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Topic: Digital camera back

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  Digital Camera Experiments #001 @Digital Outback Photo
I love digital photography – I started shooting a digital camera back in the days when ½ megapixel was standard; and the resulting images looked fuzzy even on a computer screen.
But even these early digital cameras changed the way I was able to shoot in the field and easily process the results in the digital darkroom, giving me many new options for creating images; and the current technology now allows me to create excellent images while retaining these options.
And another major advantage of digital cameras is the ability to quickly and easily shoot multiple exposures, bring these into the digital darkroom, and combine these into a final compelling image which better fits the vision of the photographer.
www.outbackphoto.com /DigitalCameraExperiments/dce_001/essay.html   (1234 words)

  Digital camera back - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Experienced photographers attach these digital camera backs to their professional medium format SLR cameras, such as a Hasselblad, or a view camera, such as a Sinar.
Since a camera back's sensor is seldom as large as the film it replaces, either one has to use a smaller sensor, or to use multiple smaller sensors that form a larger piece.
If a sensor smaller than the camera's original film format is used, such as the use of APS-C-sized digital sensors in 35mm format digital SLRs, then the image's field of view is cropped by the sensor giving the impression that the focal length of the lens has changed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital_camera_back   (1088 words)

 Welcome to Digital Photo Studio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Midrange digital cameras are limited accessories that offer less quality and control, while high quality professional level digital cameras while significantly more expensive, offer higher resolution, offer greater color depth, more control, faster shutter speeds, and utilize traditional legacy lenses, strobes, and accessories.
Middle range digital cameras are ideal for entry level digital photographers, web designers and online base publishers and make prints up to about 5 X 7 inches in size, but are designed exclusively for digital photography.
One huge advantage of these cameras is that they have most of the features (such as exposure controls) and accessories (such as lenses) designed for the film versions and also the features of digital versions.
www.ohiou.edu /~unirel/taeil/digital/digitize_2.html   (999 words)

 Phase One Reviews
With digital cameras, there is a tradeoff between file size and the methods used to record the data.
These cameras are very similar to flatbed scanners, except they are usually housed in camera backs that attach to conventional film cameras, either medium format or 4x5-inch view cameras.
One advantage that digital camera manufacturers have claimed repeatedly is that while their files may not seem large, you can use software to double or triple their size with no noticeable degradation in image quality.
www.digitalpainter.com /hardware/digitalcameras/Phaseone/pei4-98.html   (3100 words)

 Single Shot & Multi Shot Digital Camera Backs - DPI Digital Photo
The digital camera back is a module which is a sophisticated light sensing device; photographers attach these camera backs to their professional cameras.
Lately digital camera backs were only used in studios for still photography as they created loads of information thus making it difficult to store it on the medium that were then available.
Digital camera backs are either single shot or multi shot depending upon whether the requirement is of a color image or a grayscale one respectively.
www.dpi-digitalphoto.com /references/digital-camera-backs.php   (319 words)

 Digital Backs
The revolutionary fully portable P backs are Phase One's new generation of digital backs for the professional photographer.
The new Hasselblad CFH-39 digital back features an ultra-high resolution, 39 megapixel sensor and has been custom built to fit the design and functionality of the Hasselblad H2 camera and is completely compatible with the H system range of central shutter lenses.
The new generation of Hasselblad digital backs brings a new level of flexibility to the serious digital photographer, and expands the horizons of leading edge digital photography.
www.prolabimaging.com /Pages/backs.html   (1597 words)

 Digital photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital cameras have also been integrated into many cell phones, although, because of the small lens in most of these phones, the quality of these pictures makes them unsuitable for making even moderate size prints.
Digital photography was used in astronomy long before its use by the general public and had almost completely displaced photographic plates by the early 1980s.
Cameras with digital sensors that are smaller than the typical 35mm film size will have a smaller field or angle of view when used with a lens of the same focal length.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital_photography   (5160 words)

 Welcome to the Rangefinder Network
In addition, the camera had to be tethered to a computer and could only be used to capture still images—very still images—as the camera had to make three scans to capture a full color image.
To me one of the biggest advantages of a digital camera is the ability to view an image immediately after capture and to keep shooting for much longer than in a film camera without having to change film.
The back clips on to the camera body in the regular fashion and the camera’s built-in electronic contacts are used to operate the digital back without any need to plug in extra cords or sync cables for operation.
www.rangefindermag.com /magazine/Archives/Aug02/kodakdcs.tml   (2084 words)

The company's scan back utilizes pure red, green and blue pixel data (in the instance of the 6000E, 144 megapixels of data, 6000 x 8000 X 3 colors), with no interpolation data, digital artifacts, or moiré patterns.
On the back plate, the large screen is joined by a row of buttons to the left; the two-step zoom control and four way jog buttons to the right.
One major plus is the LCD screen on the back of the camera, letting you see you have taken a horrible picture and giving you an opportunity to try again, all without the costs of extra film and developing.
digilander.libero.it /a_digital/Digital_camera_back.html   (1177 words)

