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Topic: Digital signal

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  Digital Signal Processing: News, Tech Articles, App Notes
Digital signal processing encompasses all technologies, products and techniques that convert signals from sources into digital data that can then be analyzed.
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Since the goal of DSP is usually to measure or filter continuous real-world analog signals, the first step is usually to convert the signal from an analog to a digital form, by using an analog to digital converter.
In the discretization stage, the space of signals is partioned into equivalence classes and discretization is carried out by replacing the signal with representative signal of the corresponding equivalence class.
Signals are converted from time or space domain to the frequency domain usually through the Fourier transform.
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A "linear" filter consists of a linear transformation of input samples; other filters are "non-linear." Linear filters satisfy the superposition condition, i.e.
if an input signal is a weighted linear combination of different input signals, the output will be an equally weighted linear combination of the corresponding individual output signals.
A "causal" transformation uses only previous samples of the input or output signals; transformations that also use future input samples are "non- causal." Adding a delay will transform many non-causal filters into causal filters.
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 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Digital signal processor
A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor designed specifically for digital signal processing, generally in real-time.
Takes digital data from ADC (Analog-Digital Converter) and passes out data which is finally output by converting into analog by DAC (Digital-Analog Converter).
Digital signal processing can be done on general-purpose microprocessors.
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 Digital Signal Processors and Controllers
Tech-savvy consumers are demanding high-quality voice, video and data services everywhere they go, and today's networks are evolving to keep pace with them.
Now, thanks to Freescale's MSC8144 quad-core digital signal processor, networks can start making greater strides into the future.
These reference designs show some of the many possible uses of our digital signal processors....
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