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Topic: Dilip Kumar

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In the News (Thu 27 Jun 19)

  Dilip Kumar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dilip Kumar (born December 11, 1922) is an Indian film actor and Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).
Dilip Kumar was born Yusuf Khan in Peshawar (now Pakistan) in a Pathan family of twelve children.
Dilip Kumar is considered one of the best actors produced by the Bollywood film industry, and Kumar fans see echoes of his style in the work of younger stars like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dilip_Kumar   (530 words)

 Seasons India :: Bollywood & Hollywood :: Classic Luminaries :: Dilip Kumar (King of Tragedy)
Dilip Kumar was scared that his father would be mad at him for acting in films and therefore hid the truth from him for a long time.
Dilip Kumar is probably one of the greatest actor Indian Cinema has seen and is yet to see.
In the year 1995 Dilip Kumar was given the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award for his valuable contribution to the Indian Cinema.
www.seasonsindia.com /cinemascope/dilipkumar_sea.htm   (516 words)

 Dilip Kumar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
His other films like were offbeat with communistic leanings, reflecting his diversity as an actor and as an artist through his choice of films.He tried his hand as Producer for the film and was rewarded as the film turned out to be successful.
Dilip Kumar is considered one of the best actors produced by the Hindi film industry.He is married to actress and "beauty queen" and despite apprehensions from the media, their love marriage has been one of the longest lasting marriages in Bollywood.
He has been a member of the upper house of Parliament since 2000 and is involved in considerable charity work for the downtrodden.
www.sterlingheights.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Dilip_Kumar   (462 words)

 Dilip Kumar: Silent Revolutionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Not too long ago I heard Dilip Kumar speak on stage, at a function held on the death anniversary of a music exponent.
As when he talks about Dilip Kumar being the first male Muslim star of the country, who changed his name from Yusuf Khan because “he feared his father would not approve of him appearing in films under the family name”.
Yes, the new angle of Nehru's politics that he says Dilip Kumar incorporated into his films is noteworthy, but it's the depths of the fruit merchant's son who had acted in 16 films by the age of twenty-eight that we're dying to know about.
www.indiafm.com /feature/04/mar/0103dilipkumar/index.shtml   (807 words)

 Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar is regarded as arguably the greatest actor ever to grace the Indian silver screen.
Dilip Kumar has continued to do strong central character roles in films though his first official directorial venture Kalinga is yet to be released.
Dilip Kumar's acting has inspired many Indian actors to try and copy his style but none have even remotely been able to match him.
www.upperstall.com /people/dilipkumar.html   (655 words)

 The Tribune...Sunday Reading
Dilip Kumar made a virtue of sorrow by consciously opting for grief, sacrifice in films like Babul, Jogan, Devdas Shikast, Amar, Mussafir, Aadmi, Sangharsh, Dastaan, etc, lending a tragic grandeur to the heart-broken loner.
Dilip is a perfectionist to the core and by far the greatest actor we have had in the industry.
Amitabh Bachchan rates Dilip on par with Hollywood giants like Marlon Brando, and is convinced that if he was born across the seven seas he would have most definitely won several Oscars.
www.tribuneindia.com /1999/99dec12/sunday/head12.htm   (916 words)

 Rediff On The Net, Movies:Khatija Akbar on Madhubala's tragic affair with Dilip Kumar
Madhubala who was shocked and angry in the aftermath of the case made an attempt at reconciliation, but Dilip Kumar evidently could not forgive her.
She seemed very keen to meet him and it occurred to him that it was his well-known proximity to Dilip Kumar that had prompted her to send for him in preference to her friend, Gulshan Ewing.
Dilip Kumar had loved Madhubala, but would marry her only on his terms.
www.indiaabroad.com /entertai/apr/04madhu3.htm   (839 words)

 dilip kumar profile
Dilip Kumar was a name to reckon with in the Hindi tinsel world in the 50's and 60's.
Dilip aka Yusuf Khan was born in Peshawar (now Pakistan) in 1922 in a Pathan Family of 12 children.
Yusuf who was re-christened Dilip Kumar by a famed Hindi novelist made his debut in their film 'Jwar Bhatta' in 1944.
www.webindia123.com /movie/legends/dilip/dilipkumar.htm   (738 words)

