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Topic: Democratic Party (Cyprus)

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Cyprus - Search View - MSN Encarta
Cyprus was famed in antiquity for its extensive forests, but over the centuries the trees that once covered the island’s central plain were cut down for firewood, shipbuilding, and other construction.
Famagusta, in eastern Cyprus, is the chief seaport of the Turkish sector.
As early as the 14th century BC, Cyprus was colonized by the Mycenaeans, a civilization from the Greek Pelopónnesos (the southern peninsula of Greece).
encarta.msn.com /text_761578820__1/Cyprus.html   (5113 words)

 D (3)
democratic party of the albanians (political party, macedonia)
democratic party of the saar 1950's (germany)
democratic farmer's party of germany 1948-1990 (east germany)
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/k-d-3.htm   (363 words)

 Cyprus - Phantis
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, known as "Aphrodite's island", as Greek Mythology has it that the love goddess was born there.
This was made worse by broadcasts from the Turkish mainland urging the Turks of Cyprus to demand equality and by the pogrom against the Greek community in Istanbul (September 1955).
Cyprus has an established football League of its own though, in the past, the champions of Cyprus competed in the A' Division of the National League of Greece (1968 - 1974).
wiki.phantis.com /index.php/Cyprus   (1252 words)

 Cyprus History: 1975 Turkish Federated State of Cyprus (TFSC)
The Assembly unanimously proclaimed the Turkish Federal Republic of Cyprus and decided upon the establishment of a Constitutional Assembly with the participation of the representatives of all institutions and agencies of the Turkish community to pen the State Constitution and the election law.
The foundation declaration of the Turkish Federal Republic of Cyprus which was declared on 13 February 1975 was announced by the Chairman of the Administration Rauf Denktaş in the Autonomous Turkish Administration Assembly of Cyprus.
The time from the foundation of the Turkish Federal Republic of Cyprus to the declaration of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been a difficult period of struggle for the state to take roots and for short and long term problems to be solved and democracy to sink in.
www.cypnet.com /.ncyprus/history/republic/1975.html   (696 words)

 Party Politics in Cyprus
At that stage he was opposed to party politics; and it was not until December of the same year that even a marxist opposition party was formed, the Republican Turkish Party.
Parties were not encouraged until after the proclamation in 1975 of the Turkish Federated State of Kibris.
His party has also proposed a Constituent Assembly (25 politicians from each side of the line) to meet in public in the Ledra Palace Hotel, which is in the UN buffer zone, to debate the form of the future Federal Republic.
www.cyprus-conflict.net /party_politics_in_cyprus.htm   (1828 words)

 Cyprus. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
B.C. Ancient Cyprus was a center of the cult of Aphrodite.
In 1998, Cyprus began membership talks with the European Union (EU), a move that was bitterly opposed by Turkish Cypriots, and Turkey insisted on a political settlement for the island prior to its joining the EU.
Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, but the north was excluded due to the failure of the referendum.
www.bartleby.com /65/cy/Cyprus.html   (1287 words)

 Cyprus History: Archbishop Makarios on the invasion of Cyprus by Greece
The coupists proclaimed the establishment of "The Hellenic Republic of Cyprus" and installed Nicos Samson, a murderer, who was responsible for murders of many British and Turkish Cypriots in the 50s and 60s, as the president of this "Hellenic Republic".
The people of Cyprus had for a long time feeling that a coup by the Greek junta was brewing, and this feeling became more intense during the recent weeks when the terrorist organisation 'EOKA B', directed from Athens, had renewed its wave of violence.
The Greek Ambassador in Cyprus called on me, on instructions from his Government, in order to explain to me that the decrease in the numerical strength of the National Guard or the withdrawal of the Greek officers would weaken the defence of Cyprus in case of danger from Turkey.
www.cypnet.co.uk /ncyprus/history/republic/makarios-speech.html   (3655 words)

