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In the News (Mon 23 Jul 18)

  Digital8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Digital8 format is the combination of the venerable Hi8 tape transport with the DV codec.
Digital8 equipment uses the same videocassette-media as analog Hi8 equipment, but differs in that the audio/video signal is encoded digitally (using the industry-standard DV codec.) Since Digital8 uses the DV codec, it has identical audio and video specifications.
Digital8 and miniDV use different, non-interchangeable cassette media, with Digital8 cassettes being the physically larger of the two.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Digital8   (815 words)

 Thoughts on Digital8
Newer Digital8 cameras might solve this problem; however, that is certainly a good reason not to be an early adopter of the format.
Digital8 is essentially the same as DV, except that it uses the more popular Hi8 tape for recording.
Your perception of inferiority of the digital8 format is probably more imagined than real, more based on the fact that it is has potential mass acceptance (because of backward compatibility with Hi8 and 8mmm) and therefore suspiciously lower class.
www.amazing.com /dv/digital8.html   (987 words)

 8 mm video format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some Digital8 equipment can play (not record) Hi8/Video8 recordings, but this is not a standard feature of Digital8 technology.
But as of 2005, Digital8 has been relegated to the entry-level camcorder market, where price and not performance is the driving factor.
Some have questioned the future of Digital8, citing the fact that (as of late 2005) only Sony are supporting the format in the face of competition from miniDV, and only in their entry-level camcorders.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hi8   (2202 words)

 Camera & Photo - Digital8
Digital8 utilizes the digital video format, but records onto Hi8 tapes, and can play your old Hi8 and 8mm movies.
The DCR-TRV480 Sony Digital8 Handycam(R) Camcorder is for camera buffs who want to go digital but still keep their old tapes.
The Sony DCR-TRV240 Digital8 camcorder is a well-specified model with both DV in and out connections, making it ideal for those wishing to edit digital footage on a PC.
www.stormlabs.com /Cameras/Digital8/Browse/754486   (818 words)

 Thoughts on Digital8   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Since Sony is introducing Digital8 as a consumer format, it seems unlikely that professional-quality cameras will become available for it.
This may also be a deficiency in the Digital8 format; it's too early to tell at this point.
In my testing, which was admittedly brief, I found the Digital8 camcorder I sampled to be mediocre in quality.
www.amazing.com /dv/d8.html   (531 words)

 Digital8 Information: VideOccasions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Digital8 camcorders and VCRs use the same tape as 8mm and Hi8 camcorders -- they're what's called "backward compatible." This feature has been one of the major selling points for this format: 8mm tape costs less than Mini DV tape.
The GV-D800 "Digital8 Walkman," which lists for about $900, has a four-inch color active matrix LCD screen and built-in stereo speakers, and is palm sized.
Digital8 appears to be a transitional format, designed to ease 8mm and Hi8 camcorder owners into the digital video world.
www.videoccasions-nw.com /digital8.html   (383 words)

 Digital8 Camcorder Tapes
Although they are all digital camcorder tapes, Mini DV, MicroMV and Digital8 are three different tape formats and will not work in the same cameras.
A Digital8 Digital Handycam camcorder can record "digitally" using either a Hi8 or standard 8mm tape.
Hi-8 tapes used for Digital8 will yield 50% of the Hi 8 recording time.
www.tapestockonline.com /digital8.html   (163 words)

 Jedi Council Forums - Ok, I'm purchasing a Digital8 tomorrow...
Digital8 is the same thing as miniDV, only another tape format.
Perhaps you were mistaken thinking of this fact: Digital8 is the same tape as a Hi8 tape, except the data uses a different format.
Digital8 is old tech, most of the higher quality cameras support MiniDV, so whether you think its the tape or not, you'll still be getting better quality.
boards.theforce.net /Message.aspx?topic=9533720   (2039 words)

 Epinions.com - Digital8 or MiniDV?
Digital8 and Mini DV are nearly identical in their resolution and picture quality.
When Digital8 was first introduced, this was a major advantage since you could buy 8mm tapes for about $2 each.
The major disadvantage of Digital8 is that if the format doesn't survive, and your camcorder breaks down, you'll have no way to play your Digital8 tapes.
www.epinions.com /content_1059954820   (485 words)

