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Topic: Dennis the Menace (US)

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  Dennis the Menace
Dennis the Menace; Walter Matthau; VHS Tape; $17.99
Dennis the Menace : Prayers and Graces; Hank Ketcham; Hardcover; $9.90; Read more about this title...
Dennis the Menace : Prayers and Graces; Hank Ketcham; Paperback; $6.30; Read more about this title...
www.stus.com /books/8dennisthemenace.htm   (482 words)

  Guardian Unlimited | Today's issues | Dennis the Menace
Dennis the Menace is Britain's longest surviving comic villain and star of the Beano, and there is no sign that his notorious conduct is improving with age.
Dennis, who boasts a fan club of 1.5m members, is famous for his spiky hair and striped jersey, and is the unlovable horror who ultimately became the star of his own TV cartoon, with voices by Hugh Laurie and Billy Connolly.
Dennis celebrates his birthday in the latest issue of the Beano this week, combined with Comic Relief activities involving celebrities such as Ali G and Billy Connolly, inevitably finishing up with a custard-pie fight.
www.guardian.co.uk /netnotes/article/0,6729,451808,00.html   (379 words)

 Dennis the Menace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dennis the Menace denotes either of two cartoon characters.
The U.S. Dennis tends to cause trouble more by accident, while the UK version is straightforwardly malicious: similarly both Dennises have a scruffy pet dog, both of which usually help them in their adventures.
Dennis the Menace is also a nickname given to the 2005 Hurricane Dennis.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dennis_the_Menace   (234 words)

 Dennis the Menace (US) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dennis was later made into a live-action 1960s television sitcom, a 1980s television cartoon, a 1987 movie, a 1993 live-action film, and another animated series based on that film.
Dennis has been the subject of a number of animated adaptations, as well as a CBS sitcom from 1959 to 1963 starring Jay North as Dennis and both Joseph Kearns and Gale Gordon, successively, as Mr.
On October 25-26, 2006, a 125-lb statue of Dennis the Menace, installed in a city park in Monterey, California, USA was stolen during the night.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dennis_the_Menace_(US)   (740 words)

 Beano strips
It's probably not an overstatement to say that Dennis the Menace revolutionised the Beano, and, by extension, British comics in general.
Dennis introduced us to two of his pals: the mop-topped Curly (who had been his friend back in the early days), and the pastry-fixated Pie-Face (who just may be related to another young acquaintance of Dennis' from way back).
Although this was still the TV-friendly, hyperactive, three-dimensional Dennis of recent years, such rampant modernity was balanced by a number of small touches he introduced which, to the trained eye, appeared to pay tribute to Law's dinstictive style.
www.paulmorris.co.uk /beano/strips/dennisthemenace.htm   (1035 words)

 BBC News | ARTS | US Dennis the Menace creator dies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The freckle-faced, fair-haired Dennis the Menace has tormented cranky neighbour Mr Wilson and amused readers for 50 years.
Two different Dennis the Menace characters were created by different people on different sides of the Atlantic - but by chance made their first appearance on the same day - 12 March 1951.
But Dennis the Menace, with his trademark fl and white striped T-shirt and red dungarees, was his biggest success.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/arts/1365096.stm   (477 words)

 Dennis the Menace Strikes Again   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Dennis the Menace Strikes Again is one of the better efforts to bring the famous comic strip to the screen.
Instead it is his intent to please and offer his version of friendship that causes all of the various calamities to happen in the typical Dennis the Menace plot.
Dennis the Menace Strikes Again is real light family fare, but it will provide you with a chuckle or two as you watch Dennis deal with the world.
chucksconnection.com /dennis.html   (855 words)

 Hank Ketcham, Dennis the Menace Cartoonist Obituary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Dennis re-turns six years old each year, and no doubt Hank Ketcham had sweet memories of his son’s youth, before a tumult of addiction and self destruction overwhelmed his family.
By the end of 1951 “Dennis the Menace” was appearing in 100 newspapers and “The sales chart was not an upward curve but more the flight of an arrow.” Two other hot strips that originated at almost the same time were Peanuts and Beetle Bailey.
Dennis the Menace became a TV show, nearly a decade before Peanuts did, although the result might charitably be called stupid.
www.goodbyemag.com /apr01/ketcham.html   (1285 words)

 Scotland on Sunday - International - US braced to meet Dennis the menace
THE US was preparing for the onslaught of Hurricane Dennis last night as it bore down on the Gulf Coast after killing up to 32 people across the Caribbean.
In the US Gulf, energy companies said they were pulling workers off oil rigs and shutting down some crude and natural gas production.
Strong winds and waves buffeted the US detention camp for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, on the island's eastern end, where a guard tower was washed into the sea.
scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com /international.cfm?id=765792005   (888 words)

