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Topic: Discworld gods

Directions within the discworld are not given as north south east and west, but rather as directions relating to the disc itself, eg hubward (towards the centre), rimward (away from the centre) and to a lesser extent, turnwise and widdershins (relation to the direction of the disc's spin).
At the hub of the disc are some incredibly high mountains, the largest of which is Cori Celeste, upon the peak of which rests "Dunmanifestin", home of the Discworld's gods.
He is a thunder god: in fact, he is every thunder god worshipped on the disc, appearing under different guises and answering different names in various places, so as to ensure the largest possible number of worshippers.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/di/Discworld.html   (730 words)

 Terry Pratchett Discworld novels - books by Terry Pratchett   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Discworld, a flat circular place inhabited by a plethora of fine and jovial creatures sits on the back of four elephants and is propelled through space on a giant turtle.
Monstrous Regiment (Discworld S.): The Monstrous Regiment in question is made up of a vampire, a troll, Igor, a collection of misfits and a young woman who shoves a pair of socks down her pants to join the army.
Going Postal (Discworld S.): The Monstrous Regiment in question is made up of a vampire, a troll, Igor, a collection of misfits and a young woman who shoves a pair of socks down her pants to join the army.
www.supertrolley.com /terrypratchettdiscworld.html   (1758 words)

 wotmania: feed your wheel of time addiction
On Discworld, a dying wizard tries to pass on his powers to an eighth son of an eighth son who is just at that moment being born.
Discworld's loyal readers are beginning to constitute as doughty a band as Xanth's, and all fantasy collections should provide for them accordingly.
This is a Discworld “Tale of One City”, with a full chorus of street urchins, ladies of negotiable affection, rebels, secret policemen and other children of the revolution.
www.wotmania.com /storeauthor.asp?ID=7   (3261 words)

 Small Gods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Small Gods is a novel by Terry Pratchett, the thirteenth part of the popular Discworld series.
Pratchett tells the origin of the god Om, and his relations with his prophet, the reformer Brutha; in the process Pratchett satirises religion, religious people and practices, and the role of religion in political life.
However, Small Gods features some philosophers that also feature in the book Pyramids, and Pyramids features the same head-of-the-assassins-guild as Men At Arms, implying that it does indeed feature in the same time frame as some of the other books.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Small_Gods   (521 words)

 Firefox News: Reviews » Small Gods   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It is instead the Great God Om inhabiting an unusual disguise, and trying to save the country of Omnia from the threats of other religious powers.
The marvelous thing about each Discworld novel is the enormous range of new and old characters we meet.
Discworld is a fantastical environment, but the people and creatures are not so dissimilar from our own.
www.firefox.org /reviews/small-gods   (424 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Small Gods (Discworld Novel): Books: Terry Pratchett   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Each small god lies in wait, desperately seeking to make someone believe in him; on the Discworld, gods need people more than people need gods, for belief is the food of the gods.
Om is actually a pretty surly little god, but spending three years as a tortoise, having to worry about falcons swooping down on you and then dropping you from a great height, tends to bring out the worst in gods.
Since the size and power of any God/god on Discworld is directly proportional to the level of belief in each God's by its adherents this god is but a turtle.
www.amazon.co.uk /Small-Discworld-Novel-Terry-Pratchett/dp/0552138908   (2799 words)

 The Discworld - Message Board - ezboard.com
Welcome to the Discworld, The world that exists balanced on the back of 4 elephants who stand on the back of a giant turtle that swims through space...
Discworld is a trademark registered by Terry Pratchett, belongs to Terry Pratchett and is copyrighted as such.
If you're looking for a God's favour, or wanting to be a priest, this is the place to be.
p082.ezboard.com /bthediscworld   (535 words)

 Gergana Apostolova - Existence and Demiurgy in Terry Pratchett’s works
The demiurgy of the Discworld involves the weaving of the fictional equivalent to the semiotic category of actant in the image of Death.
The characters of the Discworld in their abstraction can be viewed as actants in the terms of Greimas, while at the same time in their concrete roles in the textual reality they can be viewed as individuals.
The individual in the Discworld as a boundary to existence is complex in itself: it is not a character type, it is not anything near an ideal of humanity.
liternet.bg /publish10/gapostolova/pratchett.htm   (4369 words)

