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  Dinant - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
DINANT, an ancient town on the right bank of the Meuse in the province of Namur, Belgium, connected by a bridge with the left bank, on which are the station and the suburb of St Medard.
In the 10th century it passed under the titular sway of Liege, and remained the fief of the prince-bishopric till the French revolution put an end to that survival of feudalism.
In 1675 the capture of Dinant formed one of the early military achievements of Louis XIV., and it remained in the hands of the French for nearly thirty years after that date.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Dinant   (528 words)

 Dinant (Municipality, Province of Namur, Belgium)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Dinant was involved in the war of the Awans and the Waroux, which trashed the Principality of Liège for 40 years.
Dinant was occupied by the French troops commanded by La Fayette on 29 April 1792, seized again by the Austrians on 7 June and eventually seized by the French on 30 December 1792, with a revolutionary administration.
Dinant is the birth city of Adolphe Sax (1814-1894), the inventor of saxophone.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/be-wnadi.html   (3895 words)

 History and monuments of Dinant.
Legend has it that the people of Dinant started to throw hard and stale cookies at the neighbours from the village Bouvignes, with whom they had frequent disputes and quarrels.
Dinant lies in the beautiful, rocky and peaceful landscape of the Meuse Valley.
Dinant became the late-medieval center for the manufacturing of metal and copper objects.
www.trabel.com /dinant/dinant-historymonuments.htm   (637 words)

 Tourist information about the city of Dinant in Belgium.
The skyline of Dinant, a small town cozied up against the Meuse River, is dominated by its two main buildings: the Citadel, which overlooks the town from a 100 meter cliff, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, outsized against the surrounding structures and capped by a bronze onion dome.
The commune of Dinant has 13,000 residents, and is 25 kilometers south of the city of Namur.
Dinant lies in the Belgian province of Namur.
www.trabel.com /dinant/dinant.htm   (337 words)

 Dinant, Belgium
Dinant is the second largest town in the Belgian region of Condroz and one of the most important tourist centers in the Ardennes.
From the time of the Hohenstaufen dynasty the town belonged to the diocese of Liège and was highly prosperous as early as the 13th-15th C. It was famous throughout the Middle Ages for its brass and copper ware, the so-called dinanderies.
In the First World War Dinant was an important bridgehead on the Meuse and, therefore, the focus of heavy fighting, in which 674 of its citizens lost their lives.
www.planetware.com /belgium/dinant-b-nm-din.htm   (350 words)

 Dinant - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Dinant, town in the province of Namur in southern Belgium.
Dinant lies on the River Meuse, at the base of limestone cliffs.
Copper was also important as the base for champlevé enamel plaques in the Middle Ages and later, for its softness facilitated the excavation of small...
uk.encarta.msn.com /Dinant.html   (79 words)

 Belgium Guide - Province of Namur : Dinant
Dinant developed during the Middle Ages and built its first collegiate church (small cathedral) in the 10th century.
The beer has been brewed by monks in Dinant since 1240, although it is not brewed in the abbey itself anymore.
The Meuse Valley was stategical important in the Middle Ages and many feodal castles were constructed at proximity of Dinant, such as Poilvache, Crevecoeur, Montaigle, Veves and Spontin.
www.eupedia.com /belgium/dinant.shtml   (388 words)

 Dinant: Introduction
Dinant has been a crossing point of the Meuse river since Roman times and a central point for local Christianity.
Because of its strategic importance the town was often in conflict with one lord or baron or another.
For the musical ones amongst you, Dinant is the birthplace of Adolphe Sax and you can visit his home at 31 rue A Sax.
www.webmatters.net /belgium/ww1_dinant.htm   (609 words)

 Battle of Dinant
Dinant is one of a dozen picturesque towns that dot the Meuse.
It was the intention of the French to hold the Dinant bridge at all hazards, and with this aim they posted their strongest force behind the wings that sprang from the abutments.
The two batteries at Dinant galloped up, unlimbered, took the range, loaded and fired in such a splendid manner that I almost applauded, and I am convinced that the French system of a smothering fire is the correct theory for the use of field artillery.
www.greatwardifferent.com /Great_War/Liege/Dinant_00.htm   (4539 words)

