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Topic: Discharge hydrology

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In the News (Thu 13 Dec 18)

  Welcome to the Isotope Hydrology Section
The present state of isotope hydrology is related in part to the efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an organization that has played a pivotal role in promoting and expanding the field of isotope hydrology over the last four decades.
IAEA activities continue to facilitate development and integration of isotope techniques in hydrology through its major areas of activity which include: (i) research and development, (ii) global databases and reference materials, (iii) education and training; and (iv) technology transfer.
A series of six volumes on various aspects of isotope hydrology was recently published by the IAEA in cooperation with UNESCO.
www.iaea.org /programmes/ripc/ih/about_us_commentary.htm   (1547 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Discharge (hydrology)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In hydrology, the discharge of a river is the volume of water transported by it in a certain amount of time.
The discharge of a river is calculated by taking the area of a cross-section of the river and multiplying it by the river's velocity.
Hydrology is the study of water and its properties, scientific laws, and distribution.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Discharge-(hydrology)   (468 words)

 Hydrology Group Projects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
These effects are illustrated in Figure 4 where discharge in segment 121 is increased greatly by a road network when cut depths are equal to the full soil depth.
In the first two hours of the storm discharge is the same in all three scenarios because the area contributing directly to the channel has not extended upslope to the road system.
Simulated discharge is presented without roads, with road cut depths one-half the soil thickness, and roadcut depths equal to the total soil thickness.
hydrology.pnl.gov /projects/forest.asp   (542 words)

If the discharge of the 100-year flood is available a rating curve can be used to determine the stage for that discharge level.
Then estimate discharges for stages of 21 feet and 28 feet using data from the Tar River at Louisburg, NC station.
Hydrology is the study of Earth's water resource, including water on the surface, below the ground and in the atmosphere.
www.geologyeducation.com /hydrology   (1108 words)

 Interfan area >>Climate/Hydrology >>Discharge
Discharge characteristics of a river are measured through various discharge parameters (Table).
Not only that the actual size of peak discharge is extremely variable from year to year for all rivers, there seems to be no distinct relationship in pattern or range of variation between the upstream and downstream stations of a particular river.
It seems therefore that peak discharge at a particular station is a function of local flood waves created by tributaries apart from the monsoon rains in the plains.
www.iitk.ac.in /gangetic/interfan/interfan_area_hydro_discharge.htm   (1068 words)

 Campus Journal: Professor contributes to first ever encyclopedia of hydrology
With the second oldest hydrology program in the United States and the only one in New England, it is no surprise that Wiley turned to UNH for expertise in the study of the movement of water.
The conventional method for measuring river discharge uses stream flow gauges set in the river itself, but this method is costly — a major reason why stream flow monitoring programs are declining worldwide.
“Discharge measurements provide a lot of information about what is going on hydrologically and it’s a very sensitive indicator of climate change, as well — more sensitive than precipitation changes, for example,” said Dingman.
www.unh.edu /news/campusjournal/2003/august/082203hydrology.html   (382 words)

Hydrology (from Greek: Yδρoλoγια, Yδωρ+Λoγos, Hydrologia, the "study of water") is the study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water throughout the Earth, and thus addresses both the hydrologic cycle and water resources.
Chemical hydrology is the study of the chemical characteristics of water.
Isotope hydrology is the study of the isotopic signatures of water.
www.dejavu.org /cgi-bin/get.cgi?ver=93&url=http://articles.gourt.com/%22http%3A%2F%2Farticles.gourt.com%2F%3Farticle%3DHydrologic   (714 words)

 Hydrograph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In surface water hydrology, a hydrograph is a time record of the discharge of a stream, river or watershed outlet.
A hydrograph is often compared to a hyetograph of the watershed.
In subsurface hydrology (hydrogeology), a hydrograph is a record of the water level (the observed hydraulic head in wells screened across an aquifer).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hydrograph   (353 words)

