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Topic: Dieppe Raid

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  The Raid on Dieppe - Operation Jubilee
This raid was intended to test defenses and to prove to the Soviets, who were asking for the establishment of a second front, that it was not easy to grab a foothold on the French coast.
The aim of the raid was to destroy the German coastal defenses, the port structures and all the strategic buildings (petrol storage depots, radio and radar stations, headquarter centers and airfields).
In August 1942, the area of Dieppe was under the responsibility of the 302nd Division of the Wehrmacht.
www.rpi.edu /~fiscap/history_files/dieppe.htm   (1043 words)

 Dieppe - www.canadiansoldiers.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Raid on Dieppe was the first combat employment of both Canadian and American ground troops in Europe during the Second World War.
The Dieppe region was garrisoned by soldiers of Infanterie Division 302, arriving in the area in Apr 1941 after a short stretch of garrison duty in Germany.
While Dieppe provoked the largest air battle of the war in the west, Boston bombers (such as this one photographed during the battle) were the heaviest air support the troops on the ground received.
www.canadiansoldiers.com /mediawiki-1.5.5/index.php?title=Dieppe_Raid   (2661 words)

 ::Dieppe 1942::
In August 1942, the Allies launched a raid on Dieppe in northern France.
Dieppe was to prove a bloodbath for the Allies but important lessons were learned for the 1944 D-Day invasion.
The Dieppe raid was the largest combined operation that had taken place up to that point in the war.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /dieppe_1942.htm   (1358 words)

 Operation Jubilee: The Disaster at Dieppe — Part 1 19 August 1942
Intelligence indicated that Dieppe was not particularly heavily defended and that the beaches in the vicinity were suitable for the landing of infantry and tanks.
The raid on Dieppe had many objectives, the first and foremost being that it came from political pressures to demonstrate that the Western Allies could make a contribution to the Allied war effort and take the fight to Nazi Germany.
The raid would also be something of a test to see if the various branches of the Armed Services, indeed, the different nationalities, could work together with a degree of harmony in order to bring off a combined arms operation of this magnitude.
www.rickard.karoo.net /articles/battles_dieppe1.html   (5150 words)

The raid was scheduled for July 7th but was firstly postponed 24 hours due to unfavourable weather conditions and then postponed indefinitely after an aerial attack by German fighter-bombers on the troopships and the supporting fleet gathered in the Solent.
Dieppe was not thought to be heavily defended and it was considered that, with tank support in the front line, this force would be sufficient to accomplish the raid's objectives.
After the Dieppe raid Allied planners were forced to review their previously held supposition that the capture of a significant port was an essential precursor to an invasion of mainland Europe.
www.combinedops.com /Dieppe.htm   (3438 words)

 Juno Beach Centre - The Dieppe Raid
In 1942, the Combined Operations Headquarters had good reasons for attempting a raid on Dieppe: on the eastern front a decisive battle was pitching the advancing German troops against the resistance of the Red Army and the Russian people.
The Dieppe fiasco demonstrated that it was imperative to improve communications at all levels: on the battlefield, between the HQs of each unit, between air, naval and ground forces.
In addition, the raid on Dieppe showed how important it was to use prior air bombings to destroy enemy defences as much as possible, to support assault troops with artillery fire from ships and landing crafts, to improve techniques and equipment to remove obstacles to men and tanks.
www.junobeach.org /e/2/can-eve-mob-die-e.htm   (2789 words)

The Dieppe Raid was closely studied by those responsible for planning future operations against the enemy-held coast of France.
Canadians "missing" in the Dieppe operation are commemorated on two memorials in England; members of the Army on the Brookwood Memorial and members of the RCAF on the Runnymede Memorial.
For their actions during the Raid on Dieppe, two Canadians were awarded the Victoria Cross, the Commonwealth's highest military decoration for bravery.
www.fortunecity.com /meltingpot/oxford/285/dieppe3.htm   (2094 words)

 He Survived the Doomed Dieppe Raid :: thetyee.ca
Speaking of the tragedy of the 1942 Dieppe Raid a few days ago, Patterson told me that he has heard a wide assortment of reasons put forward for the doomed attack over the years.
Dieppe was a defeat no matter how look at, the Germans knew they were coming, the raid was late and way to big and at the wrong point.
I knew a Dieppe veteran very well, he was a farmer from southern Alberta, joined the Calgary Tanks, was captured at Dieppe and spend three years as a P.O.W. He was not bitter and did not question the need or the raid.
thetyee.ca /News/2005/08/19/DieppeRaid   (3429 words)

