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 Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Denmark is north of Germany, southwest of Sweden and south of Norway.
Denmark borders the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and consists of a peninsula attached to Northern Germany named Jutland (Jylland in Danish), the islands Funen (Fyn), Zealand (Sjælland), Bornholm and many smaller islands, the waters of which are often referred to as the Danish Archipelago.
In 1849 Denmark became a constitutional monarchy with the adoption of a new constitution. /wiki/Denmark - Frederick IV, king of Denmark and Norway (Scandinavian History, Biography) - Encyclopedia
Frederick IV 1671–1730, king of Denmark and Norway (1699–1730), son and successor of Christian V.
Frederick IV, king of Denmark and Norway, Scandinavian History, Biographies
In the peace treaties of 1720–21, Denmark renounced S Sweden but obtained Schleswig. /encyclopedia/F/Fred4Den.html

 Denmark-Norway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, consisting of Denmark and Norway, including Norway's possessions Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is a term occasionally used for the two united kingdoms after their amalgamation as one state in 1536.
In the aftermath of Sweden's definite secession from the Kalmar Union in 1521, civil war and Protestant Reformation followed in Denmark and Norway.
After the Napoleonic Wars Denmark-Norway was defeated and had to cede Norway proper to the king of Sweden, formally effected at the Treaty of Kiel. /wiki/Denmark-Norway

 2. Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. 2001. The Encyclopedia of World History
Denmark remained in control of Norway and Iceland between 1648 and 1814.
Economic development was always hampered by Denmark's difficulties in financing the government, worsened by the development of a court society in the 18th century.
Economics and Society: After years of warfare, Denmark suffered from plagues, famine, and hardship during the second half of the 17th century. /67/768.html

Norway, comprising the smaller division of the Scandinavian peninsula, is bounded on the east by Lapland and Sweden, and on the west by the Atlantic.
As regards territorial development in the Middle Ages, Norway had a number of tributary provinces--in the north, Finmark, inhabited by heathen Lapps; various groups of islands south-west of Norway as: the Farve Islands, the Orkneys, the Shetlands, and the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, to which were added later Iceland and Greenland.
Ecclesiastically, Norway was at first under the direction of the Archbishop of Lund (1103); later (1152) under the Archbishop of Trondhjem, who had jurisdiction over the Bishops of Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo, Hamar, Farvê, Kirkwall (Orkney Islands), Skalholt and Holar (Holum) in Iceland, and Gardar (Garde) in Greenland. /cathen/11117b.htm

 Denmark (08/05)
Denmark's provinces in today's southwestern Sweden were lost in 1658, and Norway was transferred from the Danish to the Swedish crown in 1814, following the defeat of Napoleon, with whom Denmark was allied.
Denmark became a charter member of the United Nations and was one of the original signers of the North Atlantic Treaty.
Denmark remained neutral during World War I. Despite its declaration of neutrality at the beginning of World War II, it was invaded by the Germans in 1940 and occupied until liberated by the Allied forces in May 1945. /r/pa/ei/bgn/3167.htm

Denmark supported Napoléon, for which it was punished at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 by the loss of Norway to Sweden.
Denmark, Norway, and Sweden united under the rule of his daughter Margrethe in 1397.
Sweyn's son, Canute the Great, who reigned from 1014 to 1035, united Denmark, England, and Norway under his rule; the southern tip of Sweden was part of Denmark until the 17th century. /ipa/A0107460.html

Denmark is bordered on the west by the North Sea and on the east by the Baltic Sea.
Denmark was probably inhabited as far back as the last interglacial period some 120,000 years ago, and possibly also in the warmer phases during the last ice age.
Denmark lies between 54° and 58° of latitude north and 8° and 15° of longitude east. /CITE/denmark.htm

