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Topic: Distinction

In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

Through distinction, the observer "...specifies a unity as an entity distinct from a background and abackground as the domain in which an entity is distinguished.
Distinction constrains the domain of discourse, because the act of distinguishing specifies (even if only implicitly) both something referred to and the context in which it is manifest.
As such, a distinction is always to a certain degree subjective, depending on the goal the observer has in mind while modeling the system, but is not arbitrary, because not all distinctions will allow the observer to find coherence between observations performed on the system.
www.imprint.co.uk /thesaurus/distinction.htm   (1073 words)

 T-V distinction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In sociolinguistics, a T-V distinction describes the situation wherein a language, unlike current English, has pronouns that distinguish varying levels of politeness, social distance, courtesy, familiarity, or insult toward the addressee.
It can often be quite confusing for an English speaker learning a language with a T-V distinction to correctly assimilate the rules surrounding when to call someone with the formal or the informal pronoun.
In Ubykh, the T-V distinction is most notable between a man and his mother-in-law, where the plural form sʸæghʷa supplants the singular wæghʷa very frequently, possibly under the influence of Turkish.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/T-V_distinction   (2532 words)

 English Department Distinction Guidelines
The department's faculty determines the criteria for such distinction and the special opportunities that will be made available to encourage students to develop special abilities and achieve distinction, subject to guidelines established by the Special Studies Subcommittee and administered by the office of the Associate Dean of the College.
In the awarding of departmental distinction, the department recognizes those students who have maintained a strong academic record in the discipline and who have engaged in literary or linguistic activities of distinction.
If a member of the committee is the supervisor of a distinction project being considered by the committee, then he or she will be replaced on the committee for the evaluation of that project.
www.stolaf.edu /depts/english/distinction/guidelines.html   (1028 words)

 20th WCP: Leibniz's Distinction Between Natural and Artificial Machines
Instead, Leibniz's distinction is a thoroughly metaphysical one, having its root in his belief that every natural machine is a corporeal substance, the unity and identity conditions of which derive ultimately from its substantial form.
More generally, Leibniz's distinction between organic (i.e., natural) and human-made (i.e., artificial) machines cannot be understood as long as we confine our gaze to the realm of mechanical phenomena that are described by physics, for it is a deeper metaphysical distinction rooted in his views about substances.
On this interpretation, Leibniz's distinction between natural and artificial machines is thoroughly metaphysical; it cannot be drawn without the metaphysical backdrop of corporeal substances and their attendant substantial forms.
www.bu.edu /wcp/Papers/Mode/ModeRaym.htm   (2520 words)

 About the College of Arts & Sciences-Degrees with Distinction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Distinction and High Distinction may be recommended on the basis of a student’s academic record alone although they may be awarded on the basis of the combination of GPA and a thesis.
To receive High Distinction without a thesis a student must be within the top 5% of the graduating classes of the preceding 12-month period; to receive Distinction he or she must be within the top 10% of the graduating classes of the preceding 12-month period.
The deadline for the designated departmental distinction group to submit a student’s materials to the Dean’s office for consideration for distinction is six weeks prior to the Monday following commencement, except for the August commencement in which case the deadline is four weeks prior to the Friday before commencement.
ascweb.unl.edu /students/distinction.html   (1338 words)

 SUMMA THEOLOGICA: The multitude or distinction of things   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Anaxagoras, however, attributed the distinction and multitude of things to matter and to the agent together; and he said that the intellect distinguishes things by extracting what is mixed up in matter.
Therefore the distinction of things is not on account of the matter; but rather, on the contrary, created matter is formless, in order that it may be accommodated to different forms.
Others have attributed the distinction of things to secondary agents, as did Avicenna, who said that God by understanding Himself, produced the first intelligence; in which, forasmuch as it was not its own being, there is necessarily composition of potentiality and act, as will appear later (50, 3).
www.newadvent.org /summa/104701.htm   (921 words)

 Pierre Bourdieu : Introduction à la Distinction, anglais. 1979
Distinction : A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste.
It is as if the 'popular aesthetic' (the quotation marks are there to indicate that this is an aesthetic 'in itself' not 'for itself') were based on the affirmation of the continuity between art and life, which implies the subordination of form to function.
Social subjects, classified by their classifications, distinguish themselves by the distinctions they make, between the beautiful and the ugly, the distinguished and the vulgar, in which their position in the objective classifications is expressed or betrayed.
www.homme-moderne.org /societe/socio/bourdieu/distinct/introUK.html   (1790 words)

 Areas of Distinction
Each Area of Distinction is connected significantly to the university’s mission and is linked to the university’s vision of the future.
Each Area of Distinction is a programmatic area in which the demand for qualified, educated personnel is strong and student enrollment is healthy.
Finally, the proposed Areas of Distinction lend themselves to attaining external support that will contribute to their growth and to the further development of the university.
www.sru.edu /print/5244.asp   (351 words)

