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  Discworld Monthly - The free newsletter about Terry Pratchett and his Discworld novels.
Welcome to "Discworld Monthly" the free monthly on-line newsletter about the best selling author Terry Pratchett OBE and his Discworld and other novels.
Discworld Monthly was created in May 1997 with the aim of keeping fans informed about the latest happenings in the Discworld and Terry Pratchett Fan Community.
The latest issue of Discworld Monthly Issue 127 was sent out on Wednesday 31st Octoboer 2007.
www.discworldmonthly.co.uk   (403 words)

  TMC Reviews: Discworld
Having never read the Discworld series, I cannot comment on the theme from that aspect, but as far as interesting ideas, concepts, and theories go, I just have one word to describe it: Wow.
To say that Discworld is 'unique' might be going too far, but it's as close to unique that any mud I've been on has ever been.
Discworld does not pretend to be what it isn't, and in fact almost *under* sells itself.
www.mudconnect.com /reviews/muds/Discworld.html   (902 words)

  Discworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Discworld is a series of thirty-four fantasy novels, a number of short stories, and various related books by Terry Pratchett set on the Discworld, a flat world on the back of a giant turtle, that adheres (loosely) to the conventions of classical and current fantasy literature.
Discworld novels have also won awards such as the Prometheus Award and the Carnegie Medal.
Discworld MUD Allows you to enter the Discworld and become a wizard or assassin, or whatever you choose.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Discworld   (4038 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Discworld   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Discworld is a series of 35 novels and a number of shorter works by Terry Pratchett set on the Discworld.
Newly released Discworld books regularly top The Sunday Times bestsellers list, with Pratchett being the UK's best selling author in the 1990s, mainly on the strength of the Discworld (he has since been overtaken by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, but still holds the record for the most shoplifted books).
Discworld (Reformed) Vampyre's Diary 2003: 2003; the cover art features a vampyre (as the more modern vampires like to spell it, because they are reformed and seek to distance themselves from the old image of the evil, blood-lusty vampires) with a cup of steaming brown liquid, likely coffee or hot cocoa.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Discworld   (2657 words)

 Discworld (computer game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Discworld is a graphic adventure game developed by Teeny Weeny Games and Perfect 10 Productions in mid-1995.
in America), Discworld Noir (a stand alone story starring an original character) and a text adventure called The Colour of Magic which strictly adheres to the events of the first Discworld novel.
Discworld - Discworld 2 - Discworld MUD - Discworld Noir - GURPS Discworld - Thud
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Discworld_(computer_game)   (336 words)

 Deskchair Adventurer - Discworld Game Review
Discworld is a very funny game in which a sorcerer attempt to do a whole bunch of stuff involving a dragon and some secret society and whatnot.
Discworld is an inventory-based game, which means you find things and pick them up and use them on other things.
What Discworld needs is a way to just skip through all the stupid puzzles and listen to the great dialogue.
home.nyc.rr.com /cherold/deskchair/discworld.html   (683 words)

 Discworld MUD - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Discworld MUD is a free Multi-User Dimension set in the Discworld as depicted in the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett.
The MUD was founded in 1991 and opened to the public in 1992.
They are loosely based on the Discworld novels, although there are differences - in the novels, for example, there are a lot more wombles.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Discworld_MUD   (1170 words)

 Discworld II: Mortality Bytes Review - Just Adventure +
The first Discworld, based on Terry Pratchett's humorous book series, was as zany as the novels, and a tough adventure besides.
Discworld II comes with text subtitles you can turn on (with or without sound), so you won't miss much.
Overall though, Discworld II was a treat to play: funny, clever, clean-running, and a good mental workout.
www.justadventure.com /reviews/Discworld_2/Discworld2Scorpia.shtm   (1124 words)

 Adventure Gamers : Discworld
His Discworld novels, now numbering around forty books when you count the tour guide manuals, lampoon the fantasy genre with a vengeance, skewering everything from fairy godmothers, to brainless heroes, to wizards, to Death himself (who rides a horse named Binky).
For those unfamiliar with the background, the planet of Discworld is a flat plane soaring through space held up by four elephants standing on the back of a giant space turtle.
In my opinion (and isn't that the only one that really matters?), Discworld is seriously overlooked, and could easily have taken a place next to some of the best of the genre, though it stops short of being a classic simply due to its sheer difficulty and the unwieldy nature of the game.
www.adventuregamers.com /article/id,85   (1547 words)

 The Discworld Compendium
This is where the gods play games with the lives of men, on a board which is at one and the same time a simple playing area and the whole world...
The new Children's Discworld book is A Hat Full of Sky, the sequel to The Wee Free Men.
The new mainline Discworld book will be called Going Postal, and probably set at least partially in Ankh-Morpork.
www.extenuation.net /disc   (262 words)

 Review: Discworld 2
Discworld books are extremely hard to classify--at first they might appear to be fantasy novels, but that's only a disguise.
Since Discworld gained so much popularity--especially among European readers--it was only a question of time before it would spawn spin-offs in other media--and it did when the adventure game Discworld appeared, to be followed shortly by another adventure.
If you do know Discworld, however, you are aware of the fact that Rincewind is one of the least magical persons in existence and is only a wizard because he wears a pointy hat and a dress.
www.justadventure.com /reviews/Discworld_2/DW2.shtm   (1126 words)

 Discworld - Review - Adventure Classic Gaming - ACG - Adventure Games, Interactive Fiction Games - Reviews, Previews, ...
Discworld represents an unique effort to bring the work of fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett onto the computer screen.
Discworld is a third-person adventure game that uses animated sprites running over a hand drawn background.
All the characters in Discworld are brought to life by the excellent voice acting that is available only in the CD-ROM version of the game.
www.adventureclassicgaming.com /index.php/site/reviews/15   (1105 words)

