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Topic: Dial tone

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  YOJOE.COM | Dial Tone
Dial Tone (version 5) was released as part of the sixteenth series (2000) carded in a two-pack with General Tomahawk.
Dial Tone came with a fl rifle, a fl rifle stock, a fl backpack, a fl walkie-talkie, and a fl figure stand.
Dial Tone (version 5) was created from the same mold as the original Dial-Tone (1986).
www.yojoe.com /action/00/dialtone5.shtml   (0 words)

 Round 2: Dial Tone
The principle of dial tone is to create a situation where users can do something for themselves that once required the intervention of an operator.
Of course, the dial tone is an interface between a human and a computer, but its goal is to facilitate communication and transmission of information between two or more humans, asynchronous communication in the case of blogs and sites like MySpace...
I was very intrigued by Tim's "dial tone" metaphor, but I couldn't work out what it was that made me want to comment on it until I read Chaim's "So what?" comment.
radar.oreilly.com /archives/2006/08/round_2_dial_tone.html   (0 words)

  2002 Dial-Tone - Hasbro G.I. Joe Toy Action Figure
Dial Tone became one of my favorite figure molds from the instant I first saw him.
While it was not the compact microphone we had seen in 1985 on Heavy Metal, it allowed Dial Tone to be the communications expert he was intended without forcing the accessory onto the mold.
This never came to be, but a few Dial Tone's in desert "chocolate chip" cammo were produced and have made their way into the collecting market.
home.att.net /~mjtaber/joe/02dialtone.htm   (1582 words)

 Modem Configuration When Travelling - Asiaspirit
Be aware that automatic dialing script don't take in account the type of phone line (dial tone, busy tone and pulse or tone dial) used for the communication.
In both cases the modem will not dial as it is configured to identify the absence of dial tone and the presence of a busy tone.
Some hotels use "pulse" phone systems internally but outside call are dialed in "tone" - to get a line it is necessary to dial the access number in "pulse" - configure the modem for pulse dialing.
www.asiaspirit.com /modem-cf.html   (1101 words)

 Cavalier Telephone - Speed Dialing
Dial the speed dial code (between 2 and 9, or 20 through 49) that you would like to assign to a particular phone number, then dial the telephone number you wish to enter.
Dial the speed dial code (between 2 and 9) followed by the # key.
Dial the code (between 2 and 9, or 20 through 49) of the number you wish to change, then dial the new number.
www.cavtel.com /support/business/featureguides/speeddialing.shtml   (410 words)

 [No title]
The single thing that made the dial tone and transmission channel inseparable was the lack of "somebody else" being around to do it with.
The dial tone on Arco's PBX was SW Bell, not GTE.
Arco immediately went to the FCC, arguing that the dial tone was only incidental to connections containing a high proportion of interstate traffic, which was beyond the purview of the Texas State regulators.
morehouse.org /hin/blckcrwl/telcom/dialtone.txt   (1991 words)

 How to Troubleshoot "No Dial Tone" Issues in Windows XP
Make sure that there is an available dial tone at the telephone to which your modem is connected.
Connect a telephone to the telephone jack of the modem to make sure that the modem can pass a dial tone, and then make sure that any modem lights indicate the modem is functioning correctly.
If you cannot determine the cause of the "No Dial Tone" error message, it may be possible to work around the issue by disabling the dial tone detection of your modem.
support.microsoft.com /kb/326681   (909 words)

 InfoTech at K-State: Voice
Dial the number you which you wish the call to be transferred.
If you hear the confirmation tone of three beeps and then silence, the Callback is still in effect; hang up and wait for Callback.
This feature, which is part of basic service, allows you to dial an access code to redial the last number dialed from the phone.
www.k-state.edu /infotech/voice/dialing.html   (987 words)

 Dialing Instructions
Dial the destination extension number or, to transfer a call off campus, dial 9 followed by the destination telephone number.
The call is now on hold and a new dial tone is heard.
Lift the handset, dial *13, and talk to the party who was parked.
www.commserv.ucsb.edu /faculty_and_staff/support/dialing_instructions.asp   (1689 words)

