounded by the music of such famous Delta blues musicians as Son House and Robert Johnson.
King, like Waters, left the rural South for the more urban Memphis; his music displays many features of the Delta blues (largely due to his mentor and cousin, Bukka White); and many blues and rock musicians cite him as a major influence on their playing.
www.pbs.org /theblues/classroom/defmasters.html   (1987 words)

 Helena, Arkansas: Main Street of the Blues : Find information on permanent and temporary Delta Cultural museum exhibits
In less than a lifetime, blues music emerged from the rural South and became the world's music.
For blues musicians in the 1930s and 1940s, Helena was the place to be.
The blues was more than just a mixture of sounds and styles; it was also a product of the overall African-American experience, a unique and important expression of a distinct culture.
www.deltaculturalcenter.com /exhibitions/blues.asp   (275 words)

 Exploring the Delta Blues - For Dummies
Delta blues also goes by the moniker Mississippi blues, but either term refers to the blues style of playing that came out of the Delta region of Mississippi, the fertile cotton-producing area of the state (not to be confused with the Mississippi River delta).
Most Delta blues is played acoustically, in the manner of the original recordings of the 1920s and 1930s, with hollow-bodied guitars that were made before the electric guitar was introduced to the blues in the late 1940s.
Patton ruled the Delta blues circuit during the 1920s and early 1930s, packing the barrelhouses and selling loads of records to prove it.
www.dummies.com /WileyCDA/DummiesArticle/id-1130.html   (557 words)

 Delta Blues silkscreened poster - mojohand blues store
Delta blues music was first recorded in the late 1920s.
The defining characteristic of Delta blues would seem to be instrumentation and an emphasis on rhythm and "bottleneck" slide; the basic harmonic structure is not substantially different from that of blues performed elsewhere.
Thus Delta blues can refer to one of the first pop-music subcultures as well as to a performing style.
www.mojohand.com /deltablues.htm   (828 words)

 SC Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Delta blues, the ur-blues, originated with anonymous fl musicians in the Mississippi Delta, south of Memphis.
These blues ain't nothing but a good man singing about feeling bad, usually accompanied by guitar (often fretted with a bottleneck) and sometimes by harmonica.
The classic three-line twelve-bar pattern, where the second line repeats the first and third rhymes, is found in Celtic ballads, but Delta bluesmen like Charley Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson, and Big Joe Williams made it their own, and the blues became for the Jim Crow period what spirituals had been in slavery times.
www.unc.edu /depts/csas/socult/music/delta.htm   (141 words)

In addition to the virtual blues festival at sea, the nightly Pro Jams have become a staple and much talked about experience for would be sea goers.
This summer, Delta Groove proudly releases the follow up to their smashing debut "Master Of The Game" featuring another energetic set of Gospel, Soul, Blues and RandB produced by David Z and featuring special guest and label mate Mitch Kashmar blowing harp on two tracks.
Delta Groove Music is proud to unveil the details surrounding an exciting new package just in time for the upcoming busy 2008 festival season.
www.deltagrooveproductions.com   (1859 words)

 Delta Blues History
As part of my campus work-study job at WUMB Radio, I was assigned the task of creating a Power Point presentation about the Delta Blues which was to be shown as an introduction for the concert.
I did not know that the blues goes back from the days of slavery where the slaves used it to express their feelings.
According to him, the Blues and the history of the Blues may soon be extinct, because he saw himself as the last of a dying legend.
www.wumb.org /events/deltablues.php   (593 words)

 ::Johnson: Delta Blues::
The Delta Blues is a knockout with its satin vintage sunburst finish and cream body binding.
Available in two models, the roundneck resonator is perfect for Delta Blues playing and a myriad of other styles with its slim, fast-action standard guitar neck.
Inspired by the craftsmanship of the earliest resonators, the Delta Blues wood body resonator is one of the finest in our collection.
www.johnsongtr.com /Delta-Blues.812.0.html   (145 words)

 Junior's Juke Joint
The Juke House Stage at the Delta Blues Festival
BLACK AND WHITE BLUES Follow a New York teacher and her two teenage daughters through the Delta.
The experience was like listening to God sing blues, or, rather, people singing blues for God.
www.deltablues.net   (1843 words)

 Mississippi Delta Blues, Inc. Promotion & Management of Events and Bands
Blues and Rhythm, IL Blues, and Blues Revue.
Mississippi Delta Blues, Inc. is a company located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.
Carol was a Founder and Past-President of The Central Mississippi Blues Society in Jackson, MS and The Mississippi Delta Blues Society of
www.mississippideltabluesinfo.com   (1545 words)

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