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Topic: Derek Meddings

  Derek Jarman - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Derek Jarman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Derek Jarman - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Derek Jarman.
Derek Jarman (January 31 1942 - February 19 1994) was a British film director, stage designer, artist, and writer.
Jarman was born in Northwood, Middlesex, and from 1960 studied at King's College London.
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/Derek-Jarman.html   (778 words)

 Derek Meddings - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
Derek Meddings (15 January 1931–10 September 1995) was a British television and cinema special effects expert, initially noted for his work on the "Supermarionation" television puppet series produced by Gerry Anderson.
For his work on Superman, in 1979 Derek Meddings was awarded a shared Special Achievement Award for special effects by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and shared the Michael Balcon Award of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).
He was also nominated for the 1980 Oscar (Best effects, visual effects) for his work on Moonraker, for the 1990 BAFTA Film Award for best special effects for Batman, and posthumously for the 1996 BAFTA Film Award for best achievement in special effects for GoldenEye.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Derek_Meddings   (344 words)

 TV Century 21 - the Gerry Anderson home page - The Hows and Whys of Supermarionation - part 3
Derek Meddings and his crew had to learn to cope with the problems of filming on and under water as Stingray involved the adventures of a submarine crew.
Derek Meddings's solution was to build a special shallow water tank which had a long "water fall" at the back.
Derek Meddings reportedly could not believe that the shot went as well as it did and he filmed the sequence several times just to make sure.
www.tvcentury21.com /content/view/80/54   (3752 words)

 Mego MoonRaker 007 James Bond | MEGO CENTRAL |
Derek Meddings' incredible visual effects and Ken Adam's stunning design are the elements of MOONRAKER which perhaps hold the most appeal for enthusiasts.
Created by John and Wanda Brown, colleagues of Meddings from his days as special effects supervisor on the Gerry Anderson television Science-Fiction programmes, the figures are a testament to their skill and resourcefulness.
Their joy was short-lived however when Derek's children would appear with the far more spectacular original movie props as they had similarly done a year previous when SUPERMAN was released.
www.megocentral.com /MOONRAKER.html   (2273 words)

 Superman The Movie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Meddings had worked for Bowie at the famous Anglo-Scottish pictures, a company that specialised in television commercials during the 50's and 60's.
Meddings was given the many FX tasks, which lead to a long-time association with Anderson, that lasted right up to 1971's UFO tv series.
GOLDENEYE was Derek Medding's last film, as he died from cancer (aged 64) during post-production, leaving the film's Mig crashes unfinished.
www.supermancinema.co.uk /superman1/the_production/special_effects/index.shtml   (1037 words)

 Cinescape - Home - Editorial
The heads of the department were Derek Meddings in special effects, Bob Bell who was in charge of the art department, we had a model department, we had a property department that built all the furniture, and everything in each room would have to be made—carpets, lamps, glasses, every single thing had to be made.
Derek came to me and said, ‘Look, instead of having the organ fall to pieces, how about blowing it up?’ He said he could do it with some fireworks and fl powder and an electric detonator.
I said okay and when we shot the scene Christine Glanville was up overhead operating the puppet’s hands, and I did a countdown and when I got to zero there was this bloody great bang, and Christine on the balcony jumped and of course Beaker raised his hands and the organ burst into flames.
www.cinescape.com /0/editorial.asp?aff_id=0&this_cat=Television&action=page&obj_id=37121   (711 words)

 Meddings memorial page
Derek Meddings is the mind and power behind the machine in most of the Anderson's shows.
Derek Meddings was the man responsible for the fact that the
Derek Died from Cancer in 1995 at the age of 64.
tb1_5.tripod.com /dm.html   (1179 words)

 TV Century 21 - the Gerry Anderson home page - The Hows and Whys of Supermarionation - part 1
Christine Glanville, Derek Meddings, and Barry Gray would all stay on with Gerry and Sylvia Anderson through the end of the Supermarionation era.
As this was only a part time job for Derek Meddings, he usually performed his work at night or on weekends.
However, Derek incorporated a greater degree of sophistication to the set pieces, introducing an entire miniature town with houses shaped like pieces of fruit and interior sets full of realistic miniature furnishings.
www.tvcentury21.com /index.php?option=content&task=view&id=78   (2457 words)

 RED ALERT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Compare this with the complex effects-based sequences Derrek Meddings was creating as early as Stingray and maturing in Thunderbirds, with episodes of the latter often exceeding 100 FX shots required.
Perhaps the different approaches are not comparable, but the results tend to speak for themselves: in one the effects are a secondary (though crucial) supporting element in a live-action, usually closed-sets, drama, while in the other the effects sequences often comprise functional story units.
As Derek Meddings said, in his interview in SIG #12 (Spring 1985): "Remember the vertical take-off aeroplane that landed in "Doppelgang- er?" It's unbelievable.
www.dream-craft.com /redalert/2001.htm   (1762 words)

