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 Democracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Liberal democracy is, strictly speaking, a form of representative democracy where the political power of the government is moderated by a constitution which protects the rights and freedoms of individuals and minorities (also called constitutional liberalism).
Democracy (from Greek δημοκρατία (demokratia), δημος (demos) the common people + κρατειν (kratein) to rule + the suffix ία (ia), literally "the common people rule") is a form of government where the population of a society controls the government.
Representative democracy is a political system where the people vote on government members, who are then expected to make decisions in accordance with the interests of their voters. /wiki/Democracy   (8052 words)

 E-democracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some traditional objections to direct democracy are argued to apply to e-democracy, such as the potential for governance to tend towards populism and demagoguery.
Electronic direct democracy is a form of direct democracy in which modern communication media are used to ameliorate the bureaucracy involved with referenda on many issues.
E-democracy is a neologism and contraction of electronic democracy. /wiki/E-democracy   (1209 words)

 Welcome to The American Presidency
Citizens in a democracy may join in a meeting or convention to support their government or to criticize it, to debate foreign policy, to start a new political party, or to reshape an old one.
Democracy is a philosophy of government, not a form of government.
In a democracy a citizen may express an opinion even though it is contrary to the opinion of others. /article?assetid=a2007550-h&templatename=/article/article.html   (937 words)

 What Is Democracy? - Defining Democracy
Democracy may be a word familiar to most, but it is a concept still misunderstood and misused in a time when totalitarian regimes and military dictatorships alike have attempted to claim popular support by pinning democratic labels upon themselves.
Democracy is indeed a set of ideas and principles about freedom, but it also consists of a set of practices and procedures that have been molded through a long, often tortuous history.
In the dictionary definition, democracy "is government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system." In the phrase of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." /products/pubs/whatsdem/whatdm2.htm   (1200 words)

 democracy. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
A democracy of this sort was possible only in a small state where the people were politically educated, and it was limited since the majority of inhabitants were slaves or noncitizens.
The definition of democracy has been expanded, however, to describe a philosophy that insists on the right and the capacity of a people, acting either directly or through representatives, to control their institutions for their own purposes.
The idea that equality of opportunity can be maintained through political democracy alone has long been challenged by socialists and others, who insist that economic democracy through economic equality and public ownership of the major means of production is the only foundation upon which a true political democracy can be erected. /65/de/democrac.html   (622 words)

Christian democracy is the ensemble of Catholic doctrine, organization, and action in the field of popular social questions, i.
But the last definitive stage of Christian democracy, and one that has given the name a fixed and technical meaning, dates from the time that elapsed between the fall of Napoleon I and the international Revolution of 1848.
On this foundation Christian democracy, emerging from the present crisis, will develop its vast programme for the moral and material redemption of the people, and will be one of the grandest and most fortunate applications of the programme of Pius X, "to restore all things in Christ". /cathen/04708a.htm   (1597 words)

 Democracy - The Ultimate Political Strategy Game
Democracy is a detailed simulation game that is 'turn based' where each turn of the game represents 3 months of time.
The country is a run as a simple democracy where you need to get over 50% of the vote each election in order to remain in power.
Democracy starts with you as President (or Prime-Minister) of a modern country. /democracy   (454 words)

 Ancient Democracy - History for Kids!
When democracy proved to be successful in Athens, many other city-states chose it for their government too.
Democracy spread around the Mediterranean, but it was pretty much wiped out by the Roman Empire about 100 BC.
Democracy means the rule of the people (in Greek). /learn/government/democracy.htm   (378 words)

 USAID Democracy and Governance
Democracy programs promote the rule of law and human rights, transparent and fair elections coupled with a competitive political process, a free and independent media, stronger civil society and greater citizen participation in government, and governance structures that are efficient, responsive and accountable.
Democracy and governance programs are technical assistance and other support to strengthen capacity of reform-minded governments, non-governmental actors, and/or citizens in order to develop and support democratic states and institutions that are responsive and accountable to citizens.
USAID democracy and governance programs have had a measurable impact on democratic progress around the world, according to a new study by Vanderbilt University and University of Pittsburgh professors. /our_work/democracy_and_governance   (796 words)

