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Topic: Digital photography

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  O'Reilly Media -- Bookstore: Digital Photography Hacks
Going beyond the standard fare of most digital photography books, Digital Photography Hacks shares the knowledge that professional photographers have learned through thousands of shots' worth of experience and years of experimentation.
It's no wonder that digital cameras are outselling traditional cameras for the first time ever.
Digital Photography Hacks is for the creative adventurer who resides in each of us.
www.oreilly.com /catalog/digphotohks   (630 words)

  Digital photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital photography, as opposed to film photography, uses electronic devices to record the image as binary data.
Digital photography was used in astronomy long before its use by the general public and had almost completely displaced photographic plates by the early 1980s.
Digital photography enables you to experiment with the camera settings, different styles of images can be tried out, learnt from and techniques improved all without the expense of film processing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital_photography   (5011 words)

 Photography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Digital recording of images is becoming increasingly common, as digital cameras allow instant previews on LCD screens and the resolution of top of the range models has exceeded high quality 35 mm film while lower resolution models have become affordable.
Digital photography uses an electronic sensor such as a charge-coupled device to record the image as a piece of electronic data rather than as chemical changes on film.
Other factors are important in digital camera resolution such as the actual number of pixels used to store the image, the effect of the Bayer pattern of sensor filters on the digital sensor and the image processing algorithm used to interpolate sensor pixels to image pixels.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Photography   (5258 words)

 Digital photography
Most digital cameras function in much the same way as a traditional camera that uses film to record images, except that in place of the film, images are captured and preserved in the camera’s digital memory, which may be built-in or which may be on a removable memory card.
In traditional photography, when you have taken the last frame on a roll of film, you rewind the roll, remove it from the camera and replace it with a fresh, unexposed roll in order to continue taking pictures.
Some printers are designed for direct connection of a digital camera or a memory card without going through a computer, but most images need “cleaning up” (cropping, adjustment of brightness and contrast, sharpness, color, etc.) before they are considered to look their best for printing on paper or other use.
www.photographytips.com /page.cfm/440   (817 words)

 Digital Photography Tutorials - Photoxels
Each digital photography tutorial is short, can be read in one sitting, and is immensely practical -- which means you can put what you have just learned to use immediately.
Digital Photography is more than just using a digital camera; it also entails some post processing in an image editing software to the image you captured with your digital camera.
After all, even in conventional film photography, many professional photographers have labored in their darkroom to manipulate the final results using such techniques as dodging, solarization, spot retouching, etc. Just think of an image editing software as an electronic darkroom that does not require messy smelly solutions, darkness and a red light.
www.photoxels.com /digital-photography-tutorials.html   (1374 words)

 Digital Cameras Help and Tips
Purchasing and using digital camera memory, card readers, digial camera bags, and more to help you get the most out of your digital photography.
Photography tips to help you take great digital photos of your friends, family, co-workers, or other people.
Photography tips to help you take photos of home runs, slam dunks, 50-yard passes, soccer and hockey goals, and more.
malektips.com /digital_cameras_help_and_tips.html   (545 words)

 digital photography workshops, digital photography workflow, D-65 digital workflow,digital photography workshop, ...
The key to shooting digitally is comprehending all of the technology.
Digital offers a world of new creativity and allows for greater quality control over your imagery.
Though I had worked digitally for more than two years, day in and day out, and the d65 workshop completely changed the way I looked at digital photography.
www.d-65.com /workshops.html   (521 words)

 Exploring Digital Photography
If you've outgrown your point-and-shoot digital camera and are ready to advance your photography, the next step up the ladder is digital SLR photography.
With digital you can be assured of producing the best printing you could never have imagined possible.
Digital photography has taken photographing into a realm of infinite possibilities.
www.acmedigitalphotography.com /explore/index.html   (124 words)

 Internet Brothers - Digital Photography Tips and Techniques
Film-less photographs, pictures on a chip, scanned memories, call it what you will, digital photography is a new phenomenon of technology that allows for instant gratification.
Digital Techniques - Some professional and serious amateur photographers wince at the thought of low resolution photos rendered with a computer, ignoring the fine art of traditional photography.
Make no mistake, digital photography is here, it’s big, and it’s the way things will be from now on.
internetbrothers.com /phototips.htm   (510 words)

