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Topic: Dischord Records

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In the News (Sat 16 Feb 19)

 Trusty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Trusty was a punk rock/hardcore band from originally from Little Rock, Arkansas that eventually moved to Washington, D.C. and released two albums on Dischord Records: Goodbye, Dr. Fate, recorded in October 1994, and The Fourth Wise Man, recorded in the summer of 1996.
In 1992, the band recorded their "Cockatoo" 7" with Josh Bentley (of The Big Cats and Substance) on bass, before relocating to the Washington D.C. area.
Late in the same year, Trusty recorded the "Kathy's Keen" 7", on De Soto Records with their original drummer Bircho as well as Brad Long on bass.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Trusty   (328 words)

 diskant:zine: interviews: dischord records
Dischord was formed circa 1980, when members of the Teen Idles (please note spelling) wanted to put out a record and could not find anyone to do it for them.
K records is like a sister or a brother or at least a cousin to us and they do what we do.
Dischord has been offered to get big corporate distribution by major labels, but there are a lot of people who rely on Dischord to be it's own equitable and personable entity.
www.diskant.net /interviews/dischord.htm   (1055 words)

 themusicedge.com :: Minor Threat and Dischord Records: Jeff Nelson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
One of the most inspiring aspects of Dischord is the fact that it is run by musicians, and there are also many things put in place in order to keep all aspects of the label fair to the fans and to the bands.
Dischord focused on certain aspects like keeping costs of the records down, stating an upfront price on all Dischord releases and a warning to anyone being fleeced by a big corporate chain for marking up a CD.
Selling the records for cheap was an important part of things and there were many records that came out with a 'pay no more than' sticker on the sleeve, whether than in England or the States.
www.themusicedge.com /moxie/news/spotartist/minor-threat-and-dischord.shtml   (1125 words)

 PopMatters Music Feature | Look Back and Laugh
Furthermore, the well thought-out 20 Years of Dischord is a great deal of fun, as it features 50 songs by every band who was ever on the label, a disc of unreleased tracks and a 138-page booklet detailing the history of the label and its roster.
The fact that Dischord was one of the first independent labels, that they've achieved tremendous success without wavering from their initial mission statement, that the label address is still Ian's parents home, and that they still sell their CDs for $10 are all very big fucking deals.
Dischord has succeeded by stubbornly remaining true to the things that have always worked for them, and just as its hard to imagine a world without Dischord, it's also hard to imagine that formula suddenly failing.
www.popmatters.com /music/features/021106-dischord.shtml   (3049 words)

 Dischord Records: 20 Years of Dischord   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
From Minor Threat I was sucked into the rest of the Dischord Records catalog and immersed myself in the world that emanates from 3819 Beecher Street.
No matter what mood you might be in, Dischord has the dish for your musical appetite, just count on getting a heavy dose of morality and social politics with your meal.
I found this to be an excellent accompaniment to the music and sifted through the histories and bios of the bands that have made the label one of the strongest, most well respected record companies in the history of the industry.
www.drowninginculture.com /musicreviews/dischord.htm   (460 words)

 Home Recording dot com BBS - "Old School" Punk Rock
Early Dischord roots can be traced to this year as The Slinkees (Ian MacKaye, Jeff Nelson, Geordie Grindle and Mark Sullivan) played their only show at a garage party that summer.
Dischord keeps their prices low, the ads are informational and hype-free.
That being said, Dischord has struck worldwide cultural impact with taste-fullness, style, and recognition that is unique and envied by labels all over, and with an integrity that labels of all sizes will strategize to acquire in basements and boardrooms for years to come.
homerecording.com /bbs/showthread.php?t=158098   (2052 words)

 breakmyface.com ~ Dischord Records
Dischord continues with releases to this very day, though the music styles have gone off on every imaginable tangent.
Whether intentional or not, Dischord and its roster set the example for dozens of bands and hundreds of individual punk rockers to follow, whether it be the music style, a way of doing business, or a way of living life.
A great record with Henry Garfield (a/k/a Henry Rollins) on vox just before he was recruited into Black Flag as the fourth, final, and longest serving singer.
www.breakmyface.com /bands/dischord.html   (505 words)

The first reason, Dischord wanted to mark the point by releasing a special CD-set containing a song by every band ever released on Dischord records plus a special CD with unreleased stuff and a booklet that goes way beyond what is usually called “extensive liner-notes”.
It is also this kind of integrity and principles that made Dischord and Fugazi a symbol in everybody’s mind — and of course, some were opposed: jock punks, rockstars-to-be, corporate rockers and lots of holier-than-thou-preachers tried to rub their backs on Dischord.
For instance there is no mentioning of the various re-formations of Dag Nasty (then again, they don’t touch Dischord) and the whole “straight edge”-thing is only mentioned insofar as the name was coined by Minor Threat and there is also the story of the cross-marked hands found their way to the east-cost.
www.monochrom.at /cracked/music/dischord20.htm   (1898 words)

