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Topic: Depolarization

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  British Journal of Pharmacology - Characterization of the anandamide induced depolarization of guinea-pig isolated ...
Depolarization to anandamide and arachidonic acid was significantly inhibited in the presence of ET1 (P<0.05).
Consistent with the observation that the depolarization of isolated vagus nerve was CB1/CB2 receptor independent, the cannabinoid receptor agonist, CP55940 failed to depolarize the vagus nerve.
IRELAND S.J. and TYERS M.B. (1987) Pharmacological characterization of 5-hydroxytryptamine-induced depolarization of the rat isolated vagus nerve.
www.nature.com /bjp/journal/v137/n1/full/0704840a.html   (6495 words)

 CiteULike: Activation of serum response factor in the depolarization induction of Egr-1 transcription in pancreatic ...
Activation of serum response factor in the depolarization induction of Egr-1 transcription in pancreatic islet beta-cells.
Depolarization resulted in phosphorylation of cAMP-response element-binding protein, yet partial inhibition by a dominant negative cAMP-response element-binding protein, along with a robust response of a cAMP-response element-mutated Egr-1 promoter suggested the presence of a second Ca(2+)-responsive element.
Depolarization activation of 5XSRE-LUC and serum response factor (SRF)-GAL4 constructs, along with activation of SRF-GAL4 by co-transfection with constitutively active calmodulin kinase IV and protein kinase A, and binding of Ser(103)-phosphorylated SRF in nuclear extracts, indicated that the SRE.SRF complexes contribute to the Ca(2+)-mediated transcriptional regulation of Egr-1.
www.citeulike.org /user/morvencameron/article/688   (722 words)

  NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Jet Contrail Studies Using Polarization Lidar   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The depolarization ratio as a function of the ice crystal effective size parameter (defined as the average particle circumference divided by the wavelength of light).
In view of the strong dependence of depolarization on the ice particle size apparent in the figure, dual-wavelength lidar systems may be especially useful for studying how contrail ice crystals grow with age.
Depolarization of lidar returns by small ice crystals: An application to contrails.
www.giss.nasa.gov /research/briefs/mishchenko_01   (641 words)

 Depolarization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In biology, depolarization is a decrease in the absolute value of a cell's membrane potential.
In the study of membrane potentials, particularly in the field of action potentials, depolarization has taken on an informal, technically incorrect meaning.
The initial depolarization during the rising phase of an action potential is in the direction from the negative resting potential towards the positive membrane potential that will be the peak of the action potential.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Depolarization   (449 words)

 A 5-HT7 Receptor-Mediated Depolarization in the Anterodorsal Thalamus. I. Pharmacological Characterization -- Chapin ...
A 5-HT7 Receptor-Mediated Depolarization in the Anterodorsal Thalamus.
A 5-HT Receptor-Mediated Depolarization in the Anterodorsal Thalamus.
the serotonin-induced membrane depolarization in the ADn as the
jpet.aspetjournals.org /cgi/content/full/297/1/395   (5169 words)

 Depolarization ratio
The depolarization of the pure molecular atmosphere is nonzero, because of the anisotropy of the air, and therefore a 0.37--0.4 % depolarization for the Cabannes line is expected [39,40].
Therefore, aerosol depolarizations similar to the molecular depolarization can be seen and also parts of the cirrus cloud and ice crystal precipitation show depolarization ratios which are close to the depolarization of the supercooled water or mixture of ice and water (green areas in the raw aerosol depolarization RTI).
A summary of the observed depolarization ratios as a function of temperature are presented in Figure 30.
lidar.ssec.wisc.edu /papers/pp_thes/node20.htm   (2738 words)

