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Topic: Developing nations

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 Developing country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The United Nations allows each nation to decide for itself whether it will be designated as "undeveloped" or "developing" (though many economists and other observers ignore the UN rule about self-designation).
Developing countries are in general countries which have not achieved a significant degree of industrialization relative to their populations, and which have a low standard of living.
The application of the term 'developing country' to all of the world's least developed countries could be considered innappropriate in the cases of a number of poor countries, due to the fact that they are not improving their economic situation as the term implies, but have experienced prolonged periods of economic decline. /wiki/Developing_nation

 Global Warming and Developing Nations
Developing nations are caught between a rock and a hard place in the global warming debate.
Developing countries face a difficult decision, whether to sacrifice their economic development for protection against possible ecological problems in the near future.
As developing countries build their economies, frequently heavily dependent on manufacturing and energy-costly industries, they increase the risk that they will be ill-affected by global climate changes. /09developing.htm

 Asia Times -
The failure of the talks is regarded by the developing nations in Africa and Asia as a signal of their arrival as a new force to be reckoned with in the global economic stakes.
This solidarity among developing nations was in sharp contrast to the past when similar groupings cracked under pressure from developed nations, which customarily have dominated the direction of previous negotiations under a veil of secrecy.
There is already serious and growing concern about the tendency of developed nations to negotiate bilateral trade treaties with poorer countries of their choosing, at the time of their choosing, to their advantage. /atimes/Global_Economy/EI20Dj01.html

 Conservation Role of Developing Nations
Increasingly developing nations are adopting environmental plans both to look good in the eyes of international financing organizations, and in finally realizing the adverse affects of deforestation for their own economies and peoples.
Developing governments could significantly reduce deforestation by changing land title procedures so deforestation is not favored over the maintenance of productive forest.
Developed countries are tired of the rhetoric from wealthy developed countries urging them to preserve forests but not coughing up the cash to turn words into action. /1020.htm

 Brazil's Lula rallies developing nations - (United Press International)
Lula's efforts Monday to rally developing nations to his agenda is not the first time that Brazil has played a leading role in trying to level the economic playing field shared by wealthy and developing nations, calling on the latter to work together to improve their shared plight.
He also said it was impossible for developing nations to compete on the same technological level as the world's wealthy countries when intellectual property rights are protected.
It was the first time a developing nation had registered and won a complaint in the WTO against an economic powerhouse. /upi-breaking/20040614-075108-9843r.htm

 Developing Nations Copyright License Frees Creativity Across the Digital Divide Creative Commons
Specifically, the Developing Nations license allows copyright holders to invite a wide range of royalty-free uses of their work in developing nations while retaining their full copyright in the developed world.
Like all of Creative Commons' legal tools, the Developing Nations license is free of charge and allows authors and artists to invite certain uses of their work, upon certain conditions -- to declare "some rights reserved" as opposed to the "all rights reserved" of traditional copyright.
Creative Commons chairman Lawrence Lessig and Developing Nations license architect Jamie Love announced the new license at the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue's workshop on "The Future of WIPO," in Geneva. /press-releases/entry/4397

 CNN - World Bank: Few developing nations geared for Y2K bug - January 27, 1999
Developing nations are more vulnerable to the Y2K bug because, in general, they are more dependent on fewer and older computing systems, according to the World Bank.
In a statement issued Tuesday, the World Bank said only 15 percent of 139 developing nations surveyed by bank experts were found to have taken concrete steps to correct potential Y2K problems.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Citizens in developing nations could find their lives at risk because their governments have not adequately prepared for the so-called Y2K computer bug, the World Bank has warned. /TECH/computing/9901/27/y2k.thirdworld

 USTR - 10 Ways Global Trade Negotiations Would Benefit Developing Nations
Given the prominence of agriculture in the economies of many developing nations, reducing tariffs would be perhaps the single greatest contribution that new negotiations can make to poverty alleviation in the developing world.
But in order for developing nations to seize the full benefits of trade, they must build up their institutional, physical, and human capacity.
New global trade negotiations would generate approximately $90 billion-$190 billion a year in higher incomes for developing nations, according to study by Joseph Francois of Erasmus University in Rotterdam. /Document_Library/Press_Releases/2001/November/10_Ways_Global_Trade_Negotiations_Would_Benefit_Developing_Nations.html

 Antibiotics Often Misused In Developing Nations
NEW YORK, Sep 04 (Reuters) -- The frequent misuse of antibiotics in developing countries is a key contributor to the emergence and spread of drug-resistant infectious diseases, according to a report in the September 5th issue of the British Medical Journal.
These nations also need to establish more medical laboratories, so health workers can both determine when antibiotic treatment is necessary and monitor the appearance of new drug-resistant infections.
The availability of effective antibiotic treatments is critical in developing countries, where infectious diseases are leading causes of death, the researchers note. /news/a1998090407.shtml

