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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Dialogue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The philosophic dialogue, with or without Socrates as a character, continues to be used on occasion by philosophers when attempting to write engaging, literary works of philosophy which attempt to capture the subtle nuance and lively give-and-take of discourse as it actually takes place in intellectual conversation.
Martin Buber places dialogue in a central position in his philosophy: he sees dialogue as an effective means of on-going communication rather than as a purposive attempt to reach some conclusion or to express some viewpoint(s).
Dialoguers agree to leave behind debate tactics that attempt to convince and, instead, talk from their own experience on subjects that are improvised on the spot.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dialogue   (1235 words)

 Dialogue: A Proposal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Dialogue, as we are choosing to use the word, is a way of exploring the roots of the many crises that face humanity today.
It is an important stage in the Dialogue, a moment of increased coherence, where the group is able to move beyond its perceived blocks or limitations and into new territory, But it is also a point at which a group may begin to relax and bask in the "high" that accompanies the experience.
Dialogue resembles a number of other forms of group activity and may at times include aspects of them but in fact it is something new to our culture.
www.cs.ubc.ca /~scharein/Dialogue.html   (4247 words)

 Dialogue Intensive French Language Training /French Immersion/Intensive Business French
Dialogue's main French language training center is located in the historic town of Spa, in the beautiful Ardennes region of Belgium.
Dialogue is particularly suitable for people who lack the time for long-term language study and who are looking for the ultimate in intensive language training for results.
Dialogue students may be still in college, already retired, studying for business or learning just for the pleasure of it.
www.buildingyourself.com /dialogue   (2055 words)

 National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Dialogue is about expanding our capacity for attention, awareness and learning with and from each other.
Dialogues are powerful, transformational experiences that often lead to both personal and collaborative action.
Dialogue dispels stereotypes, builds trust and enables people to be open to perspectives that are very different from their own.
www.thataway.org /resources/understand/what.html   (1571 words)

 dialogue, conversation and education
Conversation and dialogue are not simply the means that informal educators use, but are also what educators should seek to cultivate in local life.
David Bohm’s linkage of dialogue with the possibilities of glimpsing a deeper order in things, and of connecting with ‘unbroken wholeness in flowing movement’ is very reminiscent of Martin Buber’s account of the possibilities of encounter between ‘man and man’.
Through dialogue people are supposed to create new understandings which are 'explicitly critical and aimed at action, wherein those who were formally illiterate now begin to reject their role as mere "objects" in nature and social history and undertake to become "subjects" of their own destiny" (Goulet 1974: viii).
www.infed.org /biblio/b-dialog.htm   (4633 words)

Dialogue is a form of conversation that has been explored, practiced and promoted by David Bohm, J. Krishnamurti, Martin Buber and others.
Dialogue is a process in which one can experience the connectedness and wholeness that is always present, yet is mostly invisible.
Dialogue is a mode of exchange among human beings in which there is a true turning to one another, and a full appreciation of another not as an object in a social function, but as a genuine being.
home.mebtel.net /~kirchoff/Dialogue.htm   (1336 words)

 [No title]
Dialogue is a both a kind of conversation and a way of relating.[6] It is a small-scale communication process in which participants may say or hear something they never said or heard before, and from which they may emerge irrevocably changed.[7] The approach emphasizes listening, learning, and the development of shared understandings.[8]
Because dialogue requires participants to open themselves up to one another, it may not be appropriate in cases where parties cling to their hatred and anger and refuse to listen.
Dialogue is a form of conversation and a form of relating to people that differs from mediation, negotiation, and debate in that it seeks to inform and learn, but not to persuade or to resolve anything.
www.beyondintractability.org /m/dialogue.jsp   (7009 words)

 Dialogue Projects
Most dialogue processes, however, involve people who are engaged in a long-lasting, deep-rooted conflict sitting down together with a facilitator who will help them explore their feelings about the conflict and each other, and develop an improved understanding of the concerns, fears, and needs of the other side.
Such workshops bring disputants together to explore their feelings about the conflict and each other (as is done in human relations dialogue), but special attention is focused on the parties' fundamental human needs, the absence of which is seen to be a primary cause of most deep-rooted conflicts.
Dialogue is an effective approach for many conflict problems, including most communication problems, problems of escalation, and problems involving ineffective integrative systems.
www.colorado.edu /conflict/peace/treatment/dialog2.htm   (1126 words)

 Dialogue Defined
David Bohm traces the roots of Dialogue to the Greek "dia" and "logos" which means "through meaning." One might think of Dialogue as a stream of meaning flowing among and through a group of people, out of which may emerge some new understanding, something creative.
Dialogue slows down the speed at which most groups converse by employing deeper levels of listening and reflection.
Dialogue is a living process and requires the willingness of all participants to be open to letting go of the known in order to discover new perspectives and understanding.
www.thedialoguegrouponline.com /whatsdialogue.html   (1991 words)

