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Topic: Demonstration (people)

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

 [CivilSoc] NIS/CEE Citizens Respond to the Iraq War
About 1,000 people took part in a demonstration in Prague's Old Town Square and marched to the British and U.S. embassies on 16 March, CTK reported.
In Almaty, several hundred people placed candles and flowers in front of the World Wars Memorial in Panfilov Park on 16 March.
Earlier, on 28 February, 600 people of various religious backgrounds gathered at the Kazakh Concert Music Hall with an overflow crowd of 200 for a program of songs and speeches against the war in Iraq. /pipermail/civilsoc/2003-March/001151.html

 Terrorism Unveiled: Spread the Blessings of Liberty to the Lebanese
And that is when I realized: it was never about the number of people who showed up on the days of the demonstration, or the placards and slogans, or the music and the speeches.
Lebanese opposition protester shouts anti-Syrian slogans during a demonstration in Beirut Martyrs square, Lebanon, Monday March 14, 2005.
Nasrallah, I am sorry to say that your logic doesn’t make sense, and will not pass mustard this time, neither with the Lebanese people (even those that you have dragged to the streets today), nor with the international community. /athena/2005/03/spread_the_bles.html   (1157 words)

 Balder Blog » The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party jumps ahead in the polls
The Danish TV2 channel reported in their 18:00 news, that the demonstration was arranged by Dansk Front, a more radical group based in Aarhus, which was complete bullshit, and they had to retract that statement in their next bulletin.
Danish redfascists and others who might be planning to disturb this lawful demonstration are asked to consult the writings of one of their own Godfathers, the left wing intellectual Nils Bredsdorff before taking action.
The Danish People’s Party goes from a total of 11 % of the Danish vote during the latest elections to 17.8 % if elections were to be held today, according to a poll by the Ramboell institute. /?p=27   (1921 words)

 Russia: Summary of Anarchist Mayday actions Anarchist news dot org
Luckily, there was no enough evidence to charge people of "vandalism" (felony of up to 3 years), people were given irrelevant misdemeanors of "participating to an illegal demonstration" or "organizing an illegal demonstration" and released the same evening.
After demonstration, anarchists went to grave of Nestor Kalandarishivili, a legendary partisan and anarchist of the civil war era, where both Chicago and Siberian anarchists of the past were commemorated.
But eventually those in the back of the demonstration (anarchists and other "more radical" youthful groups) were not let to the Palace Square in front of the Winter Palace. /?q=node/61   (1921 words)

Kazan was being recognized for snitching on people who once belonged to the Communist party or anyone involved with the CP.
Kazan sold out many people--naming names of former communists and sympathizers in Hollywood to the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1952.
At the meeting called to evaluate the rally, two Party members and several others defended the action against the fascists, which was very sharply attacked by the leaders of the demonstration's security. /cd99/cd0407.html   (1921 words)

 Workers World April 1, 1999: "Don't stand for Kazan"
The fact that "Millions for Mumia" activists took part in the anti-Kazan demonstration is a clear indication that a new era of a militant, independent fight back against all forms of right-wing repression is bubbling to the surface.
Kazan ratted on eight people who he identified as being CP members in the 1930s.
One positive aspect of this controversy is that many young people who have never heard about the McCarthyite witch hunts are asking about this period in U.S. history and about its devastating impact on the unions and progressive political movements. /ww/1999/kazan0104.php   (1921 words)

Besides, close contacts with people of different nationalities, settling in different parts of the world for any of several reasons caused Tatar people and probably other inhabitants of Tatarstan Republic to feel themselves being a part of Eastern and European world equally.
It was demonstrated in Republican Conference of Directors and Teachers of Educational Institutions of Culture and Art, Kazan, September 2002.
Another author is a student of Kazan State University who during several years has been a laureate, winner and awardee of republic and regional computer software programming competitions and contests. /upload/doklad/dokladEn_702.doc   (1921 words)

