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Topic: Development

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  Ceonex Web Development & Web Design - Full Service Digital Business Solutions
In order to effectively prospect, convert and retain, the user experience is placed at the center of all our development projects.
Providing unique, memorable and positive experiences, striking the appropriate emotional connection and reducing mental effort required to interact with the site ultimately results in higher prospect conversion and customer retention figures.
We have been providing internet consulting, web development, web design, branding, system integration and many other business consulting solutions for B2B, B2C and B2E since 1998.
www.ceonex.com   (522 words)

  International development - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
International development is a multidisciplinary field that may impact poverty reduction, governance, healthcare, education, crisis prevention and recovery, and economic restructuring.
International development is looked upon by some, especially conservative thinkers, as an obligation of developed countries towards developing countries as a way to alleviate the economic inequalities.
However, even the terms "developed" and "developing" (or "underdeveloped"), have proven problematic in forming policy as they ignore issues of wealth distribution and the lingering effects of colonialism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/International_development   (424 words)

Biological development of embryos in the context of developmental biology
Human development - to improve the health, education and range of choices of human beings, notably in the least-developed countries.
International development, the effort to assist citizens and governments (usually of poorer countries) to improve their lives.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/d/de/development.html   (132 words)

 Culture and Development: UNESCO Culture Sector
Development models produced since the 1970s have clearly failed, despite constant revision, to live up to the expectations they raised.
UNESCO defends the case of indivisibility of culture and development, understood not simply in terms of economic growth, but also as a means of achieving a satisfactory intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual existence.
This development may be defined as that set of capacities that allows groups, communities and nations to define their futures in an integrated manner.
portal.unesco.org /culture/en/ev.php-URL_ID=11407&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html   (752 words)

 Development   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Launched in 1957, Development, is the flagship journal of the Society for International Development.
It is read by development activists, practitioners, policymakers, academics and the media in over 130 countries worldwide.
Development is published by Palgrave Macmillan on behalf of SID.
www.sidint.org /publications/development.htm   (446 words)

 WTO | Development - Trade and development gateway
The number of developing countries in the WTO is increasing and so is their participation.
WTO work related to trade and development takes place mostly in the Committee on Trade and Development, the Sub-Committee on Least-Developed Countries and the two working parties created at the Doha Ministerial Conference in 2001, the Working Group on Trade, Debt and Finance and the Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology.
Ministers in Doha, in the Decision on Implementation-Related Issues and Concerns mandated the Committee on Trade and Development to identify which Special and Differential Provisions are mandatory, and to consider the implications of making mandatory those which are currently non-binding.
www.wto.org /english/tratop_e/devel_e/devel_e.htm   (629 words)

 African Studies Center | Africa: Development
The African Development Foundation is established by the US Congress as a federal agency and a public corporation to promote broad-based, sustainable development in sub-Saharan Africa.
Through education, research, and policy analysis the organization hopes to be a catalyst for developing the human and material potential of Africans.
It is mantained by the "Forum: habitat in developing Countries", an initiative of the Library "Territorio Ambiente" of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Torino, Italy.
www.africa.upenn.edu /About_African/ww_dev.html   (1125 words)

 Debian Developers' Corner
The Debian Project consists of volunteers, and we are generally looking for new developers who have some technical knowledge, an interest in free software, and some free time.
For developers that wish to keep up-to-date with other packages, the package tracking system allows them to subscribe (through email) to a service that will send them copies of BTS mails and notifications for uploads and installations concerning the packages subscribed to.
Whether you are a developer or not, there are many projects and tasks in Debian that need some work.
www.us.debian.org /devel   (1196 words)

 Development:Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Africa’s major development challenges are the acceleration of economic growth and the reduction of poverty.
The amount of trade-related technical assistance and capacity building — to help developing and least-developed countries to participate more efficiently in international trade — has increased by 50% since the Doha Ministerial Declaration in November 2001, according to a joint report by the WTO and the OECD.
In 2004, Belgium was in ninth position among the DAC countries in terms of the percentage of GNI allocated to official development assistance (ODA), with a ratio of 0.41%.
www.oecd.org /topic/0,2686,en_2649_37413_1_1_1_1_37413,00.html   (1039 words)

 UNDP | Newsroom   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Working in cooperation with developing countries and other partners, the project has set up an expert task force to prepare strategies to help countries achieve the goals by bringing together the best current thinking and research.
While the MDGs are already serving as a development framework for many global and national initiatives, there is still untapped support for the MDGs in developing and developed countries alike.
Developed countries focus on trade, aid, technology and other support needed to reach the MDGs, while in developing countries, the aim is to build coalitions for action and help governments set priorities and use resources more effectively.
www.undp.org /mdg   (441 words)

 EUROPA - Development Directorate-General   (Site not responding. Last check: )
DG Development is quite simply the face of the European Commission in development.
The Directorate General is the Commission's centre of expertise and ideas in the area of development.
The purpose of this website is to show how the European Commission, through DG Development, is working to promote stability, prosperity, growth and other essential objectives.
europa.eu.int /comm/dgs/development/index_en.htm   (265 words)

 Renal agenesis and hypodysplasia in ret-k- mutant mice result from defects in ureteric bud development -- Schuchardt et ...
Department of Genetics and Development, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, NY 10032, USA.
Development, April 1, 2004; 131(7): 1449 - 1462.
Deficiency of phospholipase C-{gamma}1 impairs renal development and hematopoiesis
dev.biologists.org /cgi/content/abstract/122/6/1919   (1602 words)