 Photography Forum - Digital Photography - Photography Tips - Photo Sharing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Welcome to phototakers.com, a photography forum with discussions dealing with conventional film photography and digital photography.
General discussions on digital photography, digital photo printing, digital camera software, digital camera guide, digital camera deals, digital camera tips should be discussed in the digital photography forum.
Dark room equipment, photo enlarger, photography paper, fl and white photography technique, fl and white fine art photography, fl and white portrait photography.
www.phototakers.com /forum   (757 words)

 Digital Photography - Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Download.com
With the rise in popularity and affordability of digital cameras, the variety and quality of digital-photography software has likewise skyrocketed in recent years.
The Digital Photo Center ties the whole ball of yarn together, with digital camera reviews from CNET Reviews, tips for perfecting your pictures, and tools for creating your own online photo albums.
Whether you're searching for digital photography programs, other types of software, or helpful information about using digital photography software, CNET Download.com has tens of thousands of downloads for improving your digital life.
www.download.com /Digital-Photography/2001-2204_4-0.html   (872 words)

 ShortCourses-The On-line Library of Digital Photography
Displaying & Sharing Your Digital Photos discusses what digital photography is all about including printing your images as prints or books, displaying them onscreen,and moving beyond the still image into exciting new areas.
Digital Photography Workflow covers everything from getting ready to take photos to storing, organizing, managing and editing your images.
Digital Desktop Lighting is a guide to low-cost tabletop photography equipment and the techniques used to photograph products and other small objects for eBay,Web sites, catalogs, ads and the like.
www.shortcourses.com   (343 words)

 Digital Camera Reviews and News: Digital Photography Review: Forums, Glossary, FAQ
Here you will find all the latest digital photography and imaging news, reviews of the latest digital cameras and accessories, the most active discussion forums, a large selection of sample galleries, a digital camera database and buyers guide and the most comprehensive database of digital camera features and specifications.
The COOLPIX P50 is an 8.1 megapixel compact digital camera aimed at photographers after a bit more control.
The Nikon COOLPIX S510 is claimed to be the world's smallest digital camera with optical image-stabilization, as well as the most responsive (among 8MP optically-stabilized compacts).
www.dpreview.com   (1037 words)

 ImpulseAdventure - Digital Photography Articles
Also includes a beginners guide to digital photography or those who are making the change from film to digital.
Articles for those who are either new to photography and want to start with digital, or those who are experienced with film and want to upgrade to digital.
I teach digital photography courses at local colleges and at photography "clubs," and maintain a web-site of resources for my students.
www.impulseadventure.com /photo   (909 words)

 Photographer Nicholas Hellmuth describes his experiences testing 35mm Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D200; medium format ...
For this digital photography site we are considering covering lamination more, starting with Drytac products.
What is not commonly understood is that digital photography and photos that speak directly to the customer is a critical part of one-to-one print communication.
The first Digital Photography workshop for Scientist in the field of Biology took place succesfully during the X Congress of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation, FLAAR staff trained people from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala, in a 1 day workshop in the facilities of FLAAR Mesoamerica in Guatemala City.
www.digital-photography.org   (3358 words)

 Cambridge in Colour - Digital Photography Tutorials
New digital photography tutorials will be added, so please visit again.
Photography is going through an exciting and often controversial transition period as many traditional film photographers are beginning to explore the new capabilities made possible with digital cameras.
Imaging and software change routinely, so these digital photography tutorials aim to emphasize key concepts over specific step by step procedures.
www.cambridgeincolour.com /tutorials.htm   (327 words)

 Digital Photography FAQ
My interest in photography began when I was a teenager, but I did not pursue it as intensely as I might have liked because of the time investment and slow learning cycle associated with traditional chemical photography.
When digital photography began to mature, I immediately recognized that it would remove the main obstacles to my pursuit of photography when I was younger, and I followed the field with interest.
In 1999, I concluded that the new generation of 2 MP digital cameras were at a sufficient level of maturity to yield high quality images and give the photographer enough control to make things interesting.
www.cs.duke.edu /~parr/photography/faq.html   (16754 words)