 Leaf Digital Camera Back (Chip Shop 04/93)
At Photokina I managed to take an image on the camera and bring it back to the UK in digital form, for publication in The Photographer, but this is not the same as having it in your own studio.
The Leaf digital camera is called a 'Studio Camera', and that is really all it can be as the camera must be controlled by powerful mains powered computer equipment.
The camera back itself is very chunky, mainly due to its large cooling fins which are necessary to keep the CCD at the right temperature.
www.epi-centre.com /reports/9304cs.html   (1351 words)

 Digital Camera Backs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
A camera with a large vibrating mirror like the Mamiya RZ is known to produce more vibration than for instance a view camera with a very small central shutter.
This problem is caused by a synchronization problem between the camera and the digital back.
The default shutterdelay setting for your preferred camera, defined in the FlexColor 'Preferences' dialogue, is in most cases adequate but some cameras might differ from the factory default setting causing a bad synchronization.
www.imacon.dk /sw343.asp   (894 words)

 Alpa cameras now have digital capability   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
lpa cameras of Switzerland are the makers of a superb range of wide angle cameras designed to take a variety of digital and analogue backs.
All digital backs that will fit a Hasselblad H1, or a Contax, or a Mamiya, will fit a Alpa via a special adaptor plate.
This camera is fully compatible with all the elements of the ALPA 12 system: lenses, backs, viewfinders, accessories etc. It is the smallest up to camera which will accept a 6x9cm film back and the smallest camera with exchangeable optics for today's high end digital backs (body: 110 x 110 x 20 mm, 218g).
www.digitalphoto.com.nf /alpa_cameras.htm   (221 words)

 Digital Painter Limited Edition Giclee Printer
Phase One solutions support all 4x5 view cameras such as Horseman and Sinar as well as a variety of medium format cameras including Hasselblad, Mamiya, Rollei, Bronica, and Fuji.
Phase One digital camera backs have the same focal length and perspective as normal 4x5 view cameras and medium format cameras.
Phase One digital camera backs do not require special lenses or expensive digital shutters and color wheels.
www.digitalpainter.com /hardware/digitalcameras/Phaseone/why-p1.html   (295 words)

 Buying a digital camera has never been harder
I've got five rules for buying digital cameras for 2004 – you may disagree, especially if you are a shutterbug – and you know who you are with that stash of lenses and three flashes in your tote bag.
Cheap and earlier generation digital cameras take an agonizing l-o-n-g time to capture an image once the time the button is pressed.
Cameras come with a variety of interface options, including docks for printing and recharging, USB ports for moving over pictures, and even specialised PictBridge software to allow you to print directly from camera to printer over USB cable.
www.theinquirer.net /?article=19929   (866 words)

 Megavision Digital Camera Backs
Indeed when we encountered a glitch in the MegaVision back on a Hasselblad camera we were testing at the University of Malta in Europe, their tech support diagnosed the problem immediately as a potentially incompatible driver.
Although we started with a Leaf Valeo 22 coupled with a Mamiya 645 AFD body and lenses, we are open to showcasing all bodies as well as other digital backs.
Camera resellers or manufacturers who wish to have their cameras, lenses, and backs included in this initiative are welcome to send their equipment for evaluation.
www.digital-photography.org /MegaVisiondigitalcamera/MegaVisionS427S4S3S3ProBatPac.htm   (835 words)

 Spiffle! - My Digital Camera History
As a side note, it seemed to me at that stage that many digital camera makers were really struggling to find the "new form factor" that digital cameras are expected to have.
And it came down to a company that finally found out that digital camera technology was worthy of the attention they gave to their traditional SLR camera technology: Nikon.
The camera really does everything possible with a digicam, and has a LOT of specialty settings, but the problem is you have to dig through reams and reams of LCD menus to do some of them.
www.spiffle.com /mix/digicams/digicam   (1935 words)

 Real World Digital Photography: Gallery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The P 25 back has a 4:3 aspect ratio with an effective CCD size of 4.89 cm by 3.67 mm (versus 6 by 6 cm for 120 film) with a pixel resolution of 5,488 by 4,145 that captures in 16 bits per color to create beautiful 127 Mb high-bit files.
As soon as the digital back was attached to the camera and a short sync cable connected the lens flash sync to the camera back, I felt as if I was working with my old Hasselblad system again.
The camera is powered with rechargeable batteries that lasted all day and I used 1 and 2 Gb Compact Flash and Microdrives to capture the images in a compressed (lossless) RAW format.
www.digitalphotobook.net /gallery.html   (661 words)

 LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R: The world's first digital 35mm camera back | Dphoto.us: Digital Photography News & Reviews
Leica's modular digital solution was developed in collaboration with the Danish company Imacon A/S, which is renowned for high-performance scanners and medium-format camera backs, and the image sensor organization of Eastman Kodak Company.
The core technical data of the digital addition to the system are a resolution of ten million pixels, SD memory cards (RAW, TIFF and JPEG), the use of a firewire interface and a low focal length extension factor of 1.37x.
Consisting of a digital back and a power unit, the LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R reflects the attention paid to designing the controls in harmony with photographic practice: All the key photographic parameters are set directly with a central dial in combination with a clearly laid out LC display.
www.dphoto.us /news/node/348   (1416 words)

 Demonstration Quality Scanning Digital Camera
I also applied the camera to traditional peripheral photography by placing a vase on a turntable and adjusting the image size and the rotation rate so that a more or less acceptable reproduction of the surface features of the vase was displayed in the final image.
For this the camera is aimed at a particular scene and the linear array is slowly moved from one side of the camera's image gate to the other while the scanner accumulates the changing image information.
In commercial cameras the linear array it moved across the image plane by sophisticated transport mechanisms at a rate that is predetermined by the software that controls the scanner.
www.rit.edu /~andpph/text-demo-scanner-cam.html   (3734 words)

 Fujifilm Digital Camera Back - PMA 2003
Designed for use with medium-format professional camera systems, such as Fujifilm's renowned GX 680 medium format unit, the new digital back will enable industry professionals to produce ultra-high-quality images.
Fujifilm's digital back will be fully compatible with both standard studio lighting and daylight, and will feature an ISO range of 100, 200 and 400.
The new digital back will be on display at this PMA show, we hope to catch it later on.
www.pma-show.com /2003/news/fuji/fujifilm_digital_back_uk.html   (291 words)

 Digital Camera Back :: New Products
Digital Camera Back resources on http://www.laubeip.com include information about Professional Digital Camera, and more.
Filters added to the front of a camera lens change the quantity or quality of the light that reaches the film.
Digital Camera Back info: Most types of film produce a negative image, from which a positive final copy can be printed on sensitized paper.
www.laubeip.com /Digital-Camera-Backe.html   (269 words)

 Leica Digital Backs Delayed - Again - Pro SLR / Digital Backs
Leica’s digital back was to be released in December 2004 originally, but the shipments were postponed until April due to software problems.
The Digital Module R will be able to attach to the Leica R8 and R9 film cameras and will ship with a 512 MB Secure Digital card.
The Leica Digital Module R will have a 1.8-inch LCD screen and will be able to save files in the new.dng Digital Negative raw specification.
digitalcamerainfo.com /content/Leica-Digital-Backs-Delayed---Again.htm   (356 words)

 Digital Camera Snaps: News Archives
According to reports, the Digital M will be powered by a 10 megapixel Kodak imager, will come equipped with a full range of new lenses, will have a 1.3x focal-length conversion ratio, and will debut at Photokina 2006, with a full rollout sometime in 2007.
Samsung is to release the Digimax (or Kenox) S500, a 5 megapixel digital camera with 3x optical zoom and a spacious 2.4 inch LCD monitor.
The slick part is that the camera can seamlessly move between both lens depending on how much zoom you're looking for -- you don't have to press any buttons to use one lens or the other, you just zoom in and out as you normally would.
www.digitalcamerasnaps.co.uk /news   (3711 words)

 New Eyelike 22MP digital camera back from Jenoptik | Digital Camera Review
With approximately one image per second, the Eyelike eMotion²² ranks among the fastest digital camera backs in the market, thus guaranteeing to be ready for shooting in the right moment.
In this operating mode, which is automatically detected by the camera software if the Firewire cable is plugged, the camera will directly store all image data on the harddrive in the same way as already known from the Eyelike precision family.
Designed as a 1-shot camera, the Eyelike eMotion²² makes a perfect tool for any photographer who is not restricted to studio work alone and cannot afford to renounce the convenience of medium-format quality in on-location jobs.
www.letsgodigital.org /en/news/articles/story_1814.html   (746 words)

 ALKIT - Products - Digital - Camera Backs
All camera backs come with two-level active cooling, that drastically reduces noise and produces superior image quality, as well as with JENOPTIK‘s microscan technology.
Measuring only 76 x 90 x 67 mm, eyelike precision is the most compact digital back with miscroscan-capability in the market and makes it the ideal solution for portable use.
Connected to an Apple Powerbook the camera can be taken on location while still providing the same features – including 16-shot – as in the studio.
www.alkit.com /view.asp?gid=34&id=1713   (424 words)

 Leaf Valeo digital camera backs go Bluetooth - infoSync World
Creo today announce that the fastest digital camera back system - the Leaf Valeo - is now wireless.
The new Leaf Valeo Wi family uses built-in Bluetooth wireless technology to accomplish two-way communication between the camera and the Leaf DP-67, a 6 x 7 cm (3.9 inch) image display and control unit, based on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC.
The Leaf Valeo Wi family is the fastest digital back system in the market at 1.2 sec/frame with its unique DSR (Dual Sensor Readout) technology (patent pending).
www.infosyncworld.com /news/n/4790.html   (680 words)

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