 Dinant travel guide
Dinant is a very cute town in the Belgian Ardennes.
South of Dinant, begins the romantical part of the Meuse, a deep trench in the Ardennes plateau.
The most spectacular section beeing located at Freyr (6km from Dinant) with on the right bank spectacular rocks, and on the left bank a mini Versailles with its Renaissance castle surrounded by classical gardens (see the entry under Hastière).
www.world66.com /europe/belgium/dinant   (195 words)

 International Regatta of Bathtubs - La Regate des Baignoires
The town of Dinant lies along the chic part of the River Meuse.
But Dinant is best known not for its suffering but as the center for copper and brass work called dinanderie.
Because of its flourishing economy, Dinant was able to defend itself against the archdiocese of Liege only to sustain substantial damage during World War I and II.
www.2camels.com /international-regatta-of-bathtubs.php   (979 words)

 .:::.¨¨ III Concurso Internacional Adolphe Sax (DINANT) ¨¨.:::.
In Europe, in the heart of Belgium, in the centre of the Walloon-Brussels Province, in the region of Namur, in Dinant, the City of the Saxophone, there is an appointment for the Mise à Sax 2002, from Tuesday 29th October to Saturday 9th November 2002.
In 1814 Antoine Joseph, called Adolphe Sax, was born in Dinant (Belgium).
This competition is for classical saxophone and is aimed at saxophonists of high level of any nationality under 31 years old on November 9th 2002.
www.adolphesax.com /Dinant/Html-ingles/datosgenerales-in.htm   (509 words)

 David of Dinant
A pantheistic philosopher who lived in the first decades of the thirteenth century.
It is not certain whether he was born at Dinant in Belgium, or at Dinan in Brittany.
In view of these conditions the condemnation of the errors of David of Dinant, the complete extirpation of the sect of Amalricians to which he apparently belonged, and the unwonted harshness of St. Thomas's reference to him cannot be judged untimely or intemperate.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/d/david_of_dinant.html   (763 words)

 Dinant and Namur
The Meuse River might be said to be the life source of Dinant, a small city in the center of an area inhabited for at least 10,000 years!
Namur, a few miles to the north of Dinant, is the point of confluence of the Meuse and Sambre Rivers and also the capital of the Région Wallonne.
This is a view of the famus Citadel of Namur, seen from the Quai de Salzinnes on the Sambre.
members.tripod.com /DavidRojas/dinamur.html   (184 words)

 Dinant Red Angus named 2004 Commercial Red Angus Breeder of the Year in Canada.
She also notes that there’s a shot of Simmental in their commercial cows due, in part, to the fact that their initial purchase for their new breeding program came from Barry Bieleny of the Killam area of Alberta whose cows were Red Angus and Simmental cross.
Much of the land is native pasture and the Grundberg’s rotate the herd to new pastures on a weekly basis providing maximum use of their available pasturelands.
The present Dinant farm name is named after what is now the nearby ghost town of Dinant, Alta. The Dinant farm has been in the Kevin Grundberg family since 1904 and they recently received their Century Farm plaque, an achievement they are particularly excited about.
www.redangus.ca /2004Commercial.htm   (1526 words)

 Dinant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1675, the French army under Marshal François de Créquy occupied the city.
Further fighting took place during the World War I: among the wounded was Lieut.
The couque is Europe's hardest biscuit (American "cookie"), with a honey-sweetened flavor that is impressed with a carved wooden mold before baking.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Dinant   (790 words)

 DINANT - Online Information article about DINANT
siege to Dinant, and on the 27th of See also:
capture of Dinant formed one of the early military achievements of See also:
recent years, the population of Dinant is not one-eighth of what it was at the See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /DEM_DIO/DINANT.html   (782 words)

