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Topic: Desposyni

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

Those Desposyni who escaped through time are searching for those of their kind.
The fake Desposyni of the Catholics and Mormons will be removed forever ~ not even their memory will remain.
The TRUE Bloodline Desposyni are knowing the peace now and it shows in their countenance.
www.geocities.com /exposing_the_great_harlot/Revelations_of_the_Lighted_Brotherhood.html   (4920 words)

 Poverty of Desposyni
It has come as some surprise to people, upon learning about the Desposyni, to find that they live very ordinary lives and are often quite poor.
Every male member of the Desposyni known to history in the ancient world died a violent death.
The poverty of the Desposyni measures the spiritual poverty of the Church.
grailchurch.org /poverty.htm   (452 words)

 What is the Desposyni / Rex Deus?
They are believed by some to have had a large part in the leadership of the Church in its formative years up through the 4th century, at which time references to the Desposyni seem to have disappeared.
The Desposyni, as being blood-descendants of Mary, Jesus' mother, are historical fact.
The ideas behind the Desposyni and Rex Deus arise from mankind's penchant for solving mystery, for exposing the unknown--there must be an explanation for everything that happens in world history, and what is unknown does not suffice.
www.gotquestions.org /desposyni-rex-deus.html   (467 words)

 APPENDIX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Yet, the doctrine of the Desposyni pre-dates the doctrine of a Biblical patriarchalism.
Indeed, it is because of the Desposyni that such a doctrine exists.
Using the itinerating ministry of the Apostles and the spiritual covering of the Desposyni, Christianity flourished in Palestine for a hundred years.
grailchurch.org /foundationapp.htm   (550 words)

 Pope Silvester I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The accounts of his Papacy preserved in the Liber Pontificalis (7th or 8th century) and in Anastasius are little else than a record of the gifts said to have been conferred on the Roman Church by Constantine the Great.
He was the only known Pope to have met the Desposyni, the acknowledged members of Jesus's family.
He was represented at the First Council of Nicaea, and is said to have held a council at Rome to condemn the heresies of Arius and others.
www.blockbegone.com /index.php?q=aHR0cDovL2VuLndpa2lwZWRpYS5vcmcvd2lraS9Qb3BlX1NpbHZlc3Rlcl9J   (380 words)

 The Jesse Tree Depicting Jesus
Jews and Christians were at this juncture allowed back in Jerusalem and the Desposyni bishops re-opened their churches and sought to re-establish themselves as the primary leaders of Christianity.
In this regard some factions of the Desposyni - who most likely fled to France to avoid the persecutions enacted against them - would have been forced to surrender some of their women to the Goths.
Such Desposyni brides would have either emerged from the Visigoth princesses - whose ancestors included Desposyni women - or directly from the Arian Christians some of whom were bloodline descendants.
www.geocities.com /jesuskids2003/descendantsofjesus.htm   (10363 words)

 Desposyni - sports-betting-tip.info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In Ebionite belief, this included his mother Mary, his father Joseph, his unnamed sisters, and his brothers James the Just, Joses, Simon and Jude; in Pauline Christian belief, Mary is counted as a blood relative, Joseph only as a foster father and the rest as half brothers or cousins.
If Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, a controversial belief held by some Gnostic sects which is only indirectly corroborated by the apocryphal Gospel of Philip, their child or children would have been the most revered among the desposyni.
According to author Malachi Martin, every early community of Judean followers of Jesus, whether it was Nazarene or Ebionite, was governed by a desposynos as a patriarch, and each of them carried one of the names traditional in Jesus' family but no one was ever named after him.
sports-betting-tip.info /Desposyni   (580 words)

 [No title]
This theory was popularized in 1982 by the occultic book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" in which the author to sensationalize his work purposely misidentified Jesus of Nazareth with His cousin Jesus "of Gamala", for the author surely would have known better from his research.
It was the "Desposyni" who introduced the doctrine of the "Divine Right" in Europe.
The theory that the Habsburgs descended from one of the eight desposynic princes, who visited the Pope in Rome, Year 318, to persuade the Pope to restore the dispossessed Desposyni to the papacy.
www.angelfire.com /ego/et_deo/hapsburgs.wps.htm   (1639 words)

 Desposyni; The Direct Descendants of Christ
The Desposyni (from Greek (desposunos) meaning "of or belonging to the master or lord" was a sacred name reserved for Jesus' blood relatives.
In Ebionite belief, the desposyni included his mother Mary, his father Joseph, his unnamed sisters, and his brothers James the Just, Joses, Simon and Jude; in modern mainstream Christian belief, Mary is counted as a blood relative, Joseph only as a foster father and the rest as half brothers or cousins.
If Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, a controversial belief which was held by the Gnostic sects, and which is indirectly corroborated by the apocryphal Gospel of Philip, their child or children would have been the most revered among the desposyni.
www.thenazareneway.com /desposyni.htm   (992 words)

 The Davidic Covenant and the Early Church
Among these are those already mentioned, called Desposyni, on account of their connection with the family of the Savior.
Nevertheless, the true descendants of David, the Desposyni, preserved "memory of their noble extraction" throughout the NT period.
By betraying Symeon to death and stirring up the ire of the Roman government against the House of David the apostates were able to drive the Desposyni underground and take over the temporal leadership of the Church.
www.patriarchy.bfree.org /bfree/desposyni.htm   (4000 words)

