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Topic: Digital circuit

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Circuit Builder
Circuits and mechanisms were built to represent fixed mathematical problems with results appearing in the form of a final voltage or a rotation angle of a gear.
That is, use the circuit builder to establish the logic behavior of AND, NOT, OR, NAND, NOR.
The objective is to "etch" the circuit onto a single layer of a copper-coated circuit board which contains pin holes to accommodate the chips.
www.jhu.edu /~virtlab/logic/log_cir.htm   (1230 words)

  Digital circuit Summary
A digital circuit is based on a number of discrete voltage levels, usually two, as distinct from an analog circuit that uses continuous voltages to represent variables directly.
Digital circuits are the most common mechanical representation of Boolean algebra and are the basis of all digital computers.
Digital circuits are made from analog components, and care has to be taken in design so that the analog nature of these underlying components don't dominate over the desired digital behavior.
www.bookrags.com /Digital_circuit   (5843 words)

 digital circuit. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The simplest forms of digital circuits are built from logic gates, the building blocks of the digital computer.
Digital circuits simulate continuous functions with strings of bits; the more bits that are used, the more accurately the continuous signal can be represented.
Digital circuits are more immune to noise than analog circuits, and digital signals can be stored and duplicated without degradation (see compact disc).
www.bartleby.com /65/di/digitlcir.html   (300 words)

 Digital Electronics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Digital electronics are a key element of many products which we take for granted such as personal computers, sophisticated sewing machines, microwave ovens, compact disc players, and video cassette players.
Digital electronics is the branch of electronics concerned with electronic systems which are composed of elements that exhibit this digital behavior.
Digital electronics has a language all its own and it is necessary for you to understand this language in order to successfully understand and construct the circuits.
mathcs.holycross.edu /~croyden/csci110/notes/lec23_digital_intro.html   (1006 words)

  The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News
Digital electronics are the most common representation of Boolean algebra and are the basis of all digital circuits for computers, mobile phones, and numerous other consumer products.
Digital circuits are made from analog components, and care has to be taken in design so that the analog nature of these underlying components don't dominate over the desired digital behavior.
A corollary of the fact that digital circuits are made from analog components is the fact that digital circuits are slower to perform calculations than analog circuits that occupy a similar amount of physical space and consume the same amount of power.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Digital_circuit   (3828 words)

 T1 and E1 Circuit
T-1 is a digital circuit that uses the DS-1 (Digital Signalling level 1) signaling format to transmit voice/data over the PSTN network at 1.544 Mbps.
E-1 is used to transmit 30 64Kbps digital channels (DS0) for voice or data calls, plus a 64Kbps channel for signaling, and a 64Kbps channel for framing and maintenance.
A T1/E1 circuit is a dedicated circuit and is always composed of two parts: the local loop and the carrier circuit.
www.networkdictionary.com /telecom/T1andE1Circuit.php   (498 words)

 Narrow range digital clock circuit - Patent 5050195
A circuit means is responsive to a variable reference signal and to the output signal of the clock circuit for generating a binary control word representative of a frequency difference therebetween.
A digital frequency changer circuit is connected to the first input terminal and is responsive to the fixed frequency signal and to control signals for generating the output clock signal.
A circuit means is responsive to the variable reference signal and to the output clock signal for generating a binary control word representative of a frequency difference therebetween, the binary control word comprising a sign bit and a plurality of other bits.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5050195.html   (3978 words)

 Lessons In Electric Circuits -- Volume IV (Digital) - Chapter 13
If we drive the inputs of this circuit with digital gates so that each input is either 0 volts or full supply voltage, the output voltage will be an analog representation of the binary value of these three bits.
The effect of this circuit is to produce a DAC output that ramps up to whatever level the analog input signal is at, output the binary number corresponding to that level, and start over again.
In this circuit, since the rate of integration and the rate of count are independent of each other, variation between the two is inevitable as it ages, and will result in a loss of accuracy.
www.ibiblio.org /obp/electricCircuits/Digital/DIGI_13.html   (5408 words)

 Digital Shot - Main page - Digital Cameras and the art of photography. - digital+camera digital+photography, tutorials, ...
"Dozens of publishers, libraries and universities now seeking to submit their views of the case to the 11th Circuit have signaled that the financial stakes stemming from Greenberg are significant," writes R. Robin McDonald at Law.com.
After a simple set-up process, the company boasts, shutterbugs will be able to access the nearest wireless network and send their photos to their local computer-whether it be a PC or Mac-or to an online photo post.
Digital SLRs are their weapon of choice and they invest heavily in their hobby, buying lenses, peripherals and photo editing software with the hope of turning their advocation into lucre.
www.digital-shot.com   (1872 words)

 Digital Circuit Solutions : Home
Digital Circuit Solutions … a leading provider of circuit board repairs to IBM and its suppliers.
Providing worldwide support, DCS specializes in circuit board repair down to the component level.
In addition, DCS also specializes in monitor and printer repair, warehousing and distribution, and emergency order fulfillment, among many other services.
www.digitalcircuitsolutions.com /index.html   (51 words)

 Digital Circuit Boards - ACC Spa Circuit Boards
Digital Circuit Boards - ACC Spa Circuit Boards
This is the replacement Circuit board for the ACC Smart Touch Digital 1000.
This is the circuit board used in all ACC ST-2000 Control units, please make sure to provide revision number of your circuit board when ordering.
spapartsnet.com /Circuit-Boards/ACC   (277 words)

 Circuit Cellar - Digital Library
In the Circuit Cellar Digital Library you'll find a variety of technical articles available to search and read at no cost.
On the lighter side, test your Engineering Quotient with over 100 design questions (and answers) in the Test Your EQ archive.
Look around and you'll see that the Digital Library is your resource for quality engineering content.
www.circuitcellar.com /library   (123 words)

 Digital Media Thoughts - Digital Media News & Views
While the form factor and the screen size are certainly appealing, I am not so sure I can look past all those negatives.
Posted by Jason Dunn @ 11:00 AM I response to my post about the cruel world of video editing, Digital Media Thoughts reader BugDude10 asked me a question, and I thought my response might make for some good front page discussion on the subject.
To win a copy of this software (retail $179 USD), here's all you have to do: tell me how you'd use it.
www.digitalmediathoughts.com   (2321 words)

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