 Memorable visit to homes of Dilip Kumar and Shah Rukh: India in Pakistan, 2004- HTCricket.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The first man whom I asked for Dilip Kumar's address, a bearded Mohammed Tariq, never left me, saying I was his "guest" and he took me to the ancestral homes of all three celebrities.
Dilip Kumar's original home is a three-storey dilapidated building that has withstood the vagaries of nature.
Another bearded man, a school employee, offered to scan the registers to find the year in which Dilip Kumar studied in the madarsa, but after a while he returned saying that only the particulars of students who attended it after 1947 were maintained.
www.hindustantimes.com /htcricket/6939_632679,001600530002.htm   (815 words)

 rediff.com, Movies: Dilip Kumar turns 80
For Dilip, this was exactly what was needed to achieve lasting immortality as a thespian par excellence.
Dilip reduced work to one or two films at a time, being attracted to various other interests like literature, theatre and comparative religions.
Dilip soon realised that a good script and non-interference were the keys to success.
www.indiaabroad.rediff.com /entertai/2001/dec/11dilip.htm   (817 words)

 Pakistan Link - Letter & Opinion
Although Dilip enjoyed immense popularity in the sub-continent and there was always a craze among his admirers to have intimate knowledge about his life and dealings but no one in the past was willing to undertake this arduous task.
Anyway, when the mystery was unfolded Dilip took no time in divorcing her and it left a stigma on his personality.
Dilip’s image as a tragic hero restricted his repertoire and heeding to the advice of his friends he tried to act in some comedies.
www.pakistanlink.com /Letters/2004/June04/18/04.html   (1573 words)

 The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
London, Aug. 24: Dilip Kumar, 82, will pay one of his rare visits to London when the veteran actor will launch a “major season” of his golden oldies, it was announced yesterday by the National Film Theatre.
Initially avoiding the word “Bollywood”, which is not to the taste of the older generation of Indian film stalwarts, the NFT said it was “pleased to announce a major season in October celebrating the work of the renowned Hindi filmmaker and actor, Dilip Kumar”.
Assuming he does come — the actor is not in good health — Dilip Kumar will be “in conversation” with an interviewer in the main theatre of the NFT and then take questions from members of the audience.
www.telegraphindia.com /1040825/asp/nation/story_3672599.asp   (508 words)

 rediff.com, Movies: Tragedy King Dilip Kumar
n an age when stardom is evanescent, Dilip Kumar is that rare actor who continues to be a marquee draw even after 58 years in showbiz.
Yusuf Khan, as the Peshawar-born Dilip was known before he was rechristened Dilip Kumar, ran away from his home to Pune after his father's dressing down for forgetting to fetch some sewing thread for his sister.
Dilip Kumar was a character actor now; but significantly, the roles continued to be pivotal.
www.rediff.com /entertai/2002/may/27dinesh.htm   (867 words)

 Rediff On The NeT: 'Congress alone can uphold democracy': Dilip Kumar
Political analysts consider Dilip Kumar's open support for the Congress as a shot in the arm for the party, which had completely alienated itself from the minorities following the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, when the party was blamed for its "passive" role.
Dilip Kumar's appeal on behalf of the Congress is expected to have considerable impact on the Muslim community, who are already in the process of rethinking their antipathy towards the Congress.
Dilip Kumar admitted that he had extended support to Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav in the last Lok Sabha election.
www.indiaabroad.rediff.com /news/1999/aug/05up.htm   (405 words)

