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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  The Secrets of Diksha
Diksha is the foundation of a disciple, fuel of the spiritual life, completeness of the mind, basis of the fusion with Shiva and the path to reach one's destination.
Diksha is the foundation of every kind of worship and penance, therefore a Sadhak must always avoid long methods and adopt the easy way.
Kundalini Jagran Diksha is attained on a photograph of a disciple.
www.siddhashram.org /diksha.shtml   (2644 words)

 Diksha -The Power to Penetrate Within (Part 1)
The Sanskrit word diksha comes from the root diksh, which means 'to dedicate oneself, and is actually derived from a combination of two roots, diks, which means 'to consecrate' or 'dedicate', and daks, which means 'to grow', 'to become strong' or 'to expand'.
Diksha also means 'to see', and when one takes diksha one receives the power by which one can begin to 'see' the goal or path of inner life.
Diksha is like turning the key to ignite the car, but unless the disciple is strong, powerful and firmly committed to his guru and his goal, the car will not move.
www.yogamag.net /archives/2004/4july04/diksha.shtml   (3053 words)

 Diksha   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Diksha is a transfer of spiritual energy to the neocortex of the brain.
Diksha initiates a neurobiological change in the brain that when complete enables the senses to be free from the constant interference of the mind.
Diksha is transferred by the Diksha giver normally placing his or her hands onto the crown of the head.
www.dickscha.com   (236 words)

 Diksha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Dharmic religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, diksha is the ritual of initiation into the worship of some deity by a guru (diksha guru) who bestows mantra(s) and takes the karma of the initiate - at least in case of Vaishnava diksha, as per Hari Bhakti Vilasa 1.70:
Diksha primarily means a transfer of spiritual knowledge.
Another type of diksha, into a monastic order, involves a vow of celibacy, renunciation of all personal possessions and of all worldly duties, including family ties.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Diksha   (357 words)

 Diksha (Deeksha) Distance Healing, Counseling and Teacher
Diksha or Deeksha is a powerful divine energy transfer that activates a shift in the brain, activating a shift in consciousness.
Diksha (deeksha) is the transmission of enlightenment energy that activates the flow of divine grace and presence.
The Diksha (Deeksha) that Solomon transmits elevates you into an altered state, creating a greater purpose in your life – you become aware of negative patterns, which are responsible for continuous failure.
atimetoheal-om.net   (4022 words)

 Trident stridency
These performances are christened as `trishul diksha' and the programme has been going on for the last several years in various States.
Flaying `trishul diksha', Swami Agnivesh, a prominent social activist and Arya Samaj leader, said recently in Jaipur that in the Hindu tradition there was no such practice.
Dikshas are described in brahmanical and non-brahmanical, Vedic and non-Vedic, Sanskritic and non-Sanskritic traditions.
www.flonnet.com /fl2011/stories/20030606001308400.htm   (3701 words)

 Diksha McCord - The Expanding Light spiritual yoga retreat center in California
Diksha, a native Israeli who came to the U.S. in 1990, is a powerful and dynamic woman who has shared yoga postures and yogic teachings across the United States, in Canada and Europe.
This coming February, Diksha and her husband Gyandev will be leading a yogic healing vacation to a five star Ayurvedic resort in India.
Diksha imbues her teaching with a keen mind, heart, spirit, and humor.
www.expandinglight.org /teachers/diksha-mccord.htm   (438 words)

 Dikshas (Deekshas) For Transformation & Enlightenment
Diksha (also spelled Deeksha) is a Sanskrit word that means bendiction.
The Diksha transference of energy is part of an ancient triad consisting of Diksha, Sadhanas, such as yoga and meditation, and Sutras.
The neurobiological changes in the brain that are initiated by the diksha are dependent upon many factors just as the seed is dependent upon the sun, the moon, the soil, the rain.
www.dikshas.com   (360 words)

 Diksha - All Yoga - tribe.net
Now one think to note is that one can only take diksha by one who properly taken diksha, by one who properly taken diksha, by one who properly taken diksha, by one who properly taken diksha back to the supreme guru.
both of dikshas (harinama and brahmana) for myself are instrumental in my spiritual growth as it permits me to serve as pujari (priest) and conduct the rites of passage for ones dharma.
This is the lesser of the two dikshas he offered, one that allows a student to study deeper teachings with the Kula, but which does not bind the student permanently to him as guru.
allyoga.tribe.net /thread/83ecb938-c325-41c7-8ca3-a269c3d4e08a   (1206 words)

All obstacles simply vanish after this Diksha is had and one soon fulfils one's aim provided one has full faith in powers of the Guru.
This Diksha is the bestower of all worldly boons, for Goddess Kamala assimilates all the virtues and boons like fame, power, intelligence, health, victory and wealth.
On obtaining this Diksha the three subtle channels of the Kundalini, namely Ida,Pingala and Sushumna that control the mind, brain and heart are activated.
www.siddhashram.org /dikshalist.shtml   (1870 words)