 Atrial and Ventricular Depolarization Changes
Since the initial part of the P wave is due to right atrial depolarization, enlargement of the right atrium produces a P wave prominence (peaked P waves) in leads II and aVF without necessarily increasing P wave duration.
Due to a considerable amount of muscle-to-muscle conduction during ventricular depolarization, QRS duration frequently exceeds 120 msec.
Initial ventricular activation by the accessory pathway is muscle to muscle; thus, the first part of the QRS complex, the delta wave, is slurred.
www.americanheart.org /presenter.jhtml?identifier=563   (2307 words)

 Mitochondrial membrane sensitivity to depolarization in acute myeloblastic leukemia is associated with spontaneous in ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mitochondrial membrane sensitivity to depolarization in acute myeloblastic leukemia is associated with spontaneous in vitro apoptosis, wild-type TP53, and vicinal thiol/disulfide status -- Pallis et al.
Mitochondrial membrane sensitivity to depolarization in acute myeloblastic leukemia is associated with spontaneous in vitro apoptosis, wild-type TP53, and vicinal thiol/disulfide status
Depolarization induced in 10 primary AML cases by 3 µM mClCCP and 100 µM diamide and in 8 cases by 3 µM mClCCP and 100 µM DEM.
www.bloodjournal.org /cgi/content/full/98/2/405   (5732 words)

 Induction of a Sodium-dependent Depolarization by External Calcium Removal in Human Sperm -- ...
depolarization was not caused by a sustained intracellular calcium
a remarkable depolarization of the plasma membrane was induced.
depolarization induced by calcium removal was affected by magnesium.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/278/38/36304   (4222 words)

 CiteULike: Transient depolarization and spontaneous voltage fluctuations in isolated single cells from guinea pig ...
Transient depolarization or transient inward current was abolished by an intracellular injection of ethyleneglycol-bis (beta-aminoethyl ether)-N,N'-tetraacetic acid (EGTA) or by superfusion of 5 mM caffeine.
Transient depolarization was elicited even in the control Tyrode's solution by an intracellular injection of CaCl2 or augmented by an injection of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphoric acid (cAMP).
Depolarization of the membrane caused a shift of the spectrum peak toward higher frequencies.
www.citeulike.org /user/brocktice/article/904314   (537 words)

 Sodium Influx Plays a Major Role in the Membrane Depolarization Induced by Oxygen and Glucose Deprivation in Rat ...
induced a membrane depolarization in striatal spiny neurons.
A, Tolbutamide increased the ischemia-induced membrane depolarization in spiny neurons in a dose-dependent manner.
to attenuate the depolarization amplitude in striatal spiny neurons.
stroke.ahajournals.org /cgi/content/full/30/1/171   (5375 words)

 Depolarization   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As the myocardial cells are electrically stimulated, the interior of the cells become positively charged.
The change in charges inside the myocardial cell from negative to positive is called depolarization.
Depolarization causes the cells to contract as the charges change.
www.utpb.edu /courses/jeldridge/KINE3350/depolarization.htm   (40 words)

Enough depolarization of the dendritic membrane triggers all-or-nothing impulses from the beginning of the axon at its junction with the dendritic membrane.
The more the dendritic depolarization exceeds this threshold (goes beyond it towards zero), the higher the rate of firing (the more action potentials per second) on the axon, up to several hundred impulses per second for a few seconds.
The neuron must be depolarized to -61mV to trigger a single impulse on its axon.
www.indiana.edu /~p1013447/dictionary/neucode.htm   (1772 words)

 Tech Note 2: Edge Depolarization
Depolarization produced by a cut glass edge in tiled AMLCD and its effect on image quality are examined.
The depolarization factor was measured for light scattering from edge sections of the production level AMLC tiles used in display assembly.
The level of depolarization for light scattered from the cut edge was measured by observing the light intensity for the tile sample between crossed linear polarizers.
www.4physics.com /tn2/edge_depolarization.htm   (605 words)

 TRPC3 mediates pyrimidine receptor-induced depolarization of cerebral arteries -- Reading et al. 288 (5): H2055 -- AJP ...
The arterial SMCs depolarized by 14 ± 1 mV in TRPC3 sense-treated
Agonist-induced depolarization is not mediated by TRPC6 in cerebral artery.
depolarization and myogenic tone in cerebral arteries (40).
ajpheart.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/288/5/H2055   (4354 words)

