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Topic: Diego de Almagro

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  Diego de Almagro Summary
Almagro sired a mestizo son in Panama, known to the Spaniards as Almagro the Lad.
Diego de Almagro II (1520-1542), known as El Mozo (The Lad), son of Diego de Almagro I, whose mother was an Indian girl of Panama, became the foil of the conspirators who had put Pizzaro to the sword.
The lad Almagro fought a desperate battle on September 16, 1542, escaped to Cuzco, but was arrested, immediately condemned to death, and executed in the great square of the city.
www.bookrags.com /Diego_de_Almagro   (1174 words)

  Diego de Almagro
After Alvarado returned to Guatemala, Almagro pressed his claims to a share in the profits of the conquest, and a sort of settlement between him and Pizarro was arrived at in 1535, partly through the efforts of some of the clergy.
In the course of the hostilities that followed Almagro was defeated at Salinas near Cuzco, on the 26th of April, 1538, and was shortly afterwards executed, while a prisoner.
The chief follower of the elder Almagro, after his execution, gathered around the young man in a conspiracy to put Pizarro out of the way, which deed was consummated 26 June, 1541, at Lima, the assassins assembling for the purpose at Almagro's house.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/a/almagro,diego_de.html   (838 words)

 Incas and Conquistadors
Diego de Almagro was one of Francisco Pizarro's original partners on his first 1524 expedition to search for the Inca Empire.
Almagro fought loyally with Pizarro for many years and was one of his most trusted commanders.
Almagro was awarded the land beyond that of Pizarro.
dspace.dial.pipex.com /town/road/hc09/incas/spanish-diego.html   (221 words)

 AllRefer.com - Diego de Almagro (Latin American History, Biography) - Encyclopedia
Diego de Almagro[dyA´gO dA AlmA´grO] Pronunciation Key, c.1475–1538, Spanish conquistador, a leader in the conquest of Peru.
In 1535, Almagro set out on a march that was incredible in its hardships : south through the freezing cordillera of the Andes, probably as far as Coquimbo in present Chile, and then, after finding no gold, back north through the desert wastes of Atacama.
Almagro begged for his life and was promised it, but he was garroted by orders of Hernando Pizarro.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/A/Almagro.html   (334 words)

Almagro took no part in the action at Caxamarca and the occupation of Cuzco (1532-33).
In the course of the hostilities that followed Almagro was defeated at Salinas near Cuzco, on the 26th of April, 1538, and was shortly afterwards executed, while a prisoner.
Pizarro out of the way, which deed was consummated 26 June, 1541, at Lima, the assassins assembling for the purpose at Almagro's house.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/01326e.htm   (857 words)

 ALMAGRO, Diego de   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In 1529 Pizarro was granted authority by the Holy Roman emperor Charles V to conquer and rule Peru, and in 1533 the partners completed the conquest of the country.
In 1535 Charles V appointed Almagro governor of New Toledo, an area lying south of Pizarro's grant and including the northern portion of present-day Chile.
After invading and subjugating his lands in 1535–36, Almagro claimed that Cuzco, the ancient Incan capital, lay within his region and entered the city as the legitimate governor.
www.history.com /encyclopedia.do?articleId=200758   (690 words)

 Diego de Almagro
Almagro served in the Spanish navy and came to South America in 1514, settling in Peru five years later.
Almagro was forced to stop his invasion and return to Cuzco in order to put down the insurrection.
Almagro’s son, also named Diego, avenged his father’s death by leading in insurrection that ultimately brought about the assassination of Pizarro in 1541.
www.thepirateking.com /bios/almagro_diego_de.htm   (316 words)

 Diego de Almagro
Diego de Almagro arrive en Amérique en 1514, avec l'expédition qui conquiert le Panamá, sous les ordres de Pedrarias Dávila (ou Pedro Arias de Ávila).
Quand Almagro part pour le Chili, le 3 juillet 1535, la querelle avec Pizarro au sujet de la ville de Cuzco n'était toujours pas réglée, le deux hommes croyant q'elle se trouvait sous leur tutelle respective.
Diego de Almagro entreprend l'exploration du territoire en se dirigeant vers la vallée du río Aconcagua où il est bien reçu par les indigènes.
www.americas-fr.com /histoire/almagro.html   (1389 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Almagro,
Born in Trujillo, he was an illegitimate son of a Spanish gentleman and as a child was an illiterate swineherd.
A judge of the royal audiencia at Valladolid, he was chosen by Charles V to restore order between the Pizarro and the Almagro factions.
A lieutenant of his brother in the conquest of Peru, Gonzalo aided in the defense of Cuzco (1536-37) against the Inca Manco Capac, subdued Charcas (present Bolivia), and fought against Diego de Almagro (1537-38).
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Almagro,&StartAt=1   (653 words)