 Bea (Dennis the Menace character)
Bea is a fictional character in the UK comic strip Dennis the Menace which is not to be confused with Dennis the Menace (US) newspaper strip.She is Dennis' baby sister.
She was voted naughtiest baby in Beanotown when she was only a week old.
She and the pig are the smelliest things in Beanotown.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/be/Bea.html   (65 words)

 Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace
Dennis the Menace began on March 14, 1951 (four months after Ketcham's friend and colleague Charles Schulz started his own historic comic strip)-and he went on to become the second most popular cartoon kid in the world-after Charlie Brown, of course.
In this volume, the Dennis the Menace creator charmingly tells his own colorful story, starting when he was about "five-ana-half" and first picked up the "magic pencil." A child of the Great Depression from Seattle, Ketcham abandoned college for Hollywood, to pursue a dream of making drawings for Walt Disney films.
Within a year, Dennis the Menace was up to a hundred daily subscribers-a figure that climbed steadily.
www.kenpiercebooks.com /dennis.htm   (642 words)

 Dennis The Menace
Dennis is relatively unusual among long-lived strips in that after its first couple of years, it achieved its definitive look (Peanuts for instance was still morphing toward the end of its first decade).
Dennis the Menace began on March 14, 1951 (four months after Ketcham’s friend and colleague Charles Schulz started his own historic comic strip) He went on to become the second most popular cartoon kid in the world - after Charlie Brown, of course.
Dennis the Menace first appeared in 16 American newspapers; by the end of 1951, he was appearing in over a hundred.
www.fantagraphics.com /artist/ketcham/menace.html   (783 words)

 Classic TV Shows - Dennis the Menace, Jay North
Dennis wasn't bad, but he sure was trouble.
By the start of the next season John was entrenched in the house, complete with wife, as if the first Mr.
Dennis the Menace was made into a movie in 1993 starring Walter Matthau.
www.fiftiesweb.com /tv/dennis-menace.htm   (165 words)

 Dennis the Menace (US) TV Show
Show Summary: Dennis the Menace is an American animated series produced by DiC Entertainment, based on the classic comic strip by Hank Ketcham.
Dennis is an impulsive, angel-faced little devil who is always getting into scrapes whom end up tormenting his hapless next-door neighbor, Mr.
Dennis finds himself involved in all kinds of wild adventures (some of which are fantasy-based like the international espionage and trips into the past stories) but always manages to save the day.
www.retrojunk.com /details_tvshows/315-dennis-the-menace-us   (280 words)

 Dennis the Menace Comic Strip Books Gallery
Dennis the Menace books by Hank Ketchum was a US comic strip, not to be confused with the UK Beano comic character also called Dennis the Menace.
The comic strip was made into a live action TV series during the 60s titled Just Dennis (The Pickle) and also a TV cartoon series in the 80s titled Dennis.
Below is a Gallery of Dennis the Menace books in year order by copyright date.
www.tonystrading.co.uk /galleries/comicstrips/dennisthemenace.htm   (122 words)

 BBC - Comedy Guide - Dennis The Menace
Hank Ketcham's cartoon Dennis The Menace, which first appeared in American newspapers in 1951, was brought to life in this long-running US sitcom that starred Jay North as the six-year-old imp.
The series ended in 1963, when Jay North was 11 (he was seven when the series began) but repeats kept it on US screens for many years afterwards.
A series based on the British Dennis The Menace creation was brought to BBC1 in animated form, courtesy of a British-led international co-production, from 2 April 1996.
www.bbc.co.uk /comedy/guide/articles/d/dennisthemenace_1299000872.shtml   (195 words)

  We recorded Dennis from analog VHS tapes from the 1980's and 90's with a rating of 8 to 9 on a scale of 10.
Dennis The Menace DVD collection of 10 or 12 DVDs in seperate jewel cases, all episodes are organize from pilot to finale.
Dennis The Menace DVD are formatted region free so they will play on any DVD player, DVD-ROM X-Box or PS2 Worldwide
dennisthemenacetv.homestead.com   (442 words)

 Dennis the Menace on CBS - Dennis the Menace Spoilers, Episode Guides, Message Board | TVGuide.com
A friend of mine was talking about Harry Anderson the other day and it brought to mind a guy by the name of...
Visit the Dennis the Menace message board, or blog about Dennis the Menace.
Dennis the Menace - classic TV comedy with Jay North from the FiftiesWeb.com on FiftiesWeb.com
www.tvguide.com /detail/tv-show.aspx?tvobjectid=100116   (262 words)

