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Topic: Displaced person

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Displaced person - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The term "refugee" is also commonly used as a synonym for displaced person, causing confusion between the general descriptive class of anyone who has left their home and the subgroup of legally defined refugees who enjoy specified international legal protection.
The forced displacement of a number of refugees or internally displaced persons according to an identifiable policy is an example of population transfer.
Persons are often displaced due to natural or man-made disasters.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Displaced_person   (538 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Displaced person   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
A displaced person (sometimes abbreviated DP) is the general term for someone who has been forced to leave his or her native place, a phenomenon known as forced migration.
The forced displacement of a number of refugees or internally displaced persons according to a identifiable policy is an example of population transfer.
A displaced person who crosses an international border without permission from the country they are entering is often called an illegal immigrant.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Displaced_person   (440 words)

 Internally displaced person - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An internally displaced person (IDP) is someone who has been forced to leave their home for reasons such as natural or man-made disasters, including religious or political persecution or war, but has not crossed an international border.
Internally displaced persons do not have a specific international legal instrument that applies to them as do refugees, because any attempt by an outside body to tell a nation how it should treat its own citizens has been seen as a violation of the principle of national sovereignty and self-determination.
United States due to persons displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and from the effects of the Bush administration.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Internally_displaced_person   (624 words)

 IDMC : Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre | Thematic | The definition of an internally displaced person
Internally displaced persons may be in transit from one place to another, may be in hiding, may be forced toward unhealthy or inhospitable environments, or face other circumstances that make them especially vulnerable.
The social organisation of displaced communities may have been destroyed or damaged by the act of physical displacement; family groups may be separated or disrupted; women may be forced to assume non-traditional roles or face particular vulnerabilities.
Internal displacement to areas where local inhabitants are of different groups or inhospitable may increase risk to internally displaced communities; internally displaced persons may face language barriers during displacement.
www.internal-displacement.org /8025708F004D404D/(httpPages)/CC32D8C34EF93C88802570F800517610?OpenDocument   (658 words)

 Istria on the Internet - History - World War II and later   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Eligible displaced persons who are household, construction, clothing, and garment workers, and other workers needed in the locality in the United States in which such persons propose to reside; or eligible displaced persons possessing special educational, scientific, technological or professional qualifications.
Eligible displaced persons who are the blood relatives of citizens or lawfully admitted alien residents of the United States, such relationship in either case being within the third degree of consanguinity computed according to the rules of the common law.
Any person or persons who knowingly violate or conspire to violate any provision of this Act, except section 9, shall be guilty of a felony, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than $500 nor more than $10,000, or shall be imprisoned not less than two or more than ten years, or both.
www.istrianet.org /istria/history/ww2/1948_displaced_persons-act.htm   (1111 words)

Persons displaced by the order of a public agency to vacate real property acquired by a public agency for the enforcement of Article II of the State Sanitary Code shall be eligible for relocation payments for actual, reasonable, documented expenses in moving personal property in accordance with M.G.L. c.
Any displaced person aggrieved by the determination of a displacing agency as to the amount of a relocation payment to a claimant or as to the claimant’s eligibility for a relocation payment may file a further review by the displacing agency.
The whereabouts of the displaced person are unknown.
www.mass.gov /dhcd/regulations/760027.HTM   (5697 words)

 FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code
(F) The displaced person is covered by, or resides in an area or project covered by, a final relocation plan that was adopted by the legislative body prior to January 1, 1998, pursuant to this chapter and the regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter.
Any displaced person eligible for payments under subdivision (a) who is displaced from the person's place of business or farm operation and who is eligible under criteria established by the public entity, may elect to accept a fixed payment in lieu of the payment authorized by subdivision (a).
(d) A person displaced by rehabilitation work which is wholly or partially financed or assisted with public funds provided by or through the public entity shall, as a condition of the financing or assistance, be given the option of relocating, after rehabilitation, in the dwelling from which the person was displaced.
caselaw.lp.findlaw.com /cacodes/gov/7260-7277.html   (4757 words)

 Indiana Code 8-23-17
When two (2) or more individuals living together in a single family dwelling are displaced from the dwelling, they are regarded as one (1) displaced person for purposes of this chapter, except that each individual may receive a payment for actual moving expenses and losses under section 13 of this chapter.
An agency causing displacement of a person shall cooperate to the maximum feasible extent with federal, state, or local agencies administering programs that may be of assistance to displaced persons, in order to assure that displaced persons receive the maximum assistance available to them.
A person is not required to move from the person's dwelling by an agency acquiring the dwelling or engaged in a code enforcement program unless the agency head has determined that an adequate replacement dwelling is available to the person.
www.in.gov /legislative/ic/code/title8/ar23/ch17.html   (2843 words)