 Diego De Almagro Hotel Santiago de Chile - DESCUENTOS, RESEÑAS E INFORMACION en HotelTravel.com
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 pizarro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Diego de Almagro was born in 1475, and eventually became one of Pizarro's original partners in his 1524 expedition.
Almagro quickly gained power by the hand of the King of Spain, and was instructed to lead a new expedition in present-day Chile.
Almagro's army was defeated, and he was executed in July of 1538.
www.umich.edu /~ece/student_projects/conquest/pizarro.htm   (362 words)

 Diego de Almagro
Almagro was born in 1479 in the village of Almagro, Spain, and was in the Spanish navy and settled in Panama in 1519.
In 1534, Almagro was given a charter by King Charles to conquer the land that is now known as Chile.
Pizarro, who had been given the title of Governor of Peru, by the King, sentenced Almagro to death and he was executed in 1538.
www.bruce.ruiz.net /PanamaHistory/diego_de_almagro.htm   (302 words)

 Diego Almagro - The Great Unknown, The Great Explorers
Father Cristobal de Molina, a priest who was the scribe in the expedition, recorded many instances of brutality and gruesome acts against the Indians encountered and captured on the march.
This action brought on a conquistadorial war between Almagro and Pizarro, who was supported by his three half brothers.
Almagro defeated one Pizarro army at the Abancay River, but he was subsequently defeated and captured by Hernando Pizarro at the battle of Las Salinas (near Cuzco).
www.phfawcettsweb.org /almagro.htm   (475 words)

 Pedro de Valdivia
Pedro de Valdivia is believed to have been born in Badajoz, Spain in 1500 (some source put his date of birth as early as 1497) from a family of nobles.
After the failure of the expedition of Diego de Almagro, Valdivia asked the governor of Peru permission to complete the conquest of the lands south of Peru (known as Nuevo Toledo).
There are many legends surrounding the death of Pedro de Valdivia at the hands of the indigenous Indians of ???, but the one thing they all have in common is how extraordinarily violent and painful they were.
www.thepirateking.com /bios/valdivia_pedro_de.htm   (870 words)

 Ecuador Colonial History - Ministry of Tourism - Ecuador
In 1569 Francisco de Toledo was named Viceroy of Peru and Lope Díaz Aúz de Armendáriz was named President of the Real Audiencia of Quito, and King Felipe II established the Inquisition in the West Indies.
Diego de Narváez took the position of President of the Audiencia of Quito, and in 1587 Manuel Barros de San Millán took the position.
Subsequently, the territorial borders of the incorporation of the Audiencia de Quito to Nueva Granada were established.
www.vivecuador.com /html2/esp/history_colonial.htm   (660 words)

Born in 1475, Diego de Almagro was a Spanish conquistador, a true leader in the conquest for Peru.
Although Diego de Almagro died in 1538, during the years he collaborated with the famous Francisco Pizarro, taking a huge role in the first and second expeditions of 1524 and then again from 1526 to 1528.
Begging for his life, Almagro was granted it although by the orders of Hernando Pizarro, he ended up being strangled anyway.
www.latinartmall.com /blogs/explore/2006/02/diego-de-almagro.html   (288 words)

 Francisco Pizarro
He accompanied Vasco Nuñez de Balboa (whom he afterwards helped to bring to the block) in the discovery of the Pacific; and under Pedrarias d'Avila he received a repartimento, and became a cattle-farmer at Panama.
Pizarro, Almagro and Luque afterwards renewed their compact in a more solemn and explicit manner, agreeing to conquer and divide equally among themselves the opulent empire they hoped to reach.
This led to battle; Almagro was defeated (1538) and executed; but his supporters conspired, and assassinated Pizarro on the 26th of June 1541.
www.nndb.com /people/573/000050423   (482 words)

