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Topic: Department of Motor Vehicles

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  HB2351 - 431R - H Ver - Title: department of motor vehicles; establishment
MOTOR VEHICLES the director of insurance finds that an insurer has failed to comply with the provisions of section 28-4148, the director of insurance shall impose a civil penalty for each violation of not more than two hundred fifty dollars per day for each day the insurer is in violation of section 28-4148.
MOTOR VEHICLES shall furnish and periodically revise a list of the names and addresses of all persons in such county who are at least eighteen years of age and who have been licensed pursuant to title 28, chapter 8, article 4 or 5.
A department or agency of this state shall not consider the violation for the purpose of determining whether the person's driver license should be suspended or revoked and a court shall not transmit abstracts of records of conviction for the violation to the department OF MOTOR VEHICLES.
www.azleg.state.az.us /legtext/43leg/1r/bills/hb2351h.htm   (14000 words)

 Department of Motor Vehicles
If you would like to report a suspected abandoned vehicle located on a public road, please call the maui police department at 244-6400 and have the following information ready: license plate number if available, make of the vehicle, type and color of the vehicle, and the address where the vehicle is located.
Abandoned vehicles that have been taken into custody by the county of Maui, may be claimed by the legal or registered owner at window a in the driver's license section located at County of Maui Service Center, Maui Mall Shopping Center, 70 East Kaahumanu Avenue.
Abandoned vehicles that are not claimed by the respective owners are periodically auctioned by the county of Maui in accordance with chapter 290 of the Hawaii Revised statutes.
www.mauicounty.gov /departments/MotorVehicles/dmvVehicle.htm   (822 words)

 Department of Motor Vehicles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the United States of America, Department of Motor Vehicles (or DMV) is the most common name of the government agency of a U.S. state which administers the registration of automobiles (e.g., by issuing license plates), and/or the licensing of drivers (e.g., by issuing driver's licenses).
Examples of departments which perform DMV functions include the Department of Justice (Montana), the Department of Public Safety (Texas), the Department of Revenue (Missouri and Arkansas), and the Department of Transportation (Pennsylvania and New Jersey).
In New Hampshire, the Division of Motor Vehicles is a division of the Department of Safety.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Department_of_Motor_Vehicles   (1180 words)

 NYS DMV - NYS DMV - Driver License, Learner Permit and Non-Driver Photo ID Card
A junior driver cannot operate a vehicle that has more than two passengers who are under the age of 21 unless a parent, a guardian, or a driving instructor also rides in the vehicle.
A motor vehicle with a valid registration, inspection and correct equipment and a driver age 18 or older who has a valid driver license.
The DMV suspends the driver license until a physician provides a certification that the condition is treated or controlled and does not affect driving skills.
www.nydmv.state.ny.us /license.htm   (8874 words)

 Project 2015 - NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
As the most visible service outlet for the State, DMV can be expected to play an even larger role in supplying other agencies with data and program support to achieve their missions.
DMV accident reporting data will need to be analyzed to detect driving performance among all age cohorts, but especially among the growing senior population.
Result: All DMV customers are better informed about the impact of aging on driving performance and the services that are available at DMV to address this changing population dynamic.
aging.state.ny.us /explore/project2015/report02/motor_vehicles.htm   (2137 words)

 Department of Motor Vehicles
The weight limit on diesel vehicles requiring annual emission testing was increased from 8,500 pounds to 10,000 lbs., which brought vehicles into the program that formerly were not inspected or tested under either the light or heavy-duty standards.
AB325 relating to salvage vehicles; AB36 relating to the testing of diesel vehicles; SB18 relating to procedures for the inspection of emission stations; AB441 relating to penalties for identification fraud; and AB521 relating to the testing of vehicle fuel tanks for the presence of dyed fuel.
All Department of Motor Vehicle legislative, regulatory, policies and procedure initiatives, and training are assigned to the Division for research, evaluation, coordination, and training delivery.
budget.state.nv.us /br04/br04DMV.htm   (3829 words)

 Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Antique vehicles must be insured with motor vehicle liability insurance or you must pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee.
Unless the vehicle was manufactured for one licensee plate only, you must display license plate on the front and the rear of your vehicle.
Renew your vehicle registration every year or every other year (depending on whether you renew for one or two years), pay the same registration fee you would pay to purchase standard license plates.
www.dmv.state.va.us /webdoc/citizen/vehicles/antique.asp   (473 words)