 Dinant Jazz Nights Festival   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Her apparitions in Belgium are rather seldom and she will be surrounded by Stéphane Belmondo (trumpet), Dré Pallemaerts (drums) and a guest in Dinant.
An organization of Dinant Jazz Nights who will set up food facilities on the venue and a jam session after the concerts.
And as every year, book already in your agenda the festival dates which will be completely devoted to the famous ECM label: September 29, 30 and October 1, 2006.
www.dinantjazznights.org /concert.php?change_langue_perso=anglais   (134 words)

 Dinant Things to do
During the summer season several boat trips on the Meuse can be taken daily.
There are several caves in the area of Dinant.
The entrance is about 500 m from the Dinant Railway station.
www.world66.com /europe/belgium/dinant/activities   (183 words)

 Dinant Adventure Travel - Dinant Travel Guide
And in World War I, in a chilling replay of that 15th-century tragedy, the German army executed nearly 700 citizens when its troops were fired on in the town.
A reminder of Dinant's military past is never far from view, for the Citadel from 1530 that crowns a bluff 100m (325 ft.) high dominates the skyline.
Despite all the bloodshed, the town developed such skill in working hammered copper that its engravings were widely sought after as early as the 13th century.
away.com /destination-overview/Dinant-304399-travel-guide.html   (324 words)

One of the great exploits of the genius from Dinant, one of his greatest victories, as well, was the reform of military music corps.
It seems that she was of modest background, and for this reason, Sax did not want her to appear in public...
The Dinant genius, on whom too many tributes could never be bestowed, died in Paris on 7 February 1894.
www.dinant.be /index.htm?lg=3&m1=28&m2=88&m3=293   (3097 words)

 Citadel, Dinant
Belgium > Namur > Meuse Valley > Upper Meuse Valley > Dinant
The citadel of Dinant towers high above the town.
There are four ways up to it: the cabin cable railroad (télépherique) behind the collegiate church, a difficult route consisting of 400 steps next to the cable way, the chair-lift to Mont-Fat and a short walk or via the Rue Adolphe Sax and then to the right by the Rue de Saint Jacques.
www.planetware.com /dinant/citadel-b-nm-citade.htm   (176 words)

More spectacular historical sites are found all over in the old cities of the Ardens.
On top of the hill the famous Citadel of Dinant.
To the west of Dinant : the city Bouillon reminds not only on a soupingredient, but to the famous belgian knight once King of Jeruzalem...Maybe we better start claiming "the promised land" as well...
home.tiscali.be /vda03797/SiteSeeing/Dinant/dinant.html   (69 words)

 Dinant travel guide - Wikitravel
Puerto Rico will be the destination for the 2007 Wikitravel Get-together!
Dinant is a city in the province of Namur in Belgium.
The closest airports are Brussels, Charleroi (Brussels South Charleroi Airport) and Liège.
wikitravel.org /en/Dinant   (109 words)

 Dinant Vacation Rentals | Hotels
HotStays.com features Dinant vacation rentals, Dinant cabin rentals, Dinant cottage rentals, Dinant holiday villas, Dinant bed and breakfast inns and Dinant condo rentals.
We have over 200 properties in the Dinant, Belgium area.
The best way to stay as you enter the city of Albert Lea, is the Best Western Albert Lea Inn, conveniently located on the edge of town.
www.hotstays.com /Dinant-Belgium.html   (782 words)

 Welcome to the Citadel of Dinant website
Our "Group" options: take the opportunity with your family, your friends or your colleagues to spend a whole day in a location regarded as the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes.
A series of package tours are available for groups (20 people or more) starting from the Dinant Citadel.
Or by post : Place Reine Astrid, 3-5 - B - 5500 Dinant.
www.citadellededinant.be /gb/combines.htm   (249 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with Dinant
NEW Explore and refine Dinant photos with our brand new clustery goodness!
Finding a Hotel in Dinant is not hard.
You can assign as many tags as you wish to each photo.
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/Dinant   (123 words)

 Accommodation in Dinant hotels and lodgings - ASE.net
Close to the old town centre and the churc...
Mercure Dinant Castel de Pont A Lesse - re-opening 1st September
This renovated castle from 1810 is located 10 km from the city c...
www.ase.net /servlet/HotelList/203/50.26/4.9/Dinant   (106 words)

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