Commissioner Verheugen stated that the solution of the Cyprus problem to be found before Cyprus’ accession to the EU remains a clear preference for the Commission, although this is not, and cannot be, a precondition.
Dimitris Syllouris briefed the JPC on the cultural heritage of Cyprus and the JPC proposed to the Commission the establishment of a cultural map of Cyprus for the registration, the protection and the promotion of the European cultural heritage of Cyprus.
Jannis Sakellariou (EP) and Mr.Demetris Syllouris on the role of the EU and Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean.
www.kypros.org /UN/eujoint.htm   (737 words)

 Cyprus Financial Overview
Cyprus was listed by the Financial Stability Forum as a 'group three' country (low quality of supervision of financial sector) but did not appear on the Financial Action Task Force's fllist of jurisdictions deemed to be 'uncooperative' in preventing money laundering.
Cyprus signed a letter of commitment with the OECD promising to implement exchange of information treaties in cases of civil and criminal tax evasion.
Significant changes in the Cyprus tax system include the adoption of residency rather than source as the basis of taxation, the elimination of any corporate tax rate difference between offshore and onshore business enterprises, and the abolition of certain personal allowances and deductions.
www.sovereignsociety.com /offshore1646.html   (1470 words)

 Cyprus - Political Parties
Created in 1976 and led by Glafkos Clerides, it evolved from the Unified Democratic Party (Eniaion), which was one of the factions that emerged from the Democratic Front in the 1970 parliamentary elections.
The Democratic Party (Dimokratiko Komma--DIKO), formed in 1976, was seen as the closest to President Makarios and was headed by his successor, Spyros Kyprianou.
The Democratic Party won twenty-one seats in 1976, eight seats in 1981 (19.5 percent), and sixteen seats in 1985 (27.7 percent).
countrystudies.us /cyprus/64.htm   (818 words)

 Cyprus History
Turkish officials justified their country's actions by citing the terms of Article IV of the Treaty of Guarantee, noting the impossibility of joint action with Greece and the reluctance of Britain to use military force to restore the "state of affairs" established by the constitution of 1960.
These two parties favored making greater concessions than had former President Kyprianou, and they were frequently harsh in their criticism of what they regarded as his intransigence or insufficient sense of reality.
In the latter half of 1992, ten of the UPB's delegates withdrew from the party and formed a new group, the Democratic Party (Demokratik Parti--DP), headed by Hakki Atun and having Serdar Denktas, a son of Rauf Denktas, as a member.
www.rivierahotel-northcyprus.com /History/Historical.htm   (4736 words)

 D (3)
democratic party (political party, serbia and montenegro)
democratic people's union of bosnia and herzegovina (bosnia and herzegovina)
democratic socialist party (prabodh chandra sinha), india
www.fotw.net /flags/k-d-3.htm   (355 words)

 Cyprus (10/06)
Cyprus gained its independence from the United Kingdom and established a constitutional republic in 1960, after an anti-British campaign by the Greek Cypriot EOKA (National Organization of Cypriot Fighters), a guerrilla group that desired political union, or enosis, with Greece.
Nonetheless, the EU invited the Republic of Cyprus (with Cyprus still divided) to join; the Republic of Cyprus became a full member on May 1, 2004, with the EU's acquis communautaire suspended in the area administered by Turkish Cypriots.
Cyprus is a member of the United Nations and most of its agencies, as well as the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Council of Europe and the British Commonwealth.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/5376.htm   (4772 words)

 Cyprus History: British Period
One of the reasons for occupying Cyprus was to protect the Ottoman Sultan against Russia, but its more obvious, if unmentioned role, was defence of the Suez Canal, in which Britain had acquired an interest.
Once Britain was established in Egypt, however, Cyprus was destined to continue remain a backwater and at best a reserve place d'armes until acquiring a greater degree of strategic importance in more recent years.
Violence was renewed in Cyprus by EOKA, but it increasingly drew in the Turkish community when the new Governor Sir Hugh Foot's plan (for unitary self-government) incited Turkish-Cypriot riots and produced a hostile response from the Turkish government.
www.cypnet.co.uk /ncyprus/history/british/index.html   (1234 words)

