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Topic: Dievturi

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  The Latvian Dievturi Church
Latvian church Dievturi is the revival of Latvian ancient religion.
Dievturi Church does not negate others religions and understandings of God but they think that every religion must be in its own place: Hinduism in India, Islam in arab countries, Judaism in Israel, and so on...
Dievturi Church is interested in contacts with all persons, movements and religions with similar ideas and activities.
www.vinland.org /heathen/pagancee/dievturi.html   (1164 words)

 Latvia1999   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
The leader of dievturi (as the adherents of dievturiba are called) was arrested in 1940 by the Soviet authorities and died in detention later in the same year.
Dievturi as a religion was maintained by Latvians in exile during the Soviet regime.
Dievturi describe Christianity as a religious outlook foreign to Latvians, which was forced upon Latvians in the 13th century by German crusaders.
www.hrwf.net /html/latvia1999.html   (6235 words)

 Neopaganism in Central-Eastern Europe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
In Latvia the pagan traditions are being recalled by the pagan religious association called "Dievturi".
The movement of Dievturi arose in Latvia in the twenties, and the founder of it was Ernest Brastins, who tried to revive Latvian paganism.
Olgerts Auns, who coordinates the activity of Dievturi, for many years was a lecturer at a clandestine school of Latvian history and later he was one of the initiators of Latvian folklore festivals, that in the late USSR became huge manifestations of national feelings.
www.vinland.org /heathen/pagancee   (2928 words)

 Encyclopedia: Dievturi
The velis stays near the body, gradually melting and disappearing over time (similar to the concept of a ghost).
Dievturi writings (http://www.ailab.lv/dievturi/d.htm) - mostly in Latvian, but one article in English
Click for other authoritative sources for this topic (summarised at Factbites.com).
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Dievturi   (264 words)

 == Dievturi ==
(J.Silins is Chairman of the Council of the Latvian Dievturi Congregation.)
The Latvian religion is practised both individually and at the Dievturi congregations and other groups (puduri).
Dievturi take care of folk education, hold religious services and praise meetings, and also conduct ceremonies at festivities and rites of passage - birth, coming of age, marriage and funeral, issuing the appropriate certificates as well.
www.ailab.lv /dievturi/d12.htm   (1476 words)

 BALT-L Archives -- September 1993, week 1 (#25)
In Latvia the church is known as Dievturi.
The Dievturi movement started in the 1920-ties and its basic idea is to revive the ancient Latvian world view based on folklore, particularly on the Latvian folk songs.
Most songs are four-liners and they deal with all matters of life, cosmology, and ethics.) Dievturi strongly reject the Christian religion which is considered foreign to the Latvian sentiment.
listserv.acsu.buffalo.edu /cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind9309a&L=balt-l&T=0&F=&S=&P=2136   (245 words)

 A L D I S 1
To a great extent the idea of the importance of dainas as the only indigenous source as well as their great age was cultivated by Dievturiba, so was also the set of the basic features of a Latvian.
Although the number of dievturi was not big and their beliefs did not reach the position of the state religion in Latvia, the influence of their ideas is much greater.
Brastins, E. Dievturu cerokslis jeb Teoforu katekisms, tas ir senlatviesu dievestìbas apcerejums (The Catechism of the Dievturi).
haldjas.folklore.ee /folklore/vol4/aldis1.htm   (4698 words)

For the ancient Latvians and the modern-day Dievturi, the meaning and purpose of life is to live in harmony with the repeating rhythms of Nature (this includes all the gods — even Dievs himself!) and other members of society.
The beginning, middle and end of life — the rites of passage — were also marked by sacred and festive celebrations: the first related to the birth (name-giving ceremony), the second to the courtship and wedding ritual, and the last to death.
And to the Dievturis, the sacred games are important benchmarks for ethnic and cultural renewal — a self-chosen commitment to a nation, people, Dievs and life itself.
www.starlightspiritual.net /Ancient/Lithuanian/ancient_latvian_religion.htm   (3304 words)

 Baltic Religion
A similar organisation operates in Latvia, called Dievturiba, after Dievs the sky-god who, along with Laima, goddess of life, is believed to determine the fate of humans.
Its Pagan tradition is known as Dievturi, and its aims are to live in harmony with Nature and other members of society and to follow the will of the Gods.
There are no official figures for the number of adherents of traditional Baltic religion.
philtar.ucsm.ac.uk /encyclopedia/europe/baltic.html   (328 words)