 Diksha -Important Part of Life   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The syllable "di" of the word diksha means bestowal of God and "ksha" means the energy to digest.
There are many types of diksha: by seeing with eyes (drishtipaat), by making a pledge (sankalpa), by touching with hands & by giving mantra.
Therfore diksha is a very important part of not only spiritualism but part of life also.
www.ashram.org /satsang_eng/diksha.html   (565 words)

 Oneness by Pauline Baumann
The core of this retreat was diksha, a hands-on energy transfer for awakening that is supposed to raise a person’s state of consciousness and transform their brain function so they can maintain a constant state of enlightenment.
He says it is a neuro-physiological change that involves decreased activity in the parietal lobes (the area of the brain responsible for discursive thought and our sense of separation), and increased activity of the frontal lobes (the area associated with ethics and higher states of awareness).
She enjoys offering diksha to groups of all faiths and is particularly interested in serving children and diverse populations.
www.alternativesmagazine.com /35/baumann.html   (2362 words)

 HereNow4U Edition 2 - Diksha
In the spiritual context diksha is the initiation of a novice.
Diksha stands for the beginning of a new spiritual life for the novice whose past has been 'digested'.
The Svetambara Terapanth Jains give diksha in a public ceremony where the mumukshu's family of origin declares the formal acceptance of his wish to get diksha.
www.herenow4u.de /Pages/eng/Glossary/Diksha.htm   (293 words)

 Latest Feedbacks on Kalki
I encourage people who receive diksha to feel their doubts all the way, because diksha seems to work best when we are honest with what we feel.
I myself offer diksha along with nature awareness practices from the Native American tradition and forms of emotional processing that I prefer over the emotional processing formats that the Golden Age Foundation is using.
The idea of lifelong maturing is not at all at odds with the diksha, which is simply designed to put that lifelong process on a neurobiological foundation where the brain cooperates with it, rather than being a hindrance.
www.earthrainbownetwork.com /Archives2005/Janneke2.htm   (5373 words)

 Diksha.nl - spirituele energie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Diksha of deeksha is een overdracht van transformerende energie die er voor zorgt dat mensen zich prettiger gaan voelen.
Of je nu al veel op het gebied van spirituele ontwikkeling hebt gedaan of helemaal niets, diksha is voor iedereen, zelfs voor kinderen.
Gilles kunnen we in een regel voorstellen, maar wat hij doet en hoe hij het doet niet.
www.diksha.nl   (202 words)

 VNN - Editorials
I write as well with a view to bring to the attention of scholars that which the followers of Bhaktisiddhanta understand to be the their connection to raganuga sadhana, and to address the present-day followers of Bhaktisiddhanta, and ISKCON in particular, in terms of what he expected of them.
A diksha patra, or letter of initiation that often accompanies this initiation, is available in the historical record.
In the dominant practice of siddha pranali diksha today, ajata rati raganuga sadhakas are those who have not realized their siddha deha, but they have been told about it and are expected to engaged in the practice of lila smaranam in conjunction with chanting the Hare Krsna maha mantra in japa sixty-four rounds daily.
www.vnn.org /editorials/980412-1741   (7338 words)

 Mayan Calendar Mid-Light
A synchronized diksha operating on the global brain, rather than on individual human brains one by one, may be a fantastic opportunity to speed up the global process of enlightenment.
Yet, unlike when giving diksha to a single individual the person giving diksha to the global brain is also herself part of the global brain and this is a paradox that those coming from the higher galactic perspective will need to contemplate.
Hence, when diksha is given to the Global Brain the focus should be on the emergence of entirely new channels for transmission of divine intelligence (signal transduction) and the establishment across the planet of entirely new relationships between its nerve cells (human beings).
noosphere.princeton.edu /mayan.html   (2046 words)

 'Trishul diksha' to continue in Gujarat: VHP -Ahmedabad-Cities-NEWS-The Times of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
AHMEDABAD: Even as a fierce controversy over 'trishul diksha' rages following the arrest of VHP international general secretary Pravin Togadia, the Gujarat unit of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal have decided to continue with such programmes in the state.
In fact, VHP leaders say that the concept of 'trishul diksha' originated in Gujarat, the home state of Togadia, and tridents are being supplied from here to neighbouring Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.
'Trishul diksha' originated in Gujarat 14 years back and going by VHP statistics over 2.80 lakh youths have been given "this indoctrination" in the state, the highest number in the country.
timesofindia.indiatimes.com /cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=44105680   (482 words)

 Communal calculations
The Trishul Diksha and Jalabhishek programme of the VHP and the Bajrang Dal held on September 25 in the Sawai Bhoj temple complex at Asind was an example of communal mobilisation in the guise of a membership drive.
The Trishul Diksha in Jahazpur was held on September 6 when prohibitory orders were in force in the district.
He supported the Trishul Diksha and claimed that it was the first step towards the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.
www.flonnet.com /fl1821/18210380.htm   (1937 words)