 Cyprus :: why do u choise communist party?
Along with the jokers of the Greek Communist party, still taken very seriously by the Greeks, they remain buried in the past and derive immense pleasure at having a dig at the Americans at every opportunity.In fact there is a saying in Greece to describe unavoidable unpleasant events "Americanico daxtilo " meaning American finger.
It is one of the most stable parties in Cyprus and is doing what it can to help the working class within the limits that EU and the new capitalistic world demands.
Is Cyprus willing to live by it's Democratic and Constitutional obligations in the future, if the country were to unite it's citizens, as to address their concerns of security and unfair treatment from one group to the other, because just having Democracy, will not be enough.
www.cyprus-forum.com /cyprus6296.html   (1162 words)

 Democratic Party (Cyprus)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The emblem of the Democratic Party is a blue disk with a torch (orange flame, grey-blue shaft) flanked with the Greek Capital letters ΔΗ and ΚΟ in white.
The motto of the party is written in white Greek Capital letters in the outer part of the emblem, which is separated from its center by a thin white circle.
On the flag, the party emblem is placed on a white background.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/cy}dimk.html   (107 words)

 Cyprus History | iExplore.com
Cyprus and installed Guy of Lusignan (previously King of Jerusalem), whose house ruled until the island passed to the control of Venice in 1489.
This concession on the part of the north was driven mainly by the acceptance of the south into the European Union in 2004, as part of the wave of new entrants which brought the EU up to 25 members.
Turkey, which ultimately controls the fate of the northern part of Cyprus, is an aspirant member of the EU, and a solution to the present division of the island is an essential precursor to their own accession.
www.africa.com /dmap/Cyprus/History   (1147 words)

 Cyprus’ Elections - Council on Foreign Relations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Despite the fact that the Cyprus conflict has yet to be resolved, Cyprus became a member of the European Union in 2004.
The Republic of Cyprus refers de facto to the southern part of the island, though it was meant to encompass all of it.
Joseph Joseph, associate professor in the department of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cyprus, says reunification, and Papadopoulos' opposition to the Annan plan, is not the central issue in these elections.
www.cfr.org /publication/10721/cyprus_elections.html   (1427 words)

 CNN.com - Cyprus opposition candidate wins election - Feb. 16, 2003
Papadopoulos, 69, the leader of the centrist Democratic Party was backed by the powerful communist party and other leftist opposition parties.
Cyprus has been split into a Greek Cypriot-controlled south and a Turkish-occupied north since Turkey invaded in 1974 in the wake of an abortive coup by supporters of union with Greece.
Alvaro de Soto, Annan's special envoy for Cyprus, returned to the island late Friday after talks in New York with the U.N. leader, warning that if the plan is not accepted by the deadline "the opportunity (for a settlement) disappears until something happens, and that is totally uncertain."
cnn.com /2003/WORLD/meast/02/16/cyprus.election.ap   (534 words)

 Cyprus :: Which party do you support?
A party that serves the common interests of all the people of Cyprus.
The democratic society in the south burns the heretics to the ground.
I would vote for the party that recognised the need for a unified cyprus and has a PLAN that can be accepted by all cypriots.
www.cyprus-forum.com /cyprus717.html   (646 words)

 Democrats, Democratic Party Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area
Democrats, Democratic Party Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area
Gather in your local communities to help organize and support the Democratic cause.
The New York City Democratic Party Meetup Group
democrat.meetup.com   (85 words)

