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Topic: Digital audio workstation

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  Digital audio workstation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Because "tracks" are symbolic in the digital medium, multitrack systems could have only a pair of mono inputs and outputs — the discrete audio inputs and outputs provide for simultaneous multitracking capability, whereas limited inputs require audio mixing or later overdubbing.
Audio on the system was stored on Digital RP04 disk pack drives connected to the 11/60, with the audio being transferred onto the drives digitally from Soundstream's digital audio tape recorders of their own design, using a special tape-to-disk interface also of the company's own design.
Perhaps the most significant feature available on a DAW that is not available in analogue recording (some other forms of digital recording do have this) is the ability to 'undo' a previous action, which makes it much easier to avoid accidentally erasing or recording over a previous recording.
www.tocatch.info /en/DAW.htm   (2104 words)

 Digital audio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital to analogue conversion (DAC) - the conversion of digital audio to a line level signal for playback or distribution.
In the early days of digital audio, the only practical storage device with sufficient bandwidth and storage space was a video recorder and these were adapted to store the digital signal, usually by interfacing said video recorder to a PCM adaptor.
Commercial digital recording of classical and jazz music began in the early 1970s, pioneered by Japanese companies such as Denon and British record label Decca (who in the mid-70s developed digital audio recorders of their own design for mastering of their albums), although experimental recordings exist from the 1960s.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital_audio   (1487 words)

 Digital audio workstation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first ever system to function as a digital audio workstation was first developed by Soundstream Inc. in the late 1970s.
Audio on the system was stored on Digital RP04 disk pack drives connected to the 11/60, with the audio being transferred onto the drives digitally from Soundstream's digital audio tape recorders of their own design, using a special Unibus tape-to-disk interface also of the company's own design.
Digital Performer rounds out the last of the major professional DAW applications.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital_audio_workstation   (2150 words)

 Digital Audio Workstations
Audio elements will have to be fed into the system one at a time, but in many installations, a production may be built this way anyway.
If a DAW and an audio playback system do not share a common format, it is possible to play and record the audio in real-time, but that can be time consuming.
Audio is encoded at 8-, 16-, 24-, 32- and 64-bit depths at sample rates from 2kHz to 192kHz.
beradio.com /recording/radio_digital_audio_workstations_5   (1868 words)

 ProSoundWeb | Digital Audio Workstation Milestones
First-generation workstations were configured around a single or networked minicomputers that handled the digitization of audio sources; vectoring of the resultant 16/20/24-bit data to internal memory; hard-disk or optical storage; retrieval for real-time edit location, mixing and/or processing; and then replay of the manipulated audio from fixed or removable media.
In this way, the central workstation controller (usually a Mac or PC computer) can be optimized for graphics display of the various recording, mixing and editing functions, while a series of high-speed “sub-engines” can perform the real-time audio processing, manipulation and timecode syn-chronization functions required for today's complex sound and audio-for-multimedia productions.
Now, how did we arrive at this current DAW landscape, blossoming as it is with vibrant systems of all varieties—and, let’s face it, littered with the dry bones of now-extinct DAWs that could not evolve with sufficient speed.
www.prosoundweb.com /recording/articles/mel/daw_milestones1.shtml   (535 words)

 digital audio workstation and noise removal software
MTU was the first in the world to create, produce and ship a Digital Audio Workstation based on a microcomputer.
Digital audio editing and mixing workstations pioneered by MTU from 1968, noise removal/reduction software and audio CD mastering where you can hear the cd before burning it.
Whether you are an engineer or producer, you are an audio artist and need a creative digital audio workstation.
www.mtu.com /audio-products.htm   (247 words)

 Digital Audio Workstation - The Evolution
The roots for the DAW started from the commercial needs for precise control of audio on computers; government funded speech research, commercial telephone research, and University computer music synthesis centers.
Early microcomputers were inexpensive relative to minis and mainframes, but lacked the disk speed to record or process digital audio at professional sampling rates.
The first professional quality direct-to-disk Digital Audio Workstation with 16-bit dynamics converters on a microcomputer was shown by MTU at the 1979 at the West Coast Computer Faire in Los Angeles, CA.
www.mtu.com /support/mtudawevolution.htm   (1132 words)

 Choosing the right digital audio workstation — learn about current DAWs
This DAW's Space Designer reverb is a convolution reverb, which enables the user to sample reverbs, yielding incredible results that are virtually indistinguishable from the original space or processor.
Tracktion is a MIDI-intensive DAW that leans into the loop and audio world a bit, and it's compatible with any number of third-party interfaces.
Audio- or MIDI-intensive DAWs are evolving toward loop support, and Acid is also closing the gap, allowing for recording directly into its environment.
remixmag.com /tech_features/remix_daws_detangled   (2194 words)

