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Topic: Dirty Harry

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry Music Anthology
In Dirty Harry, the camera zooms out as Harry walks away from killing Scorpio and throwing his badge in the water.
In Dirty Harry, an unknown women is killed by Scorpio while swimming in a rooftop pool.
In The Enforcer, Harry uses a missile to destroy a lookout tower on Alcatraz in which Bobby Maxwell is seeking refuge.
www.clinteastwood.net /dirtyharry   (1219 words)

 Dirty Harry (1971)
Dirty Harry (1971) from director Don Siegel is a seminal vigilante film of the decade, along with The French Connection (1971), the UK's Get Carter (1971), Death Wish (1974) featuring a vengeful Charles Bronson, Walking Tall (1973), The Seven-Ups (1973), and the Australian film Mad Max (1979) with Mel Gibson.
Dirty Harry was considered sensational because of its overt violence and occasional glimpses of nudity.
And according to Lt. Bressler (Harry Guardino), additional rooftop and helicopter surveillance teams or patrols have been arranged around the city's Catholic churches and schools and "in the fl area." Computers are also being used to run checks on persons who have Scorpio birthdays ("between October 23rd and November the 21st").
www.filmsite.org /dirt.html   (1991 words)

 Dirty Harry (1971)
Harry is commended for his handling of the incident, but is then grudgingly landed with a new partner for the Scorpio case, Chico - a Mexican sociology graduate.
Harry however stabs Scorpio in the leg with a stiletto, and is able to trace him through a hospital to the deserted Kezar Stadium - where he beats the girl's whereabouts out of Scorpio.
Harry refuses to be the mayor's "delivery boy"; instead he goes to the bus's route and leaps onto its roof from a trestle bridge.
www.clinteastwood.net /filmography/dirty   (1283 words)

 DIRTY HARRY: the original dirty stinkin' violent twisted peeping tom original!!! - Dirty Harry - Epinions.com
Harry isn't merely a cop who will break a few rules to get his job done, but is instead a cop who doesn't even think about rules or lines when doing his job.
Dirty Harry would certainly qualify as a politically incorrect, violent, adult fantasy but none of the right wing political messages it was accused of spouting were intentional.
Dirty Harry is a genre classic and a lot of it will seem familiar beause of how it has been relentlessly copied and ripped off over the years.
www.epinions.com /content_268247076484   (3044 words)

 Dirty Harry (1971) - Trivia
The final scene where Harry throws his badge in the river is a homage to a similar scene from High Noon (1952).
Although Harry was supposed to use a SandW Model 29.44 Mag, the actual gun used was the Model 57 in.41 Magnum.
Harry pulls it from his holster and Scorpio ad-libs the line, "My, that's a big one!" This line caused the crew to crack up and the scene had to be re-shot, but the line stayed
www.imdb.com /title/tt0066999/trivia   (1211 words)

 Amazon.ca: Dirty Harry Collection [5 Discs]: DVD
Harry is sent off to a quiet provincial town where nothing happens to purge his "violent tendencies".
Harry chose his own way, and within the context in which it was dealt, his way seemed the only one possible.
The five "Dirty Harry" films were a great vehicle for Clint Eastwood, The 1971 Original was definately ahead of its time as Harry Callahan tracks and tries to stop a...
www.amazon.ca /Dirty-Harry-Collection-5-Discs/dp/B00005NTNU   (1662 words)

 Dirty Harry (1971)
Without begging the suicidal man to reconsider, Harry shows brutal indifference when he asks the disturbed man for his name and address to later help in identifying his 'mashed' body on the pavement.
Harry immediately assumes the worst: "You know she's dead, don't you?" But the mayor is gathering the funds to pay off the flmailing, pathological killer, so that he will tell police where she is located.
Scorpio's eyes are highlighted in the darkness as he watches Harry walk into the area and kick in the door of the groundskeeper room where he lives (or has set up quarters).
www.filmsite.org /dirt2.html   (2625 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood Collection) [1971]: Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino, Reni Santoni, John ...
Harry wasn't ready to let it all go to hell, he was ready to fight.
dirty harry is a 36 year old movie that is truly groundbraking and influential and the character of harry callaghan played with ease by clint eastwood is easily one of the coolest...
This is it, Dirty Harry, the first in a bunch of sequels starring movie star legend Clint Eastwood as the infamous gun-fighting, san fransisco cop extrodinaire Harry Callahan who...
www.amazon.co.uk /Dirty-Harry-Clint-Eastwood-Collection/dp/B00004CXMT   (1706 words)

 Where it all Started… Dirty Harry - Dirty Harry - Epinions.com
Dirty Harry was on the leading edge of the pendulum.
Dirty Harry changed all that, catapulting him to fame and fortune and a long string of hits during the seventies through the present.
Harry is a tough San Francisco detective with a fine contempt for the rules that always seem to be on the criminals' side.
www.epinions.com /mvie-review-DCC-3BC50DD4-3A1F421D-prod6   (768 words)

