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Topic: Digital Revolution

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  Digital Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In multimedia applications, the digital revolution marked the transition from the storage of information on fixed material objects dedicated to specific purposes (books for words, phonograph records or audio cassettes for sound, film for images), to the storage of all information in a binary digital format, which is readily stored on a variety of media.
Underlying the digital revolution was the development of the digital electronic computer, the personal computer, and particularly the microprocessor with its steadily increasing performance (as described by Moore's law), which enabled computer technology to be embedded into a huge range of objects from cameras to personal music players.
The digital revolution helped usher in a new age of mass surveillance, generating a range of new civil and human rights issues.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital_revolution   (1441 words)

 Digital Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Digital Revolution is a term describing the effects of the rapid drop in cost and rapid expansion of power of digital devices such as computers and telecommunications.
In London you can expect to be caught on an interconnected network of video cameras several hundred times a day, while the British government plan to record biometric details of the entire population on a National Identity Register.
For those living in the present, the digital revolution has ushered in an new age of mass surveillance, generating a range of new civil and human rights issues.
www.objectsspace.com /encyclopedia/index.php/Digital_Revolution   (800 words)

 The Hindu : The digital revolution
Digital editing systems allow fantastic effects to be done so film songs can become even more slick, like music videos." Another advantage, according to him, is that colour correction is far better than what can be done on film and it is possible to make subtle enhancements.
With digital tape, the running time is 45 minutes and as tape changes take less than a minute, the creative flow of the actors and director is not affected.
Digital sound in the cinema uses a six-track digital system such as DTS, which is designed to produce the best sound replication possible in a movie theatre.
www.hinduonnet.com /thehindu/mp/2002/10/03/stories/2002100300270100.htm   (1474 words)

 Digital sound revolution: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Digital audio describes sound recording and reproduction systems which work by using a digital representation of the audio waveform....
In electronics, a digital-to-analog converter (dac or d-to-a) is a device for converting a digital (usually binary) code to an analogue signal (current,...
Amiga is the name of a range of home/personal computers primarily using the motorola 68000 processor family, whose development started in 1982, initially...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/d/di/digital_sound_revolution.htm   (797 words)

 \Large {The digital revolution in scholarly communication}
This is made manifest by their construction of major digital repositories, DSpace, CDL, and the arXiv, and their commitment to innovative plans of open access to those repositories for various purposes, in particular the MIT OpenCourseWare initiative, and the U.C. eScholarship initiative.
Political revolutions are inaugurated by a growing sense, often restricted to a segment of the political community, that existing institutions have ceased adequately to meet the problems posed by an environment that they have in part created.
In much the same way, scientific revolutions are inaugurated by a growing sense, again often restricted to a narrow subdivision of the scientific community, that an existing paradigm has ceased to function adequately in the exploration of an aspect of nature to which that paradigm itself had previously led the way.
www.stat.berkeley.edu /users/pitman/digit.html   (12265 words)

 USATODAY.com - Digital film revolution poised to start rolling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Yet after years of false starts and hype, the digital revolution now is making headway in the last big bastion of analog entertainment: the movie theater.
Digital films also will be packed with anti-piracy technology —; controlling who can show the film and identifying where unauthorized copies originated — potentially reducing the $3.5 billion that the Motion Picture Association of America estimates Hollywood lost last year to illegal copies.
Mayo, who expects the digital transition to be virtually complete by the end of 2008, is doing his part to move things along.
www.usatoday.com /money/media/2005-05-17-digital-cinema-usat_x.htm   (2077 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Cinemas set for digital revolution
The digital revolution, which has long since swept the music and home video markets, is coming, and is expected to have a huge impact on the film industry.
In the UK alone, 200 digital projectors are being installed this year by the UK Film Council, which argues it will give the public access to a wider variety of films.
For the directors themselves, the coming of the digital revolution is a mixed blessing.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/technology/4681859.stm   (1029 words)

 Wired News: Radio Wants a Digital Revolution
Digital radio's rollout could begin in a few months in some major cities, and consumers would start seeing digital receivers in car stereos and high-end audio systems next year.
Digital radio could be the biggest update to the medium since the debut of FM in the 1940s, said Ken Mueller, radio curator at the Museum of Television & Radio in New York.
Digital radio is different from satellite radio, which is a pay service using satellites to send signals.
www.wired.com /news/politics/0,1283,55655,00.html   (869 words)