 The Balkans: Democracy Triumphant
As the ultimate arbiter of what democracy is and isn't then, it assumes the right to determine the level of democracy in other nations, deciding which elections are democratic and which are not simply by the utility of their outcome.
Democracy usually metastasize into dictatorship, when the rulers' lust for power becomes too great for whatever constraints were originally imposed on it.
Heresy it is, since belief in democracy has become a form of religion, with all its dogmatic trappings and a zealous following engaged in a holy war. /malic/m042502.html   (1442 words)

Democracy was first documented in ancient Greece, especially in the city of Athens.
The form of democracy practiced in Athens was not the same as democracy in the United States today.
Later, the law code was revised, and by the 4th century there was a more direct form of democracy. /ODYSSEY/GREECE/democracy.html   (186 words)

American government is a fusion of democracy and aristocracy (in Plato's and Aristotle's sense of the word); as a representative democracy, the principle of government is that the people elect (democracy) the individuals that they feel are the best and most qualified to represent them in government (aristocracy).
For the next major democracy was American democracy, and the founders of that democracy were avid readers of Plato, Aristotle, and the Greek historians, and essentially agreed with them about the nature of democracy.
The city-state which produced the first, most complete form of democracy was Athens; the democracy, however, was only slowly instituted as a check on the power of the oligarchs. /~dee/GLOSSARY/DEMOC.HTM   (825 words)

 Open Directory - Society: Politics: Democracy
Ratifiers for Democracy - A democratic model that harmonizes representative and direct democracy, to ensure that legislation is citizen-mandated, and to be a loophole-free way to clean up the control that money and special interests now have in politics.
World Movement for Democracy - Nongovernmental effort to strengthen democracy where it is weak, to reform and invigorate democracy even where it is longstanding, and to bolster pro-democracy groups in countries that have not yet entered into a process of democratic transition.
Foundation for Democracy in Africa - A Washington based non-profit, nonpartisan organization focused on strengthening and enhancing the fundamental principles of democracy, and freedom in Africa. /Society/Politics/Democracy   (1335 words)

 Technorati Tag: democracy
Democracy Theory of M. Williams 2005 political philosopher of the year.
Questia, Online Library - Democracy Research and discover over 1,000,000 books, journals and articles covering over 6,000 research topics, continuously updated - a complete academic library.
Breakaway theories of the harmonic constitution, fractal micro-federalism, dialectical constitutionalism. /tag/democracy   (557 words)

As the nation's primary democracy advocate, DRL is responsible for overseeing the Human Rights and Democracy Fund (HRDF), which was established in 1998 to address human rights and democratization emergencies.
Democracy and respect for human rights have long been central components of U.S. foreign policy.
In addition, democracy is the one national interest that helps to secure all the others. /g/drl/democ   (423 words)

 The Democratic Delusion- by Justin Raimondo
Democracy, in short, is shorthand for the 18th-century conception of liberalism that animated the Founders and made the American Revolution possible.
To export democracy — either at gunpoint, or by means of propaganda — in the guise of a crusade for "freedom" is to export endless trouble overseas.
The liberal revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries ushered in the era of "democracy," in which the society of contract replaced the society of status in the economic sphere. /justin/?articleid=6289   (3108 words)

 Christian Democracy Encyclopedia Article @ (Online Religion)
Christian Democrats in the country have been known for their advocacy of a shift from the present presidential system to a parliamentary form of government through constitutional amendments and through establishing peace talks with Muslim separatists and communist rebels.
This proves that Christian Democracy can be (and typically is) "ecumenical" in its political agenda and goal of bringing justice, progress, peace and harmony in the world as envisioned in Pope Leo XIII's encyclical Graves de Communi Re (on Christian Democracy).
Christian Democracy can trace its philosophical roots back to Thomas Aquinas and his thoughts about Aristotelian ontology and the Christian tradition. /encyclopedia/Christian_democracy   (807 words)