 Cyprus Democratic Party leader meets Greek leadership
In comments on the anniversary since the illegal Turkish occupation regime in northern Cyprus was first established, Karoyian said that his party condemned the "illegal formation in the occupied territories, which was an entity subject to Turkey" and noted that its existence was a "provocation for the international community".
In a New Democracy party announcement after the meeting, Zagoritis stressed the party's support for Turkey's European orientation while noting that Turkey had an obligation to respect the values and principles of the European Union and to fully adopt and implement the criteria and terms it had been set for accession.
Karoyian was elected as party leader on October 24 with the backing of the party's old guard, who had set up Diko three decades earlier.
www.phantis.com /news/?newsID=20061115155841   (671 words)

 Cyprus Factbook
Although only the internationally recognized Greek Cypriot-controlled Republic of Cyprus joined the EU on 1 May 2004, every Cypriot carrying a Cyprus passport will have the status of a European citizen.
The Turkish Cypriot economy has roughly one-third of the per capita GDP of the south, and economic growth tends to be volatile, given north Cyprus's relative isolation, bloated public sector, reliance on the Turkish lira, and small market size.
Agriculture and government service, together employ almost half of the work force, and the potential for tourism is promising, especially with the easing of border restrictions with the Greek Cypriots in April 2003.
www.geography-site.co.uk /pages/countries/atlas/cyprus.html   (1981 words)

 Democratic Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Democratic Alliance Party; Democratic Party (Albania); Democratic Party of Albania
Democratic Rally (Dimokratikos Sinagermos); Democratic Party (Cyprus) (Dimokratikon Komma); and the separate Democratic Party (Northern Cyprus) (Demokrat Partisi)
Democratic Party (Indonesia); Indonesian Democratic Party; Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Democratic_Party   (188 words)

 Dictators and Non-Democratic Governments - dKosopedia
Iran (Iran has functioning democratic institutions which are significantly constrained by religious leaders who have the authority to override most actions of the secular government and the free functioning of the electoral process).
For these purposes dictators are described as leaders who hold power not won or subject to removal in periodic democratic elections, who are not in power by virtue in inherited position or the backing of a broad based single party system.
Liberalization of the economic and political situations in China is often attributed to the former source.
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/Dictators_and_Non-Democratic_Governments   (596 words)

 Cyprus - Government and Politics
The status of the 1959 treaties that established the republic in 1960 remained in dispute, posing a challenge to the Greek Cypriot claim of legal authority and sovereignty over the whole island (except for the 256 square kilometers that are sovereign British base areas).
He was succeeded by Spyros Kyprianou, leader of the ruling Democratic Party, and Makarios's ecclesiastical responsibilities were assumed by Bishop Chrysostomos of Paphos.
In 1985, under a new constitution in the newly formed "Turkish Federated State of Cyprus" ("TRNC"), Denktas again won at the polls, by a margin of 70.4 percent, and in April 1990 received 67.1 percent of the vote, defeating two opponents.
countrystudies.us /cyprus/50.htm   (757 words)

 The Democratic Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Democratic Party: Founded on 12 May 1976 on the basis of a declaration of Political Aims issued by its President Spyros Kyprianou who held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs for twelve years, in the Archbishop Makarios government.
The party, which aims to fill the centre of the political stage, is committed to the establishment of a democratic state where equality, justice and democratic institutions prevail under the rule of law.
Spyros Kyprianou succeeded Archbishop Makarios as President of the Republic on his death in 1977 and was returned with 56.5% of the vote in the 1983 Presidential election.
kypros.org /Elections/DHKO.html   (221 words)

 Government Of Cyprus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
If you would like to use this flag of Cyprus or any other on your website you are welcome to do so, all we ask is that you include a link back to our site on the same page.
If you would like to use this map of Cyprus or any other on your website you are welcome to do so, all we ask is that you include a link back to our site on the same page.
If you would like to use this information for Cyprus or any other on your website you are welcome to do so, all we ask is that you include a link back to our site on the same page.
www.appliedlanguage.com /country_guides/cyprus_country_government.shtml   (670 words)

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