 Welcome to eModelAirplanes
The greater emphasis upon models forced the APF miniature effects crew lead by Derek Meddings to improve their standards of production and come up with time and money saving innovations.
Another important technique was the careful application of paint to simulate the effects of normal wear and 'weathering' to enhance the appearance and authenticity of the models.
Derek Meddings stated on a number of occasions that many of the objects which flew across the television screen in Fireball XL5 were made from common kitchen utensils or squeeze bottles.
www.planemuseum.com /xl5.html   (369 words)

 Jeannot Szwarc Interview
SMB - With Derek Meddings working on the film it was bound to be spectacular.
But that was the magic of Derek Meddings.
Derek painted it on glass and then he just angled it the proper way in front of the camera and we just flew Helen.
www.geocities.com /hollywood/palace/3454/jeannotsupergirl.html   (3045 words)

 007 NEWS: Bond & Beyond - The SFX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Meddings' legacy through screenings of his most popular and best-known work and guest talks by some of his visual effects colleagues.
Meddings, who died in 1995, brought lavish and memorable visual images to the famous Gerry Anderson films and television series and used the miniature model effects he developed on a number of James Bond films.
Meddings will display a collection of his father`s production design illustrations from the Gerry Anderson series and the James Bond films.
www.ianfleming.org /007news/articles2/derekmeddings.shtml   (483 words)

 Derek Meddings - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Derek Meddings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Derek Meddings - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Derek Meddings.
Here you will find more informations about Derek Meddings.
The orginal Derek Meddings article can be editet
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/Derek-Meddings.html   (366 words)

 [No title]
Working as a matte artist, Meddings was included in many of the early Hammer films.
In April, 1979, Meddings received an Academy Award for his work on "Superman." -more- =========================== PAGE BREAK ================================ Derek Meddings Bio Page 8 ------------------ Derek Meddings also worked on the spectacular James Bond adventure "For Your Eyes Only," as well as "Superman The Movie I and II.
Presently, Meddings is involved with "Krull," a sword and scorcery fantasy-adventure film set on another planet.
www.ufoseries.com /marketing/invasionBook.txt   (1704 words)

 007 NEWS: Remembering an SFX Genius
More than 150 fans attended "Bond & Beyond," a tribute to SFX genius Derek Meddings at National Museum of Photography, Film and Television from May 27-28 in Bradford, Yorkshire.
During the two-day event props, costumes, models and merchandise associated with the films Derek worked on were on display, as was the Oscar awarded to Derek for his brilliant miniature and SFX work on Superman.
Paying tribute to Derek's work on the Bond films were production designer Peter Lamont and producer Michael G. Wilson, both who gave talks between films.
www.ianfleming.org /007news/articles2/meddingstribute.shtml   (510 words)

 Century 21 Productions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aside from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson -- who became world-famous -- other important collaborators in the company's productions were cinematographer and Director of Photography John Read and producer Reg Hill, whose many important contributions to the company's productions are often overlooked.
Prominent production team members included puppet master Christine Glanville, special effects director Derek Meddings and his 2nd Unit director Brian Johnson and composer-arranger Barry Gray, who composed and produced the themes and incidental music for all Anderson's productions up to and including the first series of Space:1999 in 1975.
The company also assembled a regular team of voice actors who worked on many series, including Shane Rimmer, Ray Barrett.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Century_21_Productions   (422 words)

 Science Fiction Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Not sure what I had in mind here, but I was after the same kind of feel that some of the best Hawkwind album covers have - a sort of space mysticism feel.
Of all the Derek Meddings vehicle designs for Gerry Anderson, for me this is the best.
The Derek Meddings book "21st Century Visions" is highly recommended to digital modellers - loads of useful tips on getting a sense of scale, and dirtying down for realism.
www.starbase1.co.uk /scifi/scifi_art.htm   (515 words)

 UFO Series Home Page - Pre-Production   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Moonbase Interceptor: Sketch and notes on a Moonbase Interceptor, by Derek Meddings.
Lunar Carrier and Module: Painting of the Lunar Module separating from Lunar Carrier in upper atmosphere, by Derek Meddings.
Skydiver: Sketch and notes on Skydiver, by Derek Meddings (note original sliding chair to fighter and vertical takeoff).
www.ufoseries.com /preProduction   (165 words)

 Tony Simons' Thunderbirds Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Of particular note was the work of Derek Meddings, who perfected different kinds of oil, gas, and dry explosions using high-speed cameras to slow down, and so increase the scale of, the explosions.
Derek then would add detail, such as panel lines, patches, rivets and developed a technique for dirtying down the model, to make it look used.
Derek Meddings went on to an illustrious Oscar-winning career in model miniature effects for the Superman and James Bond movies; Peter Wragg from the second miniatures team later built the wire-guided Starbug sequences for the acclaimed 1980s comedy hit Red Dwarf.
www.dcs.shef.ac.uk /~ajhs/hobbies/tbird.html   (1795 words)