 Section 523-205 Relocation assistance given, when--defi
If a displaced person demonstrates the need for an advance relocation payment, in order to avoid or reduce a hardship, the developer or public agency shall issue the payment subject to such safeguards as are appropriate to ensure that the objective of the payment is accomplished.
Any displaced person, who is also the owner of the premises, may waive relocation payments as part of the negotiations for acquisition of the interest held by such person.
All persons eligible for relocation benefits shall be notified in writing of the availability of such relocation payments and assistance, with such notice to be given concurrently with the notice of referral sites as required in subdivision (3) of subsection 5 of this section.
www.moga.state.mo.us /statutes/C500-599/5230000205.HTM   (858 words)

 Who is Displaced? / Who is Not Displaced? - Affordable Housing - CPD - HUD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Generally, a displaced person under the URA is an individual, family, partnership, association, corporation, or organization, which moves from their home, business, or farm, or moves their personal property, as a direct result of acquisition, demolition or rehabilitation for a federally funded project.
Displaced persons are eligible for relocation assistance under the URA.
Generally, persons not displaced are not eligible for relocation assistance under the URA.
www.hud.gov /offices/cpd/affordablehousing/training/web/relocation/displaced.cfm   (201 words)

 Refugees have rights - Questions & Answers - Amnesty International
A refugee is a person who is outside her country of origin and genuinely risks serious human rights abuses because of who she is or what she believes.
An asylum-seeker is a person who is seeking protection as a refugee even though she may not have been formally recognised as one.
An internally displaced person is a person who has had to flee one part of a country to another.
web.amnesty.org /pages/refugees-background-eng   (1174 words)

 DISPLACED PERSONS (COMPENSATION AND REHABILITATION) ACT 1954   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
THE DISPLACED PERSONS (COMPENSATION AND REHABILITATION) ACT, 1954 ACT NO. 44 OF 1954 [9th October, 1954.] An Act to provide for the payment of compensation and rehabilitation grants to displaced persons and for matters connected therewith.
No person shall be liable to arrest or imprisonment in pursuance of any process issued for the recovery of any sum due under this Act which is recoverable as an arrear of land revenue.
(1) Any person who furnishes in his application for payment of compensation any information which he knows, or has reason to believe, to be false or which he does not believe to be true, shall be punishable with imprisonment which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.
www.austlii.edu.au /~andrew/CommonLII/IN-num_act/dpara1954461   (2033 words)

 [No title]
Existing law governs the provision of relocation assistance, including benefits for displaced persons, as defined, and procedural protections for persons required to move from their homes.
Existing law expresses the intent of the Legislature that the improvement of housing conditions of economically disadvantaged persons shall be undertaken, to the maximum extent feasible, in coordination with existing federal, state, and local government programs for accomplishing these goals.
A comparable replacement dwelling is within the financial means of a displaced person if the monthly rental cost of the dwelling minus any replacement housing payment available to the person does not exceed 25 percent of the person's average monthly income.
info.sen.ca.gov /pub/93-94/statute/ch_0851-0900/ch_851_st_1993_ab_1257   (1200 words)

 FHWA - FAPG 49 CFR 24C, Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition for Federal and Federally Assisted ...
(1) Informs the person that he or she may be displaced for the project and generally describes the relocation payment(s) for which the person may be eligible, the basic conditions of eligibility, and the procedures for obtaining the payment(s).
The displacing agency may issue the notice 90 days before it expects the person to be displaced or earlier.
If a person demonstrates the need for an advance relocation payment in order to avoid or reduce a hardship, the Agency shall issue the payment, subject to such safeguards as are appropriate to ensure that the objective of the payment is accomplished.
www.fhwa.dot.gov /legsregs/directives/fapg/cfr4924c.htm   (2946 words)

 Displaced Person's Act of 1948 San Francisco Chinatown - The largest chinatown outside of Asia
displaced persons as defined in subsection (d) of section 2 of this Act.
displaced persons who shall be granted the status of permanent residence pursuant
person because of his status as a displaced person or his status as an eligible
www.sanfranciscochinatown.com /history/1948displacedpersonsact.htm   (2878 words)

 The Displaced Person   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Before the liberation of the first camp, as the enormity of the Holocaust began to appear in the media, efforts were begun to assist the persecuted Jews and other displaced persons in Germany and German-occupied countries.
The Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) issued an administrative memorandum transferring authority for displaced persons to the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRAA), an elaboration of the SHAEF-UNRAA agreement of November 25, 1944.
Over time, he reacted harshly to the displaced persons in camps under his command, requiring barbed wire to keep them in and passes to leave the camp, in stark contrast to the treatment of German civilians who by and large lived normally under the American occupation.
www.library.gatech.edu /projects/holocaust/person.htm   (692 words)

 Format Document
The amount, if any, which will compensate the displaced person for any increased interest costs and other debt service costs which the person is required to pay for financing the acquisition of any comparable replacement dwelling.
The displacing agency shall pay this amount only if the dwelling acquired by the displacing agency was encumbered by a bona fide mortgage which was a valid lien on the dwelling for not fewer than one hundred eighty days immediately before the initiation of negotiations for the acquisition of the dwelling.
Reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the displaced person for evidence of title, recording fees and other closing costs incident to the purchase of the replacement dwelling, if normally paid by the buyer, but not including prepaid expenses.
www.azleg.state.az.us /FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/ars/11/00964.htm&Title=11&DocType=ARS   (197 words)