 Nevada Driver Licenses
A Commercial Motor Vehicle is any motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles used in commerce that fall into the Class A or Class B vehicle definitions, or a Class C vehicle that is:
You must be at least 21 years of age to be issued a CDL to operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce and to receive endorsements for passengers or hazardous materials.
Class C: is for cars, vans, pickups, mopeds, and other vehicles with a GVWR of 26,000 pounds or less; allows towing of a vehicle with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds or less.
www.dmvnv.com /nvdl.htm   (1647 words)

 Department of Motor Vehicles (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
DMV's Bill Seymour presents an NBC Nightly News report on how parents want more eyes in more places to monitor their teenagers' behavior behind the wheel.
Listen to DMV's Ernie Bertothy and Division Chief Elaine McDougal of Branch Operations inform new residents on what information DMV needs and forms you must complete to obtain a Connecticut driver's license and register your vehicle in the state.
DMV has also begun to increase staff at the state’s busiest full-service offices to assist with a variety of transactions, including special days for senior citizens.
dmvct.org.cob-web.org:8888   (341 words)

 Motor Vehicle Division - MT Dept of Justice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Motor Vehicle Division - MT Dept of Justice
The Motor Vehicle Division provides a wide range of services relating to driving in Montana.
The division licenses both individual and commercial drivers; administers all driver license records and actions, including court-ordered suspensions and revocations; issues motor vehicle registrations and titles; licenses and controls motor vehicle dealers; inspects and verifies vehicle identification numbers; and provides training for county treasurers, vehicle dealers and financial institutions.
doj.mt.gov /department/motorvehicledivision.asp   (410 words)

 DMV Welcome   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Mission Statement: The Division of Motor Vehicles titles motor vehicles, including trailers and mobile homes; registers motor vehicles, including trailers, snow vehicles, powered and non-powered boats, and All Terrain Vehicles; and licenses drivers statewide.
The Division serves most of the Alaska adult population over 16 years of age by providing evidence of motor vehicle ownership and by issuing driver licenses to those qualified.
The Division is also responsible for the administration of the safety responsibility law, driver improvement point system, and the collection of motor vehicle registration taxes.
www.state.ak.us /dmv   (98 words)

 Clay County Auditor - Department of Motor Vehicles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Clay County Auditor - Department of Motor Vehicles
The Auditor is the Deputy Registrar for the County and administers the Motor Vehicle Department.
Motor vehicle transactions include license plates, tabs, vehicle transfers, new vehicle and out-of-state registrations, boat, snowmobile, all-terrain, motorcycle and trailer licensing.
www.co.clay.mn.us /Depts/Auditor/MotorVeh/MotorVeh.htm   (69 words)

 Florida Motorist Services & Information
The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is making changes that matter to you by offering a variety of motorist services ranging from address changes to renewals at your convenience, 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.
Forms for the Division of Motor Vehicles, Division of Driver Licenses, Florida Highway Patrol, and others, are available on the DHSMV forms page.
Florida Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Titling Law requires OHV owners to apply for a Certificate of Title and obtain an OHV decal to be affixed on his/her OHV for use on OHV trails.
www.hsmv.state.fl.us /html/titlinf.html   (370 words)

 District of Columbia: Department of Motor Vehicles - Services - On-Line Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Please Note: The DMV website will not be available for online transactions from 10 pm Saturday, March 04, 2006 until 6 am Sunday, March 05, 2006.
DMV Online Services will be unavailable from 6 am on July 30 until 6 am July 31, 2006, due to a scheduled District of Columbia Disaster Recovery Exercise.
The DMV is pleased to provide several driver and vehicle transactions online.
dmv.dc.gov /serv/online.shtm   (193 words)

 DMV - online department of motor vehicles license, registration, plates, information by state
Hawaii DMVL Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing
Nevada DMVPS Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety
OnlineDMV.com is not affiliate with any of the listed states, state agencies or any motor vehicle departments for the listed states.
www.onlinedmv.com   (183 words)

 District of Columbia: Department of Motor Vehicles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The District of Columbia Department of Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) actively seeks well-qualified and highly motivated professionals to fill key positions within the agency.
In observance of DC Compensated Emancipation Day, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be closed on Saturday, April 15 and Monday, April 17.
DDOT and DMV announce that residents on newly designated RPP blocks in the vicinity of RFK Stadium must obtain new vehicle registration stickers with RPP designations before July 15, 2005.
dmv.washingtondc.gov /main.shtm   (397 words)

 Kansas Department of Revenue - Division of Motor Vehicles
Kansas Department of Revenue - Division of Motor Vehicles
The Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles has 1.8 million licensed drivers and 2.5 million registered vehicles.
The Division oversees the administration of motor vehicle registrations, issues motor vehicle and trailer titles, maintains vehicle title and registration records, licenses and monitors Kansas vehicle dealers.
www.ksrevenue.org /dmv.htm   (122 words)

 Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
If your new vehicle is a lemon, Virginia's Lemon Law requires the dealer who sold you the car to refund your money or replace the vehicle.
If you have tried unsuccessfully to have your new vehicle (purchased in Virginia) repaired three or more times for the same problem, or the vehicle has been out of service for more than thirty days in one year, your vehicle may be classified as a lemon under the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act.
If you think your vehicle is a lemon, contact the Office of Consumer Affairs before filing a claim under this Act.
www.dmv.state.va.us /webdoc/citizen/vehicles/lemonlaw.asp   (156 words)

 Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
Vermont DMV's Departmental Policies are available upon request.
DMV asking commercial vehicle drivers to wear their seatbelts.
Some DMV Offices are open until 6 o'clock PM on Wednesdays.
www.aot.state.vt.us /dmv/dmvhp.htm   (268 words)

 Florida DMV | Department of Motor Vehicles Guide
Common services provided by the DMV include drivers license renewal, license plate renewal, getting a learners permit, and finding a Florida department of Motor Vehicles approved traffic school.
This new online version of ADI (12 hour Florida traffic School) shows how the DMV in Florida is taking advantage of technology to deliver better service to Florida drivers.
If you have a traffic ticket that is overdue clear it up with the DMV as soon as possible and get your drivers license back.
www.dmvflorida.org   (437 words)

 Platesmenistan: Department of Motor Vehicles Homepages
This page provides links to all of the government agencies which register motor vehicles in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa which maintain sites on the web.
If you know of a link to another country's or province's motor vehicle registration agency, please send it to me and I'll add it as soon as I can.
See the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission homepage, the state agency which licenses car dealers for some info.
cache.cow.net /~friedman/dmv.html   (306 words)

 Department of Motor Vehicles
for the full range of motor vehicle and driver's licensing services.
The Motor Vehicle Registration & Licensing program issues new and renewal licenses for drivers of motor vehicles, registers motor vehicles and bicycles, issues County business licenses, provides supervision for motor vehicle inspection stations, issues disabled persons placards, and issues taxi permits.
This program oversees and administers the Commercial Drivers License and Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection programs for the State of Hawai`i.
www.mauicounty.gov /departments/MotorVehicles   (266 words)

 Division of Motor Vehicles
Motor vehicle titling, registration, inspection, license plates and fees.
Welcome to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a division of the West Virginia Department of Transportation.
The DMV provides driver information and education through twenty-three (23) regional offices.
www.wvdot.com /6_motorists/dmv/6G_DMV.HTM   (171 words)

 DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles Listings Directory DMVOnline.com
New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles - NJ
South Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles - SD
Washington D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles - DC
www.dmvonline.com   (251 words)

 Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles - www.dmvnv.com
DMV online services are unavailable from midnight to 2 a.m.
DMV offices will be closed over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, Thursday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 26th.
Public hearings on changes in changes to vehicle emissions regulations will be held Dec. 6 in Reno and Dec. 8 in Las Vegas.
www.dmvnv.com   (131 words)

 SC Department of Motor Vehicles
Division of Motor Vehicle Hearings Effective January 1, 2006, the duties and functions of the SCDMV Administrative Hearing Office moved to the SC Administrative Law Court as the Division of Motor Vehicle Hearings.
Flood-damaged vehicles from areas affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are making their way to South Carolina and some dishonest businesses and individuals may try to sell them without revealing the true history of the vehicle.
To learn more about how you can avoid purchasing one of these damaged vehicle, visit the SC Department of Consumer Affairs website and get tips from the experts.
www.scdmvonline.com   (277 words)

 Drivers & Vehicles - Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Drivers and Vehicles - Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Enhancing your experience with DMV - on any day at any time - is a primary agency objective.
Motor vehicle and driver license information for other states
www.dot.wisconsin.gov /drivers/index.htm   (114 words)

 DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles - Online directory of state DMV web sites with comprehensive guide to Department of ...
DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles - Online directory of state DMV web sites with comprehensive guide to Department of Motor Vehicle services including driving records, vin numbers, registration, licenses, and forms.
District of Columbia DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DMV-Department-Of-Motor-Vehicles.com is not affiliate with any of the listed states, state agencies or any motor vehicle departments for the listed states.
dmv-department-of-motor-vehicles.com /OH_Ohio_dmv_department_of_motor_vehicles...   (161 words)

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