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Topic: Devolved government

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  CAIN: Issues: Politics: Government in Northern Ireland
The arrangements for devolved government were set out in the Good Friday Agreement that had been agreed as a result of the peace process.
Following another crisis in the peace process the institutions of the devolved government were suspended by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (then Peter Mandelson) at midnight Friday 11 February 2000.
The North-South Ministerial Council comprises Ministers from the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Irish Government.
cain.ulst.ac.uk /issues/politics/government.htm   (831 words)

 Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs on Iraq   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Suspension of devolved government in Northern Ireland, which took place on 14 October, is clearly a regression in the peace process, and is not one that anyone here, or indeed any supporter of the Agreement, would wish for.
Devolved government cannot be made to work effectively in a situation where there has been a breakdown of trust and confidence between the parties.
The devolved institutions of the Agreement were specifically designed to operate on an inclusive basis, with automatic representation in the Executive for those parties that achieved the required electoral mandate.
www.irelandemb.org /press/212.html   (3509 words)

Devolved government was restored but the decommissioning issue has not gone away.
Devolved government in Northern Ireland is a problematic 'involuntary coalition' between four parties where there is no tradition of collective responsibility on the part of a divided executive and where everything is on a constant crisis knife-edge.
All three devolved governments are funded on the basis of block grants from Westminster that are uprated annually through the application of the population-based 'Barnett formula' that was introduced in 1978.
www.polity.co.uk /britpol/devolution.htm   (3211 words)

 Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs on Iraq   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The two Governments, as they have been at other vital stages in the process, are united in their determination and clear in their assessment of what needs to be done to address the current situation.
Both Governments will be active, in consultation with the parties, in encouraging the conditions in which devolved Government can be restored in advance of the scheduled elections.
While I greatly regret that the British Government has felt it necessary to suspend the Assembly and Executive, it is difficult to escape the reality that the basis of trust and confidence for their continued operation has, for the moment at least, been undermined.
www.irelandemb.org /press/208.html   (3507 words)

 United Kingdom Government Information
Key elements of the agreement include devolved government, a commitment of the parties to work toward "total disarmament of all paramilitary organizations," police reform, and enhanced mechanisms to guarantee human rights and equal opportunity.
Devolved government was reestablished in Northern Ireland in December 1999.
The British Government is working closely with the Irish Government and Northern Ireland political parties to create the conditions that would allow the restoration of devolved government to take place.
www.traveldocs.com /gb/govern.htm   (1257 words)

 Devolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 1974-79 Labour Government proposed a Welsh Assembly in parallel to its proposals for Scotland.
The population of Wales felt detached from the Westminster government (largely because of the policies of the Conservative governments led by Margaret Thatcher and John Major [3]).
The Labour government withdrew plans for regional devolved government in England after the proposals were heavily defeated in referenda.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Devolved_government   (2286 words)

 International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
Devolved government in Wales has not only meant the devolution of various powers to Wales, but also the promise of a devolution of power within Wales, from government to other sectors of society.
Under the terms of the Government of Wales Act (1998) the Assembly is required to establish a Voluntary Sector Scheme, setting out how it proposes, in the exercise of its functions, to provide assistance to and consult with the voluntary sector.
Notions of inclusive government working in partnership with (a revitalised) civil society belong to a vocabulary that is presently familiar on both sides of the Atlantic.
www.istr.org /conferences/dublin/abstracts/dicks-hall-pithouse.html   (548 words)

 :: Daily Mirror - Opinion ::
Regional governments must abide by the framework created by the central government, however, they are free to add to that framework without changing the basic nature of it.
In the United States, the central government's law enforcement agencies are very limited in their scope and have increasingly become more important as a source of information and help for the state police forces.
It should be expected that the government will respect the rights of private property owners and provide adequate compensation to the owners for past and current use of their land.
www.dailymirror.lk /2003/12/20/opinion/1.asp   (3212 words)

 The Role of Concordats in the New Governance of Britain: Taking Subsidiarity Seriously?
Notwithstanding this formal assignment, it was recognised from the outset that the interaction between devolved and reserved policies would necessitate close co-operation and coordination between UK Government and the devolved administrations on virtually all matters.
Policy overlap can be managed by two mechanisms: (a) by restricting the legislative autonomy of the devolved administrations with respect to devolved competencies; (b) by imposing on UK Government an obligation to consult with the devolved administrations over policy developments in reserved matters.
With devolution and the creation of a new governing tier outside of UK Government, the devolved administrations no longer had access to these official networks and new agreements had to be established to facilitate co-operation and coordinated policy-making between the now separate administrations.
www.jeanmonnetprogram.org /papers/00/000801-03.html   (4240 words)