 Tamil Digital Rennaisance - ...
The agricultural revolution and the river valley civilisations led to the rise of the early cities of the Tamil people.
The industrial revolution fuelled that expansion, led to the breakdown of feudalism and the birth of nation states in Europe - and, at the same time stifled industrialisation and the organic growth of nations in the colonial empires.
The digital revolution may be laying the foundations for a reverse brain drain in the years to come.
www.tamilnation.org /digital   (3037 words)

 MovieMaker Magazine | Issue #37 | The Digital Revolution Storms Park City   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Two digital features are in the Dramatic Competition, one of which, Chuck and Buck, was directed and produced by the team that brought Star Maps to Sundance in 1997.
We’ve had some digital screenings in the past, and now the digital format is a professional enough format, like 35mm or 16mm, to present movies in.
If it’s a revolution it may be more in the hearts and minds of the audience, who ultimately do not care what format they’re watching as long as the stories are engaging.
www.moviemaker.com /issues/37/37_digital.html   (5002 words)

 Guitar Effects - Digital
Digital effects have revolutionised the way guitar effects are used over recent years.
Digitally processed effects have been available for many years, however, they have stepped into a new realm of digital modelling over recent years.
This is mainly troublesome with digital overdrives and distortions, where even the built-in equalisation cannot effectively remove the high frequency harshness of these sounds.
users.chariot.net.au /~gmarts/fx-digit.htm   (953 words)

 Advanced Manufacturing - May/June 2004 - Digital Manufacturing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Digital manufacturing may have as many definitions as there are vendors to support the concept, but the one thing for sure is that its success rests with the ability to simulate, communicate and act upon digital data system wide.
One of the biggest obstacles still facing widespread implementation of digital manufacturing is the demand and hesitancy for firms to accept the required level of interoperability between many disparate systems and in many instances those of its partners as well.
According to Walter, the long-term advantage to creating a digital environment is that it is a tremendously productive operation capable of easily linking up with both suppliers and customers to build something in a very flexible manner is that the labour component of the overall product cost drops considerably.
www.advancedmanufacturing.com /May04/digital.htm   (2270 words)

 Lansing State Journal: Reinventing radio: AM, FM stations joining digital revolution
Perhaps more significantly, the digitized signal can be compressed to let FM stations broadcast at least one or two additional channels at the same frequency.
Digital radio is free, but to hear it, you have to spend at least several hundred dollars on a new AM/FM receiver that pipes both digital and analog signals at the same frequency.
By the end of 2008, 2,000 of the 13,500 radio stations in the United States are scheduled to go digital, covering 95 percent of the listening audience, said Robert Struble, CEO of iBiquit, which developed and licenses the HD radio technology and whose investors include 15 big radio broadcasters.
www.lsj.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050830/NEWS03/508300320/1004   (1067 words)

 Vanguard - Technology : Furthering the digital revolution in Nigeria in era of technology convergence
This pioneering effort facilitated the development of digital devices at the heart of the digital revolution as we know it today.The first commercial use of PCM was in telephone transmission in 1962 after the development of integrated circuits made such use practicable.
The digital revolution therefore transformed technology that previously was analog into a binary representation of ones and zeros.
The digital revolution progressed to usher in the information age with computer networking of today that enables resources and information sharing even on a world wide basis.
www.vanguardngr.com /articles/2002/features/gsm/gsm102012006.html   (2444 words)

 USATODAY.com - Digital TV 'revolution' yields mostly white noise   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
With just a regular TV antenna and a digital tuner, families were supposed to be getting their favorite TV shows in crystal-clear pictures and theater-quality sound.
This is all a far cry from the revolution the broadcast industry promised six years ago.
Outside the broadcast industry, in fact, the conversion to digital TV is moving along pretty smoothly.
www.usatoday.com /news/opinion/2002/05/01/nceditf.htm   (522 words)

 Revolution Web Site
NEW YORK - Digital and direct network Euro RSCG 4D has commenced legal action against Charles Tarzian, the former CEO of its New York agency, alleging he was planning to steal clients and employees to start a breakaway agency.
Revolution UK A new website for the Healthcare Commission's Cardiac site offers information and statistics on cardiac patient survival rates for cardiac units and surgeons.
The continual fast growth of the digital market means there are simply not enough digital marketers and salespeople out there to fill the increasing number of vacancies.
www.revolutionmagazine.com   (231 words)