 Audio computer digital workstation accessories for computer digital audio recording systems
Add-ons may ease life in the DAW lane, but what workstation users really crave is power and speed — and lots of it.
DAW software and the way it integrates with the CPU, OS, various plug-ins and I/O devices forms an extremely intricate, complex system where the slightest incompatibility at any link in the chain can occasionally have disastrous and extremely difficult-to-diagnose results.
Digital devices may not offer the adventure of recapping an input module or the joy of hearing the difference when you swap a Sylvania for a Mullard 12AX7, but with a little customizing, you can replace digital's “one-size-fits-all” approach for a system that is tailored to the way you want to work.
mixonline.com /mag/audio_accessorize_daw   (2046 words)

 Yamaha AW2816 Digital Audio Workstation
As its name implies, the AW2816 is an all-in-one audio workstation with 28 mixer channels and 16 tracks of hard disk-based recording.
The only other audio inputs on the AW2816 include the coaxial digital input and any additional inputs that can be picked up through the AW2816's single-option I/O slot.
Audio outputs include headphones, main stereo output (RCA jacks), balanced 1/4-inch monitor outputs and four of Yamaha's now-familiar omni outputs.
www.proaudioreview.com /par/november01/Yamaha_AW2816.shtml   (1963 words)

 Digital Audio Workstations - AMD P180 Digital Audio Workstation
When configuring your Digital Audio Workstation, no shortcut is taken and every precaution is taken, so that every last component works together seamlessly, and is dead acoustically.
Digital Audio Workstations should never be short on memory, which helps your audio workstation with multi threading.
DAW OS The hands down OS winner for digital audio processing is Windows XP, which uses kernel streaming to lower latency and which also has the broadest compatibility with audio software.
www.endpcnoise.com /cgi-bin/e/digital_audio_workstation.html   (1440 words)

 Marschall Acoustics Custom Digital Audio Workstations and Emulators
A digital audio workstation that can be connected to MIDI organ consoles and is capable of simulating large pipe organs, theatre organs, and 'classic synthesizers' has been developed.
It is also has substantial capabilities for MIDI composition, arranging, scoring, and rendering in addition to 'ordinary' digital audio recording and audio/video editing.
Together with a purpose made MIDI renderer (that does not display tablature) the workstation is capable of rendering a full size orchestra with a quality virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
www.hydrophones.com /MAI-Audio/MAI-Audio-Workstation.html   (988 words)

 Element - Digital Audio Workstation | Rain Recording
In a professional studio your digital audio workstation is the core of operations so it better work right every time.
Housed in a sleek, all-aluminum chassis, Element was engineered to prevent audio engine seizure and dropouts in digital audio applications so you can concentrate on what really matters.
PCDJ Be The DJ Comprised of two digital audio music players, PCDJ Be the DJ allows you to play two songs simultaneously, fade between those songs, manipulate their sounds and then record the entire mix down to a single digital audio music file.
rainrecording.com /products/element   (986 words)

 Amazon.com: Digital Audio Workstation: Books: Colby N. Leider   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
A digital audio workstation (DAW) is a PC or Macintosh equipped with sound cards and software for editing and processing digital audio.
DAWs are not only revolutionizing the way music is recorded, but allow new forms of electronic music, created entirely in the computer, to be written and recorded on the desktop.
Digital Audio Workstation by Colby N. Leider $27.96
www.amazon.com /Digital-Audio-Workstation-Colby-Leider/dp/0071422862   (1305 words)

 ProSoundWeb | Digital Audio Workstation Milestones
Eventually, The Synclavier migrated from being a musical instrument into a full-on digital production environment; its combination of sampling/digital synthesis and disk-based recoding and playback was a remarkable success.
It provided sampling and digital synthesis, a technology that would lead eventually to hard-disk recording systems and the current MFX-Series digital audio workstations.
Now musical data could be scanned, stored and then initiated from a computer-based system, and even integrated with audio recording — the DAW suddenly grew an extra limb.
www.prosoundweb.com /recording/articles/mel/daw_milestones2.shtml   (442 words)

 Waves Education: An introduction to Digital Audio Workstation
The fact is that the current evolution in Digital Audio Engineering travels so fast that an investment in a dedicated hardware box seems to be a luxurious one, but not wise.
Once properly digitized, all major audio production can be done in a digital environment, with the top of the analog quality as a starting point.
This forces designers to add filters to their designs, filters that are transparent for the passing audio and limit any high frequencies exceeding the 22 kHz limit.
www.waves.com /german/htmls/edu/intro.htm   (905 words)