 EUROPA - Development - Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
DG Development mandate is to enhance the development policies in all developing countries world-wide.
DG Development provides policy guidance on development policy and oversees the programming of aid in the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT).
The Cotonou Agreement provides the framework for a 20-year partnership for development aid to 77 ACP countries, funded mainly by the European Development Fund.
europa.eu.int /comm/development/index_en.htm   (467 words)

 Arlington Economic Development - Arlington Development home page
New development is everywhere, but it is not the same everywhere.
Finally, the Columbia Pike Revitalization project is one of the first in the nation to use form-based coding as the fundamental element of the revitalization plan.
Innovation and sound implementation have led to successful development in Arlington, all tied to the community's commitment to smart growth, environmental sustainability, and inclusion.
www.arlingtonvirginiausa.com /index.cfm/319   (270 words)

 Development - home page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Development is the flagship journal of the Society for International Development (SID).
Since 1957 Development has explored the cutting edge issues of human centred development.
With alternative perspectives on civil society, development policy and community based strategies for livelihoods, gender and social justice, Development keeps readers up to date on the challenging issues of today's rapidly changing world.
www.palgrave-journals.com /development   (83 words)

 MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Fetal development
beginning development of the brain, spinal cord, and heart
further development of the heart which now beats at a regular rhythm
the brain develops into five areas and some cranial nerves are visible
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/ency/article/002398.htm   (839 words)

 Development Centre:Department   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Development Centre conducts comparative analysis and promotes informal policy dialogue on development issues of mutual interest for OECD Member countries and the emerging and developing economies.
The financing of health care is a major challenge for developing countries, especially since deficiencies in national health systems specifically harm the poor.
One of the long-standing priorities of the international community is to reduce gender disparity in developing countries.
www.oecd.org /dev   (697 words)

 United Nations Statistics Division - Millennium Indicators
A framework of 8 goals, 18 targets and 48 indicators to measure progress towards the Millennium Development goals was adopted by a consensus of experts from the United Nations Secretariat and IMF, OECD and the World Bank.
Proportion of bilateral ODA of OECD/DAC donors that is untied (OECD)
Prevention to be measured by the percentage of children under 5 sleeping under insecticide-treated bednets; treatment to be measured by percentage of children under 5 who are appropriately treated.
millenniumindicators.un.org /unsd/mi/mi_goals.asp   (1287 words)

 Free Pascal - Development
You can download todays development (v2.1.x) sources in form of a packed snapshot from the SVN source repository: these snapshots are updated on a daily basis, and reflect the state of the source repository.
You can download todays development (v2.0.x) sources that will lead to the next stable release in form of a packed snapshot from the SVN source repository: these snapshots are updated on a daily basis, and reflect the state of the source repository.
This should be more stable than the development snapshots (and even the last official release), but there is still no guarantee that these snapshots are bugfree.
www.freepascal.org /develop.html   (714 words)

It will monitor development progress and link outcomes to IDA country programs and projects, enabling better assessment of how both countries and IDA are doing, and quicker and more flexible responses to changes on the ground.
The Bank’s annual compendium of economic, social, environmental, business, and technology indicators, the WDI, reports that only 33 countries are on track to reach the 2015 goal of reducing child mortality by two-thirds from its 1990 level.
The Millennium Development Goalsset targets for reductions in poverty, improvements in health and education and protection of the environment.
www.worldbank.org /data   (228 words)

 Computerworld Development
March 20-23, 2006; Santa Clara, Calif. The conference program will appeal to beginners through advanced users and developers of Eclipse based applications as well as architects and other technology decision makers.
Join the community of programmers, developers, and systems professionals in sharing solutions and fresh ideas.
Developing a Mobile Wi-Fi Application - Case Study of the NCDOT
www.computerworld.com /developmenttopics/development   (859 words)

 SRCD - Society for Research in Child Development
Since its inception in 1930, Child Development has been devoted to original contributions on topics in child development from the fetal period through adolescence.
Child Development is published on a bimonthly basis.
If you have not served as a reviewer in the past, or have not yet registered, please sign up at www.srcd.org/CDsubmit/.
www.srcd.org /cd.html   (156 words)

 Africa Development - Africa Economy
Has full text reports on projects in agriculture, gender and development, the Commission for Lands and Environment in Zanzibar, a Catholic hospital, civil society support, AIDS projects, wildlife and water conservation, etc. Some publications are in Adobe PDF format.
Has a journal citation database, HORIZON, photo images in their INDIGO database, a database of the map library holdings (maps from the early 1900s), database of mosquito viruses, a database of fish, the Observatoire de la Pêche dans le Delta Intérieur du Niger (Mali).
POPIN was developed for the 1999 African Development Forum in Addis Ababa by three U.N. bodies.
www-sul.stanford.edu /depts/ssrg/africa/devel.html   (9431 words)

 Home | Development Seed
One of its focuses is disaster relief, and it provides resources and support to architects who help rebuild areas affected by disasters.
Drupal on a stick, design, website development, strategy
Disaster Assistance on a USB Stick, Powered by Drupal
www.developmentseed.org   (266 words)

 Offshore-Development: Offshore-Development Forum, blogs, articles, TV channel, Maps …
We provide advice and recommend sites that are concerned with offshore services, offshore solutions development and offshore software development.
Looking for someone to do me a website (by: focal3)
Offshore-Development.co.uk Offers Pioneering Resource for Buyers, Developers and Suppliers
www.offshore-development.co.uk   (196 words)

 Game Development Tools And Software :. GarageGames
GarageGames is pleased to offer the Torque Technologies line of game development tools and resources to make game programming a reality for game developers of all experience levels.
Whether you are a beginning game developer or have plenty of game development experience, Torque has a solution for everyone.
Join the growing Torque game development community and start making games today!
www.garagegames.com   (69 words)

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