 The Digital Revolution
The utopian rhetoric predicting an imminent digital revolution is simplistic and often oblivious to complex historical processes.
Examining the rhetoric of digital revolution, we may identify a discourse about politics and culture that appears not only in academic writing or in explicitly ideological exchanges, but also in popular journalism and science fiction.
In contrast, some younger left intellectuals have found the "digital revolution" to be a revitalizing fantasy, the promise of an alternative media culture.
web.mit.edu /transition/subs/demointro.html   (5896 words)

 WEAU | WEAU-DT The Digital Television Revolution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The digital television revolution is growing and WEAU-TV 13 is proud to bring you the first digital, high definition signal in Western Wisconsin.
Viewers in our digital coverage area who have an outdoor UHF antenna and an HD-TV tuner should be able to receive Channel 13.1.
Digital television can transmit in "standard definition," which is somewhat like direct satellite broadcasts and digital cable.
www.weau.com /station/headlines/582972.html   (471 words)

 Hawai'i's media arts embrace the digital revolution - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Tayao says digital technology will enable local filmmakers to produce not just the fine documentaries for which Hawai'i is known, but culturally significant narrative films —; drama, comedy, you name it — as well.
Leeward Community College, which has well-regarded digital media and television production programs, is set to unveil a new, powerful $200,000 computer bank that will enable student animators and video game designers to move time-intensive computing chores off their personal laptop and desktop machines.
The digital revolution has opened new opportunities not just for the next generation of Kubricks and Altmans and Tarantinos, but for a new wave of less-heralded animators, special-effects artists and video game designers.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /article/2005/Aug/14/il/508140304.html   (2195 words)

 Digital History
It marked the first time in history that a people fought for their independence in the name of certain universal principles such as rule of law, constitutional rights, and popular sovereignty.
The roots of the American Revolution can be traced to the year 1763 when British leaders began to tighten imperial reins.
A quarter of the slaves in South Carolina and Georgia escaped from bondage during the Revolution.
www.digitalhistory.uh.edu /resource_guides/content.cfm?tpc=4   (376 words)

 Digital Revolution (III) - Error Correction Codes
Part of the reason for the quickening pace of DVD technology is the knowledge that the recently passed congressional legislation calling for all TV sets to be equipped with digital tuners within a few years will rapidly quicken the pace of the digital revolution in television.
There are many other aspects to the digital revolution, but one essential aspect is that when digital information is transmitted from one location to another or changed from one medium to another (e.g.
The work of these and other mathematicians laid the foundation for a revolution in communications technology that is still being played out today.
www.ams.org /featurecolumn/archive/errors1.html   (776 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | Kodak embraces digital revolution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Industry figures show that 12.5 million digital cameras were sold in the US last year, compared with 12.1 million film cameras.
The decision is in line with the firm's strategy of moving away from traditional products in favour of high-growth digital technologies.
Last year, Kodak controversially slashed its payout to shareholders in an effort to raise $3bn needed to expand its presence in the market for digital cameras and imaging technologies.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/3394183.stm   (299 words)

 Archive: Digital Revolution - Commonwealth Club
The Commonwealth Club has given the podium, over the years, to nearly all the leaders of the tech revolution, allowing them the chance to portray their companies and their vision as they see it.
And perhaps surprisingly, these tech leaders have often spoken about much more than Silicon Valley, from Marc Andreeson on the digital divide to Larry Ellison on why PC's should be more like pencils, fully cognizant of the potentially dramatic advances their companies could facilitate throughout the world.
Often, their predictions and analysis have become outdated faster than a microchip, and that in itself reveals forks in the road and chances not yet taken in the digital age.
commonwealthclub.org /digital.html   (478 words)

 Digital Divide.org - Home
This site conveys a model to close the Digital Divide and, at the same time, to usher in a Second Digital Revolution.
It is extending digital technology to an additional two billion consumers.
The First Digital Revolution, which ended in Silicon Valley’s dot-com bust, poured trillions of dollars into the global economy.
www.digitaldivide.org   (419 words)

 Binary Revolution - The Revolution will be Digitized!
Although the year started off with a little bit of an upheaval in the DDP member list, it is all a part of a cleansing process that was long overdue.
BinRev.com has always been a front for the revolution itself, which is a movement of trying to create a positive atmosphere of cooperation between hackers.
We are offering a "Binary Revolution introduction pack" which includes a T-shirt, all 3 issues of the magazine, and a BinRev sticker along with some other goodies (while supplies last!).
www.binrev.com   (3227 words)

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