 Dennis the Menace (1993) - MovieWeb
Dennis, everyone's favorite kid from the comics is back.
The little menace is driving Mr Wilson crazy.
But Dennis is just trying to be helpful.
www.movieweb.com /movies/film/29/3629/summary.php   (83 words)

 Amazon.com: Dennis the Menace (Special Edition): DVD: Walter Matthau,Mason Gamble,Joan Plowright,Christopher Lloyd,Lea ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Hank Ketcham's popular comic-strip kid comes to uproarious screen life in Dennis the Menace, from writer/producer John Hughes, the creative force behind the family mega-hits Home Alone and Beethoven.
Young Mason Gamble is all-boy, all-menace, all-Dennis right down to his slingshot and dog, Ruff.
Anyone who's read the comic strips "Dennis the Menace" knows about this mischievous little rascal and his neighbor Mr.
www.amazon.com /Dennis-Menace-Special-Walter-Matthau/dp/B00007G1Z9   (1036 words)

 CNN.com - 'Dennis the Menace' creator dead at 81 - June 1, 2001
Inspired by the antics of his four-year-old son named Dennis, he created the lovable brat with tousled hair who tormented crotchety Mr.
It seems their son Dennis had refused to take a nap and had instead wrecked his room.
He and his first wife were separated when she died in 1959.
archives.cnn.com /2001/SHOWBIZ/books/06/01/obit.ketcham   (547 words)

 Dennis the Menace (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
2- 4 36 23 Oct 60 Dennis and the Ham-pher
4-13 121 30 Dec 62 Dennis and the Hermit
If you would like to help us expand this list into a full episode guide, see our FAQ.
epguides.com /DennistheMenace   (1329 words)

 Al Wiseman Blog
Al was best known for ghosting the acclaimed Dennis the Menace comic book in the 50’s & 60’s.
Please order Dennis the Menace books from Fantagraphics (and ask them to reprint the Wiseman Dennis comic books and Sunday strips).
This is the second half of a Dennis the Menace Sunday strip with a plot that's so convoluted and complicated that if you don't start at the very beginning, you'll be lost forever!
alwiseman.com   (1015 words)

 Dennis the Menace - Lunchboxes.com
Enjoy the antics of that comic rascal Dennis the Menace with this fun lunch box.
Colorful graphics show Dennis preparing a yummy picnic made up of chocolate cake, ice cream, cookies, and soda.
Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
www.lunchboxes.com /dennis.html   (108 words)

 Visit Beanoland and meet Dennis the Menace at Chessington
Would-be-menacers will be able to pick up a few tricks from 'Dennis the Menace', 'Gnasher' and the rest of the Beano gang as they cause no end of mischief and mayhem throughout the day in Beanoland.
In pure Dennis the Menace style, this is no ordinary ride.
It is the perfect base for your family fun days for up to 1,500 guests on a rolling basis.
www.chessington.com /park_guide/beanoland/beanoland.asp?css=2   (334 words)

 Statue of Dennis the Menace stolen - RightNation.US
Statue of Dennis the Menace stolen - RightNation.US News (Home)
MONTEREY, Calif. - The mischievous Dennis the Menace has gone missing — except this time, he's not hiding because he broke the rules.
A statue of the perennial pint-sized troublemaker that stood for almost two decades in a city park was unbolted and stolen sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, police said.
www.rightnation.us /forums/index.php?showtopic=111755   (458 words)

 The Tinbasher Sheet Metal Blog
I used to read the Beano religiously as a nipper, but I’m sure I remember Dennis the Menace as having just a bit of a mischievous streak as opposed to Freddy Kruger with corned beef legs.
Although, it is one of those little things that you miss about home when you’re reminded of it in a couple of photos.
Apparently he finished off the kids’ Dennis the Menace scarecrow with a couple of stainless steel tubular arms that could actually be used as a big catapult.
www.butlersheetmetal.com /tinbasherblog   (1618 words)

 GameSpy: Dennis the Menace
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wireless.gamespy.com /wireless/dennis-the-menace   (80 words)

 Scotland on Sunday - US braced to meet Dennis the menace
Scotland on Sunday - US braced to meet Dennis the menace
Relatives and friends of the missing carry on a desperate mission
Music fans have a party in the sun
scotlandonsunday.scotsman.com /index.cfm?id=765792005   (929 words)

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