 Adventure Gamers : Discworld Noir
Discworld Noir follows the life of Lewton, Discworld's first private investigator, which brings a new style of gameplay to the series.
At the start of Discworld Noir, Lewton is broke due to a severe drinking problem, has no case to work on and is spending most of his time wondering around through the dark, cold streets.
But it wouldn't be Discworld if there wasn’t also a troll with a one-track mind (and dialogue) who is making demands, and a dwarf with a large axe who wants you to drop the case.
www.adventuregamers.com /article/id,195   (759 words)

 Discworld MUD
Discworld MUD is a multiplayer, text-based, online game (a MUD) based on the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.
There is no cost to play Discworld MUD, it is developed and maintained entirely by volunteers.
It is a Great A'Tuin, one of the rare astrochelonians from a universe where things are less as they are and more like people imagine them to be, and it carries on its meteor-pocked shell four giant elephants who bear on their enormous shoulders the great round wheel of the Discworld...
discworld.atuin.net   (265 words)

 Discworld (1995) (VG)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A Secret Society of people have released a Dragon upon the city, and its up to Rincewind to take care of the problem, armed with nothing more than his wit and Luggage (a trunk with lots of little legs which follows you everywhere), You must solve a variety of Humorous problems.
On Discworld, there are a variety of places to go, which include people to talk to, going from, The Drum Bar, Unseen University, Edge of the World and Town Square.
The storyline is great, and if you read the books then this game is great for you, but even if you're new to Discworld, then this game has a great storyline to follow.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0199467   (376 words)

 Discworld: best adventure game series ever? - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming - ACG - Adventure Games, Interactive ...
Discworld is the creation of Pratchett, an English writer who nowadays lives behind a keyboard in Wiltshire, England.
The character Lewton in the Discworld Noir is similar to Vimes in Prachett’s books, as both are at a time hopeless alcoholics and worked as guards in the City Watch.
Discworld Noir feels more true to Pratchett’s Discworld than the other games in the Discworld series, even though there are less familiar characters and locations.
www.adventureclassicgaming.com /index.php/site/features/177   (2415 words)

 Crescent Blues| Terry Pratchett: Carpe Discworld
We must take this statistic on faith, since the only staff member who might know for certain (he conducted the interview) promptly scampered off to England to be closer to The Source.
This is quite a drastic revision in Discworld cosmogony.
Sure, I've even been asked for Discworld wallpaper, but I don't let things happen until I'm sure there is a copper-bottomed demand -- and even then I have to like the idea as well.
www.crescentblues.com /2_4issue/pratchett.shtml   (1149 words)

 Discworld Informer - Information on Discworld Characters and Places
Directions within the Discworld are not given as north south east and west, but rather as directions relating to the disc itself, such as hubward (towards the centre), rimward (away from the centre) and to a lesser extent, turnwise and widdershins (relation to the direction of the disc's spin).
The most famous city on the Discworld is Ankh-Morpork (unless you're from Klatch, Lancre, Borogravia and so on...), site of the Unseen University and setting for many interesting adventures.
At the hub of the Discworld are some incredibly high mountains, the largest of which is Cori Celeste, upon the peak of which rests Dunmanifestin, home of the Discworld's gods.
www.discworld.info   (227 words)

 discworld: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
I sort of got Lann reading some of the Discworld books--so I brought my entire collection to school and started reading them when I ought to be programming in my free time.
Terry Pratchett: 'I had a stroke - and I didn't even notice' Thankfully for Terry, who has sold 55 million books and just published Making Money —the 36th novel in the Discworld series — his ability to write, controlled by the left side of the brain, was unaffected.
In this book, Tiffany is staying with Miss Treason, a 113 year old witch about whom the most gruesome tales abound.
www.technorati.com /tag/discworld   (602 words)

Admittedly, real life does not contain many librarians who are a full-grown male orangutan, and Death in real life does not ride a white horse called Binky, but Discworld readers now consider that this is real life's loss.
but Discworld starts where classic heroic fantasy stops, and none of those people is doing business as usual.
A lot of them have moved into the big city and are trying to turn an honest dollar, just like everyone else.
www.terrypratchettbooks.com /discworld   (574 words)

 Discworld Roleplaying Game
Events on the Discworld have been chronicled in the best-selling works of Terry Pratchett.
Fans have learned of the adventures of Rincewind the incompetent wizard, Granny Weatherwax the witch (known to trolls as "She Who Must Be Avoided"), Captain Carrot the six-foot dwarf, Archchancellor Ridcully, Susan Sto Helit (granddaughter of Death), and a cast of strange and unique characters.
GURPS Discworld Also - Visit the Lost Continent of XXXX (and its Cart Wars), meet the Hermit Elephants and a very big troll, and go on a mission for Unseen University to find out why the Librarian's supply of bananas has dried up.
www.sjgames.com /gurps/books/Discworld   (306 words)

 Discworld Convention 2008
You are here: Home : Discworld Convention 2008
The first edition of the Discworld Convention 2008's Chronicle is now available.
This magazine is only available to members of the convention, who can choose to receive it either in paper form through the post, or an electronic version viewable online.
www.dwcon.org   (154 words)

At the very least, you should thank them by buying their books!
On Discworld semaphore communication is still the fastest thing around (if you're not a wizard) and that makes the modems run very slowly.
With witty commentary and sagacious observations culled from all the Discworld novels, The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld confirms Pratchett's place in the pantheon of great satirists and proves why the Chicago Tribune has praised his Discworld as "entertaining and gloriously funny...
www.terrypratchettbooks.com   (232 words)

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