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Topic: Disk array

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  StorageTek Product: FlexLine FLC200 capacity-centric disk array   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Use cost-effective SATA-based disk technology to relieve pressure on traditional tape backup windows when architected as secondary storage between primary disk and tape.
The FLC200 disk array improves backup reliability and accelerates recovery since data can be backed up to the ATA-based system, then written to a tape library without affecting the performance of primary storage.
The FLC200 disk array provides a cost-effective way to relieve pressure on traditional tape backup windows by allowing files to be written from primary disk to BladeStore disk, then to a tape library.
www.storagetek.com /products/product_page2365.html   (795 words)

  Disk array system and interface converter - Patent 7080167
On the other hand, in conventional disk arrays using the FC drives and SCSI drives, to increase their reliability, symptom of failure of the drives is monitored, and when many bad sectors occur, preventive copy is executed.
On the other hand, when no response is received from the ATA disks 401 to 403 until the retrying time is reached, it is judged that the retry is under execution in the ATA disks 401 to 403, and a "retrying" response is transmitted to the disk array controller 200 (1013).
After that, when the process completion response is received from the ATA disks 401 to 403 by the time that the retrying time has elapsed, it is judged that the retry has been executed in the ATA disks, and a "recovered" response is transmitted to the disk array controller 200.
www.freepatentsonline.com /7080167.html   (4424 words)

 What is disk array? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Disk array refers to a linked group of one or more physical independent hard disk drives generally used to replace larger, single disk drive systems.
A disk array may contain several disk drive trays, and is structured to improve speed and increase protection against loss of data.
Disk arrays are an integral part of high-performance storage systems, and their importance and scale are growing as continuous access to information becomes critical to the day-to-day operation of modern business.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/d/disk_array.html   (336 words)

 High capacity data storage system using disk array - Patent 5423046
In mapping the disk array into clusters, the configuration manager seeks to spread clusters and the individual disk files in the clusters so that in operation the maximum possible number of clusters can be active simultaneously, consistent with the total power limit and local thermal loading constraints for the storage system.
Once the disk array has been mapped into clusters, the power manager is responsible for controlling the power status of each cluster so that, at any given point in time, the total power consumption of the disk array is within allowable limits and the localized thermal lead is within allowable limits.
In a more complex embodiment in which cluster size varies or the disk files comprising the various clusters are distributed unevenly throughout the disk array, the configuration manager and power manager may be required to consider the detailed location of each disk file in the cluster to handle local thermal loading constraints.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5423046.html   (7165 words)

 RAID -- Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
Disk arrays are therefore obtained by placing small disks together to obtain the performance of more expensive high end disks.
Disk arrays can be used to store large amounts of data, have high I/O rates and take less power per megabyte (when compared to high end disks) due to their size, but they have very poor reliability
Disks are considered to be in a matrix formation and parity is generated for each row and column of the matrix.
www.cs.cf.ac.uk /Dave/ISE_Multimedia/node124.html   (1941 words)

 Disk I/O
Physical Disk I/O: This is the portion of the I/O that involves the transfer of data to or from the physical hardware.
Utilization may not take into account the usage pattern, the fact that disk array utilization numbers are almost impossible to interpret correctly, or whether application effects are adequately handled by I/O caching.
Even if the disk is not saturated now, it is useful to look at throughput numbers and compare them to the expected maximums to make sure that there is adequate head room for unusually high activity.
www.princeton.edu /~unix/Solaris/troubleshoot/diskio.html   (3253 words)

 Tertiary Disk
Disk areal densities have been increasing at 60% per year, with 8 GB 3.5 inch disk units currently available.
Also, a disk array needs to be connected to a host computer, which becomes a bottleneck for both performance and availability.
Tertiary Disk is a storage system architecture which exploits the trends mentioned above to create large disk storage systems that avoid the disadvantages of custom built disk arrays.
now.cs.berkeley.edu /Td   (475 words)

 CCP disk array information
All use of the disk array is subject to CCP staff review, and individual users and/or files may be moved, or removed, at CCP discretion.
The CCP group does monitor the use of the disk array on a daily basis, but we assume that all users will be "good neighbors" and not consume unreasonable amounts of disk space unless prior arrangements with the CCP group are made.
Users of the disk array who would like a simple script to backup files on any of these data partitions need to contact Gary Strand (strandwg@ucar.edu).
www.cgd.ucar.edu /ccr/strandwg/disk_array_info.html   (636 words)

 System and method for disk array data transfer (US5446855)
The virtual disk driver comprises a request modification memory, a pending queue, an active queue, a stripe buffer, a span buffer, and a parity buffer.
Once the number of array requests exceeds a predetermined constant, each array request is issued to the RAID type disk array.
a disk array having an input and an output for receiving data from and writing data to the memory, the input of the disk array coupled to the output of the memory, the output of the disk array coupled to the input of the memory;
www.delphion.com /details?pn10=US05446855   (390 words)