 Horton Journal of Canadian History
The casualties of the 1942 Raid on Dieppe were ineffectually massacred because of the poor execution of a plan and miscommunication.
Canadians were responsible for the main raid on the town of Dieppe and also for raids at Pourville to the west and Puys to the east.
Comfort for families of the 3, 367 casualties of the Raid of Dieppe is not easily found in the fact that the Raid could be studied for military techniques.
www.angelfire.com /ns2/hjch2001/Harris.htm   (1241 words)

 Osprey - Prelude to D-Day, Dieppe 1942
Visually, Dieppe is a collection of photographs of beaches littered with a grim harvest of death; German newsreels of shell-shocked, shackled survivors marching into captivity; paintings showing tanks and men frozen in a somewhat unreal ochre, pristine tableau.
Dieppe satisfied RAF requirements that the target be well within their air umbrella and the sea routes were short enough so that the troops could be landed without getting too seasick.
The military force embarked for the Dieppe Raid was predominantly Canadian troops of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division commanded by Maj. Gen.
www.ospreypublishing.com /content1.php/cid=101   (5200 words)

 Dieppe Raid WIP: - FileFront Gaming Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Dieppe is on two sides of the river, with a Island in the middle, with a bridge going across it, so there should be some intersting battles taking place.
The Dieppe Raid was primarily a test of equipment/tactics etc for the eventual Normandy landings, that was conducted by mostly Canadian troops.
Dieppe wasn't a failure from what people tell me. They got ahold of something that allowed the war in the atlantic to be much smoother for the allies.
www.gamingforums.com /showthread.php?t=145740   (1403 words)

 Dieppe Raid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Dieppe Raid, also known as The Battle of Dieppe or Operation Jubilee, during World War II, was an Allied attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe, Seine-Maritime on the Northern coast of France on August 19, 1942.
Various raids had been planned, but the Dieppe raid was brought into reality only by the desires of the new Chief of Combined Operations, Louis Mountbatten.
The song "Dieppe", by French-Canadian folk-rock band Vilain Pingouin (appearing on their 1990 eponymous album) speaks indirectly of the sacrifice of war and the proud, combative and fatally stubborn French-Canadian attitude of the time, as well as the disagreement between the Allied forces command.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dieppe_Raid   (3770 words)

 SSR - OPERATION JUBILEE - THE DEADLY RAID ON DIEPPE - 19TH UGUST 1942 - By Cecil Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
During the approach to Dieppe, but too late to recall those landing craft already forming up for their ten-mile run into shore, the flotilla had the bad luck to run into a German convoy of five motor sailing vessels escorted by three submarine-chasers, headed for port at Dieppe.
Veterans of the Dieppe Raid insist that before leaving England they were issued six-foot lengths of butcher cord and instructed in the Commando method of restraining prisoners taken during a raid.
During the raid, the author was a lance-corporal, acting lance-sergeant, in the Seaforths of Canada, temporarily holding one of the positions on the English beaches that the Second Division had left, ostensibly to take part in Exercise Ford.
cap.estevan.sk.ca /ssr/documents/v7dieppe42.html   (10702 words)

 Joyce Kennedy's Album: The Dieppe Raid - August 19, 1942
Please raid one of these ports in sufficient strength to persuade the enemy to react as if he were faced with actual invasion.
After the coastal town of Dieppe was chosen from the list of targets, what developed was a plan that violated the military principles of Unity of Command, Simplicity and Concentration.
On the flanks some of the commando efforts were effective, but on the highlands west of Dieppe proper, the South Saskatchewan Regiment got bogged down and at Puys to the east, the Royal Regiment of Canada was destroyed taking 94.5% casualties.
www.canadagoose.net /al2diepp.htm   (425 words)

 Dieppe, August 19, 1942
With limited port facilities, Dieppe was close the English coast in the Pas-de-Calais.
Mountbatten received a lot of criticism, but the raid was seen as a necessary learning process in order to prepare for the actual invasion.
Dieppe did convince the Germans that the Allies would attack a port in the main invasion, and that may have helped the Normandy landings two years later.
www.worldwar2database.com /html/dieppe.htm   (707 words)

 Dieppe Raid Gallery
The story of the Dieppe Raid is better found in other places, but hopefully this gallery will serve to arouse the curiosity of Canadians to find out more about this important event in World War II.
The port of Dieppe on the French coast remained the objective.
The raid was supported by four destroyers of the Royal Navy and 74 Allied air squadrons (eight belonging to the RCAF).
www.harrypalmergallery.ab.ca /galwardieppe/galwardieppe.html   (2086 words)

