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Topic: Digital cable

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In the News (Sun 17 Feb 19)

  Digital Cable Ready FAQ
Today, a television designated "Digital Cable Ready" (or "DCR") is able, when used in conjunction with a separate CableCARD™; module, to receive one-way digital cable signals — with full image quality — without the need for a traditional cable set-top box.
A CableCARD is a separate module which, once inserted into the corresponding slot on a Digital Cable Ready TV, connected to the incoming coaxial cable, and properly activated by the cable company, enables the delivery of one-way digital audio/video content from the local cable operator to the TV.
After your CableCARD device is installed and activated by a cable field technician, it is "bound" to the original Digital Cable Ready TV in which it was installed.
www.bestbuy.com /site/olspage.jsp?navLevel=4&type=category&navHistory=cat00001%2Bpcmcat200050026%2Bpcmcat100050004&id=pcmcat49400050010   (665 words)

  Digital cable - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital cable is a type of cable television distribution using digital video compression.
Digital cable is used by cable distributors to increase the variety of programming available on their networks, using video compression to transfer more channels through their cable networks already in place.
Digital Cable allows for the broadcast of EDTV (480p) as well as HDTV (720p, 1080i, and soon 1080p).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital_cable   (0 words)

 Digital Cable Service - This Is Cable   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With digital cable, at the touch of a button, you can access thousands of on demand movies and shows, tune in hundreds of TV networks, prevent your kids from seeing shows you don’t want them to watch, and even enjoy commercial-free music channels devoted to everything from 1970s hard rock to soothing jazz favorites.
Digital technology has increased the number of cable channels available from a typical cable company from 60 or so to several hundred, ushered in crystal-clear signals and CD quality sound, allowed for the creation of on demand and interactive programming – and paved the way for HDTV, the highest-quality video signal ever available.
Digital cable customers in some areas can already shop for a car, buy tickets to a Broadway show, play video games, and customize their own news, stocks, sports or weather feeds with their digital TV signal.
www.thisiscable.com /digital-cable-service-provider/articles/transforming-television.html   (0 words)

 Digital Cable TV
Cable is transitioning from traditional analog signals - a technology virtually unchanged in over 50 years - to digital programming and distribution systems.
Digital cable television allows the cable industry to provide superior, expanded programming to customers.
Conversely, with digital technology copies are nearly identical to the original, so the pictures that left the point of origin (the cable “headend”) arrive at the customer’s home with the same high-quality image.
www.cablenj.org /cabletechnology_digital.asp   (0 words)

 Cable television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cable television is a system of providing television, FM radio programming and other services to consumers via radio frequency signals transmitted directly to people’s televisions through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cables as opposed to the over-the-air method used in traditional television broadcasting (via radio waves) in which a television antenna is required.
Cable TV has had little success in Africa, as it is not cost-effective to lay cables in sparsely populated areas, and although so-called "wireless cable" or microwave-based systems are used, "direct-to-home" satellite television is far more popular, especially in South Africa.
Cable television is normally regarded as a natural monopoly, and most areas are served by a single provider, though Australia is characterised by extensive duplication.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cable_television   (0 words)

 Digital Cable TV Vs. Satellite Television Systems
Digital cable can only be provided by lines run underground to a customer's home.
Cable is more likely to offer many more local channels, since their market is limited to local consumers.
Both digital cable and satellite television can have extra costs added if you have more than one television you want to receive the service in your home, since each television would require a box with digital cable, or a satellite receiver with satellite television.
www.bestsatellitetvsystem.com /cablevssatellite.html   (0 words)

 Ruel.Net PC-TV Page - Getting More Than 125 Channels and The IR Blaster
Digital cable and digital satellite provide people with more choices as to the number of channels that they can watch without being limited to the 125 channels (or less) that you have with basic cable.
Unfortunately, like you need a digital cable box or a satellite box to get the hundreds and hundreds of digital channels to watch on the TV sets that are limited to 125 (or 181) channels, you will also need that box to get those hundreds of digital channels for watching with a TV Tuner card.
Digital channels are digitally transmitted by the cable TV and satellite TV companies to provide more channels and to also prevent illegal access.
ruel.net /pc/tv.tuner.getting.more.than.125.channels.htm   (0 words)

 How Digital Cable Television Works - This Is Cable   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cable companies deliver to your home a signal that’s received in the set-top box for display on the television.
Digital cable television is delivered to your homes through the same cable wire that exists in most homes today.
In most cases, all you need is a digital cable box to receive digital cable services.
www.thisiscable.com /digital-cable-service-provider/how-it-works/index.html   (0 words)

 Digital Cable Box Descrambler: Free PPV TV?
I hope you have enjoyed my report about the digital cable filter scam and other flbox scams.  Remember, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Here are 4 comments from a forum of real people.
This report is a consumer warning about the digital cable filter scam.
This report was written for the sole purpose of helping the public avoid the digital cable filter scam.
www.digital-cable-filter-scam.com /index10.html   (0 words)