 Redundant Disk Storage
Disk storage for OPS data is made redundant by using RAID on disk arrays or, in two-node clusters only, by LVM mirroring.
However, if a data disk is damaged, and not mirrored, any application which depends on that disk will not be available until the problem with the disk is repaired.
For example, Figure 2-8 “Root Disks on Different Shared Buses ” shows a supported configuration in which two nodes share an external SCSI bus and Node A has its primary root disk connected to the bus, but node B has its primary root disk connected to a different bus.
docs.hp.com /en/B5158-90044/ch02s03.html   (1399 words)

 Data Recovery: RAID & Disk Array Recovery
Using our disk recovery processes, coupled with our ability to produce a safe 'copy' of the complete volume, allows us to process an array as a collection of image files.
This is the fastest and most storage efficient configuration of a group of disks, but it has no fault tolerance; if one drive fails the whole array fails.
A single disk holds the parity information and the data integrity checking relies on ECC on the disk drives themselves, as with RAID 2.
www.nt-data-recovery.com /disk_recovery-04.htm   (1133 words)

 Disk array device patent invention
When a disk array unit is added, the enclosure controls relaying and/or connection in relation to the added unit.
This is because, since the use of a larger number of hard disk drives and a higher-performance controller is required to provide a large storage capacity, a large-size power supply and a cooling device have to be provided.
When a plurality of disk array devices of a greater size is added for use, the required installation area increases accordingly.
www.freshpatents.com /Disk-array-device-dt20061109ptan20060250768.php   (938 words)

 Disk controller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The disk controller (or "hard disk controller") is the circuit which allows the CPU to communicate with a hard disk, floppy disk or other kind of disk drive.
This controller may be integrated with an HBA, or it may be part of an independent enclosure, such as a disk array or network-attached storage (NAS) server.
External disk arrays are usually purchased as an integrated subsystem of RAID controllers, disk drives, power supplies, and management software.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Disk_array_controller   (494 words)

 How to select a RAID disk array
RAID disk arrays provide data storage with a high degree of operational availability and performance, depending on the feature set available from various vendors.
RAID 5 distributes the parity information across all disks in the array and is typically faster for transaction processing and other random access applications.
Disk Advisor allows Miner to run a number of real-time canned reports, such as a listing of duplicate files across different directories, or a listing of files with certain extensions, such as.wav.
www.enterprisestorageforum.com /hardware/features/article.php/726491   (3699 words)

 Information Storage Industry Center - Contact Us   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
While a number of these firms have proven successful to this point, if the history of the PC industry is any indication, the disk array industry soon may be headed toward consolidation and, in some cases, the elimination of the small- to medium-size manufacturer.
Most components of a disk array system are specific to that system, or they have to be configured carefully to function well.
Specialize—Firms that are focused on providing storage arrays for a particular industry sector—such as small banks or retail chains—are positioned to survive a bit longer (the big guys may not come into these niches for some time).
isic.ucsd.edu /newsletter/diskarrays.shtml   (1499 words)

 Tuning NT Server Disk Subsystems
Disk sec/Write counter measures the average time in seconds to write data to the disk, and the Avg.
Multi-disk arrays, such as RAID 5 arrays, are seen by the operating system as a single disk, known as a virtual disk.
Likewise, with a disk array, the physical placement of the data blocks is not important.
www.windowsitpro.com /Article/ArticleID/4826/4826.html?Ad=1   (2041 words)

 NEC Corporation of America - S1500 Storage Array
NEC's S1500 Storage Array is an entry-level model that offers excellent performance and TCO reduction, including support for a mixed SATA/FC configuration that meets the demands of differing quality of service requirements.
A disk array for customers with smaller storage requirements, NEC's S1500 Storage Array has a standard 3U EIA cabinet with the capacity for 15 disk drives.
Traditionally, logical disks could only be managed in units of the physical sets of disks that made up the RAID, users had to install a fixed number of disks even if they are not necessary.
www.necam.com /Storage/S1500.cfm   (557 words)

 Terastor SATA to SCSI JBOD / RAID Rackmount Storage
A leader and pioneer in hybrid storage technology, Enhance Technology also offers a wide range of JBOD/RAID Ready rackmount disk array systems that is designed to provide high density, high capacity, and low cost storage solutions.
The TeraStor™ series is a rackmount style of storage enclosure designed for industrial as well as military grade of environments, and with built-in removable drive trays and integrated backplanes for data intensive Server or Storage applications.
The TeraStor™ JS9200 JBOD Disk Array is built to meet IT storage applications.
www.enhance-tech.com /products/diskarrays/index.html   (478 words)