 Vanns.com: Sony DCRTRV460 Digital8 Handycam Camcorder (DCR-TRV460) Features
The Digital8 recording format delivers 3x the color bandwidth of VHS with significantly less video noise providing stunning video performance.
Digital8 records digital audio and video comparable to MiniDV on affordable Hi8 tapes.
The DCRTRV460 is capable of playing back 8mm, Hi8 and Digital8 video tapes for maximum convenience if you have an existing library of analog cassettes.
www.vanns.com /shop/servlet/item/features/497399806   (870 words)

 Digital8 Information: VideOccasions, Bellevue WA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
So if you decide to buy a Digital8 camcorder you'll either have to use the camcorder to play back your tapes, copy the tape from your camcorder to a VHS tape to play in your VCR, or purchase a Digital8 VCR.
Our hunch is that Digital8 is a transitional format, designed to ease 8mm and Hi8 camcorder owners into the digital video world.
So the bad news is that Digital8 is probably not the wave of the future.
www.videoccasions-nw.com /digital1.htm   (386 words)

 Kakali Productions - Showcase - Other Projects - Digital8 vs MiniDV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Because the market seems to be changing towards disk (and later chip) based camcorders, both tape formats are counting down the days until extinction.
MiniDV has been getting replaced by Sonys' new "MicroDV" camcorders and the larger Digital8 cameras will not fit into the needs of most people soon (like the "grandfather" VHS bazooka cameras that we all used to have).
Digital8 cameras can weigh up to 2 pounds, whereas MiniDV's are as light as 1.2 pounds.
www.kakaliproductions.com /files/misc/consumercameras.htm   (673 words)

 Review: Sony DCR-TRV820E Digital8 camcorder
The 820E is a Digital8 camcorder, which means it records Digital Video (DV) data, but on ordinary 8mm cassettes.
To squish DV data onto 8mm tape, Digital8 camcorders run the tape at double speed.
Digital8 cameras don't take DV tapes, but they record DV data.
www.dansdata.com /trv820e.htm   (5032 words)

 Mini-DV vs D8
In general Digital8 is the cheaper format, both for cameras and tapes.
Tapes may not play back as well if played in a camcorder other than the one they were recorded on, especially in LP mode.
Digital8 is probably a cheaper option, and ideal if you want to keep using or playing back 8mm or Hi8 tapes.
www.mediacollege.com /video/format/compare/minidv-d8.html   (297 words)

 PCWorld.com - Digital8 Camcorder: Easy Transition to DV
Digital8 Camcorder: Easy Transition to DV Sony's DCR-TRV310 is a cost-effective yet feature-rich digital video camera for consumers.
As with all Digital8 cameras, the only drawback to the DCR-TRV310 is the quality of its stills.
Since the camera operates at a maximum of 500 lines of resolution, stills are captured at a resolution lower than VGA (640 by 480 pixels).
www.pcworld.com /reviews/article/0,aid,15020,00.asp   (822 words)

 need something to play back 8mm, digital8 and hi8 - DVdoctor.community
I'm looking fro something to play back digital8, hi8 and 8mm tapes.
Digital8 camera, with DV out, like Sony TRV828.
If you get a cheap hi8 camcorder, you will still need to do an A to D conversion somewhere (and it won't playback Digital8, obviously).
forums.dvdoctor.net /showthread.php?t=35336   (260 words)

 Videomaker Magazine Test Bench: Hitachi VM-D865LA Digital8 Camcorder
When Sony introduced the Digital8 format in 1999, it opened up a new world of inexpensive digital video for consumers.
It would have been a great boon to the user if they had included some way to monitor the sound, other than the built-in speaker, which is activated only on playback.
Possibly the most exciting feature of the Digital8 format is its ability to playback and output standard 8mm and Hi8 analog tapes.
www.videomaker.com /scripts/article_print.cfm?id=8043   (833 words)

LAS VEGAS (CES, Booth #N109/N114), Jan. 8, 2002 - Sony Electronics is providing more reasons than ever to acquire a digital camcorder with today's introduction of its 2002 line of Digital8® Handycam® camcorders, focusing on picture quality, a full set of features and value.
Sharing special moments with family and friends across the world is easy, with the incorporation of USB (Universal Serial Bus) Streaming into all 2002 Digital8 Handycam camcorders.
All of the new Digital8 camcorder models offer the same outstanding sound quality as a compact disc.
news.sel.sony.com /pressrelease/1755   (623 words)