 Digital Audio Workstation G3 upgrades
All of these tests were performed with the same 8.1 minimal audio system configuration on a 1 min.
Audio to function properly as well as midi.
MultiRack 2.3 (realtime audio processing) functioned properly, but processing is external hardware dependent so it wasn't faster.
www.maccpu.com /digitalaudio.html   (568 words)

 Digital Audio Workstation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
This is my new studio workstation, built for specific purposes and needs in a specific location.
Digital Audio: a full studio on your desk, but the hardware and workflow requ...
Clockwise from left: electric, audio, and MIDI cables are hidden behind doors that give full access.
homepage.mac.com /shoosh/PhotoAlbum26.html   (243 words)

 Digital Audio Workstation is "Next Step" For Rap Pioneer
Seamlessly integrating with the workstation's normal operation, the Waves Y56K provides a hardware and software solution to expand the recording, mixing and mastering capabilities of the AW4416, and eliminating the need for rackmount or computer-based processing.
Audio processing is supported with 48-bit internal precision on a 24-bit I/O. "The most unique thing about hip-hop," he continues, "is that it can be created from any kind of music.
For more information on the AW4416 Digital Audio Workstation and Waves Y56K Card, write Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio and Combo Division, Professional Audio, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; or visit www.yamaha.com/proaudio.
www.giles.com /yamaha1/pr/pro/aw4416_1002.html   (1104 words)

 VisionDAW Turnkey Digital Audio Workstation
For those with the knowledge, skill and time it takes to assemble a finely-tuned audio workstation, the monetary savings and sense of satisfaction are well worth the effort.
Fully configured turnkey digital audio workstation; one year of 24/7 technical support and on-site service.
The VisionDAW workstation proves to be an excellent solution for those looking for a stable and reliable turnkey system that includes round-the-clock technical support and on-site service.
www.proaudioreview.com /july04/VisionDAW.shtml   (893 words)

 Digital Audio Workstation Production Training
If your station is planning on going digital, SOUNDPRINT's experienced audio engineers can get your stations reporters and producers up to speed with the latest digital audio workstation software.
To join our mailing list to recieve information about training dates, please send a message to majordomo@soundprint.org in the BODY of the message put the words 'subscribe training'.
Digital Audio Production Particpants have had this to say...
www.soundprint.org /services/daw_training.php   (125 words)

 Welcome to pcAUDIOLABS.com
Our philosophy for designing a Digital Audio Workstation lets you put together your own system from a select group of high-quality computer components which have already been approved for audio production.
During the selection process, you will have the opportunity to learn how each component interacts within your system, and also how it applies to digital audio recording and sequencing.
We also like to learn how you plan to use your DAW so that we can advise you on any incompatibilities with specific audio hardware that you may already be using.
www.pcaudiolabs.com   (154 words)

 Digital Audio Workstation/Editors
Complementing the hardware interface’s analog, digital and MIDI I/O, the included Pro Tools LE 7 software supports 32 simultaneous audio tracks, 128 virtual tracks, 256 MIDI tracks and a host of additional features.
The E-mu 1616M digital audio system delivers premium 24-bit/192kHz converters, hardware-accelerated effects and mixing, comprehensive sync options and seamless compatibility for the PC laptop.
Fully integrated audio post-production recording, editing and mixing system with networking and NLV system options.
mixonline.com /nab2006/new_products_guide/DAWS-Editors-NAB2006   (476 words)

 Build It: Digital Audio Workstation ExtremeTech - Find Articles
It has to be whisper-quiet, and have an audio subsystem that's equally well heeled.
His DAW ran on the same 68K-based Mac for nearly ten years, and he made only a few upgrades during that entire time.
If you want an audio production box to twiddle with, build a second box that can be your "work in progress," for trying out new gear or new settings.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_zdext/is_200301/ai_ziff35629   (914 words)

 Digital Audio Workstation Shootout: 7 Pro Audio Software Products Rated
The Digital Music Doctor has released a new analysis which compares seven of the most popular digital audio workstation software products from DigiDesign, Steinberg, Cakewalk, and Sony.
The analysis evaluates 130 different factors on a scale of 0-5 (5 being best) which are combined to arrive at an overall rating.
This study is based on the materials used in the video training courses produced by Digital Music Doctor for Digidesign Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Steinberg Cubase, and Sony Acid.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/5/prweb385590.htm   (488 words)

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