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Topic: Diaoyutai Islands

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Sino-Japanese talks on seabed gas reserves but tensions remain
The islands are approximately 120 nm northeast of Taiwan, 200 nm east of the Chinese mainland, and 200 nm southeast of Okinawa.
These islands were neither part of Taiwan nor part of the Pescadores Islands which were ceded to Japan from the Qing Dynasty of China in accordance with Article II of the Treaty of Shimonoseki which came into effect in May of 1895.
Diaoyutai was returned to China at the end of World War II in 1945 based upon the 1943 agreement of the Big Three in Cairo.
www.martinfrost.ws /htmlfiles/sino_japgas.html   (4539 words)

 Japanese Militarism & Diaoyutai (Senkaku) Island - A Japanese Historian's View
Furthmore, at the end of the explanatory notes on the Ishigaki and eight neighbouring islands of the Yaeyama Archipelago, it was written that the eight islands were "the southwestern most boundary of Ryukyu" (the Iriomote Island of the Yaeyama group among the Ryukyu Islands being the nearest to the Taioyu (Daioyu) Island).
Sailing from Ryukyu to the Tiaoyu Island (Diaoyutai) was particularly difficult because it was against the wind and the tide.
Whether Koga's application to the Okinawa prefectural and central governments for a lease of the Tiaoyu Island (Diaoyutai) was made before or after the outbreak of the 1894 Japan-Ching war remains inknown, but both the prefectural and central governments had declared that title to that island was uncertain.
www.skycitygallery.com /japan/diaohist.html   (3197 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Because of this the Diaoyutai are of particular symbolic significance to the political opposition and pro-independence groups in Taiwan, and this has been a very important factor in the Taiwanese stance over the islands, particularly the dispute which erupted in 1990.
The islands came to the forefront of the talks when a group of anti-Treaty politicians from the LDP in Japan raised the issue in the Diet in an attempt to damage or halt the negotiations.
National pride concerning the islands is an issue for all sides particularly for the Chinese and Taiwanese given the recent history of Japanese aggression and the important part played by the anti-Japanese record in legitimating the CCP in China.
www.kent.ac.uk /politics/research/kentpapers/deans.html   (5472 words)

 Senkaku Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Chinese, the islands are known as the Diaoyutai Islands (Traditional Chinese: 釣魚台群島, Simplified Chinese: 钓鱼台群岛, pinyin: Diàoyútái Qúndǎo).
The islands are currently administrated by Japan as a part of Ishigaki City, Okinawa prefecture.
Taiwan and its surrounding islands were ceded to Japan in 1895 in the Treaty of Shimonoseki.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Diaoyutai_Islands   (1943 words)

 Jim Webb for U.S. Senate: Allen Doesn’t Know Where Senkaku Islands Are   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Senkaku Islands are (Diaoyutai in Chinese) composed of eight small, uninhabited islands, sitting roughly 100 miles northeast of Taiwan and 250 miles west of Okinawa.
In July 1996, a Japanese group's establishment of a lighthouse on one of the Senkaku Islands sparked a wave of anti-Japanese protests, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
A 1,040-ton survey vessel of the Chinese navy was spotted 21 July 2004 in the EEZ some 40 kilometers west of the disputed Senkaku Islands both countries claim, and a 3,536-ton Chinese government marine research ship was found the same day in the EEZ some 340 km southwest of Okinodaito Island in Okinawa Prefecture.
www.webbforsenate.com /press/release.php?id=183   (4474 words)

 The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance and the PRC | The Senkaku Islands Crisis
The Senkaku Islands (in Japanese) or the Diaoyutai Islands (in Chinese) are a small group of five islands (Uotsuri, Kita Kojima, Minami Kojima, Kuba and Taisho), three reefs and some above-water rocks that lie about 200 kilometers northwest of Taiwan and 400 kilometers west of Okinawa, measuring a mere 10km2 of land.
Japan asserts that the islands are part of the Ryukyu Islands, which Japan annexed in 1879 (and now form Okinawa Prefecture), and are therefore an integral part of Japan.
The Senkaku Islands issue is one that lights the hottest of nationalist fires on both sides of the conflict.
vincentpace.info /thesis/senkaku_islands_crisis.html   (3269 words)

 DaVinci: Regional> Asia> Japan> Islands
In 1956, we issued a Joint Declaration, Article 9 of which said that the Soviet Union was prepared to cede two islands to Japan on the condition that a peace...
Japan claimed the islands in 1895 when it colonized Taiwan, but the United States controlled them after World War II and returned them to Japan in 1972.
As a result, the Kurile Islands that Japan renounced all claim to in the treaty came to include not only Kunashiri and Etorofu, but also the islands of Habomai...
www.bluegrassdavinci.com /ODP/Regional/Asia/Japan/Islands   (336 words)