 Vermont Stormwater Permits - General Permit 3-9015
A discharge from an existing impervious surface of equal to or greater than one (1) acre if the Secretary haspreviously issued an individual stormwater discharge permit or individual temporary pollution permit for the discharge or has previously granted coverage for the discharge under a stormwater discharge general permit.
Discharges of regulated stormwater runoff from a single family or duplex residence, including associated driveways, that are not built as part of a multi-family residential subdivision; and
Discharges of regulated stormwater runoff from the portion of a bridge superstructure that spans the normal water level of a receiving water and normally no water from the approaches flows to the bridge deck.
www.anr.state.vt.us /dec/waterq/stormwater/htm/sw_3-9015.htm   (871 words)

 Exer 1 GEOG 427
Discharge at-a-station is quite variable seasonally, from day-to-day, and even from minute to minute during flood events.
This is the lowest discharge (calculated as average discharge over a 7-day period) expected to be observed once every 10 years on average.
These peak discharge and low flow values were calculated using the full period of record available for the gaging station (50 years or more at most of these stations).
geography.uoregon.edu /mcdowell/geog452799/exercises/x1text.htm   (1900 words)

Wetland hydrology encompasses all hydrologic characteristics of areas that are periodically inundated or have soils saturated to the surface at some time during the growing season.
Areas with evident characteristics of wetland hydrology are those with the presence of water has an overriding influence on characteristics of vegetation and soils due to anaerobic and reducing conditions.
Such characteristics are usually present in areas that are inundated or have soils that are saturated to the surface for sufficient duration to develop hydric soils and support vegetation typically adapted for life in periodically anaerobic conditions.
www.uwsp.edu /soils-waste/slevine/soils365/wetland_hydrology.htm   (670 words)

 ecohydrology defined, eco-hydrology defined
The interaction of hydrology and ecological processes involved in soil diagenesis influences stream flow, water quality, and geomorphology in the local drainage basin and the carbon cycle and climate on a global scale.
But, just as flow and sediment discharge interact to determine the geomorphology of river and stream ecosystems, freshwater discharge and internal mixing processes interact to determine the salinity regime, stratification of the water column, and circulation characteristic of each estuary.
Changes in hydrology derived from climate and human activities on the watershed have both long- and short-term effects on coastal ecosystems.
www.eco-hydrology.com /ecohydro.html   (1016 words)

 Tidal Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Scour at Bridges Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 25 Chapter 3 - Hydraulics ...
Unlike the analysis of bridge hydraulics for extreme conditions on rivers, where the discharge is known for a given flood frequency, tidal hydraulic methods are used to compute the peak discharge during an astronomical tide, hurricane storm surge or hurricane storm tide.
The peak discharge occurs for the maximum head differential, which can occur at elevations other than mid-tide, but is often assumed to occur at mid-tide.
The ocean storm tide is input as a function of time, the bay storage is related to bay water surface elevation, and the discharge through the waterway is calculated from the head differential between the ocean and the bay.
www.fhwa.dot.gov /engineering/hydraulics/hydrology/hec25c3.cfm   (1898 words)

 Discharge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A patient discharge, when a patient leaves a hospital after his or her medical treatment is completed.
The average discharge of a river, meaning the amount of water flowing through the river.
Vaginal discharge, a normal occurrence for some women during their menstrual cycle, or a medical sign of many conditions including endometrial cancer, yeast infections, and some STDs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Discharge   (209 words)

 Scope 35 - Scales and Global Change, Chapter 12, Variability of the Fluvial System in Space and Time
The morphology and hydrology of the fluvial system is related to the controlling of independent variables that produce the morphologic and cascading characteristics of Zone 1 (Table 12.1) and which, in turn, significantly influence Zones 2 and 3.
It is the volume and type of sediment and discharge volume and flow character that largely determines channel morphology and the nature of fluvial deposits that form in Zones 2 and 3 (variables 11 and 12).
Water discharge determines the dimensions of the channel (width, depth, meander dimensions), but the relative proportions of bed load (sand and gravel), and suspended load (silts and clays) determine not only the shape of the channel but width-depth ratio and channel pattern.
www.icsu-scope.org /downloadpubs/scope35/chapter12.html   (7359 words)