 The history of Norway
In this period of absolute rule a policy was formulated whereby Denmark and Norway were to be treated as a single economic unit.
Norway's Council of the Realm was disbanded, and the Norwegian church lost its autonomy.
The social democratic party in Norway was heavily committed to curbing communist influence both in political life and in the mass organizations such as the trade unions; and the struggle ended in victory. /Katrine/NorwayInfo/Articles/HistNorw.html - U.S. closes Norwegian embassy amid terror threat
And in the Middle East, Scandinavia — Denmark, Norway and Sweden — "often become one in people's minds" she told The Associated Press in Copenhagen.
OSLO, Norway (AP) — The United States closed its embassy through the weekend in Oslo after a purported al-Qaeda threat against Norway that some thought was likely meant instead for neighboring Denmark.
Norway, known as a global peacemaker and home of the Nobel peace prize, seemed an unlikely target considering it didn't support the U.S.-led war against Iraq. /news/world/2003-05-22-us-norway-threat_x.htm

 The Avalon Project : Judgement : The Invasion of Denmark and Norway
In the light of all the available evidence it is impossible to accept the contention that the invasions of Denmark and Norway were defensive, and in the opinion of the Tribunal they were acts of aggressive war.
On the 24th March, the naval operation orders for the Weser Exercise were issued, and on the 30th March the defendant Doenitz as Commander-in-Chief of U-boats issued his operational order for the occupation of Denmark and Norway.
Norway was occupied by Germany to afford her bases from which a more effective attack on England and France might be made, pursuant to plans prepared long in advance of the Allied plans which are now relied on to support the argument of self-defense. /lawweb/avalon/imt/proc/juddenma.htm

 Norway Travel
Norway is a long, narrow country on the northwestern edge of the European continent.
Norway is mostly a high, mountainous plateau covered by bare rock, and it has a relatively small amount of farmland.
Norway's merchant fleet, one of the largest in the world, is also an important source of income for the country. /norway.html

 Decision To Invade Norway and Denmark
Even though the occupation of Norway and Denmark had no significant effect on the outcome of the war, it established a milestone in the history of warfare by demonstrating the effective reach of modern military forces.
Although Hitler insisted to the very last that Norway was the strategic key to Europe, the expected Allied invasion never came; and on 8 May 1945 the German Army in Norway surrendered without having fired a shot in the decisive battles of the war.
The Krancke staff had assumed that the necessary bases in Denmark could be secured by diplomatic pressure reinforced with the threat of a military occupation; but after the von Falkenhorst staff had been installed it was decided not to rely on half measures of that sort. /cmh-pg/books/70-7_02.htm - Online Legal Information in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden - Updated
Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are among the most technologically advanced countries in the world.
It should be noted that, while Denmark and Sweden are members of the European Union, this article does not cover the databases in either country specifically devoted to European Union law.
In Denmark, the driving force behind automation was the need to efficiently identify the current law in force. /features/scanda.htm - Danish Royalty, Kings and Queens of Denmark
In 1397, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden formed the Kalmar Union under Margaret I. Born a Danish princess, she had married King Haakon VI of Norway.
After Norway became independent from Sweden in 1905, its new government offered the crown to Prince Carl, second son of Denmark's future King Frederick VIII.
The first royal house of Denmark was established in the 10th century by a Viking king called Gorm the Old. /Europe/Scandinavia/Denmark.html

 Denmark -
- On the 14th century Denmark absorbed the kingdoms of Norway and Sweden in the Union of Kalmar.
Iceland / Norway / Denmark / Sweden / Finland / Åland / Faroe / Shetland and Orkney / The Sami and Lapland / Greenland / Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania / World
Denmark is a country of the European Union. /denmark.htm

 Gene Expression: Flynn Effect in Denmark & Norway - R.I.P.?
The largest immigrant population group in Norway is Pakistani; in Denmark, it appears to be Turkish, although there are also large groups from Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq and Africa.
All but one of the five researchers involved in these two studies are (or at least were) based in Norway and Denmark.
Flynn Effect in Denmark & Norway - R.I.P.? /blog/2005/08/flynn-effect-in-denmark-norway-rip.php

 The Annexation of Norway and Denmark - Part 1
From early April, ships had been leaving Germany full of troops and supplies, for four different destinations in Norway, two of which would be supported on arrival with paratroop landings.
If further demonstration were needed of the power of air superiority, the taking of Norway made it quite clear.
Both in sea and land operations, the one who obtains control of the sky over the battle areas, will be the winner. /article.cfm/third_reich/68937