 Amazon.com: Dieppe: DVD: Gary Reineke,Victor Garber,Robert Joy,Peter Donat,Aidan Devine,Gordon Currie,Thomas Mitchell ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Anglo-Canadian raid on the German-held port of Dieppe on 19 August 1942, known as Operation "Jubilee", was a tragic failure.
The mini-series Dieppe attempts to recreate the events leading up to this tragedy on two levels: the men at high levels who argued for and planned the raid, and the soldiers at squad-level who had to execute it.
Dieppe is not the most accurate war movie or the most exciting, but it does have a great value in depicting the difficulties in mounting joint operations.
www.amazon.com /Dieppe-Gary-Reineke/dp/B00004W205   (3128 words)

 Military History Online - Raid on Dieppe
They would be transported to their target beaches with anticipation from their superiors of accomplishing a series of damaging blows to the German fortifications in Dieppe as well as in the towns, villages, and open areas surrounding Dieppe.
While the plan that revolved around the Dieppe raid was still in its early organization stages, assembling the ground forces was still being discussed in terms of which units it would consist of.
The raid on Dieppe, during the time it was being planned, was likely COHQ’s most anticipated operation to date.
www.militaryhistoryonline.com /wwii/dieppe   (635 words)

 Voice in the Wilderness: Dieppe: 63 years ago
Today is the anniversary of the disastrous Dieppe raid which saw 907 Canadian soldiers die in a few hours on a stony beach in France.
The raid is often referred to as a painful but valuable lesson, in which the Allies learned much that would be put to good use two years later for the D-Day landings.
The ultimate value of the raid and the question of whether or not it was worth it will never be settled by historians.
borealblog.blogspot.com /2005/08/dieppe-63-years-ago.html   (506 words)

 Dieppe Raid   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
As a token of good faith, and also as an experiment in landing techinique, Churchill decided to risk a major raid on the French coast with the aim of seizing and breifly holding a sizeable port.
That chosen was Dieppe, on which a force of 5000 Canadians, 1000 British and 50 American Rangers descended on 19 August 1942.
German air and sea attacks on the convoy and rapid reaction ashore to the landing made it a disaster.
expage.com /page/west13   (158 words)

 The Dieppe Raid: A Tragedy In 1942 - 24 Hour Museum - official guide to UK museums, galleries, exhibitions and ...
The raid, called a 'reconnaissance in force' by the planners, was a military disaster in terms of casualties and equipment lost.
In strategic terms, however, the Dieppe raid may in retrospect be seen to have justified its high cost.
After Dieppe, the army was engaged in preparing for the invasion of Europe, including operations in Italy.
www.24hourmuseum.org.uk /trlout_gfx_en/TRA13494.html   (1983 words)

 Dieppe Raid
However, some historians have questioned the purpose of the raid, claiming that this lessons learned from the failed raid could have been predicted and the lives of brave soldiers had been wasted for no good reason.
In 1942 the organization of raiding operations on enemy coasts was one of the functions of Combined Operations Headquarters, the head of which was Admiral Mountbatten.
In April 1942 the staff of that headquarters began work on a plan to raid Dieppe; I was made responsible for the Army side of the planning since I was then commanding the South-Eastern Army, from which the troops for the raid were to come.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /2WWdieppe.htm   (900 words)

 AII POW-MIA InterNetwork
Ron Beal, the president of the Dieppe Veterans and Prisoners of War Association, acknowledges the legacy of the raid is still a sensitive topic, even 60 years later.
He argued the raid was a valuable learning process for D-Day, the invasion of France that came almost two years later.
A totem pole will be engraved by Dieppe veterans at Quebec on Monday and the opening ceremonies of the Abbotsford air show in B.C. paid tribute to the veterans of the raid.
www.aiipowmia.com /inter22/in081702dieppe.html   (805 words)

 Osprey - The Dieppe Raid 1942
He also created the Special Operations Executive (SOE) to ‘set Europe ablaze.’ The commando raids were successful in raising Allied morale and proving a nuisance to the Germans, but after successes at St Nazaire (See Campaign 92: St Nazaire 1942) and Bruneval, the Allies determined on a more substantial foray into occupied Europe.
The aim of the Dieppe raid of August 1942 was limited in terms of what was to be achieved practically, but significant in terms of what the Allies hoped to learn about the problems involved in landing in enemy-held territory.
However, the experience gained by the assault itself proved invaluable and prompted Admiral Lord Mountbatten to comment that ‘for every soldier who died at Dieppe, ten were saved on D-Day.’; While Mountbatten’s comments may have proved, ultimately, to be true, he was also the man in charge of the operation.
www.ospreypublishing.com /content1.php/cid=96   (527 words)

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