  Tone Signalling (Signaling) ICs : Netvox UK, European + Worldwide Distributor
DTMF Transceivers are used in tone dialling applications where a direct inexpensive method of either receiving or receiving and sending DTMF digits is required.
The Call Progress Detectors are used to detect common call progress tones such as busy-tone, dial tone, call waiting tones and others.
The call progress generator allows for a simple method of providing dial tone, busy tone and other call progress tones in applications where a POTS interface is required such as VOIP or other network gateways.
www.netvoxuk.com /tone-signalling-ics.html   (443 words)

  Science Fair Projects - Dial tone
A dial tone is a telephony signal used to indicate that the telephone exchange is working and ready to accept a call.
The dial tone varies between countries, being a "buzz" of two interfering tones (350Hz and 440Hz) forming a concert F in the NANP (most of North America), and a constant single tone (425Hz) in most of Europe.
A "stuttered" dial tone may mean that there is voice mail waiting, or may occur to confirm that a feature such as call forwarding has been activated.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Dial_tone   (526 words)

 Dial Tone   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dial Tone is sent to a calling customer or operator to indicate that the receiving end is ready to receive dial pulses or DTMF signals.
Normally dial tone means that the entire wanted number may be dialed; however, there are some cases where the calling party must await a second dial tone or where an operator, after dialing an initial group of digits, must wait for a second dial tone before the rest of the number can be dialed.
Dial Tone is 350 Hz and 440 Hz held steady at -13 dBm0/frequency.
www.javvin.com /telecomglossary/DialTone.html   (126 words)

 Comdial ExecuTech System 2000 Telephone User's Guide
For tone calls (when the call is announced by a tone rather than the caller's voice), lift the handset to speak.
Dial the extension number of the party to be transferred to or press the DSS key or one-key intercom calling.
Dial the extension number of the station at which the message-waiting alert was placed.
www.mainresource.com /ComdialExecutech2000Tips.html   (1982 words)

 Telephone User's Guide: Part I. Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dialing "71" on a rotary dial telephone is equivalent to the "*" on a tone dial telephone.
Low tone bursts at twice the normal busy tone rate, indicating that all paths to the equipment serving the called party are busy.
Dial Tone: A constant high pitched tone (a mixture of 350 and 440 Hz) indicating that the system is ready to process your call.
www.utexas.edu /its/telephone/phoneguide/pg1.html   (1344 words)

 3C562 - Windows 95 - No dial tone in Hyperterminal
The dial tone is not the standard steady tone.
The dial tone may not be the standard steady tone because of the line is via a PBX system or additional services such as voicemail have been added.
This means that the dial tone will change to a series of double beeps to notify you that you have messages waiting.
support.3com.com /infodeli/inotes/techtran/4b52_5ea.htm   (261 words)

 * Dial Tone - (Telecom): Definition
When the off hook indication is received at a central office, a dial tone signal is sent to the originating caller on a switched network to indicate that the switch is ready to accept a number.
Voice grade dial tone residential service consisting of flat rate service or local measured service, if chosen by the customer and offered by the dominate certificated telecommunication utility.
These are normally connected to Telephone Systems and the lines only return dial tone on receipt of a loop on the line, followed by an earth condition.
en.mimi.hu /telecom/dial_tone.html   (220 words)

 MIT IS&T: Telephone Features: Held Calls, Conference Calls, Call Forwarding
At the dial tone, enter the five-digit MIT extension to which you are transferring the call.
Dial 64, then, after the dial tone, the number you want (e.g., a 5-digit MIT extension, or 9-1-areacode–number).
Dial 65, then, after the dial tone, the number you want (e.g., a 5-digit MIT extension, or 9-1-areacode–number).
web.mit.edu /ist/tel/functions.html   (733 words)

 DUNS Error 680 - No Dial Tone
First, try testing the modem's ability to detect dial tone and to dial by using HyperTerminal with the direct to COM port connect method - see Using HyperTerminal.
If the modem will blind dial (x1), but not detect dial-tone otherwise, the problem is likely to be in the proper selection of the Country in Windows->ControlPanel->Telephony or in improper installation of the modem or lack of support for your country in the driver you are using.
If the modem dials properly with detection (x3) in HyperTerminal, but does not detect dial tone when using DUNs, the problem may be DUNs (check for upgrade or re-install) or the proper setup and modem selection for the DUNs connectoid.
www.modemsite.com /56k/duns680.asp   (217 words)