 Prolonged depolarization promotes fast gating kinetics of L-type Ca2+ channels in mouse skeletal myotubes -- O'Connell ...
The effects of prolonged conditioning depolarizations on the activation kinetics of skeletal L-type calcium currents (L-currents) were characterized in mouse myotubes using the whole-cell patch clamp technique.
During this protocol, myotubes were depolarized to +40 mV for 10 s ('short-term inactivation'), and subsequently reprimed at -80 mV for various intervals (3, 10, or 60 s).
Alternatively, the acceleration of L-channel kinetics by prolonged depolarization may be an intrinsic property of the L-channel that is independent of the interaction with RyR1.
jp.physoc.org /cgi/content/full/529/3/647   (7847 words)

 Potassium Ion Channels of Chlorella Viruses Cause Rapid Depolarization of Host Cells during Infection -- Frohns et al. ...
Virus-induced membrane depolarization is associated with a rise in K
3A, infections with PBCV-1 and NY-2A evoked depolarizations
Dose-response curves for the effects of Cs on virus-induced membrane depolarization (A) and on the conductances of three different Kcv channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes at a test voltage of –100 mV.
jvi.asm.org /cgi/content/full/80/5/2437   (4819 words)

This initial phase of the action potential is called the depolarization phase.
Now as the depolarization phase progresses, the status of the two physical forces that have been discussed changes.
At the end of the depolarization phase, the voltage of the inside of the axon relative to the outside is positive and the relative concentration of sodium ions inside the axon is greater than at the beginning of the action potential.
psych.hanover.edu /Krantz/neural/charge4.html   (199 words)

 Basic Electrocardiography
P-R interval is the time required for completion of aerial depolarization; conduction through the AV note, bundle of His, and bundle branches; and arrival at the ventricular myocardial cells.
If the premature atrial depolarization wave reaches the AV node before the node has had a chance to repolarize, it may not be conducted, and what may be seen is an abnormal P wave without a subsequent QRS complex.
These premature atrial depolarization waves may be conducted to ventricular tissue before complete repolarization has occurred, and in such cases, the subsequent ventricular depolarization may take place by an abnormal pathway, generating a wide, bizarre QRS complex.
www.sh.lsuhsc.edu /fammed/OutpatientManual/BasicECG.htm   (4374 words)

 Volume conductor principles
Midway through this depolarization process, cells on the left (depolarized cells) would be negative on the outside relative to the inside, while non-depolarized cells on the right of the muscle would still be polarized (positive on the outside).
The entire process of depolarization and repolarization is depicted in the animated model to the right, which is representative of the electrical events that occur in the atria.
Because the wave of depolarization is moving toward the positive electrode, by convention, a positive voltage (upward deflection) is recorded.
www.cvphysiology.com /Arrhythmias/A014.htm   (954 words)

 Plasma Membrane Depolarization Induced by Abscisic Acid in Arabidopsis Suspension Cells Involves Reduction of Proton ...
The medium alkalinization elicited by ABA coincided with the plasma membrane depolarization induced by ABA.
ABA triggered a slight depolarization of the plasma
Moyen C, Johannes E (1996) Systemin transiently depolarizes the tomato mesophyll cell membrane and antagonizes fusicoccin-induced extracellular acidification of mesophyll tissue.
www.plantphysiol.org /cgi/content/full/135/1/231   (6654 words)

 Role of intracellular Ca2+ release in histamine-induced depolarization in rabbit middle cerebral artery -- Gokina and ...
A: a, transient and sustained depolarizations and contraction caused by caffeine in regular PSS (control); b, responses induced by caffeine after 15 min of treatment of same arterial segment with ryanodine; c, 2nd application of caffeine after 40 min of ryanodine treatment failed to induce contraction and transient depolarization.
A slight depolarization of the membrane with BaCl
Histamine-induced depolarization: ionic mechanisms and role in sustained contraction of rabbit cerebral arteries.
ajpheart.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/278/6/H2105   (5736 words)

