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Topic: Digital AMPS

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  Mobile Phones Glossary - From the Polyphonic Ringtones Site
Digital AMPS (Digital-Advanced Mobile Phone Service) is the digital wireless standard widely used throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific and other areas.
On digital networks, data doesn’t need to go though the extra step of being converted to an analog signal, voice is sampled and coded in a way similar to how it is recorded on a CD.
Digital networks are fast replacing analog ones as they offer improved sound quality, secure transmission and can handle data directly as well as voice.
www.polyphonic-ringtones-ring-tones.co.uk /glossary.html   (3254 words)

  Embedded.com - Digital amps pose power supply challenge
A digital amp applies a 30- to 40-volt signal from a power supply directly across a speaker and reverses it at a frequency of several hundred kilohertz.
Digital amps typically have no feedback and apply the power supply voltage directly to the speaker, so the power supply typically needs better regulation than a system with feedback.
One difference between digital and linear amps is that digital amplifiers have an open-loop architecture.
www.embedded.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=191600182   (957 words)

  Digital AMPS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
IS-54 and IS-136 are second-generation (2G) mobile phone systems, known as Digital AMPS (D-AMPS).
D-AMPS uses existing AMPS channels and allows for smooth transition between digital and analog systems in the same area.
Capacity was increased over the preceding analog design by dividing each 30 kHz channel pair into three time slots and digitally compressing the voice data, yielding three times the call capacity in a single cell.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/D-AMPS   (346 words)

 Harmony Central® Feature: Digital Modeling Comes of Age
Digital modeling changed all that by offering tube-type tone in responsive, flexible, and cost-effective packages that retained much of the flavor of the amps and effects guitarists have known and loved forever.
A modeling amp's mission is to stuff all the sounds associated with a wide variety of traditional amps into a single box.
In the case of guitar amp, a model is not intended merely to sound like a specific amp; it's meant to behave as that amp would in real life.
www.harmony-central.com /Features/DigitalModeling   (850 words)

 Encyclopedia: Digital AMPS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
It was later replaced by the newer Digital TDMA systems, such as Digital AMPS and GSM, which brought improved security as well as increased capacity.
AMPS and TDMA are now being phased out in favor of either CDMA and GSM which allow for higher capacity data transfers for services such as WAP and i-mode, Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS), and wireless Internet Access.
6340 (TDMA 800 / TDMA 1900 / AMPS 800 / GSM 1900 / GSM 800) (Digital / Analog)
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Digital-AMPS   (1565 words)

 Eden Electronics Forum - Solid State VS. Digital Amps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In other words, a 500 watt digital amp may well put out 500 watts max, whereas when we rate an amp, we're rating RMS and you double that figure to get full peak power.
Digital preamp uses midi to change settings/parameters (bass/mid/effects, etc), and digital processing to mimic various kinds of amplifiers, these are the "modelling" amps.
Digital power amps could mean digital or switching power supply with a normal solid state output stage.
www.eden-electronics.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1231   (1537 words)

 digital amps are they that much better? - AVS Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
with digital amps on the horizon does anyone know if they are supperior as far as sound quality, i can understand as far as size and heat issues, but for sound quality do they really make that much of a difference over their analog predecessors.
An amps job is to take an input signal and output the same exact signal (ideally) with enough power to drive the speaker on the other end.
A digital amps advantage is smaller size, much better efficiency, and practically no heat.
www.avsforum.com /avs-vb/showthread.php?t=539631   (1337 words)

 digital amps... Is all the rave reviews real??? - AVS Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Digital amplifiers are really not that new and have been around for over 20 years but now with the later silicon technology providing faster switching processors and FETs the digital amplifier technologies have really matured.
Coming back to the subject, I think, digital amps are not exaggertating the attack, but I think the decay is not that good (in comparison with high-end audiophile analog amps).
As mentioned a significant specification of the latest digital amplifiers is its dynamic range, and since dynamic range is measured as the softest signal to the loudest...
www.avsforum.com /avs-vb/showthread.php?t=490140   (2951 words)

 ElectronicsWeekly.com - Advantage digital amps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Like weeds, digital audio power amplifier chips are springing up all over the place.Three years ago there were only a few low-performance devices on the market.
Class D, digital amplifiers, are at least 85 per cent efficient and are frequently better than 90.
It has a range of digital in and out hi-fi amplifiers called DDX and is working on a 100W hi-fi option.
www.electronicsweekly.com /Article25748.htm   (1573 words)

 :: View topic - Digital Amps and synergistic speaker combos
I have read just about all the threads around here that relate to digital amps, being a recent convert, and it is interesting to read about the experiences of others, when they try a digital amp in their system.
I modified two by putting the amp circuit board in a wooden block, and used one to drive Jordan JX92S drivers in sealed boxes (with a cap for 1st order HP around 180Hz) and two bass boxes that cover the bass below 180Hz..
I fired up the Blaupunkt car amp again to compare it to the modified Sonic Impact amps, and I felt that the little SI amps actually sounded better with the Jordans than the much more powerful car amp.
www.audiocircle.com /circles/viewtopic.php?t=14283   (1526 words)

