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Topic: Devarim (parsha)

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

 Gematria, Jewish Path, Words, Gematrias 256, 261 and 612
Devarim, Devarim is the very next parsha after Aharon's passing.
The only exception to this is the last parsha in Devarim when the Hey begins a second word, not the first.
This being the situation the Gematria for Devarim is 256 which is also the Gematria for Aharon, Moshe's brother, the first Kohen Godal. /gematriawords256,261,612.html

 Hadrash Ve-Haiyun - Torah Parsha Page
It is noteworthy that the word Devarim also is related to the word divorah, i.e., bee.
Likewise, sefer Devarim opens with the phrase “These are the words” since it contains words of rebuke that Moshe gave Klall Yisreol.
The Sifri comments that wherever in the Torah or Neviyum we find the phrase “these are the words” it refers to rebuke. /eylevine/devarim.htm

 Rabbi Ciner's Weekly Parsha page - Parshas Devarim
The Ramban explains that in Devarim, also known as Mishne Torah, many of the mitzvos that Moshe had taught earlier to the generation that left Mitzrayim {Egypt} are now repeated (the root of ‘ mishne ’ is sheni --repeated) to the generation that will be entering Eretz Yisroel {the Land of Israel}.
These commandments are introduced for the first time in Devarim.
This week we begin the Sefer {Book} of Devarim {Deuteronomy}. /ciner/parsha59/devarim.html

 Parshat Devarim
Moshe Rabbenu, (our teacher) begins his valedictory address with the first parsha of Devarim.
The Midrash in Devarim Rabba, sees the fact that the descendents of Esav are called kinsmen as significant.
He's giving the final instructions before the reins of leadership are transferred to Yehoshua. /hillel/NewHille.nsf/044a457be6be9112852567d500596cd3/C7D2AF478F14672485256BF70074B062

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