 Discworld gods - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Offler was described as 'trigger-happy' by a priest when he struck the golem, Dorfl, with lightning after the golem doubted the gods (a lightning bolt almost struck the priest as well, but as he was the head priest of Blind Io the lightning was averted and hit the ground harmlessly a few feet away).
A number of Discworld labour-saving devices exist which function by trapping small imps (it is implied that they are made using magic, but small 'wild' demons have also been used).
In The Art of Discworld the Mark I and Mark II are drawn to resemble the Series 1 and Series 3 Psion organisers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Discworld_gods   (9050 words)

 Gods and their relation to Magic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
There are different kinds of gods based on their origin, nature, what source of power they use, etc.
Some gods use powers which are different from, or beyond, ordinary magic and can bestow extra-magical powers on their followers.
Gods are a race of their own, whose power depends on the number of their believers.
users.tkk.fi /~vesanto/MagicHtmls/Gods.html   (810 words)

 Discworld Intro
Whatever the explantion, the fact is that the surface features of the Discworld uncannily mirror those of spher-ical rocky worlds, as though the Creator had seen one somewhere but had to go ahead without a chance to examine the works.
Inspection of residual magic in deep sea rocks and very old trolls suggests that it was also around this time that the Discworld first changed its direction of spin, a phenomenon that appears to occur every hundred thou-sand years or so, possibly for the comfort of the elephants.
Any dog who appears to be talking, says their brain, is a statistical fluke and can therefore safely be ignored.) Discworld gods exist because people believe in them, and their power waxes and wanes with the strength of that belief.
www.worldknights.com /palace/intro.htm   (1642 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Terry Pratchett - The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable at Epinions.com
Cohen aims to immortalize his fame as the last hero of the Discworld by returning what the first hero of the Discworld stole...
The Discworld is a mad, wonderful creation and this book fleshes it out a tiny bit more with illustrations and focus on some of the lesser-known characters.
Other notable appearances include some of the Discworld's gods and goddesses, used with a bit of the brilliant commentary about religion and belief as Pratchett covered in Small Gods and Hogfather.
www.epinions.com /content_266636267140   (1345 words)

 Books:Synopses:Small Gods
This is how Discworld Gods are created: people believe in them, and their power grows accordingly.
Gods with no believers, however...they are the small gods, shadows of deities, mere whispers in the wind crying out for belief.
Om sends the gods away, except for one-one of the gods used to be a giant, but now has no further believers.
www.lspace.org /books/synopses/small-gods.html   (3466 words)

 Doug's Discworld page
The Discworld books are a large series of over 23 (and counting...) fantasy novels that take place on a flat earth, which is supported by elephants, who are standing on a large turtle*.
I recommend starting with "Small Gods," and then moving on to "Guards, Guards!" Note that it is not necessary to read them in order, but many of them do build on earlier events, so they are best read in order.
To see who is who in the Discworld books, look here.
home.comcast.net /~lukeythetruck/djole/discworld.html   (422 words)

 girl in greenwood: book forty-eight
On Discworld, gods gain their power from the worship of humans...
This same concept was put to use in "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman - probably not a coincidence, since Gaiman and Pratchett have collaborated in the past.
Like the other Discworld books, this is a quick and entertaining read with just enough intellectualism and satire to keep your brain engaged.
www.emilyskinner.com /blog/2005/10/book-forty-eight.html   (203 words)

 Terry Pratchett: Small Gods   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Small Gods has the rare distinction of being one of only a couple of Discworld books whcih stand on their own (as well as on the backs of four elephants which may, or may not, stand on the back of a giant turtle which may, or may not, move through space).
Terry Pratchett uses Small Gods to tackle the topic of religion and intolerance, electing to focus on the country of Omnia, where the Great God Om is worshipped.
Small Gods may not be the most laugh-out-loud funny of the Discworld novels, but it is the most philosophical book in the series.
www.sfsite.com /~silverag/smallgods.html   (478 words)

 Pyramid: Librarian's Love-Child in World Domination Horror: Conspiracies and Paranoid Delusions in GURPS Discworld
Many Discworlders are gullible enough to believe anything, and it's been proved countless times that any strange or dramatic events in inhabited areas of the Disc rapidly bring in hordes of rubberneckers and trigger a mass of rumours, many of them with as much as 5% truth content.
Part of the objective with chapter 5 of GURPS Discworld Also was to provide a set of locations on the Disc that could be used for some plausibly Discworld-style stories, but without the baggage of the novels' usual settings.
A group whose motivations are driven by the commandments of a god with a room-temperature IQ and unstable desires could act in a completely incomprehensible fashion.
www.sjgames.com /pyramid/sample.html?id=4660   (5056 words)

