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Topic: DirectMusic

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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

  Article - WGDC 2000 - DirectSound and DirectMusic // PC /// Eurogamer
DirectSound and DirectMusic have had a fairly radical overhaul since last year, and the two APIs are now much more closely linked, making it easier for developers to apply DirectSound effects to DirectMusic, or to use DirectMusic to create dynamic sound effects.
DirectMusic can then switch between these depending on the player's actions, changing at the end of a beat or section of music, and playing transitions as necessary.
Microsoft are particularly pushing DirectMusic as a solution for sound and music on their X-Box console, and with DirectX 8 they are trying to make it easier for developers to use dynamic music and sound effects in their games, and to apply a variety of audio effects to them.
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=648   (1463 words)

 DirectX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
DirectMusic: for playback of soundtracks authored in DirectMusic Producer
DirectPlay is deprecated in favor of Xbox Live whereas DirectShow will be deprecated in favor of Media Foundation, a different set of APIs debuting with Windows Vista to handle audio and video playback.
DirectMusic will probably remain the only component intact.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/DirectX   (1983 words)

 ActiveWin: DirectMusic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
DirectMusic, unlike DirectSound (which allows for the capture and playback of digital sound samples), works with message-based musical data.
This would all happen without a pause, because DirectMusic allows for the music be generated on the fly, played with variations, and can respond to certain events.
DirectMusic uses the same score, but varies it depending on the mood, the location, and the personality of your character.
www.activewin.com /directx/directmusic.shtml   (513 words)

 Midi Translator PC WDM Driver
DirectMusic is part of Microsoft's DirectX technology which was developped to ensure faster hardware access to peripheral devices like graphiccards, soundcards, joysticks and also MIDI devices.
DirectMusic replaces the older Windows MultiMedia system but is fully backwards compatible with it.
DirectMusic solves this problem by timestamping the input data at the moment of arrival to a system wide reference clock.
earthvegaconnection.com /evc/products/mtpc/DM.htm   (562 words)

 Gamasutra - DirectMusic For The Masses - DirectMusic's Innards
DirectMusic's headlines for most people who make games are DLS support for hardware acceleration and MIDI with over a million channels and rock-solid timing.
DirectMusic's MIDI support has subsample timing accuracy, allows flexible selection of output ports (including third-party creations), and lets applications inspect, filter, and modify MIDI data as it comes out.
As I mentioned, DirectMusic was conceptually built up from its specialized music-digesting system, the most controversial and confusing part of the SDK.
www.gamasutra.com /features/sound_and_music/19981106/directmusic_03.htm   (520 words)

 Dexterity Software Forums - DirectMusic
The DirectMusic 7 API should be able to utilize the new mixers-- but I don't know that for certain.
The rumor I heard as to why DirectMusic was so slow back in version 7 was because the mixer actually checks the bitdepth of the sample data every time it mixes a sample-- which is pretty dumb to say the least.
There was some bizarre sense of logic behind the decision, mostly on the basis that directmusic was to have the most 'robust' flexable audio mixer ever, capable of mixing samples that actually contained both 8 and 16 bit data and were, therefore, more memory efficient or something.
www.indiegamer.com /archives/t-772.html   (1293 words)

 Gamasutra - DirectMusic For The Masses - Introduction
DirectMusic is a complete overhaul of the way that Windows plays music.
DirectMusic starts out by addressing the major problems of Windows' old MidiOut API, such as shaky timing and limited real-time control.
It's more of a look at what DirectMusic is and what it isn't, to help you get some idea of whether it fits your needs.
www.gamasutra.com /features/sound_and_music/19981106/directmusic_01.htm   (303 words)

 IASIG Features - Interactive Composition Column 1.1
DirectMusic is a system native to the DirectX 6.1 SDK which adds specialized music playback and synthesis to the next generation of the Microsoft "Windows" operating system.
DirectMusic Producer is the editing environment in which the composer can write music and create different "Styles" in which the music can be changed interactively.
So while DirectMusic may not have the highest standard of sound quality compared to CD / DVD streaming, there seem to be compelling advantages to its approach that are gaining a large foothold in the developer marketplace.
www.iasig.org /pubs/features/ic0101.shtml   (2223 words)

 Microsoft Ships DirectX 6.1
DirectMusic also includes a DLS version of the industry-standard SoundCanvas General MIDI sound set, licensed from Roland Corp., enabling composers to become immediately productive with the technology and reverberation technology licensed from Waves Ltd., which delivers richer, more complex sound quality.
DirectMusic includes an innovative suite of high-level tools and technologies that enable composers to create music scores that respond to user actions.
DirectMusic allows us to take game players on an immersive experience in which we are always directing the excitement, the tension and the triumph.
www.helmproductions.com /Direct61pr.htm   (1466 words)

 GameDev.net - DirectMusic Symphony In C++ Part One - Using DirectMusic to make music in your games
The first thing to note about DirectMusic is that it differs from the other DirectX components in the way you set it up.
DirectMusic uses a DirectSound object internally and the Performance’s Init function takes a pointer to a DirectSound object as a parameter.
You can use DirectMusic to enumerate all of the ports available on the machine, but this brings up certain issues you should be aware of.
www.gamedev.net /reference/articles/article1276.asp   (1646 words)

