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 Denis Auguste Marie Raffet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (1804-1860), French illustrator and lithographer, was born in Paris.
Raffet's chief works were his lithographs of the Napoleonic campaigns, from Egypt to Waterloo, vigorous designs that are inspired by ardent patriotic enthusiasm.
As an illustrator his activity was prodigious, the list of works illustrated by his crayon amounting to about forty-five, among which are Béranger's poems, the History of the Revolution by Thiers, the History of Napoleon by de Norvins, the great Walter Scott by Defauconpret, the French Plutarch and Frédéric Bérat's Songs. /wiki/Denis_Auguste_Marie_Raffet

 Denis Auguste Marie Raffet Online
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. An Elderly Jew and a Muslim Tartar in the Crimea, 1837
All images and text on this Denis Auguste Marie Raffet page are copyright 1999-2005 by John Malyon/Artcyclopedia, unless otherwise noted.
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet in the Art Renewal Center /artists/raffet_denis_auguste_marie.html

 Voyage Dans La Russie Méridionale Et La Crimée par la Hongrie, la Valachie et la Moldavie... - DEMIDOV, ANATOLII [NIKOLAEVICH, PRINCIPE DE SAN DONATO] [1813-1870].
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet was appointed staff artist on the expedition.
portrait, 26 wood-engraved plates (10 hand-coloured) & numerous wood-engraved head & tailpieces, initials & vignettes after drawings by Denis Auguste Marie Raffet; 1 double-sided plate of music.
The appeal of the book was broad, as Raffet managed to capture the interest of "the military expert and the engineer, the captain and the simply curious like ourselves." "The wild scenery and exotic architecture of the region are displayed; cities and villages alternate with rivers, plains, and mountains. /boox/lak/RMIyaDEM60.shtml

 Denier (coin) - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Denier (coin)
The symbol for both the old denier, and until recently the penny used in Britain, Australia and New Zealand was d.
The name denier is derived from the name of the Roman coin the denarius.
The livre (pound, both monetary and unit of weight) was worth 20 sols (sous) and 240 deniers. /en/Denier-coin.html

 Encyclopedia: Honoré Daumier
Louis Philippe, Philipon launched the comic journal, La Caricature, Daumier joined its staff, which included such powerful artists as Devéria, Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (1804-1860), French illustrator and lithographer, was born in Paris.
Raffet and Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard (September 13, 1803 - March 17, 1847), French caricaturist, generally known by the pseudonym of Grandville the professional name of his grandparents, who were actors was born at Nancy.
At an early age he was apprenticed to a wood turner, but took up the study of art at evening classes. /encyclopedia/Honor%E9-Daumier

 Denier (measure) - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Denier (measure)
The denier value is defined as the mass in grams per 9000 meters of yarn.
Denier provides a scale for the heaviness (largely related to thickness) of fibres in a fabric.
The higher the denier, the thicker the fiber. /en/Denier-measure.html

 Denis Auguste Marie Raffet
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (1804-1860), ilustrador y lithographer franceses, nació en París.
English version: Denis Auguste Marie Raffet Next: El Sash Up
Los principales trabajos de Raffet eran sus litografías de las campañas napoleonic, de Egipto a Waterloo, de los diseños vigorosos que son inspirados por entusiasmo patriótico ardiente. /wiki/es/de/Denis%20Auguste%20Marie%20Raffet.htm

 ART / 4 / 2DAY
She was the eldest of four children, all of whom were artists: Auguste Bonheur [1824-1884] painted animals and landscape; Juliette Bonheur [1830-1891] was honorably mentioned at the exhibition of 1855; Isidore Bonheur [1827–] was a sculptor of animals.
In August 1937 he met the painter Jeannine Guillou, who became his mate until her death (1946).
At an early age Rosa was taught to draw by her father, and he, perceiving her very remarkable talent, permitted her to abandon the business of dressmaking, to which, much against her will, she had been put, in order to devote herself wholly to art. /42day/art/art4mar/art0316.html

 Napoleon's Cuirassiers
The Decrees of 1 July and 18 August 1810 absorbed the Dutch Army and the 2nd Dutch Cuirassiers was renamed the 14e Régiment de Cuirassiers.
An Imperial Decree of 31 August 1806 established the organization of the cuirassier regiment and on 10 March 1807 the cuirassier regiments added a fifth squadron, however these appear to have remained in depot and used to provide replacements.
On 24 December 1809 the Provisional Regiment was reinforced with the remnants of the 2nd Regiment and became the 13e Cuirassiers. /cavalry/napcuriassiers.htm