 Amazon.com: Small Gods (Discworld Novels (Audio)): Books: Terry Pratchett,Tony Robinson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Pratchett has revisited the whole bloody history of religion, philosophy, government, and science as they are put to use in the service of war, death, and destruction, and served them up as a feast of knowing smiles, wicked grins, meaningful chuckles, spontaneous laughter, and a couple of uncontrollable guffaws for desert.
I've been reading the Discworld books in order of publication, and this is the first one that diverged from the normal types of stories.
Discworld currently has 34 titles and every one of them will probably knock your socks off.
www.amazon.com /Small-Gods-Discworld-Novels-Audio/dp/0552144169   (2317 words)

 Small Gods by Terry Pratchett, a Discworld fantasy book   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A tortoise is dropped out of the sky by an eagle and falls into a garden of the Church of the Great God Om.
This is not just any tortoise, this is the God Om himself, although in a greatly reduced state.
Pratchett's Discworld books include characters such as the inept wizard Rincewind, witch Granny Weatherwax, the City Guard or Night Watch, and Death.
members.aol.com /misuly/pratchett.htm   (696 words)

There are several gods you can worship and they give you differnt powers.
The gods of the disc live on the hub of the disc on a ten mile high spire of green ice where at its peak is the realm of Dunmanifestin, the abode of the gods.
The disc is also unique in being the only place in the universe where the gods go around at night and break the windows of atheist's houses.
www.lysator.liu.se /mud/katmandus/Discworld.html   (1071 words)

 wotmania: feed your wheel of time addiction
I will hate the man you choose because he is not me, and love him if he makes you smile.
Pratchett is now inviting comparison with Kurt Vonnegut, but if he ends up with a reputation equivalent only to that of P. Wodehouse, the world will be the better for his having written.
Up on the chalk downs they call The Wold, witches are banned, but as all witches know, chalk's no good for magic anyway.
www.wotmania.com /storeseries.asp?ID=42   (3126 words)

 Amazon.de: Small Gods. A Discworld Novel. (Discworld Novel): English Books: Terry Pratchett   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
There are billions of gods in the world; they swarm as thick as flies.
This has to be the BEST Discworld novel yet.
Brutha, a Novice in Ominiasm, is the Chosen One, picked by his Great God Om-holy horns-after three years as a tortoise.
www.amazon.de /Small-Gods-Discworld-Novel-Novel/dp/0552138908   (913 words)

 The Pratchett Quote File v6.0 - Small Gods
The trouble with being a god is that you've got no one to pray to.
There are hardly any excesses of the most crazed psychopath that cannot easily be duplicated by a normal kindly family man who just comes in to work every day and has a job to do.
Most gods find it hard to walk and think at the same time.
www.lspace.org /books/pqf/small-gods.html   (921 words)

 BBC - Radio 4 - Small Gods - 28 February 2006
There are gods everywhere on the Discworld but only a few people can see them.
Each small god lies in wait, desperately wanting to make someone believe in him.
On the Discworld, gods need people more than people need gods.
www.bbc.co.uk /radio4/smallgods/pip/383o1   (77 words)

 The Discworld Compendium
This is where the gods play games with the lives of men, on a board which is at one and the same time a simple playing area and the whole world...
The new Children's Discworld book is A Hat Full of Sky, the sequel to The Wee Free Men.
The new mainline Discworld book will be called Going Postal, and probably set at least partially in Ankh-Morpork.
www.extenuation.net /disc   (262 words)

 Small Gods
Their power depends upon having believers; a god with no believers fades into a powerless, wandering spirit or dies.
Brutha begins by trying to serve two very different and contradictory masters, Om and Vorbis; by the end, he has grown to a full understanding of both of them, and realizes that neither one can be his master.
But Discworld really is flat, and the philosophers of Ephebe -- a land with a strong resemblance to ancient Greece -- aren't afraid to say so.
www.mcgath.com /smallgods.html   (743 words)

 Quotes - Discworld
They prefer simple, vicious games, where you Do Not Achieve Transcendence but Go Straight to Oblivion; a key to the understanding of all religion is that a god's idea of amusement is Snakes and Ladders with greased rungs.
There are no inconsistencies in the Discworld books; ocassionally, however, there are alternate pasts.
People say "it was god's will" when granny dies, but they get angry when they lose a cow.
www.theninemuses.net /quotes/discworld.html   (1469 words)

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