 International Telephone Dial Tone Signaling Reference
The Dial Tone signal is used in Public Switched Telephone Networks to indicate that the telephone network switching equipment has recognized that a telephone has gone off-hook, and the switching equipment is prepared to receive the dialed digits or DTMF codes.
With the exception of one country (Italy), the dial tone signal is a constant signal and normally only stops when the first digit is dialed or the first DTMF code is received.
Japan also differs from all other countries, in that the volume of the dial tone is quite low, while the busy and ring-back signals are quite loud, where all other countries have the dial tone signal louder than the busy and ring-back signals.
nemesis.lonestar.org /reference/telecom/signaling/dialtone.html   (283 words)

 No Dial Tone
If you have two phone lines, you may want to check the second line for a dial tone by unplugging the computer line and connecting a regular phone to it.
Another solution would be to have the modem ignore the dial tone, this means that it will not even check for a dial tone before it tries to connect.
Everything checks out - there's a dial tone on the line, you've switched the cord, and you're still getting no dial tone errors: There's a chance then that the modem may be damaged in some way and is not functioning properly.
help.expedient.net /dialup/dun680.shtml   (929 words)

 Cellular Telephone Basics: C. The SAT, Dial Tone, and Blank and Burst Archives
An SAT is a high pitched, inaudible tone that helps the system distinguish between callers on the same channel but in different cells.
To digress briefly, dial tone is not present on AMPS phones, although E.F. Johnson phones produced land line type dial tone within the unit.
[Dial tone] During the start of your call a "No Service" lamp or display instead tells you if coverage isn't available If coverage is available you punch in your numbers and get a response back from the system.
www.privateline.com /mt_cellbasics/vii_amps_call_processing/c_the_sat_dial_tone_and_blank_and_burst   (1854 words)

 Windows 95/98: Error 680 - No Dial Tone   (Site not responding. Last check: )
If you hear a clear dial tone, you should then check the physical connections to the modem.
If you hear a stutter tone, you will need to remove any waiting voice mail messages before your modem will be able to dial.
If still unable to receive a dial tone you would want to have the modem tested to determine of the modem can still "hear" a dial tone.
www.pfad.org /errors/680.html   (196 words)

 ITS: Telecommunications Services - Dialing Features   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dial the extension where the calls are to be forwarded.
Dial #9 and the extension where the call is parked.
Dial the number that the call is to be transferred to (remain on line and announce call, if desired).
www.rit.edu /~wwwits/services/tele/dialing_features.html   (1164 words)

 Swimming Pool Emergency Phones - TWAcomm.com, Inc.
Allen Tel Single Line Pushbutton Tone Dial Phone
Outdoor weather resistant speakerphone with tone dial and "Push to operate" button with 2 minute disconnect.
ADA compliant weather resistant emergency telephone with push button tone dial pad....
www.twacomm.com /catalog/dept_id_1062.htm   (0 words)

 Cisco - Troubleshooting No Dial Tone Issues
This document discusses how to troubleshoot a voice network when no dial tone is heard from a voice port that is in the off-hook condition.
A common problem in the voice network is when no dial tone is heard from a voice port in the off-hook condition.
This command disables dial tone from the voice port.
www.cisco.com /warp/public/788/voip/no-dialtone.html   (958 words)

 Word Spy - dial tone
As the citation above shows, this metaphor is based on the humble telephone dial tone, a service that provides easy and near-universal access to the phone system, and that works with a wide variety of devices (telephones, modems, security systems, and so on).
Another "dial tone" example that hasn't quite made it out to the mainstream media, but that's making the rounds of e-book and e-publishing circles is "content dial tone":
He said content would be available to 'pervasive devices,' starting with Palm units and Web-enabled phones, and extending eventually into even more exotic devices.
www.wordspy.com /words/dialtone.asp   (274 words)

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