 VNN World - Interview With Sri Bannanje Govindacharya
Is it apasampradaya means here in other sampradayas, particularly in the vaishnava sampradaya or the madhva mutts, their mantra diksha is to be taken by a living guru.
Strictly speaking, diksha even here when a swami gives mantra or upadesha to a disciple, the inner concept is that the living guru is not the real guru.
See in all other sampradayas diksha swekara from a living guru is generally accepted in all… see it is in practice even in Madhva mutt.
www.vnn.org /world/WD9901/WD28-2924.html   (2548 words)

 Diksha Transmission
Diksha is a non-denominational energy phenomenon that can enhance one's own spiritual tradition and lead to eventual Enlightenment (Oneness).
Confronted by police, Alexis gave Diksha to the chief of police, who after experiencing this phenomenon himself ordered 2200 policemen to receive Diksha.
Word spread and the Mexican Army invited Alexis to give Diksha to all 300,000 of their soldiers and officers.
www.angelikahealingmusic.com /DikshaTransmission.html   (507 words)

 Ananda Yoga and Ayurvedic Retreat - The Expanding Light spiritual yoga retreat center in California
Gyandev and Diksha McCord, two of Ananda’s best-loved instructors, are ideally qualified to lead your resort.
Diksha co-directs Ananda’s Meditation Teacher Training and has studied and taught Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cooking for many years.
Gyandev and Diksha are the best group leaders for a trip retreat that I have ever been with.
www.expandinglight.org /kerala   (510 words)

 Guru-disciple relationship | Devi Mandir - Temple of the Divine Mother
The Guru is the example of the way you want to worship, someone whose behavior you want to emulate, whose attitudes you want to reflect, whose being you want to become.
Diksha is the solemnization, the confirmation, of that relationship.
There is a lot that can be done to prepare for diksha.
www.shreemaa.org /faq_guru.htm   (1399 words)

 Danda Diksha of Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
A painting of Adi Shankaracharya holding a Danda was first seen many years later, and the Danda was immediately recognized as the type of staff being sought in early childhood.
In late 1995, Swami Rama said he would "arrange" this diksha, a most honorific initiation, which has rarely been given to a non-Indian.
In the true mysterious ways of the masters, this diksha came almost three years after Swami Rama left the body, and over forty-five years after the first childhood memory and seeking of the Danda.
swamij.com /dandadiksha.htm   (381 words)

 VIEW<BR>Ban on Trishul Diksha hots up Rajasthan-Editorial-OPINION-The Times of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The ban on the trishul diksha programme in Rajasthan is one more attempt to skirt the real issue.
Trishul diksha has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with politics.
Treating trishul diksha and such as purely law and order problems is of a piece with this essentially narrow approach.
timesofindia.indiatimes.com /cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=37162   (401 words)

 Hidden sides of Diksha & Oneness secrets | The truth shall set us free
Diksha energy comes from ?the dark well?, it is not of the Light.
Furthermore, while dikshas probably do enhance opening of the upper chakras, relatively to how much the follower becomes dependant on the dikshas, the lower chakras are being progressively shut down.
You write that the dikshas themselves are still okay in your vision.
www.freewebs.com /dikshainfo/possiblesideeffects.htm   (2791 words)

 Shashtriji Maharaj's life: Initiation Celebration
Dungar Bhakta was very anxious to receive the Bhagvati diksha (initiation of a parshad into a sadhu in saffron).
It was decided to give diksha on the fifth day of the dark half of Kartik in Samvat year 1939.
Thus on he fifth day, amidst great fanfare, Acharya Shri Viharilalji Maharaj gave diksha to Dungar Bhakta in the sacrificial panda], and renamed him as 'Yagnapurushdas.' In the evening, Acharya Maharaj asked a learned astrologer to see the horoscopes of all the new sadhus.
www.swaminarayan.org /shastrijimaharaj/life/9.htm   (403 words)

 Novità - Diksha
A Cancun, Messico, i telespettatori hanno ricevuto il Diksha durante il programma “Aqui en Cancun” e durante il programma “Escena”il 15 marzo u.s.
Il prossimo satsang nazionale dei Diksha Giver è previsto nei giorni 24, 25, 26 febbraio p.v.
Saranno presenti anche i nuovi DG che hanno appena terminato con successo il corso di 21 giorni in India.
www.diksha.it /news   (606 words)

 Albums By The Grace of SrimanNarayana - ImageEvent
Diksha was given by Sriman Govind Srinivasanji, priest at Fremont temple on 8th April 2006 Saturday during the Sita Kalyanam at Fremont temple.
Diksha will be concluded with Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam, by His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji on May 27th at Fremont Temple in a grand celebration.
The whole diksha process involves surrendering ourselves at the lotus feet of the lord.
imageevent.com /jsny   (4413 words)

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