 Molecular Pain | Full text | Prolonged membrane potential depolarization in cingulate pyramidal cells after digit ...
The amplitude of this amputation-induced depolarization was 53.5 ± 4.0 mV (n = 24) with the membrane potential shifted from -71.9 ± 1.2 mV to -15.1 ± 5.3 mV from intracellular recordings (n = 15) and from 0 mV to 50.1 ± 7.0 mV from extracellular recordings (n = 9).
In contrast, the latency to the onset of depolarization was significantly prolonged to 1.53 ± 0.15 min (n = 10, P < 0.01) (Table 1).
It is conceivable that membrane potential depolarization induced by amputation results in the enhancement of Ca influx through voltage-dependent Ca channels and NMDA receptors, which might initiate the intracellular events leading to the alteration of synaptic transmission.
www.molecularpain.com /content/1/1/23   (2517 words)

Depolarization goes from the left side of the ventricular septum to the right side, accounting for the Q-Wave.
PR-Interval is the period from beginning of atrial depolarization to the beginning of ventricular depolarization.
This is the period from beginning of ventricular depolarization to the end of repolarization.
www.mednote.co.kr /PHYSIOLOGYBLUE/EKG.htm   (1456 words)

 In-cloud variability of LIDAR depolarization of polar and midlatitude cirrus
Since depolarization depends in a complicated manner on particle shape and size, in-cloud variability of depolarization has been used as an indicator of the microphysical homogeneity of cirrus.
A wider in-cloud variability of depolarization was observed in polar clouds at higher temperatures (−50, −30°C), reflecting the presence of supercooled liquid layers.
The large in-cloud variability of depolarization in Florence cirrus could be explained with a microphysics that is dynamically and chemically perturbed as compared with the polar site.
www.agu.org /pubs/crossref/2003/2003GL017163.shtml   (245 words)

 Regulation of eosinophil membrane depolarization during NADPH oxidase activation -- Bankers-Fulbright et al. 116 (15): ...
Regulation of eosinophil membrane depolarization during NADPH oxidase activation -- Bankers-Fulbright et al.
The time course of eosinophil depolarization correlates with activation of the proton conductance.
unattenuated depolarization and proton accumulation at the inner membrane
jcs.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/116/15/3221   (3483 words)

 BioMed Central | Full text | PI3K and PKC contribute to membrane depolarization mediated by alpha2-adrenoceptors in the ...
PI3K and PKC contribute to membrane depolarization mediated by alpha2-adrenoceptors in the canine isolated mesenteric vein
EFS elicited a biphasic depolarization comprised of excitatory junction potentials and SMD that are purinergic and adrenergic in nature, respectively.
The EFS-induced slow membrane depolarization is sensitive to NFA, NPPB, DIDS and Gd To test possible contribution of ion channels in the EFS-induced SMD, we incubated veins with the commonly used non-selective cation channel (NSCC) and Cl channel inhibitors NFA (100 μM), NPPB (30 μM), and DIDS (200 μM) [16,26].
www.biomedcentral.com /1472-6793/5/9   (5778 words)

 Conformational activation of Ca2+ entry by depolarization of skeletal myotubes -- Cherednichenko et al. 101 (44): 15793 ...
to the length of the depolarizing stimulus (Fig.
The response of fura-2 to depolarization exhibited an overshoot in quench, which is likely the consequence of slight deviations from excitation (ex) at 360 nm, indicating that Ca was released during EC coupling.
The average rates of baseline quench and that induced by depolarization are indicated by dashed traces i (horizontal) and ii (vertical), respectively, and are summarized in Table 1.
www.pnas.org /cgi/content/full/101/44/15793   (4816 words)

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