 Sci-fans.com looks at Thunderbirds
Anderson’s first three were “Supercar” (1961, starring a gadget-filled 7-foot model that cost 1000 pounds to build), “Fireball XL5” (set in the year 2063, with special effects by Derek Meddings of Moonraker and Superman fame), and “Stingray” (underwater crime fighters in the year 2065, Anderson’s first color TV-series).
Derek Meddings, whose special effects for Moonraker (including a multiple Space Shuttle launch) won an Oscar® and who also did effects for the Thunderbirds series, did the explosive special effects in this early effort.
For example: Lt. Bob Meddings (seen in the episodes "Trapped In The Sky" and "Operation Crash-dive") was named after visual effects supervisor Derek Meddings.
www.angelfire.com /mn/nn/Thunderbirds.html   (4823 words)

 MR. KISS KISS BANG BANG! The director talks about FYEO (page 1 of 2)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The special effects team, with cameraman Paul Wilson and director Derek Meddings operating the underwater camera himself, would use the tank for model shots of the submarine approaching the sunken trawler.
Secondly the underwater explosion which rocks the trawler with Bond and Melina narrowly escaping the blast, then on to the Mantis fight which was to be part model and part full-size.
The close shots of the principal actors were to be shot "dry" by the first unit, using foreground and background fish tanks.
www.ianfleming.org /mkkbb/magazine/81acm2.shtml   (694 words)

 Rodger Shaw   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Visual Effects supervisors Derek Meddings and Roy Field wanted a more effective effects process than mixing 3-D stop-motion or cartoon cel animation.
On that project he was creating and filming a fully articulated torso of a young man, used for the shots of victims lowered into the fiery pit.
After being briefed by Meddings and director Jeannot Szwarc, Shaw constructed the demon as a miniature, mechanical puppet that could be filmed on Meddings miniature sets at high speed.
www.supermancinema.co.uk /special_features/super_innovators/make_up/make_up_animatronics_shaw_p4.htm   (223 words)

 Bowch On The Net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There are gadgets and toy-friendly machines galore, of course--like the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, the Angel Aircraft and Cloudbase itself--but, unlike the colourful fantasies of Stingray and Thunderbirds, this series' concern with an implacable, vengeful enemy, conspiracies and double-agents drew its inspiration from James Bond and the Cold War spy dramas of the 1960s.
Special effects whiz Derek Meddings imbues the action sequences with a truly Bondian grandeur and, like the sinister Spectre of the Bond films, the Martian Mysterons seem all the more hostile for their unseen presence, their agents infiltrating every organisation dedicated to their destruction just as it seemed the Soviets were doing at the time.
With complex underwater model and puppet effects, this was ground-breaking television, especially as it was the first UK series to be made in colour, though for years it was only seen in fl and white.
www.bowch.co.uk /estore/dvds/children.shtml   (2161 words)

 Derek Meddings Birthday Celebrity, Celebrity Birthdays, Sports Stars Birthdays, Born Celebrity Horoscopes, Celebrity ...
Derek Meddings Birthday Celebrity, Celebrity Birthdays, Sports Stars Birthdays, Born Celebrity Horoscopes, Celebrity Addresses
Write to Derek Meddings and request a free autographed photo.
If this celebrity is deceased, this age represents the age they would be today if still alive.
www.movieeye.com /celebrity_birthdays/details/2615/Derek_Meddings.html   (171 words)

 DVD Talk > Reviews > Thunderbirds International Rescue Edition > Printer Friendly
The craft and ingenuity put into the built-from-scratch visuals and effects is remarkable, and the work of effects whiz Derek Meddings is so good that many illusions are better than the standard in live action films of the time.
Sylvia Anderson was approached by Stanley Kubrick about 2001: A Space Odyssey but didn't get involved; Derek Meddings later had his feature chance with expert minature effects work on several James Bond films, creating many underwater views and miniature explosions that are nigh undetectable.
Meddings was a hero to my boss on 1941, effects miniature maker Gregory Jein.
www.dvdtalk.com /reviews/print.php?ID=11600   (2122 words)

 VH1.com : Movies : Person : Derek Meddings : Biography
Superman: The Movie (1978) and the James Bond thriller Moonraker (1979), both of which won him special industry awards.
Meddings also worked on Tim Burton's Batman (1980) and The Neverending Story III (1994).
Meddings was working on a new James Bond movie, Golden Eye, when he passed away.
www.vh1.com /movies/person/90471/bio.jhtml   (127 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: 21st Century Visions: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Derek Meddings describes how he achieved the special effects that are the distinguishing marks of such television series as 'Thunderbirds', 'Stingray' and 'Captain Scarlett'.
which is just full of text.Because it is written by Derek Meddings (the genius responsible for all the special effects) the facts are 100% correct.
Because it is written by Derek Meddings (the
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/1850282439/scifind0b   (404 words)

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