 Sony Handycam DCRTRV350 Digital8 Camcorder - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy Online - Shop Smart at Shopzilla!
The sub-$500 Sony TRV350 Digital8 targets the casual shooter who is ready for the quality of Digital Video and the editing convenience of FireWire, but is still interested in leveraging an existing library of analog Hi8 tape.
The second of the two Digital8 camcorders which Sony announced at the 2003 international CES was the DCR-TRV350.
This Digital8® Handycam® Camcorder includes USB streaming, a remarkable feature that allows you to turn your camcorder into a video conferencing tool or webcam simply by plugging it into the USB port of your PC.
www.shopzilla.com /9L_-_cat_id--11140000__prod_id--7353296   (1819 words)

 Some thoughts on the Sony DCR-TRV350 Digital8 Handycam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Digital8 uses pretty much the same compression/decompression algorithms (codecs) as DV, but it uses the original 8mm tape form factor and can record digital videos on Digital8, Hi8, or the original Video8 tapes.
However, a Memory Stick is not supplied as a Digital8 tape is not supplied.
Just a note: out of all the Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 tapes I have, they are all Metal Particle tapes.
www.camerahacker.com /Sony/DCR-TRV350.html   (2813 words)

 Sony GVD200 Video Walkman, Digital8 (25+) presented by Full Compass Systems   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Sony has teamed the Digital8 video system with the compact convenience of the Video Walkman style.
The Digital8 camcorder line has successfully helped consumers make the transition to digital videography.
Ideal companion to the Digital8 video Walkman units are backward compatible allowing for HI8 and 8mm tape playback.
www.fullcompass.com /Products/pages/SKU--63618   (391 words)

 MediaMall: Pro Media: Media Viewfinder: DIGITAL8 vs DV: A New Camcorder Alternative
However, I never thought to check into Sony's Digital8 until my man, Mickey Mac gave me a "wake up call." His insights are the reason for this mini-report on this alternate digital camcorder format.
While Sony's Digital8 camcorders are somewhat bulkier than smaller and lighter DV camcorders, they are indeed impressive.
He's has become excited about the Sony Digital8 format as a lower cost-effective alternative to DV.
www.mediamall.com /promedia/viewfinder/digital8.html   (433 words)

 Amazon.com: Sony DCRTRV460 Digital8 Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom: Camera & Photo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The replacement for this item is Sony DCR-TRV480 Digital8 Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom or you can request this item from another seller.
Plus, Digital8 recording means high-quality digital recording on inexpensive Hi8 and 8mm video cassettes, so you get professional results without paying professional prices.
Digital8 Video Recording: Digital8 recording format delivers 3X the color bandwidth of VHS with significantly less video noise providing stunning video performance.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0001BW0U6?v=glance   (2266 words)

 Digital8   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
I wonder if more buyers had the same issue, maybe I misread the information available, but this camera is NOT compabile with the Hi8 nor 8mm formats.
Go to this link (http://www.sony.com/ccdservice) My faith is somewhat restored in Sony, but it is pretty bad it took a lawsuit for Sony to pony up the dough and correct their mistake.
This remarkably value-priced unit delivers amazingly crisp and clear Digital8 video, which allows you to transfer video to your personal computer via its iLINK DV input/output.
photo.ogate.com /camcorders/Digital8.html   (5251 words)

 Review, buy Digital8: Sony CCDTRV138, Sony TRV260, Sony TRV250, Sony TRV428E, Sony DCRTRV280   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Digital8 Format Digital8 camcorders deliver high-quality digital video and audio, with up to 520 lines of horizontal resolution and either 12-bit or 16-bit PCM digital stereo audio.
The Digital8 format also allows for digital recording on 8mm or Hi8 tapes-the most popular camcorder format in the U. Size and Contents The TRV250 measures 3.
This remarkably value-priced unit delivers amazingly crisp and clear Digital8 video, which allows you to transfer video to your personal computer via its iLINK DV input/output (iLINK DV interface cable sold separately).
raskolbas.net /digital8   (1756 words)

 Sony Digital8 Handycam (DCRTRV280 Camcorder)
This professional quality and easy to use Sony Digital8 Handycam, gives you digital recording at an affordable price.
The DCR-TRV280 includes USB streaming capabilities to use as a webcam.
The feature packed Sony Digital8 Handycam records digitally on inexpensive 8mm and Hi8 video tapes, making it the perfect camcorder for anyone stepping up from analog.
www.ground-z.org /electronics/audio-visual/digital8.html   (134 words)

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