 Senkaku Islands - disputed between Japan & China
The islands known as the Senkaku Islands (尖閣諸島; -Shoto) in Japanese and Diaoyutai Islands (釣魚台列嶼 Pinyin: Diàoyútái Lièdǎo) in Chinese are disputed islands administered by Japan but claimed by the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China.
The islands sit on the edge of the continental shelf, and are separated from the Ryukyu islands by a deep sea trench.
It was not until Okinawa and the surronding islands were returned to Japan by the United States in 1972-and the prospect of undersea oil, gas, and mineral deposits-that Chinese and Taiwanese claims surfaced.
www.japan-101.com /geography/senkaku_islands.htm   (622 words)

 Diaoyutai Islands (Senkaku Shoto)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Diaoyutai Islands are located 200 km ENE of Taibei, capitol of Taiwan.
I happened to take a photo of Diaoyutai Is. so I thought I might make this webpage.
Diaoyutai is at 123 deg 30 min E, 25 deg 40 min N. To know where Diaoyutai is when on an airplane, you need an aviation map.
jidanni.org /geo/diaoyutai/index_en.html   (316 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Japan's island claim ignites row
The small island group - called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyutai in China - lies in the East China Sea, between southern Japan and Taiwan.
Japan first claimed the islands in 1895, and apart from a short period of US control after World War II, they have remained under Tokyo's control.
The dispute began in the early 1970s, when both China and Taiwan made claims to the islands after oil deposits were confirmed in the area.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/asia-pacific/3012786.stm   (404 words)

 Defend Diaoyutai
The latest dispute over the Diaoyutai Isles provoked by Japanese right-wing extremists with the support from the Japanese government is by no means an isolated incident.
It must also be viewed as an attempt of Japan's present right-wing government to undo the effort for a genuine reconcilliation with its Aisan neighbours by the previous prime minister.
As for the Diaoyutai Isles, some Japanese argue that if they belong to China, why the Chinese did not take any action when the Isles were returned by the US together with Okinawa to Japan.
museums.cnd.org /mirror/nanjing/DD.html   (521 words)

 Association for Asia Research- Japan arrests seven Chinese on Diaoyutai Island
The members of the Protect Diaoyutai Islands Chinese Alliance set off on March 23 from Zhejiang Province, China on a fishing boat headed to Diaoyutai Island, according to a Liberty Times report.
Besides reaffirming Japan’s sovereignty over Diaoyutai Island, Japanese Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi also called on the Chinese government to “properly handle this matter.” He said that though it seemed unusual to arrest those Chinese people, it was legal.
The dispute over the islands flared in the early 1970s after oil deposits were confirmed in the area by a United Nations agency.
www.asianresearch.org /articles/1996.html   (366 words)

 Diaoyutai Islands Fact Sheet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Diaoyutai, however, remained under the administration Taiwan, a part of China.
Taiwan (including Diaoyutai) was ceded to Japan in 1895 after the first Sino-Japanese War, and was returned to China at the end of World War II in 1945 based upon the 1943 agreement of the Big Three in Cairo.
After 1968 when large deposit of oil and natural gas were discovered in that region, Japan claimed that the Diaoyutai Islands are part of Liu Chiu.
www.ggw.org /users/rca/dyt.htm   (657 words)

 csjwv: Diaoyutai Islands Fact Sheet
The Diaoyutai Islands are a group of eight uninhabited islands located 120 miles northeast of Taiwan on the continental shelf and are separated from the Liu Chiu Islands (Ryukyu Islands, also known as Okinawa) by a deep underwater trench (over 1000 meters deep).
Diaoyutai as part of the Taiwan hence was included in that package.
Since 1972, Japan attempted to build a heliport on the main islet of Diaoyutai, and encouraged a right-wing group to build a lighthouse on another islet in the group.
www.ww2.org.hk /dyt/dyt-fact.html   (648 words)

 The Epoch Times :: Japan Arrests Seven Chinese on Diaoyutai Island
The seven Chinese activists who landed on the island were arrested by the Japanese authorities and their fishing boat was confiscated.
On March 24, seven members of Protect Diaoyutai Islands Chinese Alliance landed on Diaoyutai Island and were subsequently arrested by Japanese police.
Editor’s Note: The Diaoyutai Islands (Senkaku in Japanese) are a group of eight uninhabited islands located northeast of Taiwan.
en.epochtimes.com /news/4-3-28/20638.html   (505 words)

 Diaoyutai Islands or Senkaku Islands? - BigSoccer
Li Deng Hui claimed that these islands were not ceded to the Japanese in 1895 and that they were always associated with Okinawa, which is far to the north.
The Kingdom of the Ryukyus was an independent kingdom that paid tribute to the Qing Dynasty and had for centuries until the Japanese took their independence away in 1873 and made it the first acquisition in the new Japanese Empire.
The Senkaku Islands were not a part of the Kingdom of the Ryukyus at this time and only later came under the control of the Japanese.
www.bigsoccer.com /forum/showthread.php?p=415346   (1151 words)