 R3K Technical Paper - Disk Arrays
It is a category of disk drives that employ two or more drives in combination for fault tolerance and performance.
The Nike disk array is controlled by what is called a “flare code.” You don’t need to know what this is or how it is used, but you do need to make sure your remarketed Nike disk array does have the latest version of flare code, or it will be in an unusable state.
The SureStore Model E Disk Array 12H, also known as the Model 12H Autoraid Array, is supported on MPE as both a boot device and a user volume.
www.resource3000.com /papers/disk_arrays1.html   (1049 words)

 AMUG Addonics Disk Array 4SA 4 Bay SATA Enclosure Review
Screws are provided with the Disk Array 4SA enclosure for attaching your hard drives to the four screw holes in the bottom of the drive drawer trays.
The Addonics Disk Array 4SA enclosure and the FirmTek SeriTek/1EN2 enclosures were each tested with a dual Maxtor 300GB striped RAID installed, while using a SeriTek/1VE4 host adapter on a PowerMac G5 2.0GHz Dual with 3GB of memory and Mac OS X 10.4.2.
Addonics Disk Array 4SA is the least expensive four bay SATA enclosure for the PowerMac that I have seen.
www.amug.org /amug-web/html/amug/reviews/articles/addonics/4sa   (2951 words)

 ONStor - Disk-to-Disk Backup
Data replication is automatic, and a second disk array ensures that backup data may be instantly brought on line if needed.
Because replication is asynchronous, there is no requirement for the primary and secondary arrays have similar performance characteristics, or even to be from the same vendor.
Primary and secondary storage arrays: Data replication to the secondary array occurs at user-defined intervals that may be as frequent as one per minute.
www.onstor.com /solutions_disk.html   (648 words)

The TeraStor JS3160SC disk array subsystem is built to deliver the highest Ultra320 SCSI performance with enterprise level of reliability.
The JS3160SC SCSI storage array combines high density diskstorage and a slim form factor with lowest cost per gigabyte, and delivers exceptional functionality that can cover a wide range of applications.
There are many Ultra320 array systems on the market that claim to meet Ultra320 speed, the Enhance JS3160SC goes beyond the 320MB/s theoretical speed limit and set a new standard from 0 to 320MB/s in seconds, a true winner in its class.
www.enhance-tech.com /products/diskarrays/js3160.html   (422 words)

 NEC Corporation of America - S2500 Storage Array
NEC's S2500 Storage Array is a mid-range model that supports high speed 4Gbps host connections, high-performance RAID processors, and inter-controller communication at 4Gbps.
Conventionally, the logical disks could only be managed in units of the physical sets of disks that made up the RAID, so users had to install a fixed number of disks whether or not they were all necessary.
Physical disks can be added one at a time and the logical disks required can be managed efficiently, and the system is free from physical restrictions.
www.necam.com /Storage/S2500.cfm   (687 words)

 Hardware Today: Storage Explosion to Disk Array Boom
According to IDC, the disk array market is growing at a healthy clip, although it is not quite keeping pace with the rise in storage capacity.
In disk arrays for storage-area networks (SANs), EMC is tops with 25 percent, followed by HP (24.8 percent) and IBM (14.3 percent).
In network-attached storage (NAS) arrays, EMC leads with 40.2 percent, followed by Network Appliance (35.2 percent) and HP (6.4 percent).
www.serverwatch.com /hreviews/article.php/3556911   (786 words)

 Disk Array from Addonics
The Disk Array 5SA, 4SA, or 3SA, in conjunction with different Addonics SATA RAID controllers, enables the hard drives inside the Disk Array to be set up in various configurations: as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 or JBOD, as individual hard drive, or whatever the mix that best fits the application.
The Disk Array 5SA and 4SA can be mounted into any system with three 5 1/4" drive bay stack whereas the 3SA can be fitted into a two 5 /1/4" drive bays.
The Disk Array 4SA or 3SA are equipped with two standard 4P power connectors and a pair of 15-pin SATA power connectors on the back for easy connection to any standard PC power supply.
www.addonics.com /products/raid_system/ae4rcs35nsa.asp   (1620 words)

 Hitachi Releases Disk Array Subsystem Using the World's Fastest Disk Drives
Hitachi began shipping disk array subsystems for open systems in 1992, and followed this with disk array subsystems for mainframe environments in 1995.
Hitachi continued to enhance the functionality of these products, and in 1997 started shipping disk array subsystems that can be used with both types of platform.
The H-6593/6596, the most advanced disk array subsystem, is comprised of 6.1-gigabyte hard-disk drives that rotate at 12, 030 rpm, making these the world's fastest disk drives.
www.hitachi.com /New/cnews/E/1998/980225B.html   (582 words)

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