 Science Fair Projects - Honoré Daumier
When, in the reign of Louis Philippe, Philipon launched the comic journal, La Caricature, Daumier joined its staff, which included such powerful artists as Devéria, Raffet and Grandville, and started upon his pictorial campaign of scathing satire upon the foibles of the bourgeoisie, the corruption of the law and the incompetence of a blundering government.
Having mastered the technique of lithography, Daumier started his artistic career by producing plates for music publishers, and illustrations for advertisements; these were followed by anonymous work for publishers, in which he followed the style of Charlet and displayed considerable enthusiasm for the Napoleonic legend.
His caricature of the king as "Gargantua" led to Daumier's imprisonment for six months at Ste Pelagic in 1832. /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Honor%E9_Daumier

 Leslie Hindman Auctioneers - May 23, 24, & 25th Auction
Auguste Denis Marie Raffet (French, 1804-1860) Le Réveil, 1832 etching and aquatint 10 5/8 x 14 1/4 inches.
August Haerning (Danish, 1874-1961) Country Landscape oil on canvas signed "A.H. 53" (lower left) 18 x 27 inches.
Pierre Auguste Renoir (French, 1841-1919) Maternite, grande planche lithograph signed "Renoir" in the plate (lower right) 21 x 19 inc... /catalogs/750-50-50.html

 Marie-auguste Delvaux ( - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Auguste Marie Raffet, French, 1804-1860 An execution during the French Revolution undated Pen and ink
Auguste Marie Raffet, French, 1804-1860 Kneeling Women at a Funeral Procession undated Pencil and watercolor
Auguste Marie Raffet, French, 1804-1860 Three figures at a piano "Musical Moment" 19th century Pencil /masters/d/delvaux-marie-auguste.html

 Raffet - livres nouveaux et utilisés
Denis August Marie Raffet was a French lithographer and painter from a military family and is known for his military subjects.
NAPOLEON BONAPARTE NAPOLEON BONAPARTE RAFFET, Auguste - Original Woodblock Illustrating the Life of Napoleon From Jacques de Norvin's "Histoire de Napoléon", 1839.
Horne, R.H., Illustrated by Raffet and Horace Vernet - /A-Raffet

 Uniforms - Denis Uniform
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet / Military Uniform Studies / 1837
Denis Auguste Marie Raffet / Military Uniform Studies / 1814-1860
From back of picture (presumably to Margaret Denis): "Don't mind this picture, you see the fellow that took it was half lit. /links/denis-uniform.html

 Art auction results by Auguste Denis Marie Raffet 1804 - 1860
Auguste Denis Marie Raffet (1804 - 1860) France
Auction information for the chosen item by Auguste Denis Marie Raffet
Art auction results by Auguste Denis Marie Raffet 1804 - 1860 /search/showitem.asp?id=98704

 artnet Magazine - Drawing Notebook by N.F. Karlins
In both the litho and the watercolor and gouache over chalk version that Raffet subsequently made, Napoleon is resurrected and leads a ghostly host of cuirassiers.
A catalogue with in-depth entries on about 100 works accompanies "The Essence of Line," and offers insights into studies with exuberant mark-making by Delacroix, a drawing for a print by Mary Cassatt, and an action-packed tiger hunt by Antoine-Louis Barye, among other delights.
This drawing, one of several by him in the show, is just terrific. /magazineus/reviews/karlins/karlins8-15-05.asp

 Kirche und Staat, Kirche und Politik bis 1848 (Antiklerikale Karikaturen und Satiren XXV)
August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874): Türkische Liturgie.
August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874): Von Gottes Gnaden.
August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874): Die monarchischen Frommen. /religionskritik/karikaturen251.htm