 Dischord | News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Dischord will also be releasing a record from Soccer Team, a new collaboration fronted by Ryan Nelson (Routineers, ex-Beauty Pill, ex-Most Secret Method) and Melissa Quinley.
Over the last year Ryan has been recording all kinds of bits and pieces, songs and vignettes in his basement, often inviting Melissa to help him flesh out and contribute ideas.
Although these recordings were intended more for private enjoyment than commercial release once the tapes were shared with us it became clear that this collaboration should see the light of day.
www.dischord.com /news/index.shtml   (1338 words)

 www.MillipedeRecords.de - ::V/A - A Tribute To Dischord Records - CD::
Dischord Records - without a doubt one of the most important underground labels of all times.
Dischord Records is a role model to new Indie labels starting up.
Dischord has been a driving force in the world of independent music since the beginning and they are still building the DC scene today.
www.millipederecords.de /Releases/more_dischord.html   (397 words)

 Salon.com People | Ian MacKaye
After 20 years, the Fugazi frontman and co-owner of Dischord Records is still a punk and a prince.
Dischord's enduring success is due in large part to the popularity of Minor Threat and Fugazi.
Dischord really does exist as a result of hard work and the goodwill of the people.
archive.salon.com /people/conv/2001/01/08/mackaye/print.html   (2489 words)

 Peterbilt Records interview
There was no plan to keep the label going after that but the HGL record made some minor amount of money so it occurred to me that i could use that to put out a tape by the old DC band Deadline that had never come out.
Deadline was one of the early DC hardcore bands that was on Dischord's FLEX YOUR HEAD sampler.
Dischord Records at 3819 Beecher St. NW Washington DC 20007.
www.killrockstars.com /catalog/features/peterbilt.html   (2017 words)

 SOUTHERN | fugazi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
These are very much the original recordings without any attempt to correct for things like volume changes, strange mixing effects, or the occasionally out-of-tune guitar.
Octis is a band composed solely of Mick Barr, formerly of Crom Tech (Ixor Stix and Gravity Records) and presently a member of the duo Orthrelm (Tolotta Records).
Dischord Records will be handling mail order for this release - it is $12 postpaid (check or money order made out to Dischord Records - 3819 Beecher St. NW Washington DC 20007 USA).
www.southern.com /southern/band/FUGAZ   (760 words)

 Interview with.. Fugazi
often Dischord has supportive relations with some of these other bands and labels, for example helping them distribute their records or lending them money to manufacture.
One of the bands i recently produced is called Quix-o-tic and they decided to put out their own record with Dischord's help on their own label Ixor Stix.
Actually i also have a small label called Peterbilt which has put out a few records here and there - right now we are doing a co-release with Dischord of an old band i was in called One Last Wish from 1986 which should be out near the end of the year.
www.inkoma.com /pages/interviews/fugazi.html   (977 words)

 Punknews.org | About Dischord Records
Ian MacKaye, founder of Dischord Records and member of the punk acts Fugazi, Minor Threat and The Evens will be speaking at 200 Kaufman Hall on the campus of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA on March 6th, 2006 at 7:00pm.
The pioneering musician has titled the discussion: The Dischord Records Story: A Model of Sustainability - Q and A with Ian MacKaye and the event is free and open to the public.
Dischord act Medications are headed to Europe to round out the end of 2005.
www.punknews.org /label.php?query=&topic=22&author=   (936 words)

 FLEX Gallery
This is the one that started it all - Dischord #1 with first appearances of Ian Mackaye and Jeff Nelson.
The Necros EP was the first Dischord co-release, this time with Touch & Go records.
This was the first Dischord release that moved a little bit away from the 100% hardcore.
www.fuzzlogic.com /flex/gallery/dischord.htm   (624 words)

 Slamdek Record Company
Likewise, Louisville’s Solution Unknown recorded their album in DC at Inner Ear Studios, where nearly all Dischord records had been recorded.
Dischord’s packaging and recordings were thought of as among the best, and the label was respected for always issuing quality goods.
She offered to trade some records of DC bands for some Slamdek stuff so she could get an idea of what it was all about.
www.slamdek.com /releases/1782-jawbox.html   (1850 words)