 SPECIAL DAMAGES FOR DISPLACEMENT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Any displace person who is displaced from a dwelling may elect to receive, in lieu of reimbursement of incurred moving expenses, a moving expense and dislocation allowance, determined in accordance with regulations promulgated under this act.
If this option is selected, the displaced person shall give the acquiring agency not less than sixty days notice in writing of his intention to seek damages under this option.
A person whose sole business at a dwelling from which he is displaced is the rental of such property to others shall not qualify for a payment under this clause.
members.aol.com /StatutesP1/26.Cp.6A.html   (1109 words)

 New Left Review - Darko Suvin: Displaced Persons
To be displaced from one’s country of origin and upbringing—the experience of over 175 million people in the world, on a conservative estimate—is a wrench perhaps comparable in impact to that of war, long-term hunger or imprisonment.
In the latter case, we are back to the metaphor of exile that we left in abeyance at the beginning: the displaced person, represented by the exemplary oppositional intellectual, returns to take upon himself the woes of the world and work out a path of exodus for future generations.
In that case, forced displacement becomes ‘a model for the intellectual who is tempted, and even beset and overwhelmed, by the rewards of accommodation, yea-saying, settling in’.
newleftreview.org /A2546   (5034 words)

 IDMC : Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre
Tens of thousands of people displaced from Georgia's secessionist territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have been living in limbo for more than a decade, waiting for an elusive solution to conflicts which broke out in the early 1990s.
Most of the assistance to the displaced was provided by Israeli NGOs, Jewish voluntary agencies and individuals.
Forced displacement in Colombia is primarily a way to seize agricultural land from peasants and small farmers, and only to a lesser degree the unintended consequence of fighting between warring parties.
www.idpproject.org   (332 words)

 [No title]
Existing law, known as the Relocation Assistance Act, requires a public entity to provide compensation and advisory services to any person, business, or farm operation that is displaced because of the acquisition of real property for public use.
Additionally, under the act, rent supplements necessary to enable displaced tenants to lease or rent a comparable replacement dwelling extend for a period not to exceed 48 months, with the exception of supplements for displacements caused by publicly funded transportation projects, which extend for only 42 months.
(F) The displaced person is covered by, or resides in an area or project covered by, a final relocation plan that was adopted by the legislative body prior to January 1, 1998, pursuant to this chapter and the regulations promulgated thereunder.
info.sen.ca.gov /pub/97-98/statute/ch_0551-0600/ch_597_st_1997_ab_450   (1611 words)

 Migration > Glossary > Displaced Person / Displacement: UNESCO SHS
In regard to population displacement resulting from development there are typically two types: direct displacement, which leads to actual displacement of people from their locations and indirect displacement, which leads to a loss of livelihood.
Accordingly, the internally displaced are people who are forced to flee their homes, often for the very same reasons as refugees - war, civil conflict, political strife, and gross human rights abuse - but who remain within their own country and do not cross an international border.
One reason is that the inherent interest of a receiving country in who is entering is absent in the case of internal movements, which are free of restrictions and subject to fewer administrative hurdles.
portal.unesco.org /shs/en/ev.php-URL_ID=3133&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html   (392 words)

 Displaced Person Transportation post World War II
Displaced Persons were mostly Eastern Europeans: people who were unable or unwilling to return to their native countries after World War II.
To emigrate to the U.S., a Displaced Person needed a sponsor who arranged for housing and employment [which could not replace an American worker].
Like other Displaced Persons, we soon found out that although the streets in America were not paved with gold, America was the land of golden opportunities.
www.usmm.org /dp.html   (1142 words)

 [No title]
Such amount shall be paid only if the dwelling acquired was encumbered by a bona fide mortgage which was a valid lien on such dwelling for not less than one hundred and eighty days prior to the initiation of negotiations for the acquisition of such dwelling.
If the public authority determines that any person occupying property immediately adjacent to the real property acquired is caused substantial economic injury because of the acquisition, it may offer such person relocation advisory services under such program.
No payment received by a displaced person under this chapter shall be considered as income or resources for the purpose of determining the eligibility or extent of eligibility of any person for assistance under any State law or for the purposes of the State’s personal income tax law, corporation tax law, or other tax laws.
www.scstatehouse.net /CODE/t55c015.doc   (1246 words)

 Holocaust Timeline: Aftermath
Seven to nine million people were displaced by the end of the war.
Nineteen photographs of displaced persons and the camps established for them after the War.
It became increasing clear that the problem of approximately one million displaced people, about 80% Christian and 20% Jewish, would not be resolved easily.
fcit.coedu.usf.edu /holocaust/timeline/after.htm   (1948 words)

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