Some 400 people took part on 23 October in a demonstration in Kazan against President Putin's proposal to abolish the election of regional administration heads, RFE/RL's Kazan bureau reported the same day.
The protest, sponsored by the Creation movement, attracted a mix of people including local communist activists and moderate Tatar nationalist-movement leaders.
State Council Deputies Razil Weliev and Tufan Minnulin (Unified Russia) said during their speeches during the parliamentary session that under the current circumstances Tatarstan is unlikely to manage to preserve the liberal values earned during last decade. /reports/tb-weekly-report/2004/11/0-021104.asp   (1921 words)

 Designing a Prescribed Fire Demonstration Area
For a demonstration area to have a lasting educational impact, it should be visible to a large number of people.
A prescribed fire demonstration area makes it much easier for local citizens to understand why natural areas are burned, how prescribed fires are managed, and how quickly the vegetation in a burned area regenerates ( Figure 1).
Although demonstrations are most common in agriculture, they are also used in home landscaping, forestry, soil and water conservation, rural development, and other areas of extension expertise. /FR060   (1921 words)

 Parade [Definition]
The purpose of a demonstration is to show that a significant amount of people are for or against a certain issue, person, law, etc....
A parade is an organized procession of people along a street, often in costume, and often accompanied by floats or sometimes large lighter-than-air balloons with complex shapes.
Protest demonstrationsA demonstration is the public display of the common opinion of a activist group, often economically, political, or socially, by gathering in a crowd, usually at a symbolic place or date, associated with that opinion. /Parade   (1921 words)

 The Slovak Spectator - Slovakia's English Language Newspaper
Although the original focus of the demonstration had been to demand a referendum on direct Presidential election, the new bill convinced the opposition to turn the March 25 meeting into a massive protest against changes to the election law.
For many protesters, the demonstration was a chance to show their anger with four years of government under Premier Vladimír Meèiar.
Over 30,000 people gathered on Bratislava's Námestie SNP in freezing weather on March 25 to promote a petition demanding a fair election law and direct Presidential elections. /clanok_tlac.asp?cl=6787&rub=spect_news   (1921 words)

 Red Cross Red Crescent - 8th May 2004 - Activities
It was followed by a parade and candle lighting that was done in memory of all Basotho people who died due to HIV and AIDS.
She explained that as the Society, they are determined to work together with the Lesotho government to help it to prevent stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS in the country.
The main programmes of the branches were demonstrated through active engagement of volunteers, associates and other stakeholders, and the distribution of leaflets to remind the public and potential volunteers, partners and beneficiaries of the importance of the Red Cross work. /meetings/events/8may2004   (1921 words)

 October 6-7, 2002 National Reports
As people chose the sign they wanted to hold, we handed out a short list of "Demonstration Guidelines” particularly emphasizing that this was a peaceful demonstration, that we would not react to any negative comments from drivers (there were very few), and that there were people in armbands to help and provide information if needed.
A hearty group of about 30 people held up through it all to stand in a circle on the bandstand to speak the pledge together, followed by a moment of silence in which to visualize the world of peace we were pledging to make real.
They were reporting on people like "Nurses for Peace" (yup, I am one of those pesky Nurses with a political viewpoint) and Medical Students etc etc. Here in Minneapolis, a number of us in the Peace and Social Justice have been involved in calling the local media on their reporting. /reports/2002_oct6/oct6natl.htm   (6832 words)

 Nevis Secession's White Paper: The Nevis Island Administration Historical Perspective and Proposals for Secession.
In 1961 approximately four thousands persons assembled at Grove Park, Charlestown in a demonstration sponsored by the United National Movement urging that Nevis secede from St. Kitts.(3) at that demonstration a resolution was moved by the people of Nevis to separate from St.Kitts.
The Concern Citizens Movement refused any arrangement for a coalition holding fast to its conviction that neither the people of Nevis nor the people of St.Kitts should be subjected to a political arrangement which does not permit each island to have full responsibility for its own affairs.
The Peoples Action Movement and the Nevis Reformation party continued their historical partnership and formed a coalition government subsequent to 1993 general elections. /nevis.htm   (3628 words)