 Define D-AMPS — Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
D-AMPS is a spin-off of AMPS which is a first generation (1G) analog mobile phone system developed in the 1980’s.
Dualmode analogue/ digital terminals have been developed, allowing operators to include both analogue and digital base transceivers in their networks, often sharing the same base station.
Digital channels can easily be added to an existing AMPS network and any number of analogue channels can be made digital without disturbing the level of service.
www.birds-eye.net /definition/d/damps-digital_advanced_mobile_phone_service.shtml   (908 words)

 Guitar Amp: Buying Guide
Modeling amps are programmable, and often have built-in digital effects such as delay, chorus, etc. Some include digital or analog outputs with speaker simulation for going direct into a recording interface or PA system.
Practice amps are usually solid state or modeling combo units featuring low power (10-30 watts) and small (8" or 10") speakers, although there are some small tube amps to be found.
Digital amps often require the purchase of an additional MIDI footswitch to change tones remotely.
www.sweetwater.com /shop/guitars/guitar-amps/buying-guide.php   (2398 words)

 Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Main BLOG - Digital AMPS (D-AMPS) IS-54 and IS-136
It is a digital extension of AMPS and so it is also quite widely known as Digital AMPS (D-AMPS).
Developed by Bell Labs in the 1970s and first used commercially in the United States in 1983, AMPS operates in the 800 and 1900 MHz band in the United States and is the most widely distributed analog cellular standard.
Digital transmission is preferred, so when a cellular system has digital capability, the mobile unit is assigned a digital channel first.
telecom.dyndns.biz /b2evolution/blogs/index.php/ast-main/2006/10/14/digital_amps_d_amps_is_54_and_is_136   (2779 words)

 Digital Audio: Amps, Preamps & Receivers
Digital AM stations were supposed to deliver sound quality close to what analog FM stations deliver.
Digital dropouts aren’t expected to happen often, however, because digital stations broadcast a second digital signal as a backup.
In fact, specific features have been designed into iBiquity Digital’s IBOC technology to improve the existing analog reception during the “hybrid mode.” As the market reaches maturity, broadcasters are expected to transition out of analog broadcasts and offer “all-digital mode” in much the same way that television stations did with fl-and-white programming.
www.architechmag.com /Articles/detailArchitech.asp?ArticleID=2109   (1390 words)

 New digital amps from TI - AVS Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A clipping amp is a clipping amp with its attendant dramatic increases of harmonic distortion that will be well in the audio band.
Digital amps shouldn't suffer from the same problem.
I've pushed both analog and digital amps into clipping while watching their waveform on a scope and doing an FFT of their output with a spectrum analyzer.
www.avsforum.com /avs-vb/showthread.php?t=524965   (1095 words)

 I am digital, hear me ROAR - 5/1/2001 - CommVerge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Digital amps take on an increasingly important role as audio sources go digital, eliminating the analog stage completely.
Clearly, digital amps deserve serious consideration in new designs, and the overall size of the audio market means there's great opportunity for purveyors of digital alternatives.
Thus the firm has focused on improving its Class D amps to run at a couple hundred watts per channel and now is about to complete commercialization of Class J. Jam plans to sell its technology as intellectual property (IP) to OEMs and chip suppliers.
www.reed-electronics.com /index.asp?layout=article&articleId=CA82193   (4192 words)

 HTGuide Forum - two digital amps pass THX Ultra2 specs
Digital amplifier technology can provide several key benefits to manufacturers of audio-video receivers, including slimmer designs for reducing overall system size and customizable playback features.
Their digital amps are now available for integration with THX Ultra2 Certified receivers, providing THX¹s partners the flexibility to choose from a variety of analog and digital amp components for next-generation home audio products.
PS -- I'm guessing that digital amps would have to meet the same performance criteria as analog amps to be certified for a given level such as THX Ultra 2.
www.htguide.com /forum/showthread.php4?t=10782   (1257 words)

 Cellular Telephone Basics: VIII. AMPS and Digital Systems compared Archives
Voice traffic is digitized and portions of many calls are put into a single bit stream, one sample at a time.
AMPS is a hybrid system, combing digital signaling on the setup channels and on the voice channel when it uses blank and burst.
That's because it uses digital on its set-up channels, the same radio frequencies that AMPS uses, and all digital signaling on the voice channel.
www.privateline.com /mt_cellbasics/viii_amps_and_digital_systems_compared   (2187 words)

 Design tricks for digital amps
Digital amplifier technology was new six years ago.
Digital amps would accept a pulse-code modulation input and output a high-voltage, pulse-width modulation (PWM) output.
A digital amp applies a 30-40V signal from a power supply directly across a speaker and reverses it at a frequency of several hundred kilohertz.
www.eetasia.com /ART_8800436252_765245_c1413fe220061002.HTM?from=RSS   (737 words)