 Hydrologic calculation for storm runoff discharge and curve numbers for watersheds
Relying upon extensive research, Technical Release 55 (TR-55: SCS, 1986) presents a methodical and reliable approach to predicting peak discharge due to a 24-hr storm event.
Peak discharge, runoff depth, initial abstraction, unit peak discharge, and pond/swamp factor are computed as follows:
"Overall CN must be 40 to 100." The runoff and peak discharge calculations are only valid for CN between 40 and 100.
www.lmnoeng.com /Hydrology/hydrology.htm   (1439 words)

 [No title]
This chapter describes a database that has been developed for the Hydrology Division of the Everglades National Park.
Hydrology stations (includes marine rainfall stations) Principal interviewer: Michael Alexopoulos.
Semantic subschema for daily stage, rainfall, discharge, evaporation, and temperature observations.
hpdrc.cs.fiu.edu /docs/books/datades-book/R-DD.92.chapter5.txt   (4202 words)

 Watershed, Sac River, Hydrology
The highest recorded discharge for the Sac River (post-impoundment) at gauging station 06919900 near Caplinger Mills was 61,500 cubic feet per second (cfs) on April 12, 1994 (USGS 1999).
The corollary discharge of groundwater during dry periods tends to maintain stream flow.
Hydrology in the lower Sac River and the lower Sac River basin tributaries has been dramatically altered due to impoundment and hydro-power operations.
www.mdc.missouri.gov /fish/watershed/sac/hydro/340hytxt.htm   (1342 words)

The differences in discharge patterns cause the streams to differ in hydrologic dynamics and thus also to differ in hydraulic and substrate characteristics.
The substrate stability is directly related to the hydrology of the respective stream.
The macrofauna distribution and abundances depend, besides on season, on stream hydrology (discharge fluctuation), hydraulics and substrate type.
www.benthos.org /database/nabstracts99.cfm/ID/335   (200 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on hydrology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This invasion is a punishment for the results of the democratic Palestinian elections held in January and is irrelevant to the...
Hydrology (from Greek: Yanddelta;andrho;oandlambda;oandgamma;andiota;andalpha;, Yanddelta;andomega;andrho;+andLambda;oandgamma;os, Hydrologia, the "study of water") is the study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water throughout the Earth, and thus addresses both the hydrologic cycle and water resources.
The central theme of hydrology is that water moves throughout the Earth in different ways and at different rates.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/hydrology   (1006 words)

 IPY: International Polar Year
The objective of the proposed program is to establish the spatial and temporal variations in the contribution of groundwater to surface water discharge in a heterogeneous permafrost catchment.
The significance of this project is the contribution to assessing the impact of climate warming on groundwater hydrology and discharge in permafrost regions.
Changes to seasonal discharge in sensitive basins, as well as to the water quality can be anticipated under a warmer climate.
www.ipy.org /development/eoi/details.php?id=971   (775 words)

 Hydrology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Upstream land-use changes that lead to increased impervious areas usually increase peak discharge (discharge is the volume of water that flows past a point in the stream) and always increase total storm discharge.
Flood hydrographs for the 25-year storm and soils with medium levels of antecedent moisture were calculated for 14 of the third-order basins by the RCN model, and then analyzed statistically to extend the analysis to other third-order basins of the study area.
Bankfull discharge is the discharge at bankfull flow, which is the 1.5-year flood, or the flow that has a 67% chance of being exceeded in any given year.
www.gsd.harvard.edu /studios/brc/report/15_hydrology.html   (2643 words)