 E3 06: Dirty Harry Impressions - Xbox 360 News at GameSpot
Once the presentation was over, the crowd on hand was treated to a short question-and-answer session with Eastwood, who said he had not yet contributed dialogue to the game but would be doing so at some point in the future.
What we do know is that the story of the first Dirty Harry game will be a side story to the film series and, chronologically, will fit between the original Dirty Harry and the second movie in the series, Magnum Force.
Again, not much in the way of concrete details, but it's probably safe to assume that Dirty Harry won't be doing too much in the way of negotiating when it comes down to it.
www.gamespot.com /xbox360/action/dirtyharryworkingtitle/preview_6150503.html?part=rss&tag=gs_&subj=6150503   (948 words)

 Toddler Books
With a charming tale and wonderful illustrations, Harry the Dirty Dog, written by Gene Zion and illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham, is one of the best classic picture books that have delighted children for decades.
Harry is a white dog with fl spots who doesn't like to take bath at all.
Harry is recognized after he becomes a white dog with fl spots again.
www.agatebooks.com /toddler-books   (650 words)

 Online Exhibitions: Harry Ransom Center
Between 1972 and 1976, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein emerged as two of the most famous journalists in America and became forever identified as the reporters who broke the biggest story in American politics.
Beginning with the investigation of a "third-rate burglary" of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex, Woodward and Bernstein uncovered a system of political "dirty tricks" and crimes that eventually led to indictments of forty White House and administration officials, and ultimately to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.
From the beginning, Duncan envisioned his archive as an active collection, a tool for scholarship and learning, not merely a body of exhibition photographs waiting for display.
www.hrc.utexas.edu /exhibitions/online   (265 words)

 Dirty Harry Callahan vs. John Shaft @ WWWF Grudge Match
Harry is distracted for a moment and looks at the singers, wondering if it would be a good career move to have his own singers.
Dirty Harry will be overwhelmed; he has never faced a criminal who has one half of the panache or the elan of Shaft.
Dirty Harry is the king of one liners, while Shaft has his funky theme as his gimmick.
www.grudge-match.com /History/harry-shaft.shtml   (4824 words)

 Dirty Harry's Character Assassin -- AddOnStore for ACT!
Dirty Harry is a software tool that fixes or removes troublesome characters in your mailing list data - characters lurking in your file that may confuse your printer or hang your computer and halt processing halfway through a run.
Dirty Harry's Character Assassin looks at every byte in a file, then strips or changes the characters you specify using tables that you select, create, or customize.
Dirty Harry comes with an easy-to-read manual, free technical support, a full 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and most important -- clean data files that will process smoothly and profitably every time.
www.actaddons.com /products/dirtyharry.asp   (572 words)

 Dirty Harry's - Daytona Beach Florida
Dirty Harry's is one of the best known, long-time biker bars that has remained a must-visit for motorcycle enthusiasts year after year.
The decor at Dirty Harry's includes glass-encased displays of a fine gun collection, and the place is complete with on-screen Bike Week videos and pool tables.
Dirty Harry's is a full-service bar that caters to motorcycle enthusiasts on Main Street 365 days a year.
www.bikeweektours.com /daytonabeach/in_dirtyharrys.html   (150 words)

 ESR | October 16, 2006 | Dirty Harry
What this all adds up to is one overly industrious senator who spends an enormous amount of time using his political clout in Washington to enrich himself, and his immediate family members.
Harry Reid's son, Rory, is in fact the Clark County commissioner in Nevada.
But in Senator Reid's case, luck may indeed be with him, regardless of all the Harry Callahans of the new media shooting into the air, trying to expose the real Dirty Harry.
www.enterstageright.com /archive/articles/1006/1006dirtyharry.htm   (1096 words)

 Dirty Harry - Trailer - Cast - Showtimes - The New York Times
Directed in violent and efficient fashion by Don Siegel, with a propulsive score by Lalo Schifrin, Dirty Harry was the fourth Siegel-Eastwood collaboration after Coogan's Bluff (1968), Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970), and The Beguiled (1970).
Critics at the time strongly objected to the heroic image of a cop's violations of a suspect's Miranda rights, forcing Siegel and Eastwood to deny that they were right-wing reactionaries.
All the same, Dirty Harry proved to be highly popular and spawned four sequels: Magnum Force (1973), The Enforcer (1976), Sudden Impact (1983), and The Dead Pool (1988).
movies.nytimes.com /movie/13884/Dirty-Harry/overview   (339 words)