 Webquest on Third World / Developing Nations
Third World countries or developing nations play an important role in the world economy.
To truly understand the world economy, one must understand the relationship between the nations that trade and the development of the nations of the world.
You are a newly elected leader of a developing nation in the Third World. /tryciecky/thirdworldwebquest

 e-OTI: How Real Is the Internet Market in Developing Nations?
These are yet to take off in developing nations, and even the much-hyped WAP does not seem to have delivered in many parts of the world, though Japan's i-Mode is often touted as a good example of breaking the PC stranglehold on the Net market.
Much of e-commerce infrastructure involves progressive moves on the legislative and regulatory fronts by government agencies and industry organizations, but the Internet seems to have become a political football in many developing nations, with various government agencies vying with one another for control of Internet traffic and revenues.
But while all governments of developing countries have taken a tentative first step in opening up Internet access via local points of presence, they have not gone much beyond that in terms of promoting government usage of the Internet or increasing diffusion and lowering access costs in remote parts of the country. /oti/articles/0401/rao.html - Developing nations call for more aid, trade
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Leaders of developing nations called Wednesday for more foreign aid and freer trade to help poor countries develop, warning at a U.N. summit that chronic poverty could fuel regional conflict.
Jamaica's prime minister, Percival James Patterson, speaking for the Group of 77 developing nations, complained that richer nations have failed to keep promises to stop the outflow of money from poor countries for debt payments and other transfers.
They were speaking at a meeting on financing development held before the start of a summit marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. /news/world/2005-09-14-developing-nations_x.htm?csp=34

 Developing Nations
Finally, let us come to a conclusion about what prescription developing nations must follow in bettering the lives of their citizens and in turn creating an improved world for all members of our global community.
Within the context of developing nations, the cultural, political, and economic realities of each country are often very different.
Following these recommendations and providing for significant time for the development of human capital, leadership, legal and financial systems, and industry a poor country will have a good chance at developing into a competitive economy that is able to provide its citizenry with jobs, education, and a chance at a good life. /econ/developing-nations.html

 Refuting objections to a Global Rural Network (GRNet) for developing nations
One of the hopes for networking in developing nations is that by bringing education, health care, news, entertainment, contact with the outside, employment, etc. to rural areas, the quality of life may rise to a point where migration to crowded cities will be diminished.
Anyone with experience in developing nations is justifiably skeptical of government projects; however, IPTO decisions were not made by government bureaucrats, but by visionary faculty members from universities who were brought in for temporary assignments.
Developing nations cannot afford high–speed connectivity — low–cost store–and–forward technology is more appropriate technology for a poor, developing nation. /issues/issue9_8/press

 id21 - communicating development research
health, education, urban poverty and infrastructure, and social and economic policy in developing countries.
The majority of chronic disease cases occur in developing countries.
This year the focus is on the millennium development goals and the city.

 Nat' Academies Press, Socioeconomic Determinants of Fertility Behavior in Developing Nations: Theory and Initial Results (1982)
In particular, we have theorized that the level of socioeconomic development should have a negative effect on the coefficients; that the level of family planning program effort should interact with socioeconomic development; and that the ~main" effect of family planning programs should be negative, with the interactive effect positive.
For the EF inter- cepts, the relationship with socioeconomic development is positive, regardless of which among the three measures defined earlier is used.
For the EF intercepts, the sign of the socioeconomic development effect is positive as hypothesized, but again the variability across countries is not highly systematic. /books/POD143/html/80.html

 VOA Special English - AGRICULTURE REPORT - 'G22' Developing Nations
In return, the plan called for developing nations to lower taxes on imports and to open their markets to foreign investors.
Developing nations formed a coalition called the Group of Twenty-two.
At Cancun, African and Caribbean nations objected to the subsidies for American cotton farmers. /voa/03/031014ar_t.htm

 Forefront Fall 2004
By developing, demonstrating, and implementing an affordable ICT network infrastructure—one that can be deployed and operated as a sustainable local business—we believe we can empower villagers to solve their problems themselves; in essence, provide a modern version of that fishing pole.
Many feel that the developing world has more immediate needs than an ICT infrastructure—food, clean water, and health care, for example.
So development and deployment must involve true partnerships with local and willing communities, step-by-step testing, iterative improvement, and a long-term perspective. /forefront/fall2004/dean.html

 Developing nations watch Thailand's bold healthcare plan
By correcting this bias toward hospitals over primary care, which is common to many developing nations, government planners want to encourage people to seek care close to home.
Thailand's bold experiment with universal health coverage, an expensive privilege enjoyed by a minority of countries, could prove a model for other developing nations, who are watching closely.
Nations such as Korea and Taiwan that do provide full coverage are significantly better off than Thailand, which has a per capita GDP of just over $2,000. /2002/0814/p07s02-woap.html

 SULAIR: East German Poster Art and Other Developing Nations
Developing nations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East were also supported by the GDR government.
The GDR supported other developing nations besides those situated in Latin America.
The reasons behind such support include: GDR's need for natural resources found in these developing countries, the imporance of the GDR's political immage abroad in the face of West German competition, and the Russian influence on the GDR government. /depts/hasrg/german/exhibit/GDRposters/developing.html

