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Topic: Digital video

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  O'Reilly Store -- Digital Video
Written in an engaging, accessible style, DV Filmmaking provides a solid foundation of tremendous value to a beginner, while addressing the fine points of filmmaking with a level of sophistication,… Read more.
With digital video, the hacking possibilities are limitless, for both amateurs and professional artists.
The Digital Video Pocket Guide is organized into three chapters: "What Is It?", "How Does It Work?", and "How Do I...Tips, Tricks, and Techniques".
www.oreilly.com /pub/topic/digitalvideo   (810 words)

 Video Production by Dynamic Digital Advertising
Video is often recorded on analog film, digitized, edited, manipulated, and then recorded back to analog film.
Digital videos can be produced for launching a new product, advertising an existing product, training employees, or for introducing new employees to the company.
Corporate training videos can be used to go over standard rules and regulations, or to introduce new rules that are to be applied to every employee.
www.dynamicdigitalvideo.com /video-home.html   (608 words)

  Digital Video Decoded
Your average semi-professional digital video dude labours under the misconception that regular "clean VHS" grade video is video is 640 by 480 pixels in 24 bit colour.
Composite video combines the luminance and chrominance components into one signal, encoded differently depending on whether the system is built to the PAL, NTSC or SECAM standards.
Composite video is transmissible on a single two conductor cable, but it restricts the image bandwidth (detail) and is very difficult to decode into pure luminance and chrominance.
www.dansdata.com /video.htm   (4064 words)

 Digital Video
Hooked to the VCR using the analog to digital conversion cable for exporting of finished video to VHS or for importing of analog video so that it can be digitized into the computer.
Video projects can be completed in a week or may take place over the course of an entire school year.
Digital film making wonders aside, no amount of digital video tinkering is going to improve badly shot video or poorly recorded audio.
www.kent.k12.wa.us /KSD/IT/TSC/managing/hardware/vidprod   (1701 words)

 Digital Video Tutorial DV terminology
This allows video to be visually constructed in a manner similar to cutting and sticking cine film.
Video computer files in the PC world are usually either AVI or MPEG types.
There are many more technical terms used in connection with video on computers, but we hope this has helped to explain many of the frequently encountered terms.
www.monet.k12.ca.us /Challenge/VStudio_Class/digital_video_tutorial.htm   (1078 words)

 Digital Video, Mr. Olejarz
They learn to plan and produce video projects, decode images and messages within media and decide what makes a powerful and effective message.
Digital Video Class Links - Sites we use to research projects and learn about digital video.
The students, working in groups of two to four, tape their interpretation and then edit the video.
www.wyckoffschools.org /eisenhower/teachers/olejarz/digitalvideo/index.html   (347 words)

 Adobe - Video and audio
Capture, edit, and deliver video to film, video, the web, and mobile devices with Adobe Premiere®; Pro CS3, the start-to-finish video production solution that now includes Adobe Encore® CS3 and Adobe OnLocation™ CS3.
Take advantage of new video layer support and the ability to edit and paint video frame by frame.
Adobe Illustrator CS3 provides powerful and flexible vector drawing and illustration, with workspaces for video and safe areas and ratios specific to your output.
www.adobe.com /motion/main.html   (449 words)

 Foto & Video digital - 1 - Tienda venta Online - Foto & Video digital
CANON - - Foto & Video digital - Ref:1CA-OBJ6X
CANON - - Foto & Video digital - Ref:1CA-ACK800
CANON - - Foto & Video digital - Ref:1CA-ACK900
www.area-integral.net /default/ai/dpg_listadofamilia/idf_5875/pg_1/Foto__Video_digital.htm   (204 words)

 Digital VCR Formats Compared: Tabular Specifications
All digital formats on this table sample the Y component at 13.5 MHz (although D5 is switchable to 18 MHz for HDTV)
Color quality is reported to be equal to Betacam and Betacam SP, but not as good as digital Betacam, D1 and D5.
Has 2 TV lines of uncompressed video which allows closed captioning to be recorded undisturbed.
videoexpert.home.att.net /artic3/256atab.htm   (799 words)

 Digital Video Recorders News - Topix
News on Digital Video Recorders continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Monsoon Multimedia, an innovative digital video solutions provider, today announced retail availability for HAVA Gold and HAVA Platinum HD -- two full-featured video streaming and place-shifting devices that...
I edit the Digital Video Recorders News pages on Topix when no humans are available to help.
www.topix.net /gadgets/dvr   (775 words)

 DV - Digital Video
Panasonic Awards Eight Digital Filmmaker Grants to IFP's Emerging Filmmakers
Then turn to Adobe Photoshop and our new forum Photoshop for Video.
This forum is hosted by Richard Harrington an expert in graphics and video editing.
www.dv.com   (289 words)

 InterVideo: Digital Video and Audio Multimedia Products   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Copy movies and videos to my iPod or PSP
Enjoy DVDs, videos, music, and photos in the comfort of my home
Easily share and manage all my digital files
www.intervideo.com /jsp/Home.jsp   (48 words)

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