 DEGREES WITH DISTINCTION AND DEGREES WITH HONORS POLICY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
a) The initiative in establishing degrees with distinction shall lie with the colleges and campuses concerned and must be approved by the chief academic officer on the campus.
The grade point average alone shall be used in determining the granting of degrees "with distinction" or "with high distinction." Colleges or campuses may choose to offer only degrees "with distinction" or only degrees "with high distinction," but in either case they would be subject to section I(1)(b) of this policy.
Students who have achieved the required grade point average shall be permitted to graduate "with distinction" or "with high distinction" as soon as it is practicable to implement this policy.
www1.umn.edu /usenate/policies/distinctdegrees.html   (1143 words)

 Distinction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Distinction in any endeavor means that the individual has surpassed the average drift of the "still-to-flower" person, and this requires extraordinary effort in the gaining.
Whether it is from the limitations of family taboos, from the bonds of a prejudiced culture, or the too-narrow doctrines of a religious community, the person of distinction must decide for himself the "right" way.
If we are to be truly distinct, we must first learn the ways of our fellows so that our distinctiveness offers an opportunity for them to gain some measure of distinction.
www.sabian.org /philosophy/distinct.htm   (309 words)

 St. Olaf College | History | Departmental Distinction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Distinction is a formal academic honor that each Department in the College may vote to bestow upon its senior majors who have those qualities most valued in their discipline and who demonstrate their ability to produce independently work of the highest scholarly or artistic standard.
To be considered for Distinction, you must satisfy certain minimum GPA requirements, prepare a paper under the direction of a faculty adviser in the Department of History, and have your work reviewed by faculty.
You must submit the paper to be considered for Distinction to your faculty adviser three weeks before the deadline for submission of work to the Distinction Committee.
www.stolaf.edu /depts/history/major/distinction.html   (721 words)

 Distinction Magazine Launches in Los Angeles in September
Distinction magazine, a new luxury magazine showcasing the world of affluent and socially minded Angelenos, will launch its premier issue in September.
Distinction is published by Angeles Publications, a division of Los Angeles Times Communications, LLC.
"Distinction is the most exciting new luxury magazine for and about L.A.'s affluent and influential with a smart twist," said Jane Kahn, publisher.
www.writenews.com /2003/071103_distinction_magazine.htm   (475 words)

The most distinctive task of sociology is the structural analysis of various forms of differentiation (such as heterogeneity and inequality), their interrelations, the conditions producing them and changes in them, and their implications for social relations.
The third distinction brought forth by Weber is that the roles individuals play in the struggle among parties for political power are another force in stratification -- and are differentiated from both class position and prestige status.
Distinctions of rank in preindustrial societies rested on myths of tradition and age-old systems of rights and duties, as much as on crude gradations of property, power, and prestige.
ssr1.uchicago.edu /PRELIMS/Strat/stmisc1.html   (12996 words)

 Chapter Distinction <i>to</i> Distress of D by Webster's Dictionary (1913 Edition)
The act of distinguishing or denoting the differences between objects, or the qualities by which one is known from others; exercise of discernment; discrimination.
With distinctness; not confusedly; without the blending of one part or thing another; clearly; plainly; as, to see distinctly.
The quality or state of being distinct; a separation or difference that prevents confusion of parts or things.
www.bibliomania.com /2/3/257/1195/22432/1.html   (236 words)

 GRADUATION WITH DISTINCTION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Graduation with Distinction is a recognition of a student's accomplishments that requires planning and achievement beyond the Louisiana School classroom.
Their independent efforts culminate in a public presentation and defense of their work, with an opportunity for answering questions from attending faculty, students, and guests.
Student applications to pursue Distinction must be submitted to the appropriate area department chair(s) before the end of the 3rd grading period of their junior year.
www.lsmsa.edu /Academics/distinction.htm   (254 words)

 The De Re/De Dicto Distinction: A Supplement to Propositional Attitude Reports
There is an important distinction in belief attributions, and, according to some, in the beliefs we attribute.
We just identified the distinction between [2*] and [3*] as a distinction in the scope of the quantifier.
Although it may be tempting to think of these as an ambiguity in the verb ‘believe’, the section Ambiguity theories explains why this is not possible.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/prop-attitude-reports/dere.html   (399 words)

 Distinction - Pierre Bourdieu
Distinction is a work which addresses itself simultaneously to many concerns, and is a stimulating contribution to any one of these academic areas.
It is a contribution to the study of taste and aesthetics, repudiating the idea of a universal transcendent conception of the aesthetic.
Bourdieu, P (1984) [1979] Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste.
www.pressure.to /legacy/anxious_practice/texts/distinction.htm   (520 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In 1998 Pierre Bourdieu's *Distinction* was voted by members of the International Sociological Association to be the sixth most important sociological treatise of the 20th century: but if Bourdieu's "theodicy" for the cultural market of the hexagonal 70s maintains its appeal today we have plenty of reasons.
Presented with a country in stasis and a market full of options, Bourdieu took the liberty of declaring the case for economic determinism airtight: in his theory of social fields (presented to the reader in a variety of ways) we are given "templates" for freedom of economic choice which maintain their plausibility *in the breach*.
Distinction is a long and difficult book, but from start to finish it is full of fascinating and original insights.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0674212770?v=glance   (1996 words)