 The Truth About Digital (Class D) Amplifiers — Audioholics Home Theater Reviews and News
Digitally controlled class D. Amplifiers with a digitally generated control that switches a power stage.
After all, the distortion phenomena that stand in the way between a perfectly formed digital control signal and a perfect analog replica are inherently analog.
Quite obviously the concept of a digital class D amplifier was dreamt up by DSP folks who presumed that the signal should be kept out of the big bad analog world as long as possible, at the same time expecting the power stage, power supply and filter (all highly analog in nature) to perform flawlessly.
www.audioholics.com /techtips/audioprinciples/amplifiers/digital_classD_amplifiers.html   (996 words)

 diyAudio Forums - DIY True Digital Amps
I love the sound once all the tweaks are in but the fact that it does not feature a digital input is limiting as I am experimenting with microprocessor based digital crossovers and want to build an all digital active speaker.
I have not build any true digital amp but I have been looking att TAS 5012 and TAS 5015 from Texas (www.ti.com).
Digital components trying to record or play sound have to equal several super computers to play a 16 bit sound.
www.diyaudio.com /forums/showthread.php?postid=34003   (1134 words)

 Harmony Central® Feature: Digital Modeling Comes of Age
Furthermore, most modeling amps and preamps work well in direct recording situations (in fact, DI is the raison d'être for popular preamps like the Line 6 POD and Johnson J-Station).
Perhaps the biggest reason for modeling's emergence is timing: Digital amps started to develop sonic credibility just as home recording became a viable alternative to commercial studios, and at the same time that tonal tastes have become more eclectic.
First, guitarists are accustomed to using simple amps on stage, so designers must balance the ideal of flexibility (and the complexity that comes with it) and simplicity.
www.harmony-central.com /Features/DigitalModeling/002.html   (934 words)

 Do they make any ALL-DIGITAL amps or head units?
The amplifier also won't be "all digital" anyway because even though the input stage is digital, the output stage still has to convert to an analog output since there aren't any digital speakers.
the F#1status units are optical digital signal path to the processor, but I don't believe their amplifiers are digital input, or the newer ones may be, but I'm not using alpine amps in my system, just the F1 head..
A digital amplifier does like it said, turns the transistors on and off, the reason it is referred to as digital is because it is similar to binary, 1 and 0 being on and off.
forum.ecoustics.com /bbs/messages/4/160895.html   (642 words)

 6moons audio reviews: Acoustic Reality eAR Enigma Plus & eAR Pre Two
In parallel, exploding Tripath iterations, Sony's proprietary digital amplifier modules and Yamaha's Flying Mole variants have invaded and converted the volume sector of so-called MidFi products while LC Audio from Denmark is introducing models under their own name as well as DIYCable's Exodus brand.
Unlike digital PWM methods and Sigma-Delta methods, the ICEPower COM doesn't generating quantization noise and thus readily achieves a dynamic range of 115-120dB.
I'd run either amp first off the PRe6, then the eAR Pre Two, both in single-ended hookup (the preferred connection between PRe6 and eVo is otherwise balanced) to evaluate the Acoustic Reality preamp vis-à-vis the more expensive 6-channel Bel Canto unit in even-handed fashion.
www.6moons.com /audioreviews/acousticreality/enigma.html   (2258 words)

 CruzPro A30 Digital Amps Gauge
You can program the gauge to work with a 5.0 to 900 amp shunt (available seperately).
All constants and calibrations are pre-set during manufacture but you may alter these settings to suit your particular needs.
90 amps) at an accuracy of better than +/- 3% +/- 1 digit (can be user calibrated using the front-panel switches).
www.cruzpro.com /a30.html   (232 words)

 Privateline.com: Digital Wireless Basics: Channels
In a digital discussion, however, a channel is also a communications path within a data stream.
It's fascinating: if you talk to another digital phone user on your mobile then the entire conversation has gone digital from one end of the telephone system to the other.
The DVCC acts like a digital marker, similar to the supervisory audio tone in AMPS, keeping a mobile on frequency.
www.privateline.com /PCS/channels.html   (797 words)

 ► » digital amps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
These are switching amps, not digital amps and take an analog input.
From what you write, I'm not sure what you mean by a 'digital amp'.
digital connection to a receiver with a digital input, for convenience's
www.itsonx.com /digital-amps-5854064.html   (367 words)

 Wireless Mobile Communications (Linktionary term)
Hybrid analog/digital cellular (usually called digital cellular) These systems are analog AMPS systems in which digitized voice and digital data is modulated onto the analog sine wave of the channel being used.
When digital cellular services were being designed in the early 1980s, the choice was to design a system that was backward compatible with existing analog systems (and used the same frequency allocation) or to design a whole new system.
In the U.S., the digital cellular systems were developed using the AMPS frequency allocation and the TDMA and CDMA access methods.
www.linktionary.com /w/wireless_mobile.html   (2222 words)

 EMI amps up digital music offerings | CNET News.com
Digital downloading of music has become a grassroots phenomenon among many Net users.
Digital album prices will be similar to prices in retail stores, the company said.
Wharton experts examine whether digital rights management is worth the effort and whether it will survive.
news.com.com /2100-1023-240341.html?legacy=cnet   (874 words)

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