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  ROCKZONE.COM: Concert Reviews: Dishwalla
Dishwalla, currently on tour in support of their third record release, “Opaline,” supplied a rousing backdrop for this event based on their deep-seated emotional connection to these men and women of the armed forces.
Nestled between military personnel in fatigues, amphibious tankers, and mothers shading their babies from the heat, J.R. Richards, the lead singer, propped his fl electric guitar against his body, and took center stage singing engaging songs, with his unique intense vocal quality, that was audible for miles throughout the military base.
Dishwalla was one of the fortunate bands to be selected to perform for these amazing heroes.
www.rockzone.com /concertreviews/dishwalla-080302.shtml   (579 words)

 Encyclopedia: Dishwalla
Dishwalla is an alternative rock band from Santa Barbara, California.
Dishwalla became popular in 1996 due to their hit single "Counting Blue Cars" from their album "Pet Your Friends".
They are considered by some to be a one-hit wonder because of the relatively huge success of this single compared to later works by the band.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Dishwalla   (523 words)

 SAVVY | Entertainment | Dishwalla earns new fan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The guitar riffs were incredible, the drummer was indescribable and the lead singer - aside from being the pure definition of a neo-classic Hollywood hunk - had a sensational voice which leaves you yearning for more.
I must admit that before the August 23rd STYX concert, opening act Dishwalla, was one of those bands, who when mentioned, I was likely to mutter something like, "Ooh yeah, I have heard of them, yeah" to look cool, and not sound stupid.
Dishwalla is by far much more talented than most groups that have become MTV iconoclasts.
www.savannahnow.com /savvy/01entertainment/0902dishwalla.shtml   (335 words)

 Chronicle of Rock Bands: Dishwalla
The Santa Barbara, CA, band Dishwalla made a big splash in 1996 with their catchy pop single "Counting Blue Cars." With the gritty heart and soul of those who came before them, Dishwalla's hard rock sound was enough for fans to make "Counting Blue Cars" one of the most-requested songs of that year.
Dishwalla, which emerged out of the early stages of post-grunge, is composed of J.R. Richards (vocals), Scot Alexander (bass), Rodney Browning (guitar), Jim Wood (keyboards), and George Pendergast (drums).
Dishwalla's time with A&M was shortlived and exhausting because of such corporate behavior, but they stuck it out to contribute their cover version of "Policy of Truth" for the Depeche Mode tribute album For the Masses.
www.angelfire.com /rock/2this/Dishwalla.html   (313 words)

 ALBUM REVIEW: Opaline -- Subdued Tracks from a Maturing Dishwalla
Dishwalla’s new album Opaline shows a far different side to the Santa Barbara based band than fans may be used to.
Dishwalla’s previous two albums both begin with bold starts (“Pretty Babies” started off their debut Pet Your Friends and “Stay Awake” electrified the launch of And You Think), but “Opaline”; leads in with a tranquil drum rhythm that takes the tone of a man lying on his back reminiscing about a dream.
The album shows Dishwalla has grown more comfortable with their rise to national status; the band is willing to experiment and take risks with their music.
www-tech.mit.edu /V122/N24/dishwalla.24a.html   (667 words)

 Dishwalla -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Dishwalla is an (Click link for more info and facts about alternative rock) alternative rock band from (Click link for more info and facts about Santa Barbara, California) Santa Barbara, California.
They are considered by some to be a (Click link for more info and facts about one-hit wonder) one-hit wonder because of the relatively huge success of this single compared to later works by the band.
The collapse of A&M Records (Dishwalla's label with "Pet your Friends", and "And You Think You Know What Life's About") may have contributed more to Dishwalla being considered a one-hit wonder than their level of talent.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/D/Di/Dishwalla.htm   (374 words)

 ♪ ♫ DISHWALLA ♫ ♪♪   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Dishwalla enjoyed less commercial success with their second album, 1998’s And You Think You Know What’s Life About, at least partially the result of record company downsizing and its resultant turmoil.
For Dishwalla, one of the keys to the new album was casting the right producers for each song.
In the end, Dishwalla -- featuring cover art by acclaimed contemporary artist Michael Goddard, a good friend of the band's, – is a heartfelt, vivid record of the group’s experiences and a musical rededication to the very idea of being a band.
spaces.msn.com /members/dishwallafans/PersonalSpace.aspx?_c01_blogpart=myspace&_c02_owner=1&_c=blogpart   (2031 words)