 Digital photography with Windows XP
Explore your digital camera, learn to take great photos, and start transferring images to your PC.
Explore the world of digital photography with hands-on training sessions offered by Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine.
Whether you are new to digital photography or a seasoned pro, you can perfect your shots with the power of Digital Image Suite 2006.
www.microsoft.com /windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/default.mspx   (286 words)

 Digital Photography School — Digital Photography Tips for You
While there is an obvious opportunity in sports photography to emphasize the movement of participants - almost every type of photography can benefit from the emphasis of movement in a shot - even when the movement is very small, slow and/or subtle.
While not really a ‘rule’ of photography - it is generally accepted in most photographic tutorials that you should avoid noise in your images at all costs by choosing the lowest ISO possible for the light situation that you’re shooting in.
This will leave you with shots that are as smooth, clean and sharp as possible for the lighting conditions that you’re in.
digital-photography-school.com /blog   (892 words)

 MacDevCenter.com -- Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Now with digital cameras (high quality, but not pro quality), you deal with cameras with f/stops of from 3.5 to 5.6 depending upon the focal length being used for the shot.
i just got my digital camara i was at my daughters choir concert last night and had some problems with how to set my camara they do not allow flash and it probrably would not help anyway.
Another aspect of digital photography that accelerates learning is recording of "metadata." Every time you take a picture, the shutter speed, f-stop, white balance setting, flash mode, ISO, and more are captured and stored with the picture.
www.macdevcenter.com /pub/a/mac/2002/10/22/digi_photo_tips.html   (10203 words)

 Digital Photography Forum :: Index
Photography Class by Robin R Underhill (rkunderhill) - Archive.
While covering all major areas of photography, this board is focused on digital aspect of photography.
This is an online community where members share their experience and knowledge as we all discover the digital processes.
www.photozo.com /forum/index.php   (282 words)

 The Digital Photography Weblog
We have already featured some outstanding photography here on the Digital Photography Weblog and we are looking for more.
But it was the wonderful genBundle (pictured) that really scored a hit for me. Follow that up with some stylish panoramas and several creative uses of artifical light and you have a superb showcase for Jimmie's talents.
The Digital Photography Weblog is a member of the Weblogs, Inc. Network.
digitalphotography.weblogsinc.com   (1665 words)

 Digital Camera Reviews, Ratings, Tips and Comparisons
Amazon have it in stock for order in a 'body only' form at Canon EOS 40D and it is available for pre order with the kit 28-135mm kit lens.
The Ricoh Caplio R7 is a 8.15 (CCD) megapixel digital camera with a 7.1x Optical Zoom lens (28-200mm equivalent).
The Casio Exilim Zoom EX Z1080 is a 10.1 megapixel point and shoot digital camera with a 3x optical zoom lens.
www.livingroom.org.au /photolog   (974 words)

 Canon Digital Photography Forums - Powered by vBulletin
This is a forum for digital camera enthusiasts using Canon cameras.
The forums contain also general photography and technique discussion areas which are not camera-type specific.
Share your knowledge and tips on how to process your digital negatives to the extreme and how to produce those great looking prints.
www.photography-on-the.net /forum   (590 words)

 HP Digital Photography Center - digital photo printing, digital cameras, photo printers
HP Digital Photography Center - digital photo printing, digital cameras, photo printers
Your Digital Photography guide - everything you need to take, print and share digital photos.
Shop for HP digital photography and other products
www.hp.com /united-states/consumer/digital_photography/home_f.html   (90 words)

 Peaceful on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I saw this photo in Blue Ribbon Photography.
Sign up for a free account, or sign in (if you're already a member).
Blue Ribbon Photography [Invited Images ONLY] {Portrait Contest} (Pool)
www.flickr.com /photos/9900961@N02/1285005266   (103 words)

 Digital Camera Product Reviews: Digital Photography Review
Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT (4/6/2005)
We are always interested in reviewing any equipment related to digital photography, be it cameras, lenses, flashes, add-ons or accessories.
Manufacturers interested should contact: Phil Askey / Webmaster.
www.dpreview.com /reviews   (36 words)

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