Dilip Kumar Known as Abhinay Samrat,Tragedy King has given many extraordinary performances in the Film Industry.Not only he has been a very versatile actor but he has been a very soft and cooperative actor.
He has worked in Oonche Log with the Eccentric known Rajkumar and it is said that during the shooting of the film in one scene he was supposed to be slapped by Rajkumar.
The eccentric kumar slapped him so heavily that everybody on the set was shocked and stunned.But the great Dilip Saab kept cool.
www.karmicastro.com /dilip_kumar.htm   (213 words)

 Indiainfo.com -> News -> India -> Dilip Kumar's condition stable, out of ICU   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mumbai: Thespian Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to Leelavati hospital in suburban Bandra on September 26 night after running temperature, was on September 28 shifted from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to a private room of the hospital.
The actor was in a cheerful mood on September 28, he said adding that the doctors were conducting routine tests and reports of various culture tests were expected soon.
Dilip had experienced uneasiness when on a holiday to the nearby hill station of Lonavla and was rushed to the hospital.
newsarchives.indiainfo.com /2001/09/28/28dilip.html   (152 words)

 Planet Bollywood - News - PB Exclusive -Dilip Kumar May Grace ´Mughal-E-Azam , This Time   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Dilip Kumar, who has just returned from a month´s break in London(where he was felicitated with a retrospective of his starrers), has only a smile in reply when journalists ask him the banal question: How he is feeling on the eve of the release of the timeless classic in its new technically updated, coloured version.
Not many will know that forty four years ago, when the film was premiered Dilip Kumar was the most eligible bachelor in Bombay.
In all probabilities he will make up for it by joining the third generation of his admirers at the opening night of the new version when an entire new generation is expected to view the K. Asif masterpiece with their grandparents.
www.planetbollywood.com /News/n110704-181830.php   (192 words)

 Dilip Kumar's dilemma: Interact Inn All India Mailing List
Mr Dilip Kumar, this is not a question of "Loyalty", this is a broader question of where your affections lie.Your actions speak volumes.
Mr Dilip Kumar, > this is It is tragic to see that the good, patriotic and brave men are sacrificing their lives at Kargil.
The only time the country should have an issue with Dilip Kumar is if he is acting against India's national interests and causing material damage.
www.manaskriti.com /InteractInn/12079902.html   (1453 words)

 Dilip Kumar, Apte, Gavai nominated for RS polls   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
MUMBAI, MARCH 13: Thespian Dilip Kumar will be Congress nominee, Additional Advocate General Bal Apte will be BJP's candidate, while R S Gavai will be candidate of the Republican Party of India for the March 29 biennial elections to the Rajya Sabha.
The candidature of Dilip Kumar and Gavai was declared by Maharashtra Pradesh Congress President Govindrao Adik.
Dilip Kumar had played a very crucial role during the last simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and State Assembly.
www.indianexpress.com /ie/daily/20000314/ina14052.html   (454 words)

 Thespian Dilip Kumar forgets his lines- The Times of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
However, a sudden bout of whisper and the thespian realised the faux pax and immediately admitted his mistake and blamed his forgetful nature for the same.
The image of Dilip Kumar burnt brightly as days passed and "though his forgetfulness grows, his memories among the people still continues to grow day by day", he added in a jocular tone.
Dilip Kumar the legend has made a comeback with the coloured version of Mughal-e Azam, the Minister added.
timesofindia.indiatimes.com /articleshow/940373.cms   (183 words)

 News Headings
The Congress Rajya Sabha member said that Dilip Kumar was well within his right to approach the Supreme Court with the public interest litigation (PIL) on the banning of ‘Fire’.
Mr Vijay Kumar Malhotra (BJP) objected to the statements of Mr Ravi and said that the Congress and the Left parties were in a habit of adopting double standards.
Describing Dilip as a well respected man, Power Minister P R Kumaramangalam urged the Chair to expunge derogatory remarks against the actor.
www.tribuneindia.com /1998/98dec15/head5.htm   (930 words)

 archive: Dilip Kumar highlights plight of poor in his maiden speech   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Dilip Kumar highlights plight of poor in his maiden speech
http://www.hindustantimes.com/nonfram/100500/detPAR02.htm Dilip Kumar highlights plight of poor in his maiden speech HT Correspondent (New Delhi, May 9) IN WHAT was his maiden speech, cine star-turned-MP Dilip Kumar made an impassioned plea for the poor.
Today, while participating in the discussion on the Finance Bill, Mr Dilip Kumar made an interesting departure: Instead of confining himself to facts and figures of the Budget, he devoted major part of his speech to the rising prices and the plight of the poor.
www.media-watch.org /articles/0500/331.html   (292 words)