The demonstration was accompanied by a voiceover talking about the history and health benefits of the practice and hearing personal testimonies from people who practice Falun Gong.
Some practitioners demonstrated the exercises, some distributed materials, some talked with visitors to clarify the truth face to face, and others taught people how to fold paper lotus flowers and told them the story of little Fadu, whose father was beaten to death by the police in China.
Jiang didn't have the heart to see his father suffer anymore and gave the officers a short description of his participation in a peaceful demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in Norway. /emh/articles/2005/4/4/zip.html   (3628 words)

 IOF > Programmes, Projects and Partnerships > World Osteoporosis Day > National Activities 2004
In addition, because the actual anniversary was focused on fighting osteoporosis in men for first time (and males smoke and drink alcohol more frequently), people in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica and Košice were given questionnaires, which were then evaluated by professionals with regard to appearance of risk factors of osteoporosis in the male population.
There was a speech focused on the problem of osteoporosis in men and on the results of research findings which evaluated some 30,000 people over 40 years of age which offers information between BMD and many biological, geographic and social items.
Besides that the Osteocenter of this hospital organized free measuring of bone density for public on Tuesday 19th October with concentration at men population in the vestibul of building in the 68 Main street in Košice. /activities/world_osteoporosis_day/2004_activities.php   (3628 words) - Calculate Sales Tax Rates
Since this is for demonstration purposes only (and people take advantage of it), we can only display a few counties at this time.
Since this is for demonstration purposes only (and people take advantage of it), we can only display a few cities at this time.
We would be happy to take a proper subscription to provide you with all the most current rate information throughout the year. /tc/rates.cgi?CST=UT   (160 words)

 NewsFactor Network - Science & Innovation - Data Blasts Across Atlantic in Super-Speed Test
The demonstration was part of an ongoing international effort to find and test new ways of reliably moving massive data sets around the globe using advanced networks and new transfer protocols.
"We just finished our initial testing and analysis of the UDT protocol and found that with it, you can transfer large data sets over very busy international production networks safely," said Cees de Laat, an information technology professor at the University of Amsterdam who visited UIC for the demonstration.
Using today's standard Internet protocol, the same data transfer would have taken 25 days, because over long distances, the common TCP network protocol is ineffective at moving large data sets. /perl/story/22606.html   (796 words)

For example, the Belarusian Peoples Front (BPF) and the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (BSDP) applied to hold a demonstration on April 2, 1998 - the anniversary of the signing of the Union Charter with Russia - with the intention of marching to a central city square, whereupon a rally would be held.
The freedom to hold assemblies, rallies, street marches, demonstrations, and pickets that do not disturb law and order or violate the rights of other citizens of the Republic of Belarus, shall be guaranteed by the State.
On November 17, she went to see investigator Mogovil, who gave Khalip a document stating that police actions involved "no criminal activity" at the April 2 demonstration. /reports98/belarus/Blrus987-04.htm   (4765 words)

 Renegade Article 2867
"I think there is a lot of fear of that by the administration," said Jessica Sundin, one of the organizers, who had a dozen people at her office at the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador on Wednesday, making signs for the demonstration.
The bombing is not being waged in the interests of the American people, and the longer it goes on, the more people will realize it, Kelly said.
Mick Kelly organized Vietnam protest demonstrations at his high school in Madison, Wis. On Thursday he was a spokesman for the Emergency Committee Against U.S. intervention in Yugoslavia, which organized the demonstration. /renegade/peaars.cgi?fetch=2867   (601 words)

 Kazan demonstration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The demonstration was organized and conducted by the members of Zemlya i volya (Land and Liberty) and workers' associations.
As a result, 31 demonstrators were arrested, of which five people would later be sentenced to 10 to 15 years of katorga, other ten to Siberian exile and other three, including Potapov, to a 5-year incarceration in a monastery.
The Kazan demonstration of 1876 (Казанскаядемонстрация 1876года in Russian) was the first political demonstration in Russia. /wiki/Kazan_demonstration   (601 words)

