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Topic: Department of Energy

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

The Department of Energy is a cabinet-level agency whose mission it is to foster a secure and reliable energy system that is environmentally and economically sustainable, to be a responsible steward of the Nation's nuclear weapons, and to support continued United States leadership in science and technology.
The Department of Energy’s Office of Intelligence (IN) is the Intelligence Community's premier technical intelligence resource in four core areas: nuclear weapons and nonproliferation; energy security; science and technology; and nuclear energy, safety, and waste.
DOE's intelligence program traces its origins to the days of the Manhattan Project, when the former Atomic Energy Commission was tasked to provide specialized analysis of the nascent atomic weapons program of the Soviet Union.
www.intelligence.gov /1-members_energy.shtml   (495 words)

  MSN Encarta - Department of Energy
The DOE is administered by a secretary who is appointed by the president, with the approval of the Senate, and who is a member of the cabinet.
The Department of Energy was established by Congress to deal with what were felt to be urgent national problems of dwindling supplies of coal, oil, and natural gas and the increasing dependence of the U.S. economy on foreign sources of fuel, particularly petroleum.
The Department of Energy has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and eight operations offices throughout the U.S. It has assumed control of the facilities and personnel of five regional administrations for the transmission and marketing of electric power and of strategic reserves of oil, shale, and uranium.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761551684/Department_of_Energy.html   (713 words)

 United States Department of Energy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is a Cabinet-level department of the United States government responsible for energy policy and nuclear safety.
The impetus for putting them all under the auspices of a single department was the 1973 energy crisis, in response to which President Jimmy Carter proposed creation of the department.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is an independent regulatory agency within the U.S. Department of Energy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_States_Department_of_Energy   (428 words)

DOE is charged with disposing of the spent nuclear fuel generated by civilian nuclear power plants, Government nuclear reactor facilities, and the high-level waste from the Nation’s defense activities.
DOE has been a leader in the Federal Government in using the criteria, including being the pilot agency for application of the criteria to its applied research programs in 2001.
The Department of Energy is linking managerial performance appraisals to performance and working to identify and fill gaps in areas where it is lacking workforce skills and competencies under its comprehensive human capital management plan.
www.whitehouse.gov /omb/budget/fy2005/energy.html   (5885 words)

Energy is defined as the ability to do work.
As it falls, energy in the gravitational field comes out of storage and is used to move the water.
So, energy in the gravitational field comes out of storage and is given to the water.
id.mind.net /~zona/mstm/physics/mechanics/energy/energy.html   (287 words)

 U.S. Department of Energy Research News
DOE's National Science Bowl® is a nationwide academic competition for high school students to encourage interest in math and science.
Renewable energy for American industry is at the root of a major Midwest research center funded by the largest federal grant exclusively for research endeavors in Michigan State University's history, it was announced today.
The US Department of Energy and the US Department of Agriculture jointly selected the Virginia Tech project and 10 others for awards totaling $8.3 million for biofuel research that may increase the availability and use of alternative fuels.
www.eurekalert.org /doe   (1420 words)

 DE-FEM / UNICAMP Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Department of Energy develops activities on the areas of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, applied thermodynamics, energy demand forecasting and energy planning.
The Department of Energy also supports the activities related to the above mentioned areas which are maintained by the School of Extension of the FEM.
The Department of Energy houses the MULTLAB - The Multiphase Flow Laboratory, which does research on multiphase flow and consulting work on fluid flow and fluid flow instrumentation.
www.fem.unicamp.br /~ffranca/de.html   (320 words)

 Department of Energy - Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
DOE's 2007 National Middle School Science Bowl winner is Honey Creek Middle School from Terra Haute, IN.
ENERGY STAR computers and monitors save energy only when the power management features are activated, so make sure power management is activated on your computer.
Conduct an energy audit of your home to find air leaks and to check for the proper level of insulation.
www.energy.gov   (3085 words)

 Department of Energy Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Employees (GLOBE)
DOE GLOBE is part of the Federal GLOBE program involving 33 Federal departments and agencies, of which 20 have agency recognized GLOBE affiliates.
The DOE GLOBE mission is two fold: to further the awareness of gay, lesbian and bisexual employee issues at all levels within the Department; and to support the Department in pursuing the objectives of quality management practices and diversity in the Federal work force.
GLOBE is not funded by the Department of Energy nor the Federal Government.
www.goering.net /doeglobe/info.htm   (400 words)