 Exstream Software
Dialogue’s design and workflow is flexible enough to produce any fully personalized document—from complex statements to interactive correspondence—for delivery through the preferred print and electronic channels.
Dialogue dynamically builds all the resources needed for the target output device, including fonts, images, and overlays, and offers the greatest scalability for producing every type of personalized document for batch, real-time, or interactive delivery.
Dialogue Real-time is an on-demand document service capability that encompasses the real-time engine, Dynamic Data Access (DDA) module, and connector(s) to your pre-existing message queues or middleware.
www.exstream.com /product/product_dialogue_landing.asp   (811 words)

 sebastian campion - dialogue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
DIALOGUE is a concept for a wireless voice-based service that helps users simulate a mobile phone conversation.
DIALOGUE is basically a phone number and a phone central that stores one or more soundtracks.
DIALOGUE conceptualizes one of the communication paradoxes created by the mobile phone: When being on the phone, we may connect ourselves to someone far away, but at the same time we disconnect our immediate surroundings.
www.campion.nu /works/dialogue   (473 words)

 Selected Websites on Dialogue
Death or Dialogue?: from the age of monologue to the age of dialogue (1990) by Leonard Swidler et al.
Global Dialogue Institute (GDI): The purpose of the GDI is to promote dialogue in the broadest sense among individuals and groups of different religions and cultures, focusing especially though not exclusively on the "opinion-shapers" of society, e.g., scholars, professionals, and institutional and business leaders.
The Psychoanalytic Dialogue (1987) by Stanley A. Leavy
www.laetusinpraesens.org /links/webdial.php   (1300 words)

 The DuVersity; Gurdjieff, Bennett, Systematics and the Enneagram - Solioonensius Talk - NY 1995
In dialogue, whatever anyone says has first of all to be listened to and allowed to stand just as it is. There is no such thing as a 'wrong idea'.
Once the dialogue is agreed to be over, it is advisable not to refer to issues raised in it afterwards in other kinds of conversation.
When a group meets for dialogue, their gathering entails a specific information field that will unfold through the energies of interaction between the people.
www.duversity.org /ideas/dialog.html   (2127 words)

 Great Dialogue Software (TM), the ultimate dialogue tool for writers.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
We all need to improve our dialogue skills, but the books and courses on how to write dialogue are full of vague generalities that are of very limited help.
Dialogue Master™ does not just search for the actual text in the dialogue samples, because there can be a love scene that never mentions the word “love”, or a police interrogation scene that never uses the words “police” or “interrogation”.
EVERY dialogue sample has multiple keywords attached and it is these keywords that help the writer find the perfect sample and dialogue technique to inspire and educate, no matter what kind of scene you are working on.
www.greatdialogue.com   (930 words)

 Dialogue & more   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Dialogue is a way of observing, collectively, how hidden values and intentions can control our behavior, and how unnoticed cultural differences can clash without our realizing what is occurring.
Because of this, in introducing people to dialogue David Bohm used to take the approach of conducting a two or three day seminar discussing with them his notions of the nature of thought as a system and how it tends to lead inevitably to self-deception, before introducing them to dialogue.
In this context he suggested that the meaning of dialogue lies outside our culture and that dialogue might be a valuable way to begin to transform the culture as a whole.
www.cgl.org /Dialogue.html   (8043 words)

Dialogue was formed in 2003 by vocalists Jared Thompson and Tyson Snyder, along with guitar player Brandon Herrera and bass player T. Weiland.
Dialogue's self titled CD was recorded over a five-month period last year at Eagle Sounds here in Durango.
Dialogue understands the roots of its genre, but it's not stuck on being a hardcore or super "traditional to the genre" hip-hop band.
www.myspace.com /dialogue   (1413 words)

 College and University Dialogue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
College and University Dialogue is an international journal of faith, thought, and action published by the Committee on Adventist Ministry to College and University Students (AMiCUS) in cooperation with the 13 world divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Dialogue seeks to nurture an intelligent, living faith; deepen the readers' commitment to Christ, the Bible, and Adventist Global Mission; articulate biblical responses to contemporary issues in the arts, humanities, philosophy, religion, and the sciences; and offer practical models of Christian service and outreach.
This web site presents sample articles from prior issues of the Dialogue, which may be accessed by issue, title, and author, as well as by a particular section of the journal.
dialogue.adventist.org   (193 words)

 Dialogue at Western Washington University
Dialogue is a series of discussion papers dealing with topics that are central to our role as educators and the mission of the university.
The Dialogue Series is sponsored by the Office of Institutional Assessment and Testing and the Center for Instructional Innovation.
The goals of the Dialogue Series are to stimulate conversation, provide information, and foster university-wide collaboration that enhances teaching, learning, and assessment at Western Washington University.
www.ac.wwu.edu /~dialogue   (319 words)