 Business Wire: Nielsen Media Research to Begin People Meter Measurement in Local Markets; Boston Selected As `Demonstration Market'; Nine Additional Markets Could be Metered in Three Years
Electronic People Meters, which are used by Nielsen Media Research for nationwide audience measurement in the United States, provide demographic ratings data for the seven broadcast networks, 50 cable networks and hundreds of national syndicators.
We are targeting to start releasing limited data from the people meter sample next year, while still maintaining the existing set-meter and diary samples as the primary measurements.
Boston, an existing metered market with more than 400 sample households, would serve as a demonstration market where three different measurements could be evaluated by customers. /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_1999_Dec_8/ai_58079694   (1439 words)

 Nielsen: It's a go for the people meter
The new People Meter system has been in operation simultaneously with the old system since late April, in a demonstration meant to give local TV stations and media agencies a heads-up.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of the People Meter for advertisers is that media buyers will be able to precisely compare the audience reached by a TV schedule with the audience that they had intended to reach.
But while buyers may welcome the People Meter, there's still considerable trepidation about the switchover, and that is coming mostly from local stations, which realize that the more accurate results will benefit cable stations at their expense. /news2001/oct01/oct01/5_fri/news1friday.html   (902 words)

 What, is only the Weapon Inspection of Belgium could guaranty the weapons are not being used in manslaughter
The Belgian Government had exported weapons to Nepal neglecting the massive demonstration of the Belgian people and violating its own law, which states that the arms should not be exported to any of the civil war-torn country or in purpose of using into internal conflicts.
According to recent straw poll result carried out by the American communication media, CNN proved that majority of the European people is against the American imperialism and mostly Belgium is threat to the America because of approximately 2/3 of the people from the European Headquarter Belgium are against the American Imperialism.
The people here will not be surprised, if the government publish pre-prepared incredible report stating the Belgian weapons are not being used in Nepalese civil war even after sending the inspection team. /new/English/articles_news/belgianweapon.htm   (902 words)

 Kazan’s police facing uphill battle
For Razbayev is the public prosecutor of Kazan’s Novosavinsky District, an area of nearly 200,000 people.
Ten years ago, Kazan, Tatarstan’s capital, was one of the hotspots of youth gang violence in Russia, and during the 1990s, the post-Soviet mafia ruled much of the city.
Last month, for example, a Kazan murder from 1974 was solved with the help of a fingerprint database after the offender was brought in for a minor offense. /fan/russia_5379_2512_news.htm   (902 words)

 The Militant - 3/29/99 -- Protests Planned To Denounce`Oscar' For Gov't Snitch Kazan
Kazan helped rid Hollywood of people who were using movies as a vehicle for communist lies.
When Kazan appeared before the HUAC hearings in Los Angeles on April 10, 1952, he testified that he had briefly been a member of the Communist Party in the 1930s and named various of his friends from the Group Theater who he said had also once been members of the CP.
Kazan's testimony came at the height of the witch-hunt and Sen. /1999/6312/6312_24.html   (902 words)

 Chechen Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed protest to PACE :. News :. THE CHECHEN TIMES
Andreas Gross in particular, in all stratagems of imitation of representation of the Chechen Resistance at the «round table» is demonstration of immorality of approaches of a number of the so-called international democratic institutions to the horrifying tragedy of the Chechen people.
To say the least of it we are perplexed by the intention of the project organizers to present the legal Government and President of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria as a group of deputies of the Parliament of Chechen Republic Ichkeria, who had to give up their mandates for betrayal of the Chechen people’s interests.
According to the information of the leadership of the Chechen Republic obtained from the reliable sources, former Vice President of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria Vakha Arsanov is appointed the head of the Delegation representing the Chechen Armed Resistance at the «round table» session. /en/news?id=26421   (485 words)

 Central Europe Review - Belarusian News Review
Police in Minsk arrested 112 people on 12 November, when young opposition activists began a demonstration, defying the city government's ban.
At the same time Kozak noted that, "it is up to the Belarusian people to organize themselves and establish all support they can find for the democratic process."
The Belarusian Ministry of Statistics and Analysis has reported a five percent year-on-year rise in GDP in the period from January to October 2000. /00/40/belarusnews40.html   (485 words)

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