 AsiaMedia :: The Diaoyutai-Senkaku Islands Dispute Reawakened
The island group in question - Diaoyutai in Chinese and Senkaku in Japanese - is composed of eight small, uninhabited islands, sitting roughly 100 miles northeast of Taiwan and 250 miles west of Okinawa.
The Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands dispute is still a relatively minor affair for both China and Japan.
Nevertheless, as incidents around the islands and the potential for confrontation increase in number, they will only add to the mutual enmity that is slowly building in both societies.
www.asiamedia.ucla.edu /article.asp?parentid=7523   (1787 words)

 Diaoyu Islands Dispute
Country: Japan The Diaoyutai Islands located 120 miles northeast of Taiwan on the continental shelf and are separated from the Liu Chiu Islands (Ryukyu Islands) by a deep underwater trench (over 1000 meters deep).
National pride concerning the islands is an issue for the three countries, especially for the Chinese and Taiwanese given the recent history of Japanese aggression.
The sovereignty claim on the Diaoyutai by each of the three countries is the direct cause to the conflict.
www.american.edu /projects/mandala/TED/ice/DIAOYU.HTM   (2755 words)

 Hotspots in category Islands - World Wind Central
The Blasket islands and the Dingle peninsula, in the southwest of Ireland.
Diaoyutai Islands / Senkaku Islands are disputed by China and Japan.
This island fortress stands as a memorial for the courage, valor, and heroism of its Filipino and American defenders who bravely held their ground against the overwhelming number of invading Japanese forces during World War II.
www.worldwindcentral.com /hotspots/index.php?cat=65   (1459 words)

 Senkaku Islands - China-related Topics SE-SH - China-Related Topics
The islands sit on the edge of the continental shelf of mainland Asia, and are separated from the Ryukyu Islands by a deep sea trench.
The Islands were first documented during the Ming Dynasty, by royal visitors from Ming China to the Ryukyu Kingdom at the current Okinawa prefecture of Japan.
Japanese scholars point out that it was not so difficult for the ROC to occupy these island in 1945 because she had already incorporated Taiwan and the surrounding islands two months before the U.S. military occupation extended to Yaeyama Islands.
www.famouschinese.com /virtual/Senkaku_Islands   (1473 words)

 Shanghaiist: Diaoyutai: High drama on the high seas
The islands are located 170 km (100 miles) northeast of Taiwan and 410 km (250 miles) west of Japan's Okinawa island are a long-standing source of dispute between China and Japan.
The Diaoyutai have long been a point of special interest for nationalists from both sides, and Friday's voyage marked the 10th anniversary of the death of Hong Kong activist David Chan Yuk-cheung, who drowned while trying to land on the islands in 1996.
Obviously, the Diaoyutai are a potential flashpoint for future shenangians between China and Japan, but more seriously, this instance underscores China's many border disputes which are likely to come to the fore as a self-confident China grows increasingly assertive.
www.shanghaiist.com /archives/2006/10/31/diaoyutai_high.php   (2707 words)

 Japanese Islands Disputes with CHINA and RUSSIA - Asia Finest Discussion Forum
In Chinese, the islands are known as the Diaoyutai Islands (钓鱼台群岛 Diàoyútái Qúndǎo).
The disputed islands are currently under Russian administration as part of the Sakhalin Oblast, but are also claimed by Japan, which refers to them as the Northern Territories (北方領土 Hoppō Ryōdo) or Southern Chishima (南千島 Minami Chishima).
The Shenkaku islands belong to Japan because Taiwan Province officials are willing to hand it over to them without a fight while the Kurils clearly belong to Russia.
www.asiafinest.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=81726   (961 words)

 Industry Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Diaoyu Islands Dispute - Detailed case study of the disptue from the Inventory of Conflict and Environment (ICE).
Diaoyutai Islands - Chinese perspectives on the territorial dispute over five islands in the East China Sea.
Japanese Militarism and Diaoyutai (Senkaku) Island - Essay by a Kyoto University professor attacking Japanese nationalism and asserting that the Diaoyutai islands are rightfully China's.
www.immunomedics.com /cgi-bin/anaconda/odp_apexec.pl?&passurl=/Society/Issues/Territorial_Disputes/Diaoyu_Islands   (140 words)

 Japanese Rock, Chinese Mushroom, America in the Cold by Mike Rogers
The dispute over these islands began in 1969, but their modern recorded history can be traced back to 1885.
When possible oil reserves were discovered in the area near the islands in 1969 both Taiwan and China began to protest Japanese use of the islands.
Japan feels it needs these islands as she has a long historical claim to them and needs the fishing rights to feed her people.
www.lewrockwell.com /rogers/rogers202.html   (2624 words)

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