 [No title]
The author of Lucifer's Lodge provides a brief essay in which he effectively debunks the heresies inherent in the blasphemous trash book by Dan Brown called The Da Vinci Code which questions the blood lineage of Jesus Christ and the heresy that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.
There were blood relatives of Jesus but they were cousins on his mother's side of the family who were called Desposyni.
The Desposyni faded into the general population and all word of them is lost after their demotion by the Pope in 325 AD.
www.dailycatholic.org /issue/04Sep/sep5ddd.htm   (1217 words)

 Merovingian Sorcerer Kings - Part 2 by Peter Farley
During the later years of the declining Roman Empire, the greatest of all threats to the Roman Church arose from the Desposynic royal strain in Gaul.
The Desposyni were those who kept the record of the royal bloodline of Jesus alive.
This threat was the Merovingian dynasty-the male line descendants of the Fisher Kings.
www.ufodigest.com /bloodline-part2.html   (2606 words)

 Francis Bacon - Stuart - BrainMeta.com Forum
That most hallowed name, desposyni, had been respected by all believers in the first century and a half of Christian history.
The word literally meant, in Greek, "belonging to the Lord." It was reserved uniquely for Jesus'; blood relatives.
The desposyni were soon to be dispossessed by Silvester who had his authority from Emperor so much responsible for Christianity as it is today, Constantine.
brainmeta.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=7240   (4320 words)

 Pope Sylvester I
He made Roman Catholicism the official state religion, setting Sylvester, a non-Desposyni (David and Christ bloodline), as the head Bishop of the universal church.
In 318, a delegation of Desposyni bishops from Palestine met with Sylvester in Rome, to urge him to continue recognising the preeminance of Jerusalem, and the continued selection of bishops by the Desposyni.
Sylvester, having the backing of the Roman Emperor as head bishop of the new state religion, refused their request.
www.archelaos.com /popes/details.aspx?id=35   (360 words)

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church.
They managed to survive until the first decades of the fifth century.
But most of them die---by the sword (Roman garrisons hunted them as outlaws), by starvation (they were deprived of their small farms and could not or would not adapt themselves to life in the big cities), by the attrition of zero birthrate....The desposyni have ceased to exist.
ebionite.org /library.htm   (1560 words)

In two separate places Eusebius, in writing about Simeon bar Cleophas, the next to succeed among 'the Desposyni', that is, the family of Jesus, informs us that 'Hegesippus tells us that Cleophas was Joseph's brother'.
They unanimously elected Simeon the son of Clopas, mentioned in the Gospel narratives, to occupy the Episcopal Throne there, who was, so they say, a cousin of the Saviour.
Nor is it clear whether it is this 'Simeon' or his father, the so-called 'Clopas', the husband of Mary's sister Mary
www.dhushara.com /book/yeshua/desposyn.htm   (7214 words)

 A Christian Journey: Conon – Martyr & Direct Descendant of Our Lord Jesus Christ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The genealogical lineage of Christ is known as "The Desposyni." The Desposyni is a sacred name reserved only for blood relatives of Christ through the lineage of King David.
The Desposyni kept meticulous records of their descendants.
According to historical records, a gardener named Conon was a direct descendant of Christ.
achristianjourney.blogs.com /achristianjourney/2006/05/conon_martyr_di.html   (404 words)

However, the destruction was far from complete and relevant documents were retained by the royal inheritors, who progressed the heritage of the Messiah from the Holy Land into the West.
These inheritors were called the Desposyni (Heirs of the Lord) and they were pursued by Roman dictate, to be put to the sword by Imperial command.
Writing as long afterwards as AD 200, the historian Julius Africanus confirmed that the persecution was still formally operative, although the Desposyni remained politically active by way of a strict dynastic progression.
mirrorh.com /timelinead.html   (14837 words)

 Gathering Clouds: A Tale of the Days of St. Chrysostom
Here, at the entrance of the narrow ascent in the limestone rocks which leads to Nazareth, he had the immense delight of seeing his friend David, who had come to meet him with mules and refreshments.
In answer to eager questions, he told Philip that they could reach Lubiyeh, which was the ancient home of the Desposyni, in two days, and that there he would find Miriam well and happy, and looking forward to his visit with an anticipation which was too intense for her expression.
The sweet, green valley, with its palms and white houses opened beneath them as they rode up the mountain-path; and here and there—for it happened to be a day of festival—they met little laughing groups of the bright children of Nazareth in their many-coloured tunics and kaftans.
www.ccel.org /ccel/farrar/clouds.viii.iv.html?bcb=0   (2570 words)

 The Holy Bloodline of Jesus
Founding a "Holy European Empire" that would become the next hyperpower and usher in a new world order of peace and prosperity;
Establishing a messianic mystery state religion by revealing the Holy Grail, which would prove Ebionite views and Desposyni claims; and
Grooming and installing a "Rex Deus" on the throne of a Greater Israel.
www.thenazareneway.com /jesus_bloodline.htm   (452 words)

 Preparing.org - Doctrine: Kingdom Order
This message series provides in-depth revelation on the laws and practices of the coming Kingdom order - for nations, churches, homes and individuals; including the foundational principles of Christ upon which they rest.
The Order Of Nations: Desposyni, Israelites and Gentiles
Does the passage of scripture "There is neither Jew or Greek" really remove national identity in the body of Christ?
www.preparing.org /resources/doctrine/order.htm   (306 words)

 Amazon.ca: Bloodline of the Holy Grail: Books: Lawrence Gardner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
THE DESPOSYNI vindicated, Rome indicted, Nov 6 2003
A most special thanks goes out to Sir Laurence Gardner for making
known to the public the suppressed history of THE DESPOSYNI
www.amazon.ca /Bloodline-Holy-Grail-Lawrence-Gardner/dp/1574532626   (474 words)

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