 3DActionPlanet - A Member of The GameSpy Network
DirectMusic technology will permit sound and music designers to create a more fluid, interactive experience that reacts intuitively to a player's actions within a game.
DirectMusic also allows for character themes, formerly typical only in Film and TV productions.
In addition, DirectMusic relies upon DLS banks (Downloadable Sounds) that are loaded into system RAM and are not dependent on specific sound cards.
www.3dactionplanet.com /features/firstlooks/sanity   (683 words)

 How DirectMusic and DirectMusic Producer Work Together (DirectMusic Producer)
In the context of a DirectMusic application, there are two types of segment: primary and secondary.
Note The DirectMusic application is responsible for specifying whether a segment is played as the primary segment or as a secondary segment, regardless of the segment's role within the DirectMusic Producer environment.
Playing authored segments is the most common scenario in a DirectMusic application, but DirectMusic also has composition capabilities which enable an application to construct segments at run time from supplied style and chordmap files.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/dmusprod/htm/howdirectmusicanddirectmusicproducerworktogether.asp?frame=true   (399 words)

 DirectMusic Producer for the Masses
There are components in everyday music software packages that allow for the variation and randomization of a composer's own material in an attempt to inspire further creativity These have been received with reactions ranging from a "so what", to the adoption into the daily routine of different composers.
With downloadable sounds, a Midi performance in DirectMusic or other suitable playback engine can be shipped packing it's own custom sample instruments, or opt to use the default DLS set, OR a combination of both, balancing unique sound with asset economy.
Another approach to working in DirectMusic producer is from the standpoint of totally original DLS sets.
www.iasig.org /pubs/industry/dmpmass.html   (2132 words)

 MusicMachines.net - DirectMusic FAQ
DirectMusic Producer (hereafter referred to as DMP) is the primary tool for working with the DirectMusic module of Microsoft's DirectX API.
In English, DMP is a music creation tool of staggering power and scope, with the goal of making it easier for programmers to integrate music into their Windows programs.
DMP 7.0 was made available on the coverdisks for a few British computer magzines, but otherwise you had to download and install the entire DX7 SDK (Source Developer's Kit), all 128 MB of it.
www.musicmachines.net /faqdm.htm   (774 words)

 EuPhonics and Analog Devices to Demonstrate Industry's First DirectMusic Acceleration
EuPhonics President Dr. Jeffrey Barish to Speak on DirectMusic Architectures at WinHEC '98 BOULDER, Colo., March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- During his presentation at WinHEC '98, Dr. Jeffrey Barish, President and CEO of EuPhonics, Inc. (http://www.euphonics.com), will demonstrate the first DirectMusic hardware acceleration.
The DirectMusic acceleration will be provided by the Analog Devices (NYSE: ADI) SoundMAX(TM) 64 audio accelerator running EuPhonics' SoundCore software for music synthesis and audio effects.
Dr. Barish's demonstration will be driven by the "Boids" DirectMusic application released by Microsoft on its DirectMusic Developer Preview CD at the company's "Meltdown" conference for developers held in February, 1998.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/3-19-98/438574&EDATE=   (556 words)

 MIDI and DirectMusic Filters
To support DirectMusic synthesizer devices, the DMus port driver contains a low-resolution (one millisecond) software sequencer that can output time-stamped MIDI events to the hardware sequencer’s buffer in advance of when they are scheduled to be played.
To support DirectMusic output devices, the port driver's software sequencer can also be configured to output raw MIDI messages at the times they are to be played.
DMusUART is an example of a DirectMusic miniport driver that exposes both MIDI and DirectMusic pins, but does not support either DLS downloads or hardware sequencing.
www.osronline.com /ddkx/stream/aud-design_6wx3.htm   (1044 words)

 DirectX.NET Sound Classes - DirectMusic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
DirectMusic is a fairly simple wrapper for the DirectMusic initialisation interfaces, so it only offers a few basic methods.
DirectMusic is, mercifully, a straightforward class, so we'll skip the implementation details.
The bulk of the work in a Sound object is involved in loading the sound file, which is done in the Load protected method.
www.sunlightd.com /Windows/DirectX.NET/Sound1.html   (591 words)

 3DsoundSurge Press Release: Yamaha to Launch DirectMusic-Compatible XG SoftSynthesizer for Software Developers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Compatible with DLS (note 3), to which sounds can be also added, it furthermore permits playback of tones that software developers have created themselves in addition to sounds from the DLS sounds libraries that Yamaha began supplying, free of charge, to software developers in July 1999.
DirectMusic uses the MIDI protocol to permit the creation of interactive background music by allowing playback at a tempo, volume, and melody appropriate to specific game scenes.
DirectMusic supports DLS, making it possible to use DLS for generating sounds and music suited for games.
www.3dsoundsurge.com /press/pr350.html   (951 words)