 Encyclopedia: Dilip Kumar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Dadasaheb Phalke Award is an annual award given by the Indian government for lifetime contribution to Indian cinema.
Bal Thackeray (or Balasaheb Thackeray) (born January 23, 1927) is the founder and supremo (officially, the president) of the political party Shiv Sena in India.
Typical Bollywood Movie Poster Bollywood is the informal name given to the popular Mumbai-based film industry in India.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Dilip-Kumar   (1340 words)

 Kumar admitted to Leelavati Hospital
Thespian Dilip Kumar was admitted to Leelavati hospital in suburban Bandra after his blood pressure and blood sugar shot up, wife Saira Banu said.
Kumar, who has been admitted to the intensive care unit, is now being monitored closely.
Dilip Kumar had undergone an angioplasty surgery earlier this year.
www.mid-day.com /news/city/2003/september/64715.htm   (105 words)

 Bollywood501 - Dilip Kumar portrait
Dilip Kumar's was arguably the greatest actor of Bollywood cinema.
In film after film he threw himself body and soul into his characters and after a succession of leading roles in tragic dramas it took such a toll on his psyche he suffered a nervous breakdown.
"After Dilip Kumar had essayed the tragic and doomed lover in countless tearjerkers such as 'Devdas, Deedar, Dagh, Amar, Andaz' with consummate Žlan in the early fifties, the tragedy king suffered a serious break down.
www.bollywood501.com /classic_m/dilip_kumar/index.html   (212 words)

 Dilip Kumar discharged from hospital : Entertainment News : IndiaExpress.Com
Veteran Indian actor Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to Leelavati hospital in Mumbai on September 26 following an urinary infection, was on Saturday discharged.
He was shifted from the Intensive care unit to a private room of the hospital on Friday after his condition improved.
Dilip had experienced uneasiness when he was on a holiday to the nearby hill station of Lonavala.
www.indiaexpress.com /news/entertainment/20010929-0.html   (145 words)

 Compare prices for DVDs starring Dilip Kumar
The man is Dinanath (Dilip Kumar), departmental foreman in Seth Hiralal's textile mill.
Naya Daur is a story of two friends, Shankar (Dilip Kumar) a tongawala, and Krishna (Ajit) the wood-cutter, living in a happy and peaceful village.
For Sagina (Dilip Kumar), getting recognition of the dignity of labour is everything and for it, he will fight anyone, even the top management of an English company.
www.pricewizard.co.uk /dvd/NXwxMzI0OHwy/dilip-kumar.html   (290 words)

 Dilip Kumar: Star Legend of Indian Cinema : Bollywood News : ApunKaChoice.Com
A newly released biography of perhaps the greatest actor in Indian cinema by veteran film writer Bunny Reuben, delves deep into the life and times of this phenomenally talented individual and his relationships with the film fraternity.
Titled 'Dilip Kumar: Star Legend of Indian Cinema - The Definitive Biography', the biography promises to bring out in graphic detail how an ''introverted and inhibited'' youngster metamorphosed into a thespian-par-excellence by the sheer ''dint of his determination, perseverance and capability'', according to a release issued in Mumbai.
Dilip Kumar, who has won a record eight Filmfare best actor awards, a Padmabhushan in 1991, the Dadasaheb Phalke in 1995 and Pakistan's highest civilian decoration 'Nishan-e-Imtiaz', stands out as a colossus in the field of Indian cinema.
www.apunkachoice.com /scoop/bollywood/20031217-3.html   (212 words)

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