 Catalogue Entry
The illustrations, of views, the peoples of the region, their habits and customs, alongside military subjects and portraits, are by the distinguished French illustrator Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (1804-1860).
With lithograph title + 100 fine handcoloured lithograph plates by Raffet printed on india paper by Auguste Bry and large folding map of the Crimea by Pierre Tardieu after Schubert.
Raffet was also one of the leading lithographers of the 19th-century, making his name with a series of dramatic plates of the Napoleonic campaigns. /phbooks/bookstore.nsf/abbde8c268e2dbcf80256afe0081a224/c27216ea4dd7eed380256afe005aaf67?OpenDocument Resource Library: Raffet, Auguste
Six months later, on 11 October 1824, Raffet was admitted to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he spent five years in Charlet’s atelier.
While at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Raffet prepared himself for the Prix de Rome competition by painting various classical subjects.
Following the assassination of his father in 1813, the lack of family resources obliged Raffet to work while still a child. /library/07/0705/T070561.asp

 ART / 4 / 2DAY
His prospects improved when he was taken up by the dealer Auguste Portier, who had commenced his career with Durand-Ruel, and he was assured of financial stability when he won a large prize in the Loterie Nationale in 1891.
The two other leading members of the family, his uncle and cousin, were nicknamed after their main place of work: his uncle Johann Heinrich the Elder “Kassel Tischbein” [14 Oct 1722 – 22 Aug 1789] and his cousin of Johann Friedrich August Tischbein “Leipzig Tischbein” [09 Mar 1750 – 21 Jun 1812].
Degas and Monet were not particularly impressed by his works, which were marked by a passion for color that, towards the end of his life, brought him close to the Fauves. /42day/art/art4jun/art0626.html : Livres: Raffet
Raffet n'a pas connu la période impériale, et pourtant on a l'impression de regarder des croquis pris sur le vif ou des portraits d'après nature.
Raffet fut, avec Béranger et Hugo, un pilier de la légende napoléonienne.
Son œuvre ne se limite cependant pas au 1er Empire et ses croquis de voyage ou de guerre sont tout aussi remarquables. /exec/obidos/ASIN/2733502921

 Category:French illustrators - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This page was last modified 07:13, 10 August 2005. /wiki/Category:French_illustrators

 Le Juste-milieu
From this digression we may revert to our subject by way of another painter of the Napoleonic legend, Denis Auguste Marie Raffet (1804-1860), whose work reflects the ardor and imagination of Romanticism.
It reveals Raffet's power of handling masses of troops, so as to realize the effect of their mass and its collective fire and force.
His eye was a human camera, and the results are those of photography, when uncontrolled by selection and elimination on the part of the operator. /articles30/french-painting-9.shtml

 Lista de artistas franceses y de movimientos artísticos
Marie de Medici, reina del intravenoso de Henri, invitó a pintor flamenco Peter Paul Rubens a Francia, y el artista pintó un número de trabajos en grande para el palacio de Luxemburgo de la reina en París.
El escritor Denis Diderot escribió un número de veces en los salones anuales del Académie de la pintura y la escultura y sus comentarios y críticas son un documento vital en los artes de este período.
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, estudiante de David que también fue influenciado por Raphael y Juan Flaxman, mantendría la precisión del estilo de David, mientras que también exploraba otros temas mythological (Oedipus y el sphynx, el Júpiter y el Thetis) y orientales (del Odalesques) en el alcohol de Romanticism. /wiki/es/li/Lista%20de%20artistas%20franceses%20y%20de%20movimientos%20art%EDsticos.htm

Expédition de Rome Paris, Gihaut Frères, 1852 Denis Auguste Marie Raffet is counted among the great 19th century book-illustrators.
The piece, with its romantic title-page vignette of Garibaldi, is representative of the wave of adulation directed towards the general in the wake of the heroic achievements of the Thousand in Naples and Sicily.
In the course of battle, Garibaldi was wounded in the thigh and foot. /library/spcoll/hist/garib/garib.doc

 Auguste Raffet ( - ) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Auguste Raffet, One From 24 Dessins faits d"apres nature au Siege de la Citadelle d"anvers, 19th century
Auguste Raffet, Batterie blindee en rentrant du droite du Bastion de Fernande, 1832
Auguste Raffet, Battle between the French and Arabs, 1836 /masters/r/raffet-auguste.html

 Shoppolis Islands Art and Objects of Art Aspect
One of the most famous pieces of art on SI is the "Kissing Squirrels" jewelry box, a magnificent work in pewter and oak.
The oak was taken from parts of the ship when she was dismantled where Kitt is now.
The piece was made from galley ware from the Prize Mary, our first ship. /objectsofartpage.htm
; Raffet lith ; J Tastu editeur ; Lith. /

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