 Knowledge by Acquaintance vs. Description
The terminology is most clearly associated with Bertrand Russell, but the distinction between knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description is arguably a critical component of many classical versions of foundationalism.
That, in turn, is sometimes supposed to introduce the possibility of error, a kind of error that knowledge by acquaintance cannot encounter because that knowledge does not involve characterizing or conceptualizing (describing) the objects with which we are acquainted.
It is misleading, I think, to view the distinction between knowledge by description and knowledge by acquaintance as one between knowledge of truths and knowledge of something other than truths.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/knowledge-acquaindescrip   (3158 words)

 Colleges of Distinction - McKendree College   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Colleges of Distinction, developed by a group of concerned parents, educators and admissions professionals, is an insider’s guide to excellence in education.
The Colleges of Distinction are known nationally for their educational excellence.
In short, the Colleges of Distinction website and accompanying guidebook offer consumers an honest look at a wide variety of very different schools, each with a national reputation for excellence.
www.mckendree.edu /COD.htm   (489 words)

 Left and Right: The Significance of a Political Distinction, by Norbert Bobbio - reviewed by Louis Andrews
Bobbio uses a dual axis approach to political definition: equality/inequality and liberty/authority, though only the equality/inequality axis is intrinsic to the left/right distinction.
Bobbio argues that those who claim left/right distinctions no longer hold are normally members of groups whose political fortunes have grown weak or non-existent and are seeking a means of regaining some power.
He certainly agrees that left and right can change over time and place, but that the basic distinction based on the attitude toward equality will always remain at some level.
www.lrainc.com /swtaboo/library/lra_lr.html   (1036 words)

 PeopleSoft adds Distinction to supply chain software | CNET News.com
Distinction Software in a stock and options trade worth $5 million to $10 million.
Distinction makes supply chain planning software for high volume manufacturers.
"Distinction only has 25 people in the company to assimilate and they were on release 4 of their product."
news.com.com /2100-1001-218795.html?legacy=cnet&st.ne.fd.mdh   (632 words)

 Distinction between Chemical and Physical Changes
Now let's expand on the distinction between chemical reactions and physical changes that was alluded to earlier.
Chemical reactions involve changing the materials that you're dealing with into new materials, and the changes that you see are the result of the appearance of the new materials.
Sometimes it is very difficult to make that distinction and in some cases even chemists can get into arguments sometimes over what constitutes a physical or a chemical change.
dl.clackamas.cc.or.us /ch104-01/DistChemPhyChange.htm   (565 words)

 Phantom Distinction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The argument appeals to a distinction that ultimately cannot be explained or defended in a meaningful way.
However, because the drawing of distinctions is so frequently associated with good reasoning, it becomes possible to mimic good reasoning by claiming to draw a distinction where in fact none exists.
The phrase "phantom distinction" is more modern, but I have not authoritatively identified its source.
www.cuyamaca.net /bruce.thompson/Fallacies/phantom.asp   (208 words)

 DISTINCTION - Definition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
To take away therefore that error, which confusion breedeth, distinction is requisite.
The distinction betwixt the animal kingdom and the inferior parts of matter.
Conspicuous station; eminence; superiority; honorable estimation; as, a man of distinction.
www.hyperdictionary.com /dictionary/distinction   (204 words)

 The Semantics-Pragmatics Distinction
Here Strawson anticipated the distinction between linguistic meaning and speaker's meaning, which, along with the related distinction between what is said and what is implicated, became widely influential as the result of the work of Grice (collected in Grice 1989).
justify and preserve the distinction between interpretation of a sentence and interpretation of an utterance and thereby the distinction between narrow linguistic competence and general communicative rationality.
The distinction between semantics and pragmatics is, roughly, the distinction between the significance conventionally or literally attached to words, and thence to whole sentences, and the further significance that can be worked out, by more general principles, using contextual information.
online.sfsu.edu /~kbach/semprag.html   (6282 words)

 TPR - Dams of Distinction
The job description for an ideal Hereford cow could be as follows: She should produce a healthy, growthy calf every year; she should calve as a two-year-old, and she should cause her owner absolutely no problems.
A Dam of Distinction is the standard by which all Hereford cows can be judged.
All heifers have the potential of being a Dam of Distinction, but only a small percentage fit the job description of an ideal cow year in and year out.
www.hereford.org /AHA/tabID__3587/tailored.aspx   (225 words)

 Ladies of Distinction
What is L.O.D. The Lincoln University Ladies of Distinction has been formed to assist and serve as an extra vehicle for young women seeking social, academic, and financial advancement through the pursuit of higher education.
As Ladies of Distinction we are motivated and dedicated to making our campus a better place and producing leaders to shape the new millenium.
The founders of Ladies of Distinction recognize that sometimes one may have hardships that go against and keep one from maintaining an exceptional GPA.
www.lincoln.edu /lod/info.html   (605 words)

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