 Digital Cable Filters   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Filter/Tester is designed to block the billing information from being transmitted from the digital cable box to the cable company, so the customer will not be billed for ordering a program that was used for testing and they did not get to watch.
If you are experiencing interference that results in less than perfectly clear cable reception on your television, chances are your Internet broadband connection, which is delivered through the same cable as your cable TV programs, is causing cross-over interference.
Since the cable company has no way of knowing that you are using this interference filter/testing tool, it is your responsibility to notify them so they can bill you accordingly.
www.bigcountryshopper.com /cable_filters.html   (0 words)

 Digital Cable Filters / Descramblers
The filter is to be used as a digital signal booster to enhance your digital cable.
Once the Digital Cable Descrambler / Filter is connected it should not be removed unless the digital cable box is unplugged first or until you have reset the box with the instructions we include.
Since the cable company has no way of telling that you are using this unit to decode your digital cable signals, it is your responsibility to notify them so they may bill you accordingly.
www.digitalfiltering.com   (729 words)

 Home Theatre Cable Connections :: Digital TV Cabling | Home Thatre Cables : aDigitalife.com
This cable might also be referred to as a SVHS cable and can be found on most high-end televisions, all videodisc players, camcorders, digital cable and satellite set top boxes, and SVHS VCRs.
The difference is that, where a composite cable carries the entire video signal on a single cable, component cables split the signal in three.
Straight RGB video cables again split the color signal in three, but carry the additional sync signal on one of the color cables, usually the green (called RGB sync on green).
www.digital-tv.com.au /cableconnections.html   (0 words)

 Digital Filter sales digital cable descrambler filter digital cable filters
This product was first intended to be used by select cable technicians when installing or testing a customers cable service, but now these items have made their way to the open market where the average user like yourself can purchase them.
This Cable Filter is meant for use on cable systems, when attached, it blocks the PPV signal that's sent to the cable company for billing.
Recently there has been a major increase in demand for the digital cable filters due to their ability to block outgoing signals such as PPV ordering information from most residential digital cable terminals.
www.digitalfiltersales.com   (891 words)

 Cable Internet. Find Cheap Cable Internet Service Provider with plan detail.
Cable Internet is a type of broadband connection that uses the local cable TV line for data transfer.
Cable ISP uses a cable modem that is used in between cable TV provider and subscriber to modulate a data signal over cable television line.
Cable Internet is one of the fastest means of broadband connection and with cable internet you can download online music, flash files, images, movies and even you can play online games.
cable.theispguide.com   (312 words)

 EastLink Cable / Digital Cable
Go beyond Full-Tier Cable and explore an exciting new world of specialty channels, commercial-free music channels, Pay-Per-View and more, all hard-wired into your home for crystal-clear picture and sound.
Offer also includes 10 Digital Theme Paks FREE for two months.
Digital boxes are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, remain the property of EastLink, and must be returned if Digital Cable service is disconnected.
www.eastlink.ca /cable   (312 words)

 Comcast Cable Special Deals | Comcast High Speed Internet & Cable TV Specials
The Digital Cable Solution from Comcast provides has been greatly improved to compete with the satellite television companies that have recently entered the market.
Comcast has a tendency to stay ahead of the pack, and their improvements to their digital cable television services proves this to be true.
Current or Previous Comcast Cable TV subscribers are not eligible for the Comcast special deals, comcast offers, or Comcast internet promotions.
comcast.usdirect.com /comcast-special-deals-.html   (0 words)

 [No title]
Digital Cable delivers a digital signal to your home with a reliable fiber optic network.
Digital Cable provides digital pictures, CD-quality sound, on demand services, digital music and access to a greater variety of channels on your existing television.
Digital Cable also brings you access to Digital Sports packages, 59 Premium movie channels, Nuestros Canales (our Hispanic channel tier) and on demand services which allow you to start programs whenever you want and pause, fast forward and rewind with your Digital Remote.
tampabay.mybrighthouse.com /customer_care/FAQs/digital_cable/default.aspx   (548 words)

 Australian Digital Cable
Indeed, the digital cable penetration rate has not yet climbed past the 40% mark in the U.S. despite steady growth in the number of digital video subscriptions over the last eight or nine years.
Although digital cable and satellite TV offerings have been available to viewers for less than two years, pay TV providers already account for a combined 1.1 million digital subscribers, or 55% of all digital TV homes in the country.
Furthermore, the experts argue, cable and satellite subscribers are more likely to pay a bit extra for digital TV service than their over-the-air counterparts because they're already used to paying for their analog multi-channel service.
www.cablelabs.com /news/newsletter/SPECS/NovDec_2005/story6.html   (0 words)

cable tv decoder) is NOT authorized to use the equipment on any CABLE TV system without the cable company's authorization.
The purchaser is required to notify their local cable company and obtain authorization for the use of the equipment prior to installation.
You agree by the penalties of perjury that you are not a cable company purchasing products or a purchasing agent for them purchasing for the purpose of taking legal action against the seller.
www.camnix.com /filter   (0 words)