 Frederick VI, king of Denmark and Norway
Frederick VI Frederick VI, 1768–1839, king of Denmark (1808–39) and Norway (1808–14), son and successor of
Rulers of Denmark, Sweden, Norway (The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2002)
HISTORICAL FIGURES: Rulers of Denmark, Sweden, Norway (The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2000) /ce6/people/A0819541.html

 Westaff: About Westaff - Media Center - Westaff Announces Sale of Norway and Denmark Operations
Westaff Nordic comprises 4 offices in Norway and 2 offices in Denmark and generated combined revenue of $12.2 million during fiscal 2004.
Westaff President and Chief Executive Officer Patricia M. Newman commented, "Westaff began its operations in Norway and Denmark in 1965.
Personalhuset was established by Ted Hanisch, former Director General of the Public Employment Service of Norway 2001. /about/media/news/2005/061005.html

 Frederick V, king of Denmark and Norway
Frederick V, 1723–66, king of Denmark and Norway (1746–66), son and successor of Christian VI. /id/A0819540

 Cruise Denmark to Norway
Norway celebrates the 100th year peaceful dissolution of its Union with Sweden on June 7th, 2005 (not to be confused with Norway’s Constitution Day, Syttende Mai, May 17th.) Oslo will kick off the festivities with gigantic cultural events starting:
Extensions are available to inner Norway designed around your heritage and special interests, or check out our West Norway Jewel of the Fjords Tour on pages 23-24 of our brochure.
Norway will radiate with various cultural events in several of its major cities throughout the summer - but the major events are in OSLO! /Denmark_to_Norway_Coastal_Connection.asp

Note: Inside Denmark itself, the different resistance groups were united, in 1943, into the Freedom Council.
However, Scavenius and his government constitutionally still were Denmark's government until 1945.
Apr 1016 - 8 Jun 1042 Denmark in personal union with England. /Denmark.html

 Norway - the official site in the United States
10/13/2005 :: A beaming Glorianne "Glo" DeBoer accepted the Ambassador's Award 2005 presented to her by the ambassador of Norway, Knut Vollebaek, at the US-Norway Forum in Washington, DC, in October.
Norway - the official site in the United States
[+] Click here to view the latest issues of News of Norway

 Denmark & Norway in Hamlet
Young Fortinbras (Prince of Norway) must avenge his father's death by gaining back that land his father lost in battle
Young Hamlet (Prince of Denmark) must avenge Old Hamlet's death by killing Claudius
Use the mouse or the TAB key to move from one selection to the next. /quiz/hamquiz2.htm

 Nordic Delight - 11 days Denmark Norway
Europe Denmark Norway Sweden Motorcoach Tours Cultural Expeditions
Continue to Gudvangen for a three-hour cruise on the Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway.
Start the first of five days amid some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway and Sweden. /TRAVEL/SIT/sit_pages/8378.html

 Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway - Catholic Church Local History and Ancestors Genealogy Research
Den Katolske Kirke i Norge (The Catholic Church in Norway)
History of Denmark, by P. Wittmann, from The Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol.
History of the Catholic Church in Norway (in English) /~Local_Catholic/Catholic-FIN-SWE-NOR-DEN-ICE.htm

 Scandinavia Tourist Boards - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Please feel free to browse the country websites of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
Scandinavia Tourist Boards - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Interested in finding out about North American Magazines and Newspapers that specialize in Scandinavian lifestyle, design and news?

 Denmark and Norway
Late afternoon transfer to luxurious DFDS Ferry Cruise Ship for overnight cruise to Norway, complete with hearty Scandinavian Buffet dinner and breakfast, shops, pubs, movie theatres and other entertainment.
Evening all-group performance at Norwegian National Theatre--the shattering family drama, The Wild Duck, by Norway's greatest dramatist, Henrik Ibsen.
Ann greets Denmark's greatest storyteller: Hans Christian Andersen /~woldt/id2.html

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