 R e n a i s s a n c e > Exploration > Francisco Pizarro   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There he was part of numerous exploratory missions, including one led by Vasco de Balboa (and which led to Spain's claim in 1513 on the Pacific Ocean).
Pizarro settled in Panama in 1519, and in 1524 he went into partnership with Diego de Almagro, a Spanish soldier and explorer.
Almagro was executed, and Pizarro was assassinated in 1541 by some of Almagro's followers.
library.thinkquest.org /C006522/exploration/pizarro.php   (326 words)

 Diego de Almagro — FactMonster.com
In 1535, Almagro set out on a march that was incredible in its hardships—south through the freezing cordillera of the Andes, probably as far as Coquimbo in present Chile, and then, after finding no gold, back north through the desert wastes of
Pedro Arias de Ávila - Arias de Ávila, Pedro Arias de Ávila, Pedro, known as Pedrarias, c.1440–1531,...
Francisco de Carvajal - Carvajal, Francisco de Carvajal, Francisco de, 1464?–1548, Spanish conquistador.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/people/A0803435.html   (257 words)

 P B S : C o n q u i s t a d o r s - P i z a r r o
The king and his advisers were convinced of the need to sign a deal with such experienced conquistadors as Pizarro and Almagro.
The two became involved in their own civil war and Almagro was killed by Pizarro's brothers.
In 1541, Diego de Almagro's supporters avenged his death by killing Pizarro.
www.pbs.org /conquistadors/pizarro/pizarro_d00.html   (168 words)

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 Duane's Photographs of Historic Quito
Benalcazar and Almagro actually named the city "Villa San Francisco de Quito" in honor of Franciso Pizarro, their friend, partner and leader in the conquest of the Incan empire.
Almagro fared worse as Pizzaro legally cheated Almagro out of his title to the city of Cusco.
Almagro briefly fought to take it back, after which Pizarro had Almagro killed.
ecuadorphotos.tripod.com /histquit/histquit.html   (1198 words)

 Hernando Pizarro — FactMonster.com
Hernando then fought against Diego de Almagro, was captured (1537), released, and returned (1538) to defeat and execute Almagro.
Because of his standing at court, he was sent (1539) to Spain to argue the cause of the Pizarros in the recent civil war, but bribery was not enough.
Diego de Almagro - Almagro, Diego de Almagro, Diego de, c.1475–1538, Spanish conquistador, a leader in the...
www.factmonster.com /ce6/people/A0839249.html   (232 words)

 Francisco Pizarro Biography - Biography.com
Pizarro's rivalry with Almagro led to conflict in 1537.
Almagro had taken over Cuzco after one of Pizarro's half-brothers, Juan Pizarro, was killed during a revolt.
Pizarro did not want Almagro to have the city, but was too old to fight himself so he sent his brothers to Cuzco to fight.
www.biography.com /search/article.do?id=9442295   (237 words)

 Diego de Almeida Hotel- Copiapo - Chile Hotels
This Hotel belongs to the Diego de Almagro Chain Hotels.
Diego de Almeida Hotel opens its doors with all the warmth and hospitality of the people of Copiapó.
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 Sebastián de Benalcázar - Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Setting out from Piura, he forestalled Pedro de Alvarado in support of Diego de Almagro, the elder, and entered (1533) the native stronghold of Quito, founded Guayaquil, and marched (1535) into SW Colombia in search of El Dorado.
Between 1541 and 1548 he aided Vaca de Castro against Diego de Almagro, the younger, and then helped Nuñez Vela and Pedro de la Gasca against Gonzalo Pizarro.
For executing the leader of a neighboring province that he claimed as his, Benalcázar was tried (1550) and convicted.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Benalcaz.html   (195 words)

 Tiegismo Hoy
Diego de Almagro and Jesus Pablo Santiago as Minister and Deputy Minister of the Exterior
Although he has denied that the two are the same people, de Loutrado's feelings were suitable upset for him to declare that he will resign his citizenship after the elections.
Diego de Almagro, the Frente's FNTMST candidate, promised to defend the diversity of the Republic through the protection of the minority.
tiegismo.blogspot.com   (4848 words)

 Hotel Diego de Almagro, Santiago de Chile - Lee opiniones
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 Ecuador Embassies in Ecuador, list of
Diego de Almagro 1118 between La Pinta and La Nina, Edificio Hermitage, Office
Pasaje Frederico Pardeds 555 and 10 de Agosto
Diego de Almagro 1550 and Pradera, Edificio Kingman, 3rd Floor
ecuaworld.com /ecuatrips/embassies.htm   (415 words)

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