 Ireland and Palestine :: Niall Holohan
In a deteriorating security situation the North­ern Ireland Parliament and Government were prorogued in 1972 and the British Government assumed direct responsibility for all aspects of the government of Northern Ireland.
In relation to Constitutional Issues the Gov­ernments set out a shared position, based on the principles of self-determination and con­sent, in regard to the status of Northern Ire­land as part of the United Kingdom and how a united Ireland might be achieved with the con­sent of majorities in both parts of Ireland.
Both governments continue to be committed to implementing those elements of the proposals which are not dependent on an end to para­military activity and to create the circumstances whereby a restoration of all the devolved insti­tutions in Northern Ireland will become possi­ble.
www.passia.org /seminars/2004/Niall-Holohan-Ireland-Book.htm   (2707 words)

 Devolution: Challenging local government?
In Northern Ireland the concern is to strengthen local government vis-‡-vis a strong devolved tier; in England policy is to establish modest regional structures in a situation where local government is stronger.
Local governments will need to be convinced that their current, recently won roles in regional governance will at least be maintained after devolution.
The aim of policy is to strengthen and democratise a regional tier of government currently administered by regional outposts of Whitehall, flanked by new, appointed bodies: Regional Development Agencies and Regional Chambers of stakeholders, the latter with local government majorities.
www.jrf.org.uk /knowledge/findings/foundations/012.asp   (4608 words)

 RTE News - Devolved Northern Ireland government resumes office
The North's devolved government resumed office today amid growing tensions between the SDLP and the Northern Secretary, Peter Mandelson, over reform of the RUC.
The Deputy First Minister, Seamus Mallon, said that Mr Mandelson was refusing to discuss the policing issue with the SDLP and had failed to act as an honest broker.
The North's devolved government took up office again today, with appeals to the parties to set differences aside and get on with the job.
www.rte.ie /news/2000/0530/north.html   (746 words)

 Politics Essay - UK-USA Comparative
As autonomous bodies, the federal government also cannot dissolve state governments, a power which the UK Parliament reserved to itself when it passed the Scotland Act and the Government of Wales Act in 1998 and is at has demonstrated through taking back power from the Northern Ireland Assembly.
The differential between the powers of the states and the power of devolved governments clearly demonstrates that power is distributed between the states and the federal government within the USA whilst it is centrally concentrated within the UK.
The ability of state and devolved government to manipulate federal and parliamentary legislation is a clear demonstration of their powers.
uselectionatlas.org /FORUM/index.php?topic=29585.0   (1866 words)

 LLRX.com - Devolution in the United Kingdom: A Revolution in Online Legal Research
The "New Labour" government, formed by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997, came to power with a mandate to reform the constitutional structure of the United Kingdom.
The Government of Wales Act 1998 was the result of disolution in the principality during the administrations of the Conservative Party (1979 to 1997).
Following the 1997 election, the Labour government released the White Paper, A Voice for Wales: The Government's Proposals for a Welsh Assembly, in which it recommended that executive, not legislative, powers be devolved to the principality.
www.llrx.com /features/devolution.htm   (4207 words)

 Government in Edinburgh and Scotland -- local government, devolved government and national government   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Government in Edinburgh and Scotland -- local government, devolved government and national government
Stationary Office Official Documents Official documents relating to the government in the whole of the UK.
Edinburgh, being the Scottish capital, is the seat of government in Scotland.
www.edinburghguide.com /gov   (307 words)

 Irish American Post
The move is a key part of the package of proposals published by the British and Irish governments on May 1 to bring about the restoration of devolved government and the full implementation of the Belfast Agreement.
The British government has also announced that legislation will be introduced in Parliament next week to amend the Northern Ireland Act 1998 in line with the Agreement on Monitoring and Compliance published on May 1.
The two governments agreed at the BIIGC on July 2 to press ahead with those elements of the proposals not dependent on acts of completion by paramilitaries.
www.gaelicweb.com /irishampost/year2003/09aug-sep/news/news03.html   (2447 words)

 Scottish Executive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Similar to the United Kingdom-wide form of government there is no division between executive and legislature, with the members of the Scottish Executive being chosen from amongst the Members of the Scottish Parliament (except for the Lord Advocate and Solicitor General for Scotland, who need not be MSPs).
The civil service is a matter reserved to the United Kingdom Parliament, rather than devolved to the Scottish Parliament: Scottish Executive civil servants work within the rules and customs of the United Kingdom civil service, but "owe their loyalty to the devolved administration rather than the UK government".
The reaction from the UK Government in London and from some Labour Party members and Scottish Labour MPs was hostile.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scottish_Executive   (1528 words)