 Dishwalla Brings Touch of Home to USS Nimitz
Dishwalla, best known for their hits “Counting Blue Cars” and “Somewhere in the Middle,” from the album "Pet Your Friends," performed aboard Nimitz as part of a Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) tour, "Meet and Greet the Troops." While on the last segment of their tour, the band also visited USS Chosin (CG 65).
Dishwalla, a band from Santa Barbara, Calif., is comprised of J.R. Richards, vocals; Rodney Cravens, guitars; Scot Alexander, bass; Pete Maloney, percussion; and Jim Woods, keyboards.
While aboard, Dishwalla conducted a live interview and performed acoustic versions of some of their popular songs for the Nimitz crew, MTV's "Unplugged"-style.
www.news.navy.mil /search/display.asp?story_id=7755   (628 words)

 Dishwalla Announce Early Tour Dates in Advance of the April 23 Release of Their Third Album 'Opaline' (NY Rock)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Dishwalla Announce Early Tour Dates in Advance of the April 23 Release of Their Third Album 'Opaline' (NY Rock)
December 6, 2001 – Dishwalla are building on the early success of their million-selling debut album and single "Counting Blue Cars" (Billboard's "Rock Song of the Year," 1996) with Opaline, due April 23, 2002.
Produced by Gregg Wattenberg (Five For Fighting), Opaline will be released on Los Angeles-based immergent Records, with which Dishwalla have entered into a joint venture deal whereby they share all profits and ownership of the master recordings (a scenario the group preferred over the standard major label deal).
www.5point1.net /external/DishwallaAdvance.htm   (414 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Music: Dishwalla [Us Import]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
For those who have followed them through to their now fifth album release and those who enjoy the heavier aspect of Dishwalla's music then this is the album for you.
After their last album Opaline, one of my favorite albums ever, I believed Dishwalla had turned a corner and would continue to create masterpieces from then on after a mixed past.
Apparently, Dishwalla wanted to capture the energy of their live shows in a studio album.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0007PALOS   (866 words)

 DISHWALLA: Opaline (Immergent)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Dishwalla is just one of the many mid 90's alterna-rock casualties, caught amongst the flannel and the angst, left without a place of their own at the end of the musical chair dance.
The band continues to create free flowing, philosophical gems akin to their big hit, "Counting Blue Cars." Unfortunately, it is an all too common tale that such great music gets lost, waiting for the cards of chance and time to be shuffled in their favor again.
New fans will be drawn to Dishwalla as their music and the like, has seen it's time again (Lifehouse, Bliss 66, Matchbox 20…).
www.thenightowl.com /reviews/dishwalla.htm   (212 words)

 Weekend: Dishwalla lands 'Somewhere in the Middle'
DISHWALLA: Rodney Browning Cravens, from left, Jim Wood, Scot Alexander, Pete Maloney, J.R. Richards.
Dishwalla bassist Scot Alexander says that success came as a surprise to his band.
But Dishwalla has high hopes for its new single, Somewhere in the Middle.
www.sptimes.com /2002/05/23/Weekend/Dishwalla_lands__Some.shtml   (405 words)

 Artsandentertainment: Live, Dishwalla lead a lively Starfest
Dishwalla, who warmed the crowd before Live, is nothing if not egalitarian.
Guitarist Rodney Browning Cravens and bassist Scot Alexander formed an adroit tag team, lacing Dishwalla's mid-tempo rock with pulsating riffs while keyboardist Jim Woods provided a spacey, synthesized introduction to the set.
Dishwalla's team work shone throughout its 60 minute set, as the band played a dynamic assortment of tunes, judiciously allotting time for material from its latest album Opaline and 1998's Pet Your Friends.
www.sptimes.com /2002/05/26/news_pf/Artsandentertainment/Live__Dishwalla_lead_.shtml   (477 words)