 Digital cable Vermont from Adelphia Cable in vermont
Digital cable Vermont from Adelphia Cable in vermont
Adelphia Digital Cable is more channels, more variety and has something for everyone in the family, From sports, news and entertainment to music, movies and educational programs
Cable modem fee is not included in package rates.
www.adelphianewengland.com /cable.html   (0 words)

 [No title]
On digital cable systems they use a technique called, "compression" to, as the name implies, compress the channels so they can fit more channels onto your wire.
This digital cable descrambler / filter for tv stops anything lower than 54mhz from leaving your receiver.
Digital High Pass Filter will work on 99% of all digital cable systems in use today.
www.lycos.com /info/digital-cable-descrambler.html   (0 words)

 RCA Digital Cable Modem / DCM245R external
The cable modem is certified to work on any DOCSIS 1.1 based HFC cable system.
Cable companies may limit upstream rates of subscribers, to prevent single users from running server applications in their homes.
In the case of a cable area electrical signal outage, in order to avoid all the modems rebooting at the same time, and flooding the networks with collisioned requests, RCA has implemented a feature allowing the modems to reboot at different times thus facilitating a smooth reactivation of the network
www.baber.com /baber/desktop_modem/rca_digital_cable_modem_dcm245r.htm   (0 words)

 Digital Cable Filters
If it is not working for your digital cable box, please return it to us within 30 days of purchase.
These digital cable filters have been tested and they work on 99% of the digital cable box out there, we guarantee replacement if our digital cable filters are defective.
Since the cable company has no way of telling that you are using this unit to decode your digital cable signals, it is your responsibility to notify them so they may bill you accordingly.
www.brandnamesdiscounts.com /dicafi1.html   (0 words)

 Digital Audio Cables at Blue Jeans Cable
Digital audio cables (or, as they're often called, SPDIF cables) provide a handy way to route multi-channel audio from one device to another with minimal to no signal loss.
These cables are exceptionally well shielded to keep outside electromagnetic interference from entering and polluting the signal; the shielding consists of three layers, two of foil bound together with polyester tape, and one of a dense tinned copper braid, for the best protection both against EMI and RFI.
However, if you will be handling your cables on a regular basis because of frequent system reconfigurations, or mobile use, or what-have-you, a multistranded, more flexible cable will stand up to that handling much better, and of course it's a bit easier to route.
www.bluejeanscable.com /store/digital-audio/index.htm   (951 words)

 Ultimate Coax Digital Audio Cable: Cobalt Cable
This cable has more than enough performance to be at home on reference Home Theater Systems, yet is priced to be affordable.
Our Digital Coax cable is built to offer ultra-precise 75 Ohm impedance, allowing it to be run well beyond the standard lengths while still providing flawless digital audio transmission.
We believe that the most important opinion of our cables is our customer's, and we are pleased to offer a no-obligation trial period for all of our cables.
www.cobaltcable.com /digital_coax_cable.htm   (662 words)

 CableAmerica Corporation | Digital Cable
Digital Cable is a new way to carry a television signal to your home.
With CableAmerica Digital Cable you receive a digital converter box that modifies the incoming digital signal so that it can be viewed with your current TV.
The digital converter is needed for CableAmerica Digital Cable Service and to view any premium or pay per view channels offered.
www.cableamerica.com /digi.faq.html   (568 words)

 Digital Cable or Satellite?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Cable companies pass through network HD programs, where all of the primetime dramas on the major networks are now produced in high-definition, as well as numerous special events, Major League Baseball and NFL football Click for the lowest price on dmnobieblankgames');" onMouseOut="setTimeout('hideLayer()',500);" class=hotlink2>games.
Digital cable also offers on-demand programming, where the set-top box is addressable from the cable company’s head end, letting you order a specific show and watch it immediately or at your leisure.
Consumer Reports recently published a survey of 1750 subscribers of both cable and satellite, and found that satellite subscribers were more satisfied with their picture quality, returning a subscriber score of 81 out of a possible 100, compared to digital cable’s score of 73.
oceania.digitalmedianet.com /articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=35122   (1358 words)

 Free Digital Cable: What's the Secret?
If a box is purchased legitamately, the installation instructions would have come with it:) Its purpose is to let analog cable through to a tv/vcr while still having use of your digital "tv out" connection.
Digital cable boxes have seriously good technology folks.  And if you think the technology in these boxes is good, the anti-theft technology coming out in brand new high definition cable boxes is even better.
Bottom line:  Don’t buy cable flboxes that are advertised to work with digital cable.  If you do, you’ll be throwing away your money.
www.digital-cable-filter-scam.com /index4.html   (0 words)

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