 Department of Energy News
Department of Energy News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
The Department of Energy is continuing to work toward a September 2006 deadline to empty all the tanks in the Hanford C Tank Farm, even as it warned the Washington State Department of Ecology last week that the...
The Department of Energy issued a comprehensive "roadmap" for a new generation of biology research that builds on genome project investments to help solve national energy and environmental challenges.
www.topix.net /us/doe   (1169 words)

 Department of Energy Home
Energy related royalty revenues account for about one-third (about $14.7192 billion in 2005-2006) of the total revenue collected by the Province.
Energy Minister Mel Knight will be an ambassador for Alberta’s energy potential and expertise at the Energy Council Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana from June 28 — July 1, 2007.
The Department of Energy has developed information sheets to provide background to Albertans interested in participating in the review of the province’s energy royalty and tax regime.
www.energy.gov.ab.ca   (864 words)

 United States Department Of Energy - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Department of Energy: External Regulation Savings in Safety and Health Activities at DOE Science Laboratories.
Department of Energy, 1977-1994 a summary history (SuDoc E 1.121:0098)
Dead reckoning: A critical review of the Department of Energy's epidemiologic research
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /united_states_department_of_energy.htm   (126 words)

 Department of Mines and Energy
The Department of Mines and Energy develops policies and regulation that drive new investment in Queensland's energy sector and ensure the continued delivery of reliable, competitively priced and sustainable energy to all Queenslanders.
Through the department, the Queensland Government seeks to continually improve services to energy consumers and encourage the growth and development of the gas sector and renewable energy technologies.
The department is also responsible for promoting exploration and development and overseeing health and safety in Queensland's mining and petroleum industries.
www.energy.qld.gov.au   (174 words)

 Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information
The Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information provides free public access to full-text documents and bibliographic citations of Department of Energy (DOE) research report literature.
Documents are primarily from 1994 forward and were produced by DOE, the DOE contractor community, and/or DOE grantees.
DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) makes this Web site available to the public in partnership with the Government Printing Office (GPO), through GPO Access.
www.osti.gov /bridge   (157 words)

 Insulation Fact Sheet
It makes good sense to turn lights and appliances off when they are not needed, and you'll save even more on your energy costs if your reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling.
The amount of energy you conserve will depend on several factors: your local climate; the size, shape, and construction of your house; the living habits of your family; the type and efficiency of the heating and cooling systems; and the fuel you use.
Once the energy savings have paid for the installation cost, energy conserved is money saved--and the annual savings will increase if utility rates go up.
www.ornl.gov /sci/roofs+walls/insulation/ins_01.html   (573 words)

 New U.S. Nuclear Features   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Energy Information Administration’s feature on the China Nuclear Industry was updated on June 4, 2004, shortly after China announced an accelerated nuclear construction program.
He noted that the Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems initiative will be among the research priorities, with $31 million sought to assist in developing the next generation of nuclear reactors.
Nuclear Energy and the Greenhouse Gases Issue: Advocates of nuclear power note that it is a clean fuel that does not introduce carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
www.eia.doe.gov /cneaf/nuclear/page/newnuc.html   (1051 words)

 DOE Office of Science - Homepage
Honey Creek Middle School from Terre Haute, IN won the 2007 U.S. Department of Energy National Science Bowl® for Middle School Students at the University of Denver on June 24, 2007.
Pictured here, from left, are: Kristen Zimmerman from GM, Carol Tolin (Coach), Mark Botros, Ian Francis, Julie Bittar, Michael Mardini, Joseph Botros, Tom Hibbs from Texas Instruments and Bill Valdez from DOE's Office of Science.
DOE National Science Bowl® for Middle School Students
www.er.doe.gov   (338 words)

 Oregon Department of Energy - Transportation Hybrid Electric and Dual Fuel Vehicles
Business owners without an Oregon tax liability, non-profit organizations and public entities may choose to transfer their tax credit eligibility to a business or individual with an Oregon tax liability in exchange for a cash payment equal to the pass-through rate at the time of application.
The eligible cost for a hybrid vehicle is the cost difference between a conventional fuel vehicle, of the same class and size, and the cost of the electric hybrid.
The Department of Energy uses the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) base cost for the hybrid and subtracts the MSRP of the conventional comparison vehicle to derive the eligible cost of the hybrid vehicle.
oregon.gov /ENERGY/TRANS/hybridcr.shtml   (765 words)

 DOE Portal
We at the Department of Energy (DOE) have committed to pursue national development through the two-fold agenda of attaining energy independence and implementing power market reforms, which we have affirmed in our Philippine Energy Plan 2005-2014 (2005 PEP).
Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla congratulates Tokyo Electric and Power Co. (TEPCO) and Marubeni Corp. for the successful conclusion of their purchase of Mirant's...
To ensure that the rights of the consumers are protected, the Department of Energy yesterday promulgated the amendments to Section 4(e) of Rule 3 and...
www.doe.gov.ph   (288 words)

 Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government
Monthly and yearly energy forecasts, analyses of energy topics, financial analyses, Congressional reports...
Monthly and yearly energy statistics allow for comparison across all fuels and sectors...
Energy use in homes, commercial buildings, manufacturing and transportation...
www.eia.doe.gov   (122 words)

 DOE - Fossil Energy: Office of Fossil Energy Home Page
A comprehensive new program designed by the Department of Energy to help America's oil and natural gas producers tackle produced water, one of their toughest environmental challenges, is now available on-line as a web-based tool.
A licensing agreement recently signed by DOE and Johnson Matthey, an international specialty-chemicals company, will contribute significantly to the reduction of mercury and other trace elements emitted from coal gasification and coal-fired power plants, while helping to meet ever-stringent clean air regulations.
Fossil fuels supply 85% of the nation's energy, and we are working on such priority projects as pollution-free coal plants, more productive oil and gas fields, and the continuing readiness of federal emergency oil stockpiles.
www.fe.doe.gov   (282 words)

 Energy Policy - US Department of State
Solar-powered and highly efficient houses from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Spain are arriving in Washington for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2005 Solar Decathlon October 7-16.
According to an October 3 DOE press release, the Solar Decathlon brings together cutting-edge architecture, engineering and technology in homes that generate as much or more energy than they consume.
Speaking September 26 at the Department of Energy after receiving a briefing on Hurricane Rita’s impact on U.S. energy infrastructure, Bush said the storm had affected the ability of suppliers to get gasoline to markets.
usinfo.state.gov /gi/global_issues/energy_policy.html   (312 words)

 Energy Savers: Home
Welcome to Energy Savers.gov. On this U.S. Government Web site you can find information to help you save energy in your home, business, vehicle, or industrial plant.
The links on Energy Savers take you directly to resources available across Federal agencies for homeowners, contractors and builders, building managers, realtors, state agencies, drivers and fleet managers, and industry managers.
This joint effort of the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is a Federal agency collaboration to help improve the energy efficiency in your housing choices.
www.energysavers.gov   (261 words)

 OCRWM - Home
Our mission is to manage and dispose of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in a manner that protects health, safety and the environment; enhances national and energy security; and merits public confidence.
Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman sent to the U.S. Congress a legislative proposal to enhance the nation’s ability to manage and dispose of commercial spent nuclear fuel and Defense high-level radioactive waste.
Following more than 20 years of study by the U.S. Department of Energy, Congress approved in July 2002 the President’s recommendation of the Yucca Mountain site for development as a repository for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.
www.ocrwm.doe.gov   (270 words)

 Oregon Department of Energy - Conservation Division Residential Energy Tax Credits
Following is a list of the energy efficient products/technologies that are eligible for a tax credit.
The maximum amount of tax credits a resident may receive per year is $1,500 for renewable energy equipment such as solar and wind systems.
Contact the Oregon Department of Energy with any questions (503-378-4040 in Salem or 1-800-221-8035 toll-free in Oregon).
egov.oregon.gov /ENERGY/CONS/RES/RETC.shtml   (269 words)

This does not mean that all the information necessary for understanding of the environmental, social and economic impact of plumes and source points of anthropogenic radioactivity is now available.
The NRO is an agency of the Department of Defense and receives its budget through that portion of the National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP) known as the National Reconnaissance Program (NRP), which is approved by both the Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).
In 1977, the Energy Research and Development Administration was absorbed by the Department of Energy, and the Health and Safety Laboratory changed its name to the Environmental Measurements Laboratory.
www.davistownmuseum.org /cbm/Rad10.html   (9997 words)

Energy Commission's report to the Legislature and Governor, looking at the state's energy policies.
Raise Your Energy Efficiency I.Q. New Booklet - This 16-page color booklet is full of useful guidance, ideas, tips and references on improving the energy efficiency of homes before, during or after the sale.
The Consumer Energy Center is your source for consumer info on energy efficiency, energy rebates, transportation & renewable energy.
www.energy.ca.gov   (368 words)

 FY 2003 Budget Request to Congress
The following documents reflect the Department of Energy's FY 2003 Budget Request to Congress.
— The lab table is a tabular summarization by decision unit broken out by the various laboratories at which DOE does work.
— The state table is similar to the lab table, except it is broken out by each state in which DOE does work, rather than by laboratory.
www.mbe.doe.gov /budget/03budget   (516 words)

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