 TheOnlineMusicSource.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
DISHWALLA are marvels for a number of reasons, not the least of which is their ability to write music that elevates the personal to the universal.
That was cool." Santana wasn't the only one moved by DISHWALLA's sound: When all was said and done, their critically-acclaimed debut had sold more than a million copies and earned them a Billboard award for "Rock Song of the Year." Simply put, they had arrived.
That DISHWALLA has stayed unshakably true to its muse and passion for melodic warmth speaks volumes about the band especially in an era when rock is determined to be in-your-face, yet remains emotionally distant.
www.theonlinemusicsource.com /dishwalla.html   (1362 words)

 Dishwalla Tickets- Dishwalla   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Dishwalla tickets are available in Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dishwalla Birmingham, Atlanta tickets, Los Angeles, San Fransico, Dixie Chicks Dallas, Austin.
Dishwalla is one of the most exciting thing to do in Dishwalla.
Dishwalla are available in the Dishwalla, Phillips Arena, Sanford Stadium, Chastain, and Atlanta.
www.southerntickets.net /Dishwalla.html   (226 words)

 [fmSound] Reviews - Dishwalla "Opaline"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
On that first album, Dishwalla weren’t sure if they wanted to commit to angst ridden songs in the mode of bands such as Radiohead and Travis, or a more tongue-in-cheek approach like Cracker or Weezer.
With Opaline, however, Dishwalla has firmly established their identity, playing a wide variety of styles with a consistency in tone and musical quality.
The term “opaline”; is a word used to describe the diverse colors of an opal and Dishwalla picked it to describe the diversity of music on the album.
www.5point1.net /external/fm_Dishwalla_Opaline.htm   (464 words)

 VH1.com : Dishwalla : Dishwalla's JR Richards
Dishwalla, which combines pop and classic rock with elements of grunge and electronica, was formed by Richards and friends (bassist Scot Alexander, guitarist Rodney Browning, and drummer George Pendergast) in Santa Barbara in the early '90s.
Dishwalla's first recording was a cover of "It's Going to Take Some Time" on the 1994 Carpenters tribute LP, If I Were a Carpenter.
Dishwalla added keyboardist Jim Wood for 1998's And You Think You Know What Life's About, which was released around the time the band played A Day in the Garden, the first official show at the Bethel, N.Y., site of the original Woodstock since the festival's historic weekend in 1969.
www.vh1.com /artists/news/513842/04291999/dishwalla.jhtml   (565 words)

 Rocknworld.com - Dishwalla - Melody Makers
Like many artists, Dishwalla found themselves without a label (A and M eventually closed their doors forever) and were caught up in a mass consolidation of records labels in the late 90s.
Having each person bring their ideas to the table, collectively mapping out the course of the album, and in the end having 40-50 songs to pick the best of the best for the album are all contributing factors to both Maloney’s and the band’s belief in the quality of this record.
As we all know trends fade, and if a group such as Dishwalla were to try and conform to a musical trend, it would be as if they would be handing over their souls to achieve what we all know as “success”.
www.rocknworld.com /melodymakers/2002/dw   (2240 words)

 Amazon.ca: Music: Opaline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
In mid-1996, Dishwalla's "Counting Blue Cars" was one of the most overplayed songs of the summer.
Dishwalla is by far one of the most amazing bands of all time.
Dishwalla is an entirely different experience altogether, and you need to share them with your friends and family, seriously!
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00006419P   (763 words)

 Metroactive Music | Dishwalla
It would have elevated Dishwalla from being lumped in with such acts as Taco, Timbuk 3, Crash Test Dummies and Lou Bega to the stratosphere of the.002 hitters Fabulous Thunderbirds ("Tuff Enuff" and "Wrap It Up") and Dead or Alive ("You Spin Me 'Round [Like a Record]" and "Brand New Lover").
Dishwalla's "Counting Blue Cars," with its grabby line "Tell me all your thoughts on God/ 'Cause I really want to meet her," was one of the biggest songs of 1996 and propelled the album Pet Your Friends into platinum status.
Dishwalla appears at the Mix 106.5 CD-Launch party at Zoë Nightclub on Saturday (Dec. 4).
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/12.01.04/dishwalla-0449.html   (745 words)