States are called on to promote and consolidate democracy by taking actions to strengthen human rights and fundamental freedoms; the rule of law; electoral processes; civil society; good governance; sustainable development; and social cohesion and solidarity.
The 1993 World Conference on Human Rights concluded that democracy, development and respect for human rights are interdependent and mutually reinforcing, and recommended that priority be given to national and international actions to promote democracy, development and human rights.
While the Charter, the Universal Declaration and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provided a strong normative foundation for a United Nations role in promoting democracy, the onset of the cold war effectively stalled United Nations support for democratization. /english/issues/democracy   (887 words)

 Definition of Democracy
A democracy and theocracy are incompatible, just as fascism and democracy, monarchy and democracy, dictatorship and democracy are also incompatible.
A theocracy may use some facets of democracy, but the primary requirement of equal inclusion for all without prejudice can never be attained under a state religious rule.
Democracy is about the people and their power. /Features/Politics/Structure1.htm   (1572 words)

 Democracy - Internet TV Platform - Free and Open Source
Features: Democracy Player is a new kind of browser for watching videos-- grab webpages with video and video RSS feeds (including podcasts, video blogs, and BitTorrent feeds), and watch them full screen, one after the other.
The Democracy platform is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation
Democracy Player is a TV on your desktop-- it's the best application for watching internet TV channels.   (621 words)

 Help stop the spread of democracy!
Democracy is the “direct” rule of the people and has been repeatedly tried without success.
If we've become a democracy, I guarantee you that the founders would be deeply disappointed by our betrayal of their vision.
Our Constitutional fathers, familiar with the strength and weakness of both autocracy and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind, defined a representative republican form of government. /democracy_tees.html   (1356 words)

 Extreme Democracy
I really appreciated Extreme Democracy, especially some essays, but at the same time, I hoped for a theoretization of a new form of democracy, something like the 'absolute democracy' concept of Negri in Multitudes, and did not really find it.
This is resonant with the thinking behind Extreme Democracy: participation is through smaller, active organizations and teams that are part of larger activist networks.
Along with three Extreme Democracy authors (Aldon Hynes, Adam Greenfield, and Britt Blaser), I spoke about the book on a panel at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City Monday.   (1888 words)

 Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID), Washington, DC
The Conference Report is now available for the 2005 CSID Annual Conference on "Democracy and Development: Challenges for the Islamic World".
Addresses are available online from the CSID 2003 4th Annual Conference ("Why Democracy and why now?") that took place on May 16-17, 2003, at the Wyndham Washington Hotel in Washington, DC.
CSID recently held a conference on the subject of "Shari'ah and Democracy" in Abuja, Nigeria, on July 7-9, 2004.   (587 words)

 Democracy’s Arrow
Pushing democracy downhill was the loss of competitive races for the House of Representatives, because of hyperpartisan redistricting.
Decades later, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt echoed this fear: “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself.
At any time every democracy is getting better or getting worse, because democracy is not a state, but an intention and process. /views05/0207-22.htm   (1153 words)

 Association for Union Democracy -- union democracy for a strong labor movement.
Democracy in the construction trades: hiring hall rules, consolidation, and more.
It is the premise of AUD that internal democracy makes unions stronger and better able to fight for the rights and interests of working people.
Democracy on the waterfront: AUD resources for ILA members.   (1154 words)

 Democracy Dialogues - US Dept of State
Democracy Dialogues is produced and maintained by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs.
Democracy Dialogues is a global conversation about democracy.
The Democracy Dialogues Web site will address specific topics of democratic governance through readings, videos, photos, and historical documents, with a new topic introduced every two months.   (214 words)

Unfortunately, history shows that only armed revolutions bring about significant changes, for democracy is in fact the very last thing which politicians, their political appointees, those who finance their political campaigns and the vast majority of civil servants want to see in Canada and the so-called Free World.
Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democracy.
If we would live in a democracy, we would be able to solve such problems as /Democracy   (1677 words)

 Democracy - US Department of State
Latin America's embrace of democracy represents a profound shift in political culture that bodes well for the region's future, despite the serious challenges ahead, according to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
Democracy Can Stem Rising Unrest in Nepal, State's Boucher Says
United States Welcomes Nepali King's Offer To Restore Democracy /dhr/democracy.html   (661 words)

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