 Some Developing Nations Fear Losses as Textile Quota Ends
The quotas encouraged the development of the garment industry in developing nations such as China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines.
Some developing nations that have enjoyed guaranteed markets under the quotas fear that they will lose out in a more competitive environment.
Experts warn that without the quotas, the livelihoods of millions of people will be destroyed and that free trade will penalize the smallest, poorest nations. /english/2004-12-16-voa57a.cfm

 HPV in the United States and Developing Nations: A Problem of Public Health or Politics?
HPV in the United States and Developing Nations: A Problem of Public Health or Politics?
In the United States and other developed countries, where Pap tests are widely available and easily accessible, deaths from cervical cancer have plunged in recent decades, even in the presence of high HPV rates.
Campaigns against cervical cancer in developed countries can trace their success to the availability and accessibility of trained clinicians and modern laboratories and medical equipment, and to pervasive and sustained public education campaigns targeting women and health care providers emphasizing the importance of regular and routine screening. /pubs/journals/gr060304.html

 e-OTI: Developing the Internet in Developing Nations
Pietrosemoli is a member of the university and research networking community that pioneered networking in many developing nations.
Madanmohan Rao ponders that issue when he asks, "How Real Is the Internet Market in Developing Nations?
Throughout the developing world, small groups of citizens are changing their worlds based on the shared belief that information and communication technology (ICT) can make a difference. /oti/articles/0401/rickard.html - Report: Almost 11 million kids die by 5 in developing nations
WASHINGTON (AP) — Almost 11 million children in developing countries die before the age of five, most of them from causes that are preventable in wealthier countries, the World Bank said in a report released Sunday.
The causes include acute respiratory infection, diarrhea, measles and malaria, which together account for 48% of child deaths in the developing world, according to the report _called World Development Indicators.
And in the West African nation of Mali, the mortality rate of children children from poor, rural families is twice as high as those from rich urban areas. /news/health/2005-04-17-childhood-mortality_x.htm

 developing nations: paper help, term paper assistance, 1000's of downloadable college term papers
Preliminary ideas: When MNCs enter a developing nation, they face market dynamics that are quite distinct from the one that they are used to in major developed nations.
If you can not find a term paper on “developing nations”, professional writers at can write you a custom term paper on developing nations. can help you find a free term paper abstract on “developing nations.” can provide you with 5948 free abstracts on your subject of term paper written by the best students. /term-papers/145677/developing-nations.html

 Trade Policies and Developing Nations:0815750552:Krueger, Anne
In this book, part of the Integrating National Economies series, Anne O. Krueger traces the reasons for the developing countries' reversals of earlier policies and demonstrates the importance of the open international trading system for them. /bk_detail.asp?isbn=0815750552

 Licensing Resources
The goal is to help developing countries tackle challenges such as disease, hunger, and economic transition with enhanced scientific knowledge.
ExtraMED is designed to serve the purposes of promoting the literature of developing countries, while subsidising its production and development through subscription revenue.
The Global Development Network (GDN) is a global network of research and policy institutes working together to address the problems of national and regional development. /~llicense/develop.shtml

 Strategy 8: Debt Retirement and Debt for Nature
With some developing nations paying 30% to 40% of their foreign exchange earnings on servicing debts, they are not in the position to import goods from developed countries.
Devaluation of developing nations' debts has given rise to an opportunity to retire substantial amounts of debt at a fraction of their face value.
The amount needed to retire the major portion of the developing world's debt is about 13% of the annual interest payments on the US government's debt, or 3.8% of the world's total annual military expenditures. /education/tlsf/theme_a/mod02/

 Momentuous Meeting of Developing Nations in Tehran
Representing United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan at the conference, UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown highlighted the role that the United Nations can play in integrating developing countries into a globalizing economy “on terms that further our shared goals of gender-equality, poverty eradication, and growth with equity.”
The Tehran Consensus is an expression of the G-77 member states´ resolve to move forcefully and urgently forward on the pressing issues of common concern to the developing world in the context of South-South cooperation.
The Consensus goes on to reaffirm the role of the United Nations Development Programme in supporting South-South cooperation and in advocating more inclusive. /news/pr082301.htm

 OneWorld South Asia Home / News - Donors, Developing Nations Join Forces to Combat AIDS
NEW DELHI, Apr 28 (OneWorld) - In a concerted attempt to tackle the AIDS epidemic, donor countries and developing nations signed a unique initiative at a meet in Washington, aimed at unifying the fight and streamlining resources.
The accord - described by the organizers UNAIDS as "a historic agreement" - is expected to prompt nations across the world to adopt a unified global response to HIV/AIDS.
In addition, there will be one national AIDS coordinating authority and an agreed country-level monitoring and evaluation system. /article/view/84726/1

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