 Dirty Harry (AU - DVD R4) in Reviews > Video Discs at DVDActive
Dirty Harry was kind of a turning point for the contemporary action-flick just as Eastwood's earlier Wild West anti-hero movies were a breath of fresh air for the good old westerner.
To be honest, all of these Dirty Harry movies attempt to present the many complexities involved in preventing crime that it sort of works against its favour...
All the Dirty Harry DVDs have been treated with the utmost care to provide you with the best possible video presentation and this one is no exception.
www.dvdactive.com /reviews/dvd/dirty-harry.html   (1925 words)

 Zip.ca - Dirty Harry Online DVD Movie Rentals
Well, do ya, punk?" Dirty Harry provoked a critical uproar in 1971 for its "fascist" message about the power of one, as it also elevated Clint Eastwood to superstar status through his most enduring screen persona.
Dirty Harry really is classic Clint Eastwood, as well as a classic 70s action movie.
"Dirty" Harry Callahan is a cop assigned to bring in a serial sniper who is extorting the city of San Francisco.
www.zip.ca /Browse/Title.aspx?f=titleId(102923)   (407 words)

 Amazon.com: The Dirty Harry Collection (Dirty Harry/Magnum Force/The Enforcer/Sudden Impact/The Dead Pool): Clint ...
Nearly all of the films in the Dirty Harry Collection of DVD's are presented in Anamorphic 2.35:1 widescreen The exception would be The Dead Pool (1.85:1).
The original Dirty Harry is not a re-release of the original DVD from a couple of years ago.
Most of these 5 Dirty Harry films are presented at their best with colors vibrant, fl levels strong and few technical problems present.
www.amazon.com /Collection-Magnum-Enforcer-Sudden-Impact/dp/B00005NTNU   (1465 words)

 :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews :: Dirty Harry (xhtml)
If that is all, then "Dirty Harry" is a very good example of the cops-and-killers genre, and Siegel proves once again that he understands the Eastwood mystique.
"Dirty Harry" is very effective at the level of a thriller.
If there aren't mentalities like Dirty Harry's at loose in the land, then the movie is irrelevant.
rogerebert.suntimes.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19710101/REVIEWS/101010307/1023   (521 words)

 Dirty Harry (1971) - You Don't Assign Him. You Just Turn Him Loose.
The original character of Dirty Harry was that of an older, New York cop nearing retirement.
He devised a follow-up scene where Harry's injuries are treated by a fl intern that appears to be an old friend of Harry's.
Harry: Yeah, well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard.
www.the-dirtiest.com /dirty.htm   (957 words)

 Dirty Harry (1971) - Memorable quotes
Harry Callahan: If I tried that your head would be splattered all over this field.
Harry Callahan: Well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard.
Harry Callahan: When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher's knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross!
www.imdb.com /title/tt0066999/quotes   (837 words)

 DVD, Movie, Video: Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood, VHS
The police drama was spun on its head in 1971 by the violent, glib, and anarchic Dirty Harry, a Nixon-era hit that continues to influence films as varied as Lethal Weapon and Seven.
Clint Eastwood, in one of his most iconic roles, stars as Harry Callahan, a rebellious member of the San Francisco Police Department assigned to pursue the gruesome Zodiac Killer.
Dirty Harry makes the perfect introduction to the work of one of America's best action directors, working with the screen giant who helped forge his legend.
video.barnesandnoble.com /DVD/Dirty-Harry/Clint-Eastwood/e/085391859130   (1212 words)

 Dirty Harry (1971)
This was the first of the always-entertaining "Dirty Harry" cop series and it was a good one - maybe the best of the series.
One of Harry's famous lines was in this opener: "Do ya feel lucky, punk?" Speaking of punks, Andy Robinson, who played the villain, never got famous as Clint Eastwood ("Harry") certainly became but he was tremendous in this film.
The film as a big hit because people were already tired of all the liberal preaching of the 1960s in which we were supposed to feel sympathy for the criminal instead of the victim.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0066999   (443 words)

 1971 Dirty Harry - Movie reviews, trailers, clips and stills
Outfoxed by a maniacal killer, Dirty Harry becomes judge, jury and executioner.
Harry Callahan is a cop from the wrong side of the tracks.
Harry just wants justice, even if it means a little torture, coercion and brutality.
www.celebritywonder.com /movie/1971_Dirty_Harry.html   (541 words)

 Dirty Harry mistakes, goofs and bloopers
Factual error: When Harry is confronting the bank robber and the robber says he has to know if Harry had any shots left, Harry cocks the hammer which rotates the cylinder.
Revealing: When Harry kills Scorpio with the last bullet the deadly wounded Scorpio looks back over his shoulder while he is flying into the lake to prepare for the dive.
Plot hole: When Harry is on the roof of the first shooting, he finds the spent shell casing.
www.moviemistakes.com /film367   (859 words)

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