 +++ neumu [ datastream ]
Dischord sells its releases for low mail-order prices, splits the proceeds of the records 50-50 with the bands on the label, and only signs bands from Washington, D.C. Discord has remained in business for 23 years without ever compromising its ideals, and, in doing so, it has provided an example to other indies.
Dischord was best known, however, as the home of Minor Threat, the band MacKaye and Nelson formed after the breakup of the Teen Idles.
Dischord may not be raking in money, but it has managed to survive for 23 years; all of its employees have health coverage.
neumu.net /datastream/2003/2003-00001/2003-00001_datastream.shtml   (2330 words)

 labels page
Subpop records began in 1987 in Seattle, Washington.
Dischord Records was started in 1980 to help local D.C. area punk bands record their unique sound.
When Minor Threat ripped onto the scene with their unique rage in 1981 Dischord was the first to record them.
holly.colostate.edu /~bbing/labels.htm   (300 words)

 Adrants » Nike Steals Album Art For Skateboarding Poster
Dischord, and their bands, have always stood for principals far beyond the straight-up cash-in that most music labels represent.
Dischord could then cut whatever deal they wanted (from choosing to give the rights for free, to taking a pass and denying usage to Nike.) I consider what Nike did by taking this to be blatant theft of intellectual property.
The kids will still buy their All-Stars, Dischord will still be fighting for independent bands and labels and the DIY ethic, and Nike executives will be laughing all the way to the bank over this inexcusable exploitation of an honest, hard-working record label.
www.adrants.com /2005/06/nike-steals-album-art-for-skateboarding.php   (3427 words)

 Blogcritics.org: Dischord Records - Twenty Years of Dischord
I was elated when it was announced that Dischord Records' 20 Years of Dischord box set was finally finished.
But Dischord has been a driving force in the hardcore scene since the beginning and they are still building the DC scene today.
The vocals are surprisingly easy to decipher (for a live recording of a hardcore show), and you can feel the intensity of their dynamic.
blogcritics.org /archives/2002/12/06/124943.php   (1231 words)

 NPR : A New Generation of Punk at Dischord Records
Many of those earliest D.C. bands recorded for an independent record label called Dischord, founded 25 years ago by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson.
That pioneering label is still alive today, and a new generation of bands are finding a home for their socially conscious, harder-edged style of rock 'n' roll.
Dischord put out its first record in 1980, a 45 rpm recording by the MacKaye/Nelson group Teen Idles called "Minor Disturbance." The band cut, folded and glued each of the thousands of record jackets by hand.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4813825   (363 words)

 :30 Under DC > Dischord Records > Discography page 2
Notes: Dischord did a lot of test pressings of their early hardcore records (bar the SOA and Teen Idles 7").
That record marked the defining moment for me when I knew that none of these people needed me any more in terms of producing in the studio because they did that themselves.
The writing's better than their first record, but not by much--this is one case where quantity definitely triumphed over quality.
www.30underdc.com /discogs/dischord2.shtml   (915 words)

 Theft or homage? (kottke.org)
Nike is catching some shit for appropriating some imagery for one of their skateboarding events from a 1984 album cover by Dischord Records' Minor Threat.
Nike represents just about the antithesis of what Dischord stands for and it makes me sick to my stomach to think they are using this explicit imagery to fool kids into thinking that the general ethos of this label, and Minor Threat in particular, can somehow be linked to Nike's mission.
Seems like a punk label like Dischord should be aware of that but in the above quote they sound more like a big company afraid of losing their intellectual property.
www.kottke.org /05/06/theft-or-homage   (357 words)

 :30 Under DC > Dischord Records > Discography page 1
There are enough worshipful, breathless reviews of the early Dischord releases out there that I can be a little bastard when it comes to putting my own thoughts down.
Prototypical DC thrash, and while it's got an edge to it that the Limp Records axis was lacking, it doesn't have much else.
What I'm guessing is the first has the Dischord address as c/o Yesterday and Today Records on Rockville Pike, and the second has the Dischord address on Beecher Street in DC and the GI information address has been removed.
www.30underdc.com /discogs/dischord1.shtml   (1255 words)

 Joe Olmstead - Library 125   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The focus of the article was to show how successful Fugazi and its independent label, Dischord Records, have been, while still holding on to their “indie” ethics.
When I tried using the search term, [ Dischord Records copywright ], I returned zero results, but to see if much would change, this time I retried my search with [ Fugazi ], the most recent band of Ian Mackaye, founder of Dischord.
I did, however, find the section on mail order record clubs to be interesting, simply because I was unaware that clubs like Columbia Record Club and RCA and the entire concept had been around for so long.
www.ac.wwu.edu /~olmstej/html/library125/joe.html   (843 words)

 loud paper : articles
In short, almost any band on Dischord is worth a listen, and chances are no matter what you pick it will be something new and powerful, but there are a couple newer ones not to miss.
Black Eyes, and El Guapo, both prime examples of the new thoroughbreds Dischord is stocking in its stables.
Both groups hail from the East Coast and deliver a unique, enriching sound that is lost in an indie scene that is rife with stale copycat bands and rough-in-tumble wanna-bes.
www.loudpapermag.com /article.php?id=125   (434 words)

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