 EO and Government Consultations
The government policy group is a small group of volunteers who monitor government policy which is relevant to home education.
EO is recognised by government departments as a significant group in the home education community.
The government policy group want to be open about our representations to the government, and are keen to encourage our members, and others, to share their views via the discussion sites, see below, or through invitations in our newsletter.
www.education-otherwise.org /Legal/Consultations/GovConsultFrtPg.htm   (542 words)

 Liberty Corner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Libertarian pragmatists argue that government power should be devolved to the lowest practical level.
The pragmatists case is the better one, given that the urge to regulate social and economic practices is especially strong where people (and votes) are concentrated.
Thus the ultimate argument for devolution: Push government functions to the lowest practical level and allow citizens to express their preferences by voting with their feet.
libertycorner.blogspot.com /2004/11/case-for-devolved-government.html   (233 words)

 BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Parties to take part in committee   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The parties are to let the government know whether they are to join.
While there is no immediate prospect of a power-sharing executive being formed, the government hopes recalling the politicians will help to pave the way towards a deal in the autumn, by its deadline of 24 November.
Devolved government was suspended over allegations of a republican spy ring.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/rss/-/1/hi/northern_ireland/5028722.stm   (533 words)

Public sector pay is of critical concern to the Westminster government and to the governments of the territories of the UK for five reasons.
Third, and for this same reason, governments must be conscious of their revenue streams when making decisions about how well to reward their employees.
Fourth, the levels at which public sector pay is set can have a critical impact on the policy agenda of the devolved governments by placing constraints on the ability of politicians to provide enhanced public services.
www.devolution.ac.uk /Elliott2.htm   (693 words)

 SSRN-Devolved Government and Transport - Relationships, Process and Policy by Stuart Cole   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The context for this is the rationale, constituent elements and timespan of an integrated transport policy for Wales, and the author draws on evidence to, and reports from, the House of Commons, the National Assembly, the Wales Office and the report of the Richard Commission on the Assembly's powers.
Wales can be seen as a case study of how devolution, and the development of transport policy in a devolved context, have progressed; it is argued that the principles apply to other devolved governments in the UK and elected assemblies.
Cole, Stuart, "Devolved Government and Transport - Relationships, Process and Policy".
papers.ssrn.com /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=743506   (247 words)

 The Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Suspension of Devolved Government) Order 2001
This Order may be cited as the Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Suspension of Devolved Government) Order 2001 and shall come into force on 11th August 2001.
The Northern Ireland Act 2000 (Restoration of Devolved Government) Order 2000[2] is hereby revoked.
By virtue of section 4 of the 2000 Act the effect of the Order is to bring into force again section 1 of the Northern Ireland Act 2000, which suspends devolved government.
www.opsi.gov.uk /si/si2001/20012884.htm   (501 words)

 Government of Ireland - About Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Nationalist community has no role in government and suffers systematic discrimination in many areas including voting rights, housing and employment.
On May 22nd 1998 in referendums North and South, the people of Ireland give their overwhelming endorsement of the Agreement, the first occasion since 1918 in which all of the people of Ireland voted together to decide their political future.
On December 12th 1999, the same day on which power was devolved to the Northern Ireland Executive, The British and Irish Governments exchanged notifications bringing the British and Irish agreement into force.
www.irlgov.ie /aboutireland/eng/northernireland.asp   (429 words)

 BreakingNews.ie: Devolved government possible by next spring
The North could have devolved Government by March 26 next year if its politicians endorse the St Andrews’ agreement, Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern said today.
A hospital care assistant has told a Dublin Circuit Criminal Court jury that she saw a nurse on trial for allegedly poisoning patients "quite forcefully and quite roughly" give an injection to an elderly patient.
On October 17, a new Preparation for Government Committee at Stormont would meet and agree priorities for a new power sharing government.
www.breakingnews.ie /2006/10/13/story280869.html   (213 words)

 RTE News - Devolved government restored as Trimble calls on IRA to fulfil obligations
He said that a significant number of Unionists were unhappy with the return to devolved government but he added their fears would be diminished if Republicans carried out their undertakings promptly.
He said that it was hoped that the institutions would take root and that the Rubicon had been crossed.
It is still not know whether the DUP will be taking up their seats in the power-sharing Executive.
www.rte.ie /news/2000/0529/north.html   (401 words)

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