 Hillslope Hydrology and Soil Morphology for a Wetland Basin in South-Central Minnesota -- Reuter and Bell 67 (1): 365 ...
Hillslope Hydrology and Soil Morphology for a Wetland Basin in South-Central Minnesota
hydrology of this wetland is variable on a temporal scale (Fig.
Landscape evolution and shallow groundwater hydrology of a till landscape in central Iowa.
soil.scijournals.org /cgi/content/full/67/1/365   (3537 words)

 Cleveland State University || Environmental Institute
However the persuasive data from urbanized stream systems indicate peak discharge control on individual sites is insufficient to protect environmentally sustainable ecosystem services.
B soils are treated as C soils) for design computations on disturbed lands as an ad hoc safety factor, but no consistent predictive relationship is available to support or evaluate a "low impact" site-design criteria based on net infiltration capacity.
To address this obstacle to implementing low-impact development hydrology, we propose to evaluate and demonstrate field methods to reliably estimate the net change in site infiltration capacity for pre-development and post-development conditions.
www.csuohio.edu /ei/research/hydrology.html   (672 words)

Then you will sum the discharges, Q, of each section to determine the total Q of the stream at that cross-section.
Obviously, the more sections you include, the more accurate your determination of discharge is, but there must be a balance between accuracy and efficiency.
Equation1 To calculate the discharge of each section, where q is the discharge of each section, w is the width of the section, y is the depth of each vertical, and v is the velocity at each vertical.
snobear.colorado.edu /Markw/IntroHydro/05/lab09/lab09.htm   (1444 words)

 Bear Creek Habitat Assessment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
By collecting data on the geomorphology and hydrology, we ultimately plan to assess sensitivity of physical stream habitat in Bear Creek to environmental change.
Hydrology: As discharge changes, the amount of stream channel that is inundated changes, and the combination of depth and velocity at any particular location also varies.
A two-dimensional hydraulic model uses the topography of the stream channel in combination with hydraulic parameters to calculate the depth and velocity that would occur at a set of points in the stream channel for a given discharge.
www.cerc.usgs.gov /rss/Bear_Crk/default.htm   (1516 words)

 discharge - OneLook Dictionary Search
Discharge : eyefortransport e-commerce transportation glossary [home, info]
Phrases that include discharge: vaginal discharge, glow discharge, discharge tube, gas discharge lamp, discharge in bankruptcy, more...
Words similar to discharge: fire, acquit, arc, assoil, clear, complete, dischargeable, discharged, dischargee, discharger, discharging, dismissal, dispatch, eject, emission, empty, exculpate, exonerate, expel, expelling, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=discharge   (458 words)

 Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR), LOICZ Working Group 112
The overall goal of this working group will be to define more accurately and completely how submarine groundwater discharge influences chemical and biological processes in the coastal ocean.
Recognition of the importance of groundwater flow into surface waters as a pathway for dissolved constituents has increased dramatically in the last few years.
The strength of the workshop was that it brought together scientists with disparate backgrounds (e.g., hydrology, chemical oceanography) who have been working on similar problems from different points of view - literally from the opposite ends of the same process.
www.jhu.edu /scor/wg112.htm   (606 words)

 Wiley-VCH - De Jong, Carmen / Collins, David N. / Ranzi, Roberto (eds.) - Climate and Hydrology of Mountain Areas
While there are many journal articles on snow and glacier melt, and flood hydrology, Climate and Hydrology in Mountain Areas is the first truly comprehensive overview of the interaction of hydrological and climatological processes in mountain environments.
Introduction: Climate and Hydrology of Mountain Areas (Carmen de Jong, David Collins, Roberto Ranzi, Roger Barry, George Leavesley, Bachhi etc.).
13 Hydrology and ecology of mountain basins in central Norway (J. Löffler and O. Rößler).
www.wiley-vch.de /publish/dt/books/bySubjectES00/bySubSubjectES50/0-470-85814-1/?sID=266d0b5f0495e314c59e65f07f2cb1ee   (509 words)

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