 Waves Press: (Las Angeles 1999) Microsoft Licenses Reverb Technology from Waves Ltd.
Using TrueVerb, DirectMusic scores will sound larger than life, seeming to be performed in concert halls, small chambers, or vast stadiums.
DirectX is a group of Windows technologies that enable application developers to take advantage of the rich multimedia capabilities of modern personal computers, such as full-color graphics, video, 3-D animation, interactive music, and surround sound.
DirectMusic, including Waves' reverb technology, will be available on February 1 as part of the DirectX 6.1 Software Development Kit (SDK).
www.waves.com /old/htmls/press/99_namm_microsoft_release.htm   (600 words)

 Will anyone code a directmusic plugin? - Hydrogenaudio Forums
I would like to know if there is anyone interested in coding a directmusic plugin to support midi.
Directmusic should be better in this respect, supporting both hardware synthesizer and the deault Microsoft Synthesizer.
I believe Peter coded the in_midi plugin for winamp, so it shouldn't be too hard for him to port that to foobar2000.
www.hydrogenaudio.org /forums/index.php?showtopic=23404   (173 words)

 Xtreme Visual Basic Talk - DirectMusic
DirectMusic is probably the easiest of all of the DirectX areas, so if you want a taste of DirectX, this is a good place to start.
DirectMusic only deals with.MID files, not MP3 or anything like that, so if you want those, then you'll have to wait till I write something on DirectSound.
First, we're gonna need to make a reference to DirectX so that VB knows what we're talking about, and how to handle all the complex code.
www.xtremevbtalk.com /showthread.php?t=11945   (619 words)

 GotDotNet Message Boards
With the simplicity of C# and Managed DirectX, I would like to make DirectMusic applications and I really like DirectMusic a lot and creating audiopaths in DirectMusic Producer is fun.
I would ask about DirectShow but what I do heard is that Microsoft won't release a full support of DirectShow for Managed DirectX since Microsoft are focusing in Longhorn and I'm in for Longhorn and Avalon, I really love it, and I can't want until May, 2006 (or did Microsoft mentioned late 2006?).
DirectMusic has gone the same way as DirectShow, There is a small blurb about it in Tom's Book managed directx kickstart at the back (Appendix B).
www.gotdotnet.com /Community/MessageBoard/Thread.aspx?id=305576   (238 words)

As soon as I had confirmed my suspicions that both MME as well as DirectMusic were used (by trial and error as Steinberg does not provide this information), I realized that this also meant that it should be possible to solve the system exclusive problems with Cubase SX.
I still am 100 percent sure that DirectMusic and system exclusive is an impossible combination, due to faulty drivers (my own drivers for the 8 Port SE and the Midi Translator PC work, but as far as I know they are the only ones).
So if you your device has a standard WDM driver, all the DirectMusic ports have 'emulated' behind their name (a great way to tell whether the driver is a true DirectMusic driver).
earthvegaconnection.com /evc/products/miditest   (3844 words)

DirectMusic already contains support for firing event notifications on beat and meter events, so a lot of the hard work was already done.
However, problems arose when the DirectMusic code was integrated with the LithTech system.
The obvious solution to this immediate problem was to perform the DirectMusic work outside of the LithTech process.
www.etc.cmu.edu /projects/aria/beat.htm   (399 words)

 Download details: DirectX 8.1: DirectMusic Producer
DirectMusic® Producer is the authoring tool that allows composers and sound designers to create content for DirectX audio.
As described in our privacy statement, Microsoft will not use the information collected during validation to identify or contact you.
We've packaged the DirectMusic Producer download separately, so composers and DirectMusic Producer enthusiasts do not need to download the entire DirectX SDK to use DirectMusic Producer.
www.microsoft.com /downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=07f29ce2-1c03-4aef-b5b0-cbdaf07af08d&DisplayLang=en   (194 words)

 DirectMusic - (Again) Works on One Computer, But Not Another - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums
I have gotten DirectMusic to compile just fine and dandy in my game engine library and my game, however when I call the intializer for DirectMusic, it does not work.
It loads the window, displays the buffer (which doesn't cleared when I close the program), freezes for about a second or so, and then simply closes...
I am including the COM initialization, along with the appropriate header, library, etc., and I place this along with the DirectMusic initialization after the window has been defined.
www.gamedev.net /community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=320548   (647 words)

 2Dgame-tutorial.com | Sound and Music
The second one, and a very complex one, is the playing of music which is based on elements which are composed by a human beeing in software, such as “Microsoft DirectMusic Producer”.
The last step in setting up DirectMusic is set the Port through which we must play the music.
This member tells DirectMusic which of the other members are valid.
www.2dgame-tutorial.com /print_friendly/Tutorial_sound_music.htm   (3624 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Windows NT 3.1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus is a book by the game programmer and author Andre LaMothe.
It covers Win32 programming, along with the major components of DirectX including DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectInput (including Force Feedback), and DirectMusic.
The reader is taught 2D graphics and rasterization techniques.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Windows_NT_3.1   (744 words)

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