DIALOGUE JOURNAL is an independent quarterly established to express Mormon culture and to examine the relevance of religion to secular life.
It is edited by Latter-day Saints who wish to bring their faith into dialogue with the larger stream of world religious thought and with human experience as a whole and to foster artistic and scholarly achievement based on their cultural heritage.
The journal encourages a variety of viewpoints; although every effort is made to ensure accurate scholarship and responsible judgment, the views expressed are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily those of The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints or of the editors.
www.dialoguejournal.com   (261 words)

 Global Dialogue Institute
By dialogue we mean here Deep-Dialogue, which is a way of encountering and understanding oneself and the world at the deepest levels, opening up possibilities of grasping the fundamental meanings of life, individually and corporately, and its various dimensions.
Dialogues between Protestants of different denominations have led to church mergers and to the creation of interdenominational councils.
Dialogue led Catholics to stop blaming Jews for the death of Jesus and to establish chairs of Jewish Studies at Catholic colleges and universities in.
global-dialogue.com /case.htm   (4169 words)

 Writing Dialogue
Without dialogue, I think a reader would be too intimidated to even pick up the novel and start reading.
When dialogue is used properly, it should define your characters so thoroughly that if you took off all the tags of Jake said, or Daisy whispered, we would still know who was talking.
The heroine’s dialogue shows us that she is feisty and not afraid to stand up to anyone.
www.scribesworld.com /writersniche/articles/WritingDialogue1ER.html   (1832 words)

 The Co-Inteligence Institute
Dialogue can at times be truly magical, dissolving the boundaries between us and the world and opening up wellsprings of realization and resonant power.
In those rare, deeply healing moments of dialogue in its most ideal form, we may experience the wholeness of who we are (beyond our isolated ego), listening and speaking to the wholeness of who we are (deep within and beyond the group around us).
Dialogue, in contrast, involves joining our thinking and feeling into a shared pool of meaning which continually flows and evolves, carrying us all into new, deeper levels of understanding none of us could have foreseen.
www.co-intelligence.org /P-dialogue.html   (2459 words)

 Spanish immersion ? Spanish Immersion Courses DialoguE Barcelona
Dialogue Idiomas (Spanish Immersion Courses) is located in Barcelona.
A week at Dialogue means 70 hours of Spanish immersion at a rate of 14 hours per day.
I personally can't imagine that a better Spanish immersion program than Dialogue's exists anywhere.
www.spanish-immersion.org   (52 words)

 The Forests Dialogue
The Forests Dialogue (TFD) is a group of individuals from diverse interests and regions that are committed to the conservation and sustainable use of forests.
The Forests Dialogue, which is ad hoc, seeks to support and reinforce existing efforts related to forest management.
Formal dialogues developed by TFD will include a wide range of invited participants who are leaders in thought and action on the central issues of each dialogue.
research.yale.edu /gisf/tfd   (297 words)

 Technorati Tag: dialogue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Dialogue - Now You're Talking Videos Four-video training series - Communicating in a diverse world, dialogue for cultural understanding, dialogue between genders, dialogue among generations.
H under Class Dialogue, Assignments, Student Work/Discussion [11] Comments Post your ideas on what your...
This is the most comprehensive handbook for interfaith dialogue, written by a leader in the field.
technorati.com /tag/dialogue   (510 words)

Cissna, K. N., and Anderson, R. The contributions of Carl R. Rogers to a philosophical praxis of dialogue.
The 1957 Martin Buber - Carl Rogers Dialogue, as Dialogue.
Pearce, K. A., and Pearce, W. The public dialogue consortium's school-wide dialogue process: A communicative approach to develop citizenship skills and enhance school climate.
www.colorado.edu /communication/meta-discourses/Theory/dialogue.htm   (532 words)

 Designing an Authentication System: a Dialogue in Four Scenes
This dialogue provides a fictitious account of the design of an open-network authentication system called "Charon." As the dialogue progresses, the characters Athena and Euripides discover the problems of security inherent in an open network environment.
The dialogue's "Kerberos" system bears a striking resemblence to the system described in Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Open Network Systems presented at the Winter USENIX 1988, at Dallas, Texas.
The dialogue was written in 1988 to help its readers understand the fundamental reasons for why the Kerberos V4 protocol was the way it was.
web.mit.edu /kerberos/www/dialogue.html   (6558 words)

 The Birthing of a Book   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Strategies for bringing the principles and skills of dialogue into day-to-day work to help foster collaboration, partnership and shared leadership.
Part IV - The Transformational Power of Dialogue: Descriptions of shifts that occur in the thinking of those who commit to an ongoing practice of dialogue.
Part V - A Dialogue on Partnership: An edited transcript of a dialogue with margin notes that help identify different skills (inquiry, self-reflection, assumption identification, etc.), followed by participant reflections and a short "epilogue" about how three people have used what they learned in the months since.
www.thedialoguegrouponline.com /book.html   (227 words)

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