I didn't think it was going to be 100 percent fun all the time, but I also knew that thanks to the unions that regulate such things, I wouldn't be allowed to lift any heavy objects.
One young woman from the local branch of Dishwalla's label, AandM Records, is clinging to singer J.R. Richards.
The unofficial fifth Dishwalla, who is married, most likely will become a full-fledged member by the next album.
jaehakim.com /articles/music/features/onroad.htm   (2291 words)

 [fmSound] Concert Review - Dishwalla
Although Dishwalla was going on last, I wanted to make sure that my photographer husband and I were there in plenty of time to check out the scene and some of the other bands performing as well.
But while the show may not have been doing it for me, it certainly seemed to be doing it for the crowd that had gathered around the stage.
All in all, fans of Dishwalla and their new album should certainly check them out live if they get a chance.
www.fmsound.net /ConcertReviews/Archives/Dishwalla/Dishwalla.html   (847 words)

 Dishwalla Rocks TR
The rock band Dishwalla added swooning vocals, thundering bass and hypnotic rhythms to the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier as its way of showing support for the troops.
Dishwalla toured the ship, then put on a concert for the crew.
Dishwalla played hits from their newly released album, “Opaline,” as well as many of their older recordings.
www.news.navy.mil /search/print.asp?story_id=7564&VIRIN=   (551 words)

 Amazon.com: Dishwalla: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
on their website, one of the band members from dishwalla states that they are a real working band commited and passionate about making great music.
Dishwalla coupled with Lifehouse's new CD and Alter Bridge's cD, which is far more hard rock, have shown that rock music is not dead and starting to wake up in this post-grunge era...
Dishwalla have always been one of those bands that have always been consistent in my opinion.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007PALOS?v=glance   (1499 words)

 DVD-Audio Review: Dishwalla - ‘Opaline’
For such an important disc, 5.1 subsidiary label immergent chose Dishwalla’s third album, a much-anticipated production from a band that have enjoyed great success since the debut of their first disc, ‘Pet Your Friends’ which in turn spawned the hit single and 1996 Billboard Rock Song of the Year ‘Counting Blue Cars’.
The album is more emotional than previous Dishwalla releases and borders on the acoustic during some passages, which in itself is fairly unusual for a rock band.
The title track, which was created in the studio during the recording of the remainder of the album, rather than being pre-prepared, features processed vocals and an edgy, raw accompaniment, albeit with a few subtle elements that give the piece a greater sense of depth and space.
www.highfidelityreview.com /reviews/review.asp?reviewnumber=608649   (1348 words)

 MetroActive Music | Dishwalla
Dishwalla--who took their moniker from the slang term for hi-tech guerrillas who bring free satellite dishes and pirated cable TV to impoverished villagers living in remote areas of India--emerged a couple of years ago as a no-name band contributing a lone track ("It's Gonna Take Some Time") to the big-name Carpenters' tribute album.
That makes Dishwalla one of the few alt-rock acts around to go directly from the club circuit to a major record label--a move that didn't escape the calloused eye of jaded music critics.
Dishwalla perform Thursday, July 31, at the Sonoma County Fair, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa.
www.metroactive.com /papers/sonoma/07.10.97/music-9728.html   (409 words)

 Las Vegas Weekly: Dishwalla   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
After releasing two albums on A&M Records and selling an acceptable quantity of units, Dishwalla was caught up in the mass consolidation of record companies in the late ’90s.
Like thousands of other bands and performers, Dishwalla suddenly found themselves without a label and the prospect of returning to the gulag of day jobs.
Dishwalla’s newest release, “Opaline,” finds the group—consisting of Richards, guitarist Rodney Browning Cravens, bassist Scot Alexander, keyboardist Jim Wood and drummer Pete Maloney—mining more pop-oriented veins and completely steering clear of any overt heaviness.
www.lasvegasweekly.com /2002/06_13/music_noise1.html   (857 words)

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