 The Ancient Latvian Religion - Dievturiba
* The Dievturi are in the habit of writing their names in the typically Latvian format — the last name in the genitive plural, followed by the given name.
He is also a folklorist and an activist in the Dievturi movement, serving as one of the Elders in a Dievturi congregation in Wisconsin.
Along with their Christian brethren outside Soviet Latvia, most Dievturi have organized themselves into draudzes (congregations), thus facilitating the celebration of season feasts, sacred rituals and rites of passage — all integral parts in the life of a Dievturis.
www.lituanus.org /1987/87_3_06.htm   (4719 words)

We Dievturi in Canada (Toronto area) celebrate several of the festivals- Ziemssvetki, Meteni, Dievu Dienas.
I am the only teen in the group, while there are some younger children.
It's awesome that you have a Dievturi group in Toronto.
images.beliefnet.com /boards/message_list.asp?boardID=14286&discussionID=40410   (675 words)

 Inta Gale Carpenter
Such critics grumbled that 3 x 3 participants were "rebels and upstarts" or that they were "a little pink", i.e., they were sakarnieki, a loaded term used to denote fellow-travelers.
Lecturers were censured for using materials or films from Soviet Latvia; some were deemed suspect because they held "questionable" memberships, for example, in dievturi, a revivalist movement grounded in Latvian folk religion, whose predominantely young membership openly challenges the authority of the Latvian Lutheran and Catholic churches.
Ozols' role as provocateur got a rise from a woman in the audience when he indicted the Lutheran church as a German import which also dictated customs of wear.
haldjas.folklore.ee /rl/pubte/ee/cf/cf/6.html   (5340 words)

 Revival of the ancient Baltic religions
Romuva cooperates actively with it's closest neighbours Latvia's "Dievturi", Polish "Rodzima wiara".
We define "Ethnic religions" as surviving ancient religions, such as Hinduism, or animism of various other cultures, as well as religions in the process of restoration, such as the Icelandic "Asatru", Latvian "Dievturi", Lithuanian "Romuva" and others.
It has been accepted that the rights of such ethnic and religious groups are a part of human rights as expressed in the declaration pertaining to national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1992.
www.infinityfoundation.com /mandala/h_es/h_es_trink_j_baltic.htm   (3331 words)

 Latvians Online | Features | A primer on Ūsiņi, the start of summer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
I enjoy the articles written by Amanda Jatniece and feel that I gain from reading them.
In October, 2003 she posted a fascinating article regarding the Dievturi religion and the lives of the spirits.
Is there additional information, in English, about the Dievturi beliefs and traditions?
www.latviansonline.com /features/article.php?id=249_0_11_0_C   (1581 words)

 Celebrating Midsummer Eve the Latvian Way
Early in the twentieth century, the pagan oral tradition of Latvia was collected and published in six volumes (the "Laviju Dainas"), followed by the collection of sacred Latvian folk songs in the 1920s (the "Dievturi").
Lithuanian paganism was again officially recognized in 1967, and since 1988 a shrine-site at Romuva has again become a place of pilgrimage and celebration for modern Baltic pagans.
Similarly, after a long period of repression under the Soviet Union (including a total ban on Midsummer festivities), modern Latvian paganism is experiencing a rebirth under the name "Dievturi," after the sky god, and has become a national movement, "Dievturiba." Again, in Latvia, the Midsummer's Eve festivities, or "Jani," are back on a large scale!
www.widdershins.org /vol8iss2/01.htm   (1397 words)

 Latvians Online | Features | An Easter parade of Latvian Web sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
For those who follow the Latvian folk religion dievturība, the marking of the first day of spring on the vernal equinox (saulgrieži) is already complete.
The dievturi no doubt got up before sunrise to wash their faces with the cold water from a nearby stream.
Then, after greeting the dawn with song, they, too, participated in a feast.
www.latviansonline.com /features/article.php?id=130_0_11_0_C   (618 words)

Detailed accounts of the belief systems and rituals of each religion, along with analysis of the cultural, social, and political factors fueling the return to ancestral religious practice, make this a rich, singular resource.
Scandinavian Asatru, Latvian Dievturi, American Wicca—long-dormant religions are taking on new life as people seek connection with their heritage and look for more satisfying approaches to the pressures of postmodernism.
The Neopagan movement is a small but growing influence in Western culture.
www.abc-clio.com /products/overview.aspx?productid=109757&viewid=1   (314 words)

Performance in dievturi (godholders - Latvian neopagans) gathering, 2001
Number of participants: 35, of them by age:
This page is created with support of SFL, Latnet and Lanet.
folklora.lv /kopas/dimzens/en.shtml   (180 words)

 DeerHawke's Pagan Links
A Walk in the Labyrinth How to create, and use, a labyrinth as a problem solving device and a tool for personal growth.
The Baltic Heritage Page The official web site of the Church of Latvia "Dievturi".
My site is as